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Arsenal forced to go back to the drawing board as Monchi rejoins Sevilla

Arsenal’s search for a Technical Director to replace Sven Mislintat will have to continue as the prime candidate for the role, Monchi, has officially rejoined Sevilla.

It was widely believed the Spaniard would link up with former colleague Unai Emery following his departure from Roma earlier this month, but over the last couple of days news spread that he was being courted by the La Liga outfit and that he was receptive to the offer.

Today, Sevilla have announced the return of the 50 year old as their Sporting Director, and he’ll be presented officially at a news conference tomorrow afternoon.

It means that Arsenal now have to find someone else to fill a very important role, and there is some measure of urgency as planning for our summer transfer business should be well underway at this point.

There are players to bring in, players to move on, and players to replace as Aaron Ramsey and Danny Welbeck will be leaving for free, while Petr Cech is retiring at the end of the season.

Raul Sanllehi, the club’s Head of Football, is the man on whom the focus now turns. He came on top of the power struggle with Mislintat, so the responsibility for replacing him falls well and truly on his shoulders.

Other potential candidates include former Gunner Marc Overmars, who is doing the job at Ajax to some success, while it has been suggested that an internal candidate like Steve Morrow could be considered.

Let’s hope that there is a plan B, but there’s no question the Monchi decision has left Arsenal and Sanllehi with plenty to ponder.

Happy St Pat Rice’s Day

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When do we start to panic…?! ?



Bai Blagoi

He has done it again.


Strange, not great

SB Still

Can we go back for Mislintat as the Technical Director?


Why some people have unfound hard ons for certain players and Mslintat is beyond me. He has been hit and Msiss at best. Failed to add to our Rwing with Mahrez instead laid us prey to United (only bidder) and Raoilla with Mhkitaryan. Failed to address our defense with Sokratis at best stop gap. Torreira is OK but hardly the player some like to wank over. He cost us points against BHA, Soton (away), Liverpool and West Ham. 3 goals from miss passes and being robbed off the ball. He out Mustafi Mustafi. Some people need to pull their heads… Read more »


Your rhetoric about mahrez and the players gotten on transfer is beyond ridiculous.

Mahrez went for 60m something arsenal didn’t have to spend. No, Leicester wasn’t desperate to sell and keep him away from city that they would sell to us for 40m lol

Who else could you have gotten besides sokratis that is better at the same price and same time frame?

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

You are the poor one and the not good enough one here, santori


What are they smoking up there at Santori?

Crash Fistfight

Please stop making that statement about people wanking over Torreira – it’s vile and stupid in equal measure.

Monkey Nuts

Says he who defended that complete and utter waste of space Gazidis.


Oh come OFF it.

Mahrez – that’s Algerian for totally overrated.
Guess who has as many goals in the Prem as this clown? That’s right, our very own Mhky.
Guess who has more assists in the league than that clown Mahrez? Right again, Mhky.

Agree with ALL those below.


Rightly or wrongly, there is a strong, continuing impression that Arsenal keep getting out-manoeuvred and that there is a pattern of moving slowly. Why wasn’t the Monchi deal firmed up and concluded and why did the club let any discussion about him come out.
There is so much to do in this transfer window with, we are led to believe, a very limited budget. The club’s preparation is nothing more than shambolic

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Why is Monchi our saviour? We fans are getting dilusional. Give the money to any ordinary director of football and he will bring you Neymar.


Monchi … don’t get all the fascination.

Sure, he did well at Sevilla, largely a selling club, but did fook-all at Roma. Sure, the hierarchy made him sell Alisson and Nangolan, but he’s done little to replenish and Roma are in free fall. Do people want Arsenal to become/continue to be a selling club? Surely no.

I’d say missing out on Monchi more like dodging a bullet.

Crash Fistfight

I know this is completely unfounded, but it seems like Sanllehi is consistently playing chicken with people and losing.

I think I’m reading too much into things, but I just don’t like the look of the bloke.


Oh dear. Please no sorrow to Morrow

Corona X


Jean Ralphio

And here is a problem with a decentralised system. Who is in charge? And of what?

Why would he go to Sevilla?

Exiled Gooner

It’s 25 degrees Celsius here in Seville today, with a pleasant warm breeze and cold beer on tap. My mother tells me that her roof nearly blew off yesterday in London. I suspect that alone might be one reason.

Godfrey Twatsloch

And no fucking brexit.


Political prisoners in Spain, and riots for 18 week running in France….
I think I’d take my chances with the weather


No, no brexit.. just the Spanish economy

A Different George

And he’s Spanish.


And oranges


“And here is a problem with a decentralised system. Who is in charge? And of what?” –various dictators throughout the course of history


Familiarity makes it the safe choice after the Roma debacle.

Maybe he wants the easy job. At Sevilla he’ll Never have the weight and pressure and expectations of competing for the league title.

Jimbo Jones

Ditto Arsenal

Donald's Trump

Neither would he at Arsenal


Ha. Troll.

Derek Sweeney

I believe we find ourselves in this situation due to the restructuring after Gazidis left. The decision to create two new roles rather than appoint a new CEO was lazy. Sanllehi overseeig the football side of things creates an unnecessary extra layer. The technical director should have complete control over transfers. That lack of total control seems from reports to have been a deterrent for Monchi. We would have been better off if Sanllehi left rather than Sven. Also I was disturbed when listening to David Orenstein on Arsecast regarding the search for a technical director. He discussed the criteria… Read more »


Henrique from PSG ?

Ohh wow no wonder AW didn’t understand wtf Hasidism was doing in the infamous press conference we made fun of him lol


If we really were in for Monchi and if he really has turned us down in favour of sevilla then he clearly wasn’t the right man for us. On the other side he might never of had any intention of joining us just media gossip. I would like to think who ever we finally get would be well keen to join us and wouldn’t turn us down for the likes of sevilla. (no disrespect )


Hahahahaha, it been a long time since I’ve seen such an transparent case of sour grapes 🙂


“If we really were in for Monchi and if he really has turned us down in favour of sevilla then he clearly wasn’t the right man for us.”

I agree with that – but we still need a solution rather quickly. Great shame about Sven being pushed out

A Different George

This sounds a lot like the exact opposite of the old Groucho Marx line “I would never join a club that would admit me as a member.” Instead, you seem to be saying: “no one who turns down my club is good enough to join my club.”

Faisal Narrage

Emery is doing his part.
Mislintant, (regardless of what Santori would like you to believe) was doing his part. All his major recruits; Auba, Mikhi, Torreira, Douzi, Leno, Sokratis have been some of our best players, with Mavros looking promising.
The Commercia guy, Vink, seems to be doing his job.

All eyes on you, Senlehi. You basically pushed out Sven, and this will be your first major action and it’s already looking a mess (both Monchi, and Edu have rejected us).


Maybe he really doesn’t want a technical director? He wants to absorb that role into his title and be the top guy. If that’s the case I don’t think his track record of players overall is that attractive during his Barca days


I was never interested in him tbh. The only people I want are Overmars and Mislintat


Happy St Patrick’s Day Blogs!

A minor correction: Arsenal have never appointed a Technical or Sporting Director so whoever comes in isn’t a “replacement”, they’ll be the first one in a new role. Sven was still Head of Recruitment when he chose to leave.


Does David Dein wants to come back?


Come on Raul, suck it up and BRING BACK SVEN!

Exiled Gooner

As someone who gave up his shit job as a secondary school English teacher in Kent to become an English language teacher in a small town just outside of Seville, I cannot say I blame him at all. The weather (amongst other things) here is beautiful.

But as an Arsenal fan, I think he’s a rotter, a bouncer and a cad. ¡Que lastima, señor!

Godfrey Twatsloch

I’ll be joining soon. Not Sevilla but Spain. Can’t fucking wait to escape this piss soaked bitter place.

Merlin’s Panini

A bouncer? What, did he throw you out of your favourite club or something?

Godfrey Twatsloch

Well if he did that to EG then I hate him too.

Teryima Adi


Fireman Sam

I used to live in Spain. I’m happier now in London. Yes the weather is crap by comparison but weather isn’t everything. In London I can go and watch Arsenal, the greatest football team the world has ever seen.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Since we had this Mislintat feller already, why did we fuck that up?


I am happy he did not join Arsenal! Arsenal need another man from another nation….if you can convince me why there is need in the first place for that position. What is the actual role of Raul?
I am saying from another nation so as to have some balance, a balance that will stop Arsenal signing some inferior players like Suarez!!Sven was the right man for that job but the Spanish Armada forced him out .


Told you this guy looked like a twat.


Isn’t Arsene looking for a job?


so is a certain jose mourinho


He’s a grade A cunt though

Teryima Adi

Hahahaha. The Specialist in being sacked and rehired.

SB Still

Leaving the politics aside, it’s a brilliant idea.

All the players and others anyway were saying Wenger didn’t do much coaching or preparation on the opposition during the 2nd half of his reign. So, the Technical Director role probably is ideally suited for Wenger.

Lord Bendnter

Let’s get Overmars!

Scott P

No idea since I don’t follow Ajax, but there have been stories about the fans not liking him there?

Lord Bendnter

But look at the talent he has brought in at Ajax


Apparently, a lot of the talent that have come in coincides with van ser Sar’s appointment so I wouldn’t put all hopes on Overmars being the one.

Cultured Determination

bring back sven. he’s proven his value in the players he brought in. what has raul done?

Corona X

You keep saying Welbeck will leave on a free. Do we know this for sure? I know his contract is expiring, but I haven’t heard any announcements stating the fact?

I’m still crossing my fingers that we’ll re-sign him.

Bai Blagoi


But there will be someone. Mslintat isn’t the only one out there by far.

Luis Campos is a good target we should have in our sights. Currently at Lille, he was instrumental with Monaco in recent successful seasons with Kante, Mbappe and the likes.

Currently Lille sit second in Ligue one with exciting talents like Nicholas Pepe.

Michael Zorc at Dortmund is arguably MORE important in the German club’s success than Mslintat.

Either will be excellent targets.


Mark overmars sacked Dennis Bergkamp… That is reason enough to say no thanks in my books!


I don’t give a damn comes in i just want a man that can force kroenke to splash out the money and get me de ligt,ruben neves and ziyech and I’m very good for next season…..
Ruben neves has to replace ramsey


I dont think Stan takes orders from anyone. So goodluck with getting someone to force him to part with his money.


His missus ?

Jason daniels

Fuck this guy. We dont need him

John C

You’ve suggested that an internal candidate like Steve Morrow, but what does he currently do for the club at the moment? And does current role lend itself to becoming a technical director?

I’m all in favour of former players staying at the club, passing on their experience and keeping continuity.


Head of Youth Scouting

My money’s on Steve taking the promotion, rather than someone else coming in and having to fight for their signings…


Down vote me all y’all want but i think we’re kinda screwed this summer


Proper screwed.


I think you’re right.ose a player or players, they can be replaced. Losing Mislintat and not being able to replace him, disaster.

So where lies the problem? Is it this Sanllehi bloke or whatever his name is? If so then boot him the fuck out and get this club back on track!

Make Arsenal Great Again

We messed up on this one. I always wanted Overmars. He is a gooner. He has history with the club but we went with someone else and got rid of the guy we had


Would have loved to see him join, but good on him.

Second choice after all the nonsense with Monchi, and would have still had his hands tied behind his back like Sven.

I would have stayed at Ajax too…


Which begs the question why is a job arguably second only to coaching in importance being stifled in a way that makes experienced people like Mislintat leave and others like him don’t want to come?

Make Arsenal Great Again

So, Overmars also said no.


Well Overmars just signed a contract extension at Ajax until 2024, there goes another candidate I suppose. The indecisiveness regarding this vacancy worries me, starting to get the feeling that Sanhelli wants to take this position under his belt rather than hire someone at this point. How long have we known that We were going to be in need of someone? Yet aside from Monchi who we seemed to be ‘negotiating’ with for months nothing substantial has come forth..


I never wanted someone with no surname, who goes by “Monkey” (phoenetically). That would be way too ridiculous for an adult. Let’s go Overmars or take our time.

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