Thursday, February 29, 2024

Raul and Vinai urge staff to ‘keep some perspective’ after Europa League humiliation

MManaging Director Vinai Venkatesham sent an email to Arsenal staff following last night’s 4-1 Europa League final humiliation to Chelsea, urging a sense of perspective as we look to move on from what has been a dismal end to the season.

Acknowledging the disappointment and pain the result caused, he called for unity and togetherness as they assess where to go after what’s been called a ‘transitional season’.

“I know we are all hurting right now, after a painful and disappointing night,” he wrote.

“We all know that getting our great football club back to where it needs to be won’t be easy, with plenty of highs and lows along the way, and today was one of those lows.

“Let’s keep some perspective. It is a tough moment right now but we have much to be positive about when reflecting on this transitional season and looking forward to the next.

“To achieve our ambition we need to BE TOGETHER in both the good moments and the bad and we know we have the people across our club to do that.

“And finally, a HUGE thank you to you all for your commitment and hard work across what has been a very demanding season. Let’s recharge our batteries over the summer and we will go again hard next season. There are special moments and more finals ahead.

“Let’s keep our heads held high; WE ARE THE ARSENAL.

“Raúl and Vinai.”

A rallying cry after such a horrendous end to the season is understandable, but now it’s time for the people running this club to ensure that their actions speak louder than words.

We’ve heard enough talk.

For more on last night, and thoughts on where we are right now, check out today’s Arseblog – Arsenal 1-4 Chelsea: Rip it up and start again

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Viva la prof

So should we campaign for Man City to get kicked out of the CL for financial doping. In all honesty even if that was a thing we officially don’t belong in the champions league


Even if City do get kicked out, it won’t be until 2020-2021 anyway. Hopefully we’ll be in the top 4 anyway so that becomes moot.

Crash Fistfight

I predict that it will go through and we’ll finish 6th. Just like: 1. Man U end up in the EL and the best team they have to play is Ajax when all their players were about 16. 2. The moment we don’t finish in the top 4, the 4th placed team doesn’t have to go through a qualifier any more. It’s like how everyone breaks their ducks against us. Benteke hadn’t scored since time immemorial so of course he scores against us so that we can throw away a game that loses us top 4. Sarri had never won… Read more »


It really bothers me when senior figure heads at Arsenal use the word ‘ambition.’ When there has not been a single shred of that being shown by anyone at this football club currently. Also — where they talk about this season being one of transition, that implies there has been some sort of progress made. That we are going in the right sort of direction. But are we? The only reason why we got anywhere near a top 4 finish was solely down to our close competition being even more abject than us. Furthermore, the only reason we made it… Read more »


Yeah, and Chelsea were supposedly destroying the Barcelonas and Madrids of this world on the other side of their route to the final.

Please, Europa league is a lower standard and we had the relatively tougher run.
We screwed up in the final but berating Napoli or Valencia does no good now.

If we can invest smart in our defense and clear some overpaid deadwood, we should be able to progress next season. This season was progress compared to last, end of story.


What are you talking about — Chelsea absolutely hosed us in the final? They were the only good team in the competition and they beat us without even playing well. If the format of the Europa League have worked differently, and we ended up playing them in a previous knockout round they would have dumped us out the tournament. Also please tell me how achieving quite literally, exactly the same results as last year, is classified as ‘progress.’ Just to clarify: This season — Poor domestic form away from home. No top 4 finish. No Champions League football next season.… Read more »

Ordnance Dave

I can make bias-confirming lists as well:
Improved results against top six teams
Better points total
Improved away record (not that hard to accomplish tbf as Wenger’s last season was the worst in our EPL history)
Europa league finalists etc.


I agree, regardless of last night’s horrendous performance and result some people have gone out of their way to be negative all season. Clearly we are in transition and no one can guarantee that it will be positive or negative and whilst too much has been similar to last season there really were green shoots of promise in the beginning.




Napoli and Valencia were 2 of the best 4 teams in the UEFA Cup. Behave yourself.


We have no business being in the UCL, we need to go on a European sabbatical.

Thank You Rambo

Give the staff a proper chance to fix what Ivan broke. There have been errors on all parts this season, but it was inevitable given the imbalance of the squad. We’re in our darkest hour at the moment & it is s*** & it’s going to take a few years to fix, but we have little choice other than to suck it up. 3rd time lucky in this bloody cup!


lol.. darkest hour? yet to come my friend


Our darkest hour? Starting with Sp*rs winning at the weekend I can see far darker – eg if we get rid of several players in the summer the new ones will take a time to acclimatise to the PL. We lost v Wolves, Leicester, Everton, Palace (and would have lost to Watford if Deeney hadn’t been sent off), so most of the teams right below us. And the teams above will have more money than us, being in the CL. And we are unlikely to spend much and will be losing Ramsey, Welbeck and Cech for a start (and probably… Read more »


I feel the loss has put us in a position that will make us completely uncompetitive for at least the next five years to come. Burdened with unsellable players, unbuyable targets. Morale at a low and desire to leave from our younger / more promising players at a high.


Which players have expressed a “desire to leave”?


I don’t know about darkest hour. I had no real expectations of beating Chelsea with this group of players. 1980 was actually far worse when we lost 2 Cup finals in a matter of days and then blew our last chance of European football with a 5-0 defeat at Middlesborough. That was as dark as it comes.


Finishing 17th in the league in the mid 70s after winning the double at the start of the 70s wasn’t great.

The point above is ‘darkest hour at the moment’ ie we are going to improve from now.

It’s more likely we go further down from here imo, though happy to hear why we won’t if anyone can tell me.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I disagree. Like you said, we reached two finals in 1980. I do not think it is going to be dark for Liverpool if they lose. They have arguably the best or second best team in Europe. We have a bad team.


I implore that one of our biggest mistakes was letting Sven Mislintat go – especially since we will have a limited budget now. The man is a mastermind at finding players for low sums. But, alas, big daddy Raul knows best.

I’m already losing faith.


Sven’s just got relegated with Stuttgart…I look forward to seeing how he turns that around…Dortmund didn’t fold after he left so personally I think the guy was overrated but I’m prepared to be proved wrong.

Wilshere's Middle Finger

Has he ever had a transfer window there?


Our darkest hour may well be to come, yes, but the early 1980s felt pretty poor too….. I totally agree with you that we need to give the current team the chance to fix Ivan’s disastrous decade. He fucked our club from top to bottom; shamelessly spouting shite along the way while pocketing £20+ million. Vinai is at least a decent guy and I actually like what he says here “We all know that getting our great football club back to where it needs to be won’t be easy”. He’s admitting we’re poor, and it’s unacceptable. It feels like we’re… Read more »

Ugandan gunner

That’s exactly what every English fan should do. Deny those money hungry kroenkes so that they can sell and focus on american investments, the more they get the money the more they enjoy this mediocrity. They understand that arsenal fans in the UK have never been serious and they take them for granted season in season out. And they task the club’s top brass to cover this whole mes with ambitious words like rebuilding, bouncing back stronger. Just deny these money hungry suckers


Hard to keep a perspective with the capitulation in the PL meaning a CL spot was missed and the capitulation last night meaning a CL spot was missed.

Would be good to hear some positives for next season and that ‘Let’s recharge our batteries over the summer and we will go again hard next season.’ is actually ‘let’s go hard over the summer and get on the up again’.

Thierry Bergkamp

“A CL spot was missed”. That’s the problem with this club. Everybody is content with just being in the CL, and getting hammered and dumped out in the early stages. Before anything, last night was a trophy missed

Scott P

I totally agree with that, I just think people are looking at how missing that trophy will impact us going forward, which is now the most important thing. I wanted to win the EL above getting top 4 because of the trophy. But now that the trophy chance has passed us by, we have to look at the forward result of this failure, which is defined by lack of CL participation. Like it or not, that’s a big deal in the context of our potential.


Well said and it was a beautiful trophy too.

Christopher Wreh

I’m going hard this summer but mainly at festivals


I’m already hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Eric Blair

‘Blah blah don’t stop buying your season tickets and merchandise guys…’

Faisal Narrage

It was an internal email to fans. Why would they be asking them to stop buying merchandise and season tickets? More likely the people that got the email ARE the ones who sell us merchandise and season tickets.


They know this will get publicized. It is subliminal messaging for the fans to not leave too


It was an email to staff

Ugandan gunner

How else will the fans pass on the message

Cultured determination

Just stfu and do your job!

Post January Blip

I don’t think this is anything to get annoyed about tbf. It’s actually the responsible thing to do as the leadership team and this is 100% part of the job.


Exactly! Far too many fans just want to be annoyed about something, anything and have lost the ability to critically analyze information.


And boy is there’s plenty to be annoyed about…

Arse City Blues

‘WE ARE THE ARSENAL’ I remember being proud to be a Gooner. Even through some plain average days with Arsene, I have been so proud of our style of football, proud of our ethos of giving youth a chance, proud of the goals we scored. At the moment, all I can do is hope to be proud again one day. I don’t care what anyone thinks, but I miss Wenger. Frustrating as he was, he got us playing some delicious football, even with Denilson & co. I’d prefer failure and great football, to failure with no fecking idea of what… Read more »


Wenger needed to leave for the good of the club.

But the club made a total mess in the managerial search.

That’s what happens when Gazidis has the final say.

Kwame Ampadu Down

We didn’t have delicious football at the end under Arsène either, let’s not pretend otherwise.

I can see why there are questions about Emery after the last month but let’s be clear : if appointing Emery is a mistake, it is not because it was a mistake to remove Arsène. The mistake with removing Arsène is not that it happened, but that it didn’t happen earlier.
By staying on too long, he left a right old mess behind him for the next Manager.

I’m angry & frustrated beyond words today but will always be proud to be a Gooner.


I think its fair to say we are experiencing a similar situation to ManU post Ferguson. Unofrortunately we dont have the money they had to buy our way out of it. Emery is at least better than Moyes and Van Gaal so hopefully that will help – but we needed Misinlat to find the gems we need to rebuild on a limited budget


“Emery is at least better than Moyes and Van Gaal”

Van Gaal was a brilliant coach (20 major honours)!

Crash Fistfight

Yeah, I don’t get where this opinion of him being bad comes from. One ‘bad’ season at Man U and suddenly he’s useless.


In the same sense that Wenger was a brilliant coach that got a little behind current football tactics and training methods.


Emery is the same as Moyes and Van Gaal. If not worse.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

He was the only PSG coach who lost the league since they have Qatar behind them.

Kwame Ampadu Down

In fairness he list to the only French team who have come close to winning the CL in decades. You could rephrase your sentence as ‘He was the only PSG coach what had to compete with a top quality team since they have Qatar behind them’.

Arse City Blues

Don’t get me wrong, I think Emery deserves time to implement his style and find an identity with Arsenal, and I was also sure that it was time for Arsene to leave. I just miss his attacking football, and the instinctive one touch, slick moves that were instilled into every player under him, even when we were shite towards the end, we still had moments of beautiful football in almost every game. Maybe Emery can bring his own slick attacking version of football once he has players that he wants, instead of just hoping for an overlapping fullback to create… Read more »


You won’t see slick attacking football with Emery; it does not appear to be his style. Our passing fell off a cliff this season, and if we didn’t have two outstanding strikers this season it would have been much more miserable than it was. I think the greatest threat to Arsenal FC is precisely that: no longer playing the kind of football worth putting on TV. People are welcome to blame the current mess at the club on Wenger, but it wasn’t Wenger’s fault that we shat the bed at the tail end of the PL campaign and in the… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

Oh screw you all


As a gooner fan living in America, I decided to make Arsenal my team because I was enamored with our style of play compared to everyone else. I loved watching Cazorla, Arteta, etc. and how symphonic everything seemed to be under Wenger. As transfers like Xhaka and Mustafi settled in, though, I could see the rot setting in to what he built and how a change was desperately needed. He lost his way. He made some poor transfer decisions. Change finally came, and it was necessary. Fast forward through the first year of Emery and I have no idea what… Read more »


Emery sold the board a bunch of lies about how he would use youth players- anyone who watched him at Sevilla knew that was bollocks. He prefers tried and trusted old dogs like Banega over youth. Forget even playing half decent football, even that pre-season promise from Emery about youth has turned out to be nonsense

Tony Hall

Change the fucking record for fuck’s sake
We know you don’t like Emery because you never post about anything else … well whether you like it or not he is here till at least the end of next season so deal with it. Talk about something else for a change !


Quit stalking me.


Taking Ozil off for Willock contradicts your claim on trusted old dogs at the expense of youth.


that sub was intended to embarrass Ozil (fair enough!). nothing to do with trusting youth (otherwise he wouldn’t have waited until they were 4-1 down to throw Wilock on)


Look at the age of players who were relative mainstays in the team this year:
Torreira (23), Gendouzi (20), Leno over Cech (27), Bellerin (24) over Lichtenstenier, Holding (23)

The team quietly added some youth this year- even if most of them were not academy players.


Jai your comment is uncalled for. First, you assume that the board and recruitment team hired Emery without intimate knowledge about his methods and strategies. Really? So Raul was caught offguard by “lies” offered by a manager he knew intimately from Spain and the Board surely knew won 3 Europe Leagues with Sevilla? You mention one player as proof that Emery only field old dogs? At least do 2 seconds of research and a pinch of common sense before insulting our intelligence with your senseless dribble.


Like I said, fingers crossed. To Emery’s credit, Guendouzi was the only teenager to play 3000 minutes in the Prem this season and he did give relatively feature roles to Iwobi, AMN, and Holding – all 23 and under.

Of course, the worrying thing is that when we had that moment in January to give the kids a chance – we went out and wasted millions on a loan deal for Denis fkn Suarez. That is very unsettling and I’d expect a couple kids to abandon us based on that decision alone.


I mean, why play an Argentinian International that has talent over youth.


The problem is that it’s not simply a ‘painful and disappointing night’. Any team can lose a single match, a final against a decent rival.

The problem is that this ‘painful and disappointing night’ comes on the back of an absolute shit show of a league run-in when we decided to self destruct time and again in front what should have been inferior opposition.

Where the fuck we go from here I have no idea. It’ll cost us more than 40m just to stand still.


Yup. sadly it would probably cost us over 100m just to stand still. (replacements for Ramsey, Cech, Welbeck, and probably Kos and Monreal)

Da Boss

This genuinely made me feel a bit sick – all it needed was a ‘hey guys’ at the beginning and it would have sent me over the edge

Belfast Gooner

I get what they are saying but I remember Tony Adams talking about how there was never a transitional season when he played. As transition gave you an excuse to turn up and not give ur best. Sad that thus us now coming from the top of the club.


this sounds like the usual corporate bullshit ive been listening to for the last 30 years at work…..


Kroenke HAS to GO. None of that, “well, let’s wait a year and see how Emery goes.” None of that hogwash about two or three new players this year and two or three new players the year after. No! Not any more. Arsenal will never get better as long as Kroenke owns the club. He HAS to GO. We all know the club will continue it’s decline with him not investing. Eventually all the fans will want him out but the damage will be done if we wait three or four years. We all know Kroenke HAS to GO. So,… Read more »


Been saying it for a few years but it needs more fans to agree. The man’s a parasite.


1. Don’t renew season tickets
2. Boycott new merchandise
3. Don’t go to the stadium

Likely won’t happen but if everyone did this they would be gone in 6 months


It literally IS as simple as that. You want him out? Then you have to hit his pockets. Once the sponsors etc start getting shitty about the huge swathes of empty seats he’ll then have to either invest more or piss off else where!

Aussie Gooner

Spanish David Moyes has to leave. If it was Wenger everyone would have his head on a chopping board. Emery has had 60+ games this season to demonstrate where he can take the team and we have all seen the demonstration. Why would you play defensive when your strength is attack?! Can someone answer that for me please.

Paul Roberts

He played defensive so we wouldn’t concede lots of goals…oh wait a minute…:-(


You are wrong. The only mistake he made was persisting with underperforming senior players instead of taking a risk with younger players.


If it was Arsene it would have come off the back of 10 years of stagnation/decline, so it would be reasonable to suggest things weren’t going to get better for him. That’s the only largesse that can be afforded to Emery, that he’s only had one season and had his hands tied by limited funds and a bloated wage bill. However, he himself has been poor as well. He only has another season for me.

The Swede

We should give him one more season. And no, he is not a spanish David Moyes but sure, lets keep all of our focus on the coach instead of the real problem, namely our owner.


Average manager provides average season. Who would’ve thought it?!

John C

Still an improvement on last season


I don’t think you can blame Emery. He can only play the players he has. He has been brought into a club with no money and a seriously average squad formed through years of mismanagement and incompetence. I mean we’ve letting Ramsey go on a free FFS! not to mention Welbeck, Chec et al. He has no money to re-invest and no decent scouting system to find cheap gems! For him it’s like polishing a turd. He is human not a Wizard!

John C

Completely right, he can only play the players he has.

He has been forced to play a back 3 because our wingbacks can’t defend in a 4.

He has to play both strikers because we have no width or goal threat otherwise.

He has to play Ozil because he’s the only player we have with any semblance of creativity.

I really don’t know what else he could do with the players at his disposal, the quality just isn’t there.

Drogheda Gunner

To be honest I’d be more optimistic as a wolves fan right now than us.

Viva la prof

Ha I was just about to type if a manager can get wolves playing like they do then why can’t a manager get arsenal playing better.


“We have heard enough talk” – Spot on! The fans: season ticket prices among the 2 most expensives throughout the decade Management/Owners: Transitional 10 years!!! after the stadium The fans: The 2nd most expensive season ticket again in 18/19. Management/Owners: Transitional season after Wenger “Let’s keep our heads held high” Dear Raul and Vinai, As the fans are paying world class fees – I don’t think they have too much reason to shame… So I suppose these words were aiming towards to yourselfs. But then… (and sorry for saying this, but): You seem to me immensely close to being nothing… Read more »


bla bla bla. fans are a bunch of hypocrites. always complaining that the club extorts them with high ticket pricing and all they get in return is dismal football yet they keep paying the prices and going to matches. I have no sympathy for fans like that. If you’re not happy with the product, stop paying for it. That is the only way businesses understand and the sooner these fans see it the sooner they will see change.


Agree 100%


Only empty seats will get rid of Stan, plain and simple.


Yeah man,fuck those guys who have waited 10 years(of false promises) to get a season ticket which costs them an arm and a leg to renew.
Fuck those fans.. They are just abling kronke


If you want things to change then it’s the only way. Keep giving Stan the money then he’s as happy as a pig in sh*t.


Let’s keep it in perspective. We were a shambles in the business end of the league a shambles in the second half of final. We were only poor when it mattered. Not a time to be nice it’s a time to be ruthless. Batteries don’t need recharging they need replacing from the top down to our too talented to tackle.


I don’t think they’re talking too much- they’ve been in charge for ONE season, came fifth and reached the finals of the Europa cup. That is not great but has anyone ever thought that fans might be a tad bit impatient? Again and again, we’ve seen what happened to United (who are the closest to our situation) – why did we think our situation would be so different? We have less money than them, less of a balanced squad, etc.


Points thrown away against Brighton, Leicester, palace, wolves and Everton during the race to secure champions league football coinciding with last nights capitulation, yeah I find the message a little hollow. Look at some of the problems we need to rectify: Defence Kos getting on a bit, Nacho looking like he is struggling, Mustafi a walking car crash, Hector and Holding recovering from serious injuries. Can we trust a man who has not been able to tighten up our leaky defence over a season. Midfield Xhaka average, Elneny a passenger, Mykhi been a disaster confidence player with none at all,… Read more »



*Club owner Stan Kroenke not included

Merci Arsene

Until we remove the spine of the team which are Wenger signings Laca and Auba excluded we are going no where


Results like last night can happen, I’m disappointed but not surprised. I don’t see how chopping+changing our manager will help us from here, we’ll still be left with an unbalanced squad of overpaid players who just aren’t up to it, and due to their wages are going to be very hard to shift, and if we do manage to shift them? Then we’ll struggle to get much money in to adequately replace them. I thought we’d finish 6th this season and fall well short of top4, but we finished 5th and we’re in there with a chance until very late,… Read more »


Rather play kids than overpaid ass holes


I say let’s all BE TOGETHER in chucking Kroenke out of our club.


they should both go fuck themselves


i urge Arsenal fans not to attend to any arsenal match till the board start giving the coach enough budget.


Perspective is exactly what has allowed us to passively sleepwalk in to this position. Keep perspective, we still have top four. Keep perspective, at least we won the FA cup. Keep perspective, we will get back in the CL. We’ll still be urged to keep perspective when we drop out the top half of the table. At some point there need to be some enforced standards that it is not acceptable to drop below. Hope there are some rockets flying violently up some arses and this email doesn’t reflect the overall attitude.


This “recharge the batteries over the Summer “ refrain is absolute bs. What are they?! Teachers?! No-one at the club should have more than a two-week holiday. Although there are some I’d happily see get a 52-week break. The job is to spend the summer getting ready for Day 1 of the coming season so we don’t get turned over by whoever is lucky enough to draw us first game.


If you really want to keep things in perspective then you’d have to say that the club is going nowhere. We have an owner who knows nothing about football and only cares about money. We have a squad of players with no guts or spirit that crumbles at the slightest sign of pressure and can’t perform away from home. We have an average manager who can’t coach a team to defend properly. We have a massively overpaid star player who more often that not does not turn up. We have a squad of mediocre players earning stupid money.We have a… Read more »


Completely agree….I think we need to take a look behind us. Might as well as with my aging eyesight, I can’t see shit in front of us. As for the rear, well, Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.


Totally agree. You’ve been preaching the truth for years!

Wilsheres Middle Finger

We need a #KorenkeOut campaign with the full club behind it.
As we all know very well, if there is one thing that us Arsenal fans are good at, it’s making our-selves hard to deal with if we’re not happy about something.


Our only chance will be if Emery can get something extraordinary out of our academy products and our scouting suddenly and magically becomes amazing. But in all probability we’ll see much of the same next season, but with Wolves, Everton and co not too far behind.


I’ll give you the perspective of my middle finger ! We needed an extra attacking midfield player in Winter and you brought Suarez?? You have no credibility.


Yesterday sums up the last 10 years of Arsenal. We need to question ourselves is this the way we wanna go forward. The whole world sees our squad imbalance, in the last few years it was the defence but appearantly the people responsible don’t. Let the young players play, get rid of all the overpaid ballast. The result will be the same. At least we won’t expect something different.

The Swede

Andrew, i think its time for you and all other Arsenal fans with strong voices to propose a boycott of next seasons home games. Its time to get Stan Kroenke out once and for all and i think a boycott is a good first step. We, as fans, cant be subservient anymore.


Empty seats in the stadium is the only way we will ever get Kroenke out. Sponsers, Advertisers and TV companies don’t like empty stadiums. Hard, but the only effective measure we hold as fans.


this was proven true last year. people stopped showing up to matches and what happened? they sacked Wenger.


Hard not to think that this loss has set us back for at least 3 years. And depending on how we move forward, if we screw up it could extend to at least 5 years.

We’re the new old Liverpool guys. Irrelevant and trophyless.


Where was Stan ? Did he have toupeefitting booked and just couldn’t reschedule?


As off today all football related content is being removed from my mind and devices until the new season starts. I expect all the deadwood to be removed and the young players we have to be given a chance to prove themselves. A starting line up like this would make me so excited for the future:
Bellerin Bielik Holding 1xLB
Chambers Torriera
Smith-Rowe Willock Nelson

See you in August ?


Agreed, except for Torreira. He’s poor.


Apart from lacking experience and coherence its actually quite well balanced 11


This is just a keep spending you money and buying season tickets plea to protect Stans investment. The fact remains, we have a midfield that is low premier league quality at best, a hopeless defence coached by a man brought in to sort our defence out who has failed ever since he started and only £40m to spend this summer. There are newly promoted clubs that will have more funds than that.

Our Owner probably didn’t even watch the game yesterday as he has little interest beyond the balance sheet.

The future is bleak unless we get Kroenke out.


useless twats. burn in hell.


The perspective is that we’ve played bad football during the whole reason an we got what we deserved… Nothing. If these two think the disappointment is a panic reaction to yesterday’s embarrassment at the end of a London rival, they’re wrong. I don’t trust the manager to do a better job next season, and I trust these two even less.


omg vinais fucking grin triggers me so hard. i don’t give a shit about his perspective but i want to beat him up so hard.
yes, im a sad human being.


We are in an alarming situation where it’s not a case of needing to get rid of the dead wood – instead, we need to bin half of the first team squad itself.

Our standards have slipped and we’re at the absolute mercy of Raul this summer. Hopefully his contacts, knowledge and supposed ruthlessness brings about a better squad come August…


I don’t like them both and don’t trust the current setup at all. Going from silent Stan to the management and the strategy they try to sell us, it’s all smoke and mirrors so far. Nothing to be excited about or be positive as he says now. We are the Arsenal – we are the SHIT at the moment and we stink from all pores. I want my beloved club to walk the talk, have the proper people who care and know what to do on all levels, and who not let their ego stand in the way of the… Read more »


We have a team of ageing and hapless players that needs upgrading but there is no money and the owner is not going to come forward with any. There will be no improvement next season, will there?

Wilsheres Middle Finger

What perspective? The fact that our only signing in January was an injured player on loan? The fact that we completley fucked up and melted any time it really counted this season? The fact that Aaron Ramsey has signed for Juve for free? The fact that we’ll have to play in that bullshit drawn-out Europa League copetition again next year? The fact that Spuds are playing in a CL final and currently have a bigger stadium than us? The fact we finished 28 points behind the PL winners? The fact that we’ll have peanuts to spend this summer in a… Read more »


Scenario – bad start to next season. Wenger agrees to come back as Director of Football or whatever title he wants. But only if he can bring in PV4 as coach and Emery, Raul & Vinai out the door. Could be worse!


Oh for fucks sake..
Where did we drag these two up from?
Arsenal are shite – there is no transitional period.
What do they expect to do with 40 million when Liverpool and City are so rich?
And we have a clueless buffoon like Emery…

David Hillier's luggage

Perspective? In relation to what? Clubs at the top of the table who will spend our annual transfer budget on a full back or those floating around mid table who are spending similar levels to us but generate about a quarter of our revenue?

Or are we talking about next season where we’re already £70-100m down on rivals while we play in the Thursday league again?


I feel bad for them in a way. I love Wenger, I… do not have any time for Gazidis, so it hurts to lay almost equal amounts of blame but (under the owners watch) they’ve left the current staff an almighty mess to clear up. It’s so hard to take that we’re just not that good anymore. Looking at the backline yesterday, I don’t genuinely believe it’s a top 6 backline. There is so much deadweight and our squad is so unbalanced and I just don’t see where the funds are going to come from to rebuild it.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this whole “plan” to bring AFC back to the glory days isn’t going to end well. Call me crazy. Just a hunch.


We are arsenal. Blah blah blah. Only thing that makes us great again is to get rid of allthese clowny indians and others (including Kroenke) chasing nothing but money from our pockets. We have to dig deep (lower level) to do that, but I am ok with that. As nirvana sang back in the days:”i am so tired I can’t see”


Ok, some one please make me understand……Nobody continues to pay for a service that doesnt add value. …why on earth do people keep rocking up at the emirates year after year with the board doing the same thing? it really baffles me. I dont buy the whole suport your club and not your blah blah. But honestly, the real question is why fans keep spending and making the club rich and in return blatantly tells you they have no money. Newcastle has just been bought and will invest more than arsenal, watford and leceister also did their own overhaul…Arsenal is… Read more »


The sooner we get rid of Unai the better! The man is an Athletics coach who wants players to run marathons forgetting this is football. If Emery is still there at the beginning of next season boycott Arsenal merchandise and the Club will soon know our voice is important.


How’s this for perspective: we haven’t won a major trophy since Kroenke walked through the door and last night was another in a long list of embarrassing results since he took over. Last summer, we spent what was considered to be enough to secure a top 4 finish. That was a minimum spend. There is no chance Kroenke will spend the sort of money required to make us a major force again. With little pressure to sell, the future offers more of the same.


Our front two alone cost £110m and we spent around £70m last summer. In the recent past we’ve spent a further £35m on Mustafi and £35m on Xhaka. On top of those inspiring purchases we also have Championship standard players on around 60k a week, if not more!

I totally understand the case about Kroenke being a distant owner with no connection to the club but I don’t think he’s to blame for our awful recruitment and squad management.

Crash Fistfight

I agree, but he is also not invested enough to acknowledge that the people responsible aren’t doing their jobs properly and act on that accordingly.


Interesting numbers. I guess it’s the fact that he is distant and careless (literally – emotionally could not care less) that has created this situation: Wenger being allowed to stay too long, Gazidis’ disastrous management, drift across the board.

The Greek saying “a fish is rotten from the head down” comes to mind.

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