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Report: No Leipzig return for Emile Smith Rowe

Despite not playing very often for RB Leipzig during his loan spell there last season, the German side were apparently keen to keep Emile Smith Rowe for a further year.

However, according to Bild a conversation between Arsenal and the Bundesliga outfit this month put an end to that prospect.

It had even been mooted that a purchase agreement was up for discussion, although that would have made little sense given the 18 year old’s standing as one of the club’s most highly rated young talents.

Smith Rowe scored three times for the first team this season, but injury meant his playing time was restricted to just three substitute appearances.

Our youth correspondent Jeorge Bird wrote over the weekend about the decision Arsenal have to make with him next season. Will it be a loan, or integration into the first team if he’s considered ready for that?

In their recent interview with the official website, Managing Director Vinai Venkatesham and Head of Football Raul Sanllehi made it clear they saw promotions from the Academy as a key part of the squad building process.

“We want to make sure we continue to promote players into our first team, and that they make a real impact,” said Venkatesham.

“It’s important because it’s obvious financially efficient, but we also want players in the first team dressing room who have grown up with the club and who really know what it means to represent Arsenal.”

The summer recruitment may tell us a bit more about what will happen with Smith Rowe next season. He’s already shown he’s got some end product at first team level, but maybe a year away playing regularly as he matures physically might well be the best option.

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Great prospect, give him some playing time, at Arsenal or away and see him grow.

Man Manny

That last sentence is rather confusing. I thought the whole idea is to integrate him into the first team. If there is still a possibility of a loan deal, why is Leipzig not considered anymore?


It might be because, although there were injury considerations, Leipzig either under-used him or didn’t have room for him to play more regularly.

Returning to RBL would probably result in the same amount of non-playing time which would be pointless.

We could always loan him to Ajax instead, though I think the greater likelihood is that he integrates now.

Faisal Narrage

No way Ajax. They would (understandably so) rather give the development time to their own academy prospects than ours.


Possibly not. Naglesmann is about to take over there and he did alright with Nelson.

Faisal Narrage

Did he? Not sure he did tbh.
Also even then the decisions won’t be to him, but Overmars and the rest of the Ajax board. They have their own youth project they’re working towards.

And I imagine they’re more hesitant about our loanees, considering the last player we loaned them.

Crash Fistfight

Nagelsmann has taken over at Disgusting Energy Drink Leipzig – nothing to do with Overmars or Ajax.


he wont see much playing time at arsenal so it would’ve been better to loan him out to a club where he could’ve learnt how it is to belong to a first team in a big league.


Lend me your crystal ball please!


I’d cycle the young man into the first team. With Ramsey leaving, there is an open slot for a player who can play just behind the front 2. Also Ozil and Mhkitaryan are largely similar (The Armenian is past his best days and not a winger, the German can go missing) So there is room for a hungry prospect who may bring something different. If one of those two (more likely Mhki IMO) gets sold, then it is doubly important to have someone like Smith Rowe groomed for the future. He has a good innate sense where to play the… Read more »


A lower level PL team loan would be the best for him wouldn’t it? If they want to bring these players up to the first team, doesn’t that make the most sense to get them ready?

Lord Bendnter

Lower PL teams tend to play defensive. He needs to stay with us (which is what I want and prefer), or go out to a free flowing young team in Germany, Netherlands, or ….. Charlton, the mother of all loans


Maybe playing for a defensively minded team is just what this lad needs. His forte is in the attack. If he adds some defensive solidity to his game it would help him round out as a player.

Neutered Man

Yeah that’s a good idea. Just like Gnabry at WBA. What a success that was.

Man Manny

Just like Gnabry I guess.

Faisal Narrage

I would point out Gnabry, but I fear I’m already too late.


Bournemouth would be ideal for ESR

Faisal Narrage

Good shout. Would be the case for almost all our English prospects.

Raul Austin Powers

Off topic but anyone else wanna see blogs do a whole podcast in his Raul voice impression?

Crash Fistfight

Blogs might permanently damage his larynx if he were to do so. So yes.

(just kidding)


The most promising of them all in my opinion. Nelson did okay at Leipziq, in spells, but he lacked something when he played for us, he didn’t seem to carry the same confidence that he had with the u23s, he didn’t try things. ESR delivered and, for that reason, I would keep him in the first team for next year. Ornstein reported we’re focusing on Centre Back and Centre mid, and I do hope thats the case. Looking at the make up of our squad, it makes sense to stick with the 3 at the back system, in terms of… Read more »


I’d love to see Saka at LWB.
Pacey, direct, but is he less likely to turn the ball over?
Looking at you, Mr Sead…

Paul Roberts

“Smith Rowe scored three times for the first team this season, but injury meant his playing time was restricted to just three substitute appearances.”
Sorry if I am being thick but are we saying he played three times and scored three times?


I think he played 3 times for Leipzig and haven’t scored there. In first half of the season he played for us in Europa League and cups, and scored 3 goals.

Jason daniels

There’s going to be no investment in the team i.a.w. uri tielemans is a bargain but arsenal will go for another winger. Fraser . Ffs


He does seem promising, but I think Saka is the most promising of our wingers. I hope the club is thinking carefully about how to get all three of them the time they need to develop, whether here or at other clubs where they will actually play. Liepzig always seemed like a weird place to send him – if he’s good enough to get in the team there he’s good enough to get in the team for us, so why send him at all? Seems like it’d make more sense to loan him to a mid-table or lower-mid table club… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

I don’t get all these comparisons to Saka or Nelson.
We know we can play them all, right? Nelson RW, Saka LW and ESR in the central midfield position (hybrid 8 or 10 type).

Let’s stop comparing and be glad we have them all (Eddie and Beilik too).


Bring him back. Give him a squad number. Give him a chance to shine. See what happens. If he isn’t doing it by Christmas then loan – maybe. But if he shows his worth from the go – and I think he will do just that, then we have a new first team player without the expense of a fee. I don’t see how we can lose out. And it could prove a big win.


There isn’t the space in the squad to give games to Bielik, Smith-Rowe and Willock (my personal pick for next season) so I’d say preseason is massive for the three of them


We need more energy in the midfield. Players who are willing to drive forward. Guendouzi, Xhaka, ozil and mikhi are all not really mobile.
It’s probably cos he is young but Emile Smith Rowe seems very enthusiastic and works really hard end to end, also a decent shooter as well.

Faisal Narrage

Guendouzi doesn’t run?
Seems that he probably does that too much in many instances.


Give him a chance otherwise you will never know. Of course winning
is the top most priority.Football is no more a sport but a business.
Emery said in terms of economic potential ,MC/MU and Pool are ahead of Arsenal.
Where were MC and Pool ten years ago?
If Arsenal want to be among the top they will have to start winning trophies
like the epl and cl. The pretty soccer played by Wenger is the root cause of the
current stagnation and decline of Arenal.
For starters winning the cl would kick/jump start Arsenal’s economic potential.


In all honesty, if we really do not have much to spend and we are going home grown, then put these kids in. I am sure majority of the fans would support home grown and let a new generation grow. Nketiah, Nelson, Smith Rowe, Saka…

Ozil's vision

Majority of the fans? I certainly hope so. Our fans now are usually the first to scream “cunt” and “ship him off”


Agreed, but the Board, Manager etc. need to set and manage the expectations of the fans. If they come out and say we’re concentrating on promoting the Youth for the next XX number of years then fair play. It’s when the Board come out and say we can compete with the big boys (ala Gazidis) but don’t actually give the financial clout to make this happen. It’s just looks to disjointed with a lack of clear direction and strategy…..

Teryima Adi

The lad is an excellent player. His gliding runs in midfield is reminiscent of Kevin de Bruyne of City. We have a gem in our hands.

Jack but

Sign him up to long term , send him out on loan to a pL team, hopefully he can cause some damage to certain cunt rivals.

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