Monday, May 20, 2024

Report: Bielik ‘determined’ to leave Arsenal

A report in the Polish press says that Krystian Bielik is determined to leave Arsenal this summer having been told he is not in Unai Emery’s plans for the forthcoming season.

The 21 year old made it clear recently that he is not willing to play U23 football, and wants first team action – either with the Gunners or somewhere else.

The club reportedly made an offer to loan him out again, but after signing a new contract, but when your head coach seemingly has no interest in you, there was very little chance of that happening.

With offers from the Championship, Bielik is currently doing individual pre-season training while the squad are away on the US Tour, and the report says that he received signals from the club that youngsters signed by Arsene Wenger will be moved out of the club as they do not align with Unai Emery’s philosophy.

From a defensive point of view, Emery has Calum Chambers, Sokratis, and Shkodran Mustafi to call on for now. Rob Holding’s recovery from a cruciate knee ligament rupture is ahead of schedule, but Dinos Mavropanos is currently struggling with an injury and took no part in last night’s 2-1 win over Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, in London, captain Laurent Koscielny is going down the legal route to try and extricate himself from his Arsenal contract.

It seems like there would be room for the Pole, but we have to bear in mind that the decision making here comes from reports from the club’s Loan Manager, Ben Knapper, and based on more information than we have available.

However, when a player impresses on loan and stands out at a European tournament, you have to ask what else could he have done to be given a chance?

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He played mainly cdm last season I believe. Surely time for elneny to find new ventures and keep this kid.

Ben Constable

If we could sell Elneny I’m sure we would. It’s impossible to sell a player no one is willing to buy, which seems to be the case with Elneny. If someone is ready to pay £10-15 million for Bielik I’d take the money.


If we could sell Emery…

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Sir Alex once said: You do not stop a young player on fire.


Surely you should at least suggest he stops, drops and rolls?


Unless said young player goes by the name ‘Pogba’ right?


But there’s not much point bringing in a manager and then stop him from managing. I think it’s a shame to let Bielik go but it’s down to Emery to make the decisions – that’s what he’s being paid for. Time will tell if he’s right or not.


Well, you’re 100% right about Elneny so I guess the Gooners disagreeing with you is because you suggest selling Bielik. But what else is there to do? We can’t sell Elneny anytime soon – he’s too well paid and, frankly, isn’t very good (a fatal combination in the transfer market!). Bielik really wants to go and Emery apparently doesn’t want him. The only option, therefore, is to sell him – whether Gooners on this site like it or not. You can’t get around the facts.

Ben Constable

That’s what I’m saying. If we had the chance to sell Elneny and keep Bielik as part of the squad next season then it’s a no brainer. Problem is no one wants Elneny.


This is what happens when you employ Bendtner‘s motivational speaker and Koscielny’s agent.


Krystian? Unai must be an atheist.

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

Completely agree. We’ve all seen what Elneny can do and I think it’s best described as limited but fine. Why not integrate Bielik into the first team squad and give him a chance to fight for a spot and see what he grows into…? Cos even just from a physical standpoint he offers us more than Elneny with his height

Ben Constable

Emery is clearly willing to give youth it’s head this season. If he’s deemed Bielik surplus to requirements it might be because he’s not convinced he can make the step up. Personally, I’d like to see him given a chance, but if the club see his potential sale as a way to boost the coffers in order to get some of these deals over the line it might not be the worst thing in the world.


Emery has stated he’s willing to give youth a chance in the less important fixtures, but I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we see any of the ones currently impressing on tour playing anything approaching a significant role with the team later this season. Bielik carries the fragrance of Wenger, so he’s going to be moved on, and this is probably the best move for him. A real shortcoming of Emery’s that he can’t see the promise here. Beilik’s proven himself on loan, at the summer tournament, and in doing everything we’ve asked of him to this point. He’s 21, and… Read more »

Ben Constable

Holding has the Wenger fragrance, and he’s being fast tracked back from a serious injury to be an integral part of the squad next season, after being given the chance to prove himself last. Like I said, it’s a shame that Bielik will seemingly not be given a chance to prove himself next season, but if we sell him for a decent price and invest well, it’s not the end of the world.


Of course it is not the end of the world, but it could be a massive waste of talent and money — both things we seem to be in short supply of lately — and we aren’t really the best at negotiating deals beneficial to us for our younger players, let alone anyone. The thing that makes Bielik such a lightning rod for me is that he’s proven himself on several different stages in two defensive-minded positions and he’s big, physical, good in the air, and can both tackle and pass the ball — read back through that, and it’s… Read more »


Guendouzi had a massive role at 19 last year, and sadly for Bielik, now we’ve also got Joe Willock’s development to prioritise at CM. This is how it should be – it’s a good problem to have honestly. And I think as fans some of us need to adapt to the changes at the club. It’s a bit pointless people directing anger at Emery regarding decisions on youth players when Per, Freddie Ljungberg and loan manager Ben Knapper have much more influence on who gets to step up. And Emery’s very transparent about this – he said it was Ljungberg… Read more »


Willock has better function carrying the ball forward. Bielik will not provide this as much. He has function though at Cback but we have too many permutations and Cbacks to either move or keep/rationalise at the moment and for him to even come in as 3rd/4th choice would require several things to happen.


Yeh! Especially if he is given the chance in the PL got one season and he proves to be good enough. We could either keep him or sell him for a tidy profit.

But you would have thought that they know this, wouldn’t you?


And 2-3 years down the line, we will ask ourselves how we let that happen….. just like Gnabry

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

How often did El Neny play ? We bought this guy and stored him and he started getting rusty on the bench.


Maybe because when you buy players on the recommendation of stat dna, when they actually show up to work you realise that they are toilet football players. See Perez, Mustafi, Xhaka.

I like the use of the word ‘stored’ though. Like he’s a blue peter tortoise.


Ohoh, schoolboy alert!!!

Faisal Narrage aka Mr. Project Youth 2.0

There’s actually a book on data in football released recently. In it, it dispels the myth statDNA we’re responsible for those purchases, and in fact spoke AGAINST Perez, which Wenger ignored.

Also recommended CBs like Manolas but instead we went for Mustafi.


Actually, there are reports which indicate that Mustafi and even Perez were signed at Wenger’s request despite StatDNA’s recommendations to the contrary.
It honestly wouldn’t surprise me.


Surely someone must atleast be able to take him on a loan? He’s a decent player for a bottom half PL team. I’d really like to see Bielik given a chance too, because I doubt anyone would pay more than 10 million for him right now.


He’s been around for a long time and a limited player.

That has never changed. A club like Arsenal need better.

The fact that he isn’t picked tells you everything (like Jenkinson behind Mustafi at Rback)

We should sell him. Rather Willock off the bench as 5th choice at this stage.


But Bielik wants to leave. Presumably, he doesn’t want to stay and fight for a spot as you say. Elneny isn’t good enough and he’s also over-paid, as are several others, which is why we can’t offload him or them. Look, if you were a club, would you buy a “limited” player on over-generous wages? Until/unless Arsenal address this problem, we won’t move on as quickly as we need to to catch-up lost ground.


Chambers proved himself a quality Premier League CDM last year. I’d feel more confident with him getting most available minutes.


As long as Xhaka is still on the books, we have no room for immobile CM’s.


Granit has been better than Torreira who was suppose to be the answer to DM but he gave the ball away 6 or 7 times last season leading to at least 4 goals against us.


Chambers depends on his own appetite. I don’t think he will want to come off the bench as 4th choice.

We can’t keep everyone and much depends on offers in market.

Gooner Sam

Personally I would choose him over Mustafi but they know best I guess.
If nothing else let’s please make sure we get a good sell on clause.

Bob's Mexican cousin

How can a decent defensive option not be in Emery’s plans? Surely Bielik is a better player than Limpy Joe who’s clearly better than Shkodran Mustafi.


Not better but clearly better than spending 27m on Saliba and then loaning the chap out plus if he proves to be hyped, we will be saddled with a massive loss and inability to move him on.


I agree, but there are no takers for Elneny (or for that matter the likes of Ozil, Mustafi, Jenkinson etc. etc.). Why, because the previous management team give them such generous contracts, they won’t take a pay cut to go elsewhere! There’s nothing we can do to get them off the books if they don’t want to go.


Ozil was current management. Compounded with Lichsteiner at 90K.


I read this article as Bielik having a hardball agent, but what do I know, why not join other Arsenal fans and react to every single thing that pops up in the media ?


Same agent that created Lewandowski


I don’t get it. Maybe they don’t like his attitude and demands. Can’t be because they don’t rate him. He has shown a ton of potential.

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

I don’t think there’s anything wrong in believing in your abilities and knowing your worth. We’ve already seen Bannacer knowing his worth and leaving, and was AFCON player of the group stage (and surely in the final players of the tournament), already about to get his £20M move. Malen knew his worth and year from leaving was announced he’ll be PSV’s starting no.9.

Good players tend to know when they’re good. Also doesn’t help if he’s not even given a look in.


What kills is that — they didn’t even bother to take a look at him this preseason. It really worries me that Emery didn’t know who Robbie Burton was until Freddie told him to include the lad on tour, and it likely follows that the coach doesn’t really know who we have in the stables. I realize the job description has changed considerably since Wenger was here, but my goodness, shouldn’t our head coach know a bit more about our youth system and its products? Terrifying stuff.


It’s not terrifying at all. it’s called competition and some players will miss out. Logic suggests that if Freddie has enough pull to get Robbie Burton included with the first-team, he would’ve done the same for Bielik. Which indicates that the people at the club who actually handle the youth system (and not the first-team head coach because it’s literally not his job) don’t think he’s ready or want to prioritise other players in Bielik’s position like Medley and Willock. Also, let’s remember how much criticism Iwobi, AMN and Guendouzi got last season before you advocate for youth players to… Read more »


Do you seriously expect Bielik to get no rest after the season? He’d only got back home from international duty like two weeks ago.

It stands to reason he’s not part of the squad. Is Guendouzi in the US?


Guendouzi is part of the first team; Bielik is not. The latter desperately would like to be. What do you think Bielik’s response would be to this: come join the team on tour so the head coach can have a proper look at you, or get some rest and we’ll see about loaning you out or selling you on?


I’m not sure starting the season already knackered is the best way to showcase your qualities.
It is, however, the best way to pick up an injury and slow down your development.


Well, seems a shame to miss out on a very promising player because he’s tired, but I guess that’s how it goes.

Dave M

“Good players tend to know when they’re good.”
Like Bendtner…

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

There’s a difference between knowing you’re good, and thinking you’re good.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

The best players from our academy are let go (Gnabry, Willock Joe’s elder bro, Benacer etc) and we play other senior players out of position. EL Neny will play CB after Bielick is sold.


Sorry Willocks older brother? Who turns out, occasionally for Lisbon B team. Let’s not make the facts fit the narrative here. And Malen is no 9 in a very poor league. I saw him play lord knows how many times and didn’t think he was as good as Lupoli, who never got close.

Faisal Narrage aka Mr. Project Youth 2.0

Lupoli didn’t even reach the current level of Malen; a club that competes regularly in the CL.

Not sure what you’re on about.

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

It’s ridiculous. Guy should be used at a DM. What does it cost to at least give him a look in for pre season, THAT’S HALF THE POINT OF PRESEASON FFS. He’s going to feel hard done by. He’s been one of our best academy prospects since his arrival, all his loan spells have been successful (bar injury) and had a great Euro-21 performance, yet Burton (whom I like, don’t get my wrong) and Olayinka, who no offence to the kid hasn’t really been all that at academy level, are given a chance and look in, whilst he’s allegedly told… Read more »

Merlin’s Panini

It’s likely because of the U21 championship that he is not on the preseason tour. He needs a rest to start with then an introduction later into preseason. However, if he’s not in the plans then he may as well be sold but I do think it’s one we might regret.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Bielik did not spend time with Unai or Freddie and Arsenal operates like a small family. They need to have a soft spot for you to be accepted as part of them.


It is mind-boggling. Has Emery even met the kid?


Loud noises!!!

I’ve watched the guy and whilst he is decent, he is not good enough to play as DM for Arsenal in the first team. This nonsensical argument that he needs to be given a chance to fully assess his ability, would mean every recruitment would grind to a halt as you would have to get them to play for you before you buy! I trust the judgement of the professionals as to his potential ceiling. He has done well with his loan move, the difficult question is whether he has shown enough, clearly not enough for professionals being paid to… Read more »


The thing that grates for me on here is the suspicion that Emery hasn’t really taken a good look at Bielik, and his professional judgement to push through a deal on Dennis Suarez rather than use one of our own young players last season doesn’t fill me with confidence.

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

I was a big supporter of Emery when he arrived, and even till now don’t take as much issues with his tactical tinkering like others.
But his cautiousness in youth, lack of knowledge of our academy prospects, and then that whole Denis Suarez situation really confirmed my concerns that Ornstein revealed (he’s risk-averse and wanted all his old Sevilla players like Nzonzi) and has since soured my support for him somewhat.


I’m sorry, but how exactly did signing Suarez prevent Emery from using one of our youngsters? The guy barely played.

And the whole Suarez situation strikes me as Emwry wanting to buy a CB, being told we couldn’t buy anybody, being given a shortlist of shit loan options and him choosing the one guy he’d worked with.


Maybe read what he wrote more closely, or read what Ornstein wrote originally, and that might answer your question.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Does any young player do enough before going to first team? He is not claiming starting eleven, he is claiming first team bench until he gets his chance.


I watched the Italy vs Poland game where Bielik scored the winner. Good as he is, he was not at the level of of the best players on the pitch like Federico Chiesa and Nico Barella.

Should also point out that Arsenal aren’t pushing Bielik out the door. We don’t want to lose him, we want him to go on loan and continue his development. Considering Dani Ceballos is also going on loan despite his immense quality, I think Bielik would be well-advised to listen to the club.

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

I also watched that game and respectfully disagree.
He was great considering Italy were clearly the better player and spent the whole game on the kosh, which I actually enjoyed seeing.


A loan move at a much lower level. I like Bielik but let’s not make out that a good season in the third division makes you the love child of Franco Baresi and Bobby Moore.

Terry Henry

Give the guy a chance
Raise his value

Anything buy Mustafi


Alternatively, as I predict.. sell him for 5mil to FC average where he will play most matches, and in a few years time we will watch on as transfer market continues with its escalating silly money, and Manchester United buy him for 4 billion


*anything but (not buy)


Instructions unclear. Bought another Mustafi to go with our Mustafi, so we can go in four-footed now


Absolutely hate kids with shite attitudes. Sell him and tag on a sell on clause. He can’t just come back and demand playing time like this. He can approach this more quietly and then leave.


What’s wrong with standing up to one’s qualities? Gnabry did and now he plays for Bayern Munich. Rather have an ambitious young player.


Rohan Ricketts did too. How did that turn out?


Attitude? Well well look at your attitude for example not a very good example to be frank!

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

Edu needs to get involved and do something about this tbh. Such a decision about Bielik surely shouldn’t have been decided before Edu’s input.

Maul Person

Freddie more than Edu imo. He’s supposed to have input from the youth players’ perspective.


Freddy was just appointed Assistant to Emery – I’d imagine he’s had his input on this.

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

He was only loan during Freddie’s run. And Edu as the Technical Director, supersedes them both.


Bielik never played under Freddie, the previous useless manager was fired and then Freddie took over. Bielik has been badly managed at Arsenal, he should be given a chance, defenders take longer to develop and it would be stupid to let him go without giving him a chance.


Edu is probably taking a few breaths, realizing how absurd his job is going to be working with Raul and Unai.


Not in Emery’s plans? Are you kidding me right now? Saliba isn’t coming till next season. Holding, Chambers Mavro Sokratis are all we have in good defender department. One big injury and we are back to Mustafi again ugh.


Mavraponos has done very little to be included in ‘good’ category


Don’t know how to say this without being too harsh, but the little we saw of him last year he looked really bad. It’s not even close to enough game time to pass judgement, but promising defenders usually look the part even in their first few games. He was all over the place

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

The dude had returned from almost the whole season with injury. Do you also remember how Kos looked in his first couple of games? People here had him written off after 2 games.

Kos fucked up in the final. Dirty frog


“good” in this context surely means “not mustafi”

The Spoon

I don’t get it. We must have known that we were going to have to go down the project youth road, and nothing against Emery, but why didn’t we get someone in who was able to manage that. Instead we brought in a guy who’s last job had an unlimited cheque book. If we need to save wages, bin of Emery, put Freddie in charge, he can use the youngsters, all of which will have massive respect for him. And if we’re that strapped for cash, he might even get his boots on occasionally. Sure he’s still got the skill,… Read more »


Even with an unlimited cheque book, he got sacked, fair & square.

Jay Alenby

It seems counter productive to not have Bielik playing with the first team. How is this in the clubs best interest?


Sad – not in Emery’s plans but it appears Mustafi is REALLY.
Give him a chance at least before deciding he’s not in your plans.


Cannot understand how a club in our situation is not trying out every promising young player we have. And Bielik doesn’t “align with Unai Emery’s philosophy”?? Emery could be axed in December if we’re shit the first half of the season and should be fired at the end if we’re still a Europa League club or worse.

Skip To My Lou

I don’t trust Emery when it comes to giving youth a chance. Last night’s starting Xi gives you a clue on how he sees the youth. After the game he talked about how he knew nothing about Robbie Burton until Freddie told him. Naturally one would think the head coach watches all u23 matches.


This is one reason why i think Freedie Ljungberg should be our head coach.

Emery is gonna regret deeply for this. What is he having?
Mustafi- a choker.
Monreal- a left back can play central back , his age is also a problem.
Mavropanos- risky choice
Koscielny- hmmm not sure about this. He is leaving btw.
Rob Holding + Sokratis -> might be our only choice for the coming season.

We all know that Kroenke is not showing any mercy so Emery is gonna deal with it. Why doesn’t he give Bielik a chance? Come on…


If Freddy is now Emery’s Assistant, this just might be partially on his advice or feedback.

There’s a lot we don’t know about this. But what we do know is he’s been here for a few now, and at the 21u – 23u cusp is really a decision point for the club and the players, and for whatever reason he just hasn’t forced his way into first team chances so far.

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

Freddie didn’t work with Bielik, he was on loan.


the next Vieira and our manager doesn’t even rate him, we *deserve* to be stuck outside the top 4


The next Vieira? After a season in the third division? Is it that late already?

Jack Action

If we were any other club, we’d get 15m-20m for Bielek. Instead we’ll probably accept a bucket of day-old Gatorade.


I don’t see any reason why we should let him go. Give him a chance. How could he be highly rated by everyone except Unai?

Monkey Joe

Simple, #EmeryOut is a moron.


If only we could sell him for 30 million and keep him for a year.


If only he’d played a stand out season in the national top division rather than the third division….

Kwame Ampadu Down

‘With offers from the Championship…..’……hold off on the hysteria people. People seem determined to view this as a terrible decision… 21 going to a Championship club suggests the club might just be right that while a good player, he might not be good enough for Arsenal. Yes, there are exceptions but the vast majority of young players Arsenal let go do not go on to prove the club wrong. You just remember the exceptions more….

Spanish Gooner

This exactly. Maybe after a couple of years in the championship he’ll become a good player, but at the age of 21 he won’t get much better taking Elneny’s minutes every 5 games. We also have Chambers coming back off loan who fits the same CB/DM mould

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

I remember the same thing was said about Gnabry.
“Calm down people, Gnabry can’t be that good, he couldn’t get into WBA on loan”.

I would say, unlike most of our loans, many actually watched Bielik as he was regularly on tv due to the play offs and general rave reviews he was getting.

Once again, no one is claiming make him a starter, but maybe you could tell us what Burton and co have done over him to get their chances?

Kwame Ampadu Down

People were furious about Akpom, Ignasi Miquel, Wellington Silva & loads of others leaving too……Gnabry is the exception as I said….and again Gnabry, Arsene very much wanted to keep. We just let his contract get to a point where we had to sell him….this seems pretty much like the club are comfortable letting Bielik go. Time will tell if they are wrong but they usually aren’t that’s all I’m saying.

Burton is on a pre season tour…..that Bielik couldn’t go on because he played a summer tournament. Not sure what point you are trying to make.

My Cousin Vinai

Now you’re just making stuff up. Akpom: – Actually got a chance and look in for the first team in preseason. Went on loan, didn’t perform. Same Cannot be said of Bielik. Ignasi Miquel: Absolute rubbish. Kid was making mistakes even at the u21s back then. Went on loan, never ever performed on loan. Same cannot be said of Bielik. Wellington Silva: This I can give you, but even he got a look in during preseason. Didn’t perform well on loan, though performed well for us during preseason friendlies. Let’s try more recent ones… The Jeff: Decided by Emery he… Read more »

I think the answer might partly be because under 21s don’t take up a place in the squad so they don’t take up any room. At 21 you really have to justify your place – or we can’t get rid of you – so suddenly there’s a decision to make about him. I reckon if he was 19 or just 20 we’d be seeing a different outcome. Surely Burton and co. won’t be in the squad – just making up the numbers pre-season. Happens every year.

Bendtner’s ego

This staff is watching him every day in training. Ever stop to think he might not be as good as some people think? I seem to recall assessments on him saying that he was slow on the turn for DM. The team has REAL defensive issues. If he’s good enough, he’d be playing. End of story. There is an obvious difference in talent between L1 and the PL and doing well in a U21 tournament doesn’t mean you can cut it week in and week out against the likes of Aguero and Sterling. Honestly, he should take the opportunity to… Read more »


Clearly we don’t know the half of it, but of Beilik is ‘demanding’ first team football then I can’t see that going down well with Emery, who is still trying to exert his authority over the club. I get the feeling that he hasn’t made any promises to the likes of Nelson, Willock, Eddie, TJJ etc beyond stressing that young players will be given a chance. Maybe this is designed to keep them focused and avoid complacency. Amechi seems to have dropped down the pecking order since he started making noises about not signing a new contract, so if Beilik… Read more »


He’s looked like a prospect in league 1 and at the u21, but I’m not sure he’s done enough to get a chance in the first team or to be demanding anything at this point… could probably benefit with a season long loan in the championship playing regularly

My Cousin Vinai (Formerly Faisal Narrage)

But what have Olayinka and Burton done to be part of the plans?


Not a problem as far as I’m concerned. Whatever we paid for him, double that or whatever then thank you, goodbye and best of luck at your new club.


Emery seems scared of wenger’s image. A good coach doesn’t have to be bias but give equal opportunity. Imagine if Wenger was the one who signed suares!

Monkey Joe

Toxic #EmeryOut now!


Fact is Xhaka isn’t going anywhere, plus we’ve got Torreira, Guendouzi, Willock, plus AM-N will end up there and Chambers performed well there in the PL. This assumes we sell Elneny and doesn’t even take into account a signing like Ceballos. He will get no game time so either we sell him or he extends his contract and goes on loan.

Lucas Sam

Tactically, Bielik is the kind of player we want to keep. He can allow us to setup while not in position in a 5-2-3 and then a 4-3-3(diamond) or 3-5-2. If you recall, when building up, xhaka or torreira tended to drop back while fullbacks bombed foward to create from deep. His ability to read the game calmly, physicality and transition from cb to cdm to help needs to be utilized. His closest competitor in arsenal is Chambers in tactical and ability terms. I want to see a tactically flexible cdm in a back 4 and let the other midfield… Read more »


Sad to see. Worrying news on a bunch of levels. First, what does this tell the rest of our academy? If we send you on loan then you’re dead to us? He’s had a cracking loan and summer tournament, and if we won’t give him even a chance of a run in the team this sends a horrible message to our youngsters. So much for project youth 2.0, right! More importantly, the scariest part is “youngsters signed by Arsene Wenger will be moved out of the club as they do not align with Unai Emery’s philosophy”. What kind of Trump-esque… Read more »

Iron Ljung

Outrageously poor asset management yet again from the club. How can they possibly have allowed it to get to this stage? We have talked up time and time again the importance of developing young talent – from a business point of view as much as a footballing one – only to mismanage horribly one of our best youth assets. We just played a match against a Bayern Munich, one of whose best players is a young guy we let go for peanuts not long ago, almost without thinking, in Serge Gnabry. Have those in charge learned nothing from previous failures?


I fear Emery’s philosophy has to do with the likes of Denis Suarez.


I really do not understand Emery. To me he is a weirdo manager who backstabs his players to further his own personal image/career but that’s just me. What more does Bielik need to do? The kid is 21 and got Charlton promoted basically, was a standout player at the U21… If I were Bielik I would join AC Milan ASAP. They are building around Piatek over there and the mood seems optimistic. Playing for Emery is like operating the elevator at a funeral home, the dead people elevator, not the one for personnel.


Sell him with a first option buyback clause. Done. Everyone happy, he is very unlikely to get game time as a CDM with Lucas, Xhaka and Niles ahead of him.
As a CB he has limited top flight experience or even in competitive cup games. So his wish to have regular first team playing time is limited.

He won’t go on loan again. So this maybe the best way without having to rely on sell on clauses which seem to inflate player prices like Zaha.


Also the forgotten man Chambers can also perform those roles as a squad player having for seasons experience in the top flight.

Strange how we haven’t seen much of him in preseason.


And who can blame him? Gooners were rightly applauding the intention to give youngsters a chance. This news is a throwback to the “norm” of the Wenger era when there were many promising youngsters around only for the vast majority to be loan out here and there and then released/sold without being given a chance … just like Bielik! When you consider the massive question mark over Koscielny, who’ll almost certainly not play for us again, and the fact that Mustafi just isn’t good enough, the likes of Bielik should be given a chance. Unfortunately, I think it’s too late… Read more »


Funny how everyone says we’re so bad at selling and then when the club looks to move on a relatively decent young prospect in a position where he’s well down the pecking order everyone is throwing their toys out the prom. I do not understand some of our fans.


If it is indeed true that “Emery doesn’t want” Bielik—a dubious claim at best—then someone has to put him on the spot at a presser and ask him why. It borders on lunacy not to sign this guy when we could quite do w a right-sided CB.

Seeing Mustafi the other night in an Arsenal shirt angered me. I’ve only hated a handful of other gunners EVER like I hate Mustafi. Maybe none.

It is tiresome to see us once again not prioritize defensive reinforcement in the xfer market.


I’d be looking to leave too if I were him not even given a chance this preseason (for whatever reason).


Tis a pity. He has had a strong loan and a great U21. May have had food function as a 4th choice Cback should both Chambers and Mustafi got moved AND IF we add sufficient high quality experience Cback from market to replace Koscielny (not Saliba) BUT this whole area is up in the air a bit with options in market limited and with risk. We don’t know if Barca will relinquish Umtiti or prices on two very good young Cbacks at Liepzig (Upamecano and Kayote) will cool off sufficiently with whatever remains in our kitty after our winger purchase.… Read more »


I think Bielik has use for us more at Cback but he can cover DM as well. In deep midfield – Granit, Torreira and Guendouzi. Willock can have a stronger role ( Better than Elneny) In defense we ‘should’ add an experience defender to Sokratis and HOlding. How strong a defender may determine the remaining options in Mustafi, Chambers and Bielik (Mavropanos should go on strong loan) Mustafi of course may ultimately depend on market interest to wages. Chambers depends on if he feels he is better off moving on. So ‘if’ we manage to sell Mustafi and assuming we… Read more »

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