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Smith Rowe linked with Bundesliga return

Emile Smith Rowe is being linked with a return to the Bundesliga despite Arsenal rejecting a request from RB Leipzig to extend last season’s loan arrangement for a further year.

The 18-year-old moved to the Red Bull Arena in January even though he was nursing a groin injury and featured just three times before time ran out on the deal.

Having earned a first team promotion and a new squad number on his return London, it looked as though the midfielder, who scored three goals and six games for Unai Emery in the first half of last season, was being lined up for a year challenging for a regular start.

Injury has stopped him from taking part in any of our four Stateside friendlies and now there are suggestions that we could be open to loaning him again after all.

The Independent report that Wolfsburg have shown an interest in Smith Rowe and that Leipzig could try and get him back. It also claims that Arsenal will take their time over any deal while the teenager continues his rehabilitation from a hip problem.

There’s no rush to do a deal with foreign suitors given the transfer window in most other European leagues is longer than the Premier League version.

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I would rather he recovered and develop here or a loan on condition he plays 20+ games or they apy us £2 million loan fee extra


That would be great but there’s not a club in the world that’s going to guarantee games to a loanee

Pat Rice and Beans

In fact, PL clubs do that with clubs in Football League:


I stand corrected, that’s a ridiculious occurrence- we already have youngsters expecting to play a lot next season, guaranteed appearances don’t help that


I don’t think it’s a question of a guarantee but he’s certainly not going to play any games for us at all if he’s in Germany, is he.


It sounds like we’ve guaranteed 40 games to Ceballos if reports are to be believed.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Surely the point of sending kids of loan is that they grow up. Part of that is fighting for their place. If they go off somewhere & keep getting picked regardless of form or attitude what do they learn from that ? I don’t know why any club would insist a player going on loan has to play x number of games. Well I do…’no point sending him on loan if he’s kot going to play’…..but it’s very flawed reasoning.


If reports are to believed… We are about to sign ‘insert name here’ for £!@@Million

Teryima Adi

@Charley. Danny Levy would blush! You are a hard negotiator, unlike the blokes we have running our club. Lol

Bring back David Hillier

Dry news day….?


Ceballos and Zaha/Everton/any new winger, plus Ozil and Mhki staying, Willock and Nelson ahead of ESR, so it will be good option to send him for a season long loan…


Why should Nelson be ahead of ESR?
If Ceballos falls through, I’d loan him.
Also, Nelson could be part of the Zaha-deal

Maul Person

Nelson part ola deal for Zaha? Fuck is wrong with you?!


It was reported somewhere (I don’t recall from whom). No need to berate a bearer of bad rumor.


I don’t see why Willock and Nelson are necessarily ahead of ESR, he’s done as much if not more in his first team playing time as either of them, he also fulfils a different role. Personally I’d like to see him stay and challenge for that role behind the strikers/ play in the cups


Nelson and ESR different roles. Nelson should be kept in first team. Makes no sense to loan him out for Zaha at a whopping 55m (when options in market like Fekir to Betis for 24m, Ziyech offered to us according to Overmars for 22m) ESr is an attacking asset from the middle in lieu of Ozil (unlikely to move). In that we should sell Mhkitaryan to make some money on our budget and make room for ESR. If Cebellos comes in, he has a double function IMO primarily to link play from deep midfield (like Ramsey) but with better ball… Read more »


Keep them all and give them the League cup and Europa league group stages and we should concentrate on the premier league and FA cup. if we go out of any we can re adjust at christmas. Top 4 and above should be our priority.


If we go out of the FA Cup before Christmas I will be very very worried.

Parshad Desai

I think he should be with us for the season a & our focus should be on bringing in new centrebacks in place of the erratic mustafi

Peter Story Teller

He was given a squad number presumably with the intention of playing for the first team. We are not exactly blessed in the mid-field talent department apart from a couple of other young guns coming through with him. Since we are not going to win the Premier League and it will be a challenge to make top four again next season, why do we not give these guys the opportunity to play for Arsenal rather than another team while they are young and enthusiastic? We may not win anything but at least they will give 100% commitment every game unlike… Read more »

Tony Adams Nose

I agree but the game is so focused on money that no club takes at our level takes a risk anymore.
It two of these “promising youngsters” make it to the first team on a regular basis it will most likely on the back of an injury to a senior player (like AMN opportunity last season).


We have young players that SHOULD be in first team. AMN for sure (night and day better than Jenkinson who could not even start ahead of Mustafi at Rback) Also Willock should come in (albeit off the bench mainly cup games) but Nketiah looks ready as a forward option. Nelson I feel should stay. Do not see the point of spending 55m on an over inflated Zaha when there are so many options in market (Fekir went to Betis for 24m, Ziyech was available to us for 22m) and then have to loan out Nelson at expense to depth. Makes… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

Loan him in December


Despite the talk, I don’t see much difference between what’s happening to the youngsters now and how they were dealt with in the Wenger era. Surely the lesson from then is to give the youngsters a chance – not to keep loaning them out only to offload them for little or nothing later. That’s cost the club dearly on more than one occasion.

Monkey Joe

Sell him while he is cheap. #EmeryOut


You must be monkeying around.

Surly Gunner

Send them ozil and the whole muzzie brotherhood with him! Piece of shit wankers all of em.Zero effort.Agree they must be deported!

North London is Redder

Racist nonsense – you are not welcome in this community.

benjamin richter

Dear Blogs, please ban this fascist.


I just did. Missed the comment as I’ve been in a car all day from DC to NYC


You need to be deported from the Arseblog website.


1 – You’re banned.

2 – That’s it. Go spout your scummy shit elsewhere.


Nice work blogs, that kind of crap isn’t welcome anywhere


can you also edit such posts with appendix ‘also, i’m a cunt’ whilst banning, please?

forest gooner

what’s up with beilik?


Fed up being loaned out, wants to go and almost certainly will. Shame, particularly given the position we’re in with central defenders currently.


If we get a strong Cback option in (not Saliba which is a ridiculous move), I would be tempted to keep Bielik as 4th choice even with we can’t sell Mustafi for another season(and Chambers is sold) If we get a reasonable strong but young Cback in (Upamecano or Kayote standard), I would keep Chambers or Mustafi (again depends on market and player aspiration) and then the question will be whether to sell or loan out Bielik again. Personally I would not sell him for cheap. he is 21yrs. Depending on length of contract left( I believe its till 2021),… Read more »

My Cousin Vinai

Let home go on loan.
Even in the cup games, looked like it will be Guendouzi and Willock featuring the most. I don’t want EMR to waste on the bench. In Douzi and Willock we have the cup games covered, let him get some serious play time and return.

He’s arguably still our most talented young midfielder, possibly talented youth full stop.


ESR plays further up at AM. Different position.

Unless you are talking about Bielik but his better option is at Cback. We need players like Guendouzi and Willock who can carry the ball form midfield.

BUT if Cebellos comes in he may be employed in that role because we also need better retention and control.

Neither Guendouzi nor Torreira provide that enough next to Xhaka and Willock as we have seen from the RM game promising but still plenty to learn.


I don’t think this serves much purpose. Likely if Cebellos is signed, it may mean less time for ESR. BUT I’m not sure why we are clinging on to Mhkitaryan. Clearly Ozil performs similar function at AM and his wages will prevent him from a move. We should be prepared to sell the Armenian who has been waning (can’t seem to direct his shot anywhere near goal these days) In fact I never quite understood the utility of buying Mhkitaryan when we were more in need of a wide player (Mahrez) apart from our usual habit of not spending when… Read more »

Maul Person

Ceballos. The name is Ceballos.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Can you forget about Marhez ffs? He’s been with Man City for one year already.


And would have never joined Arsenal


Mkhi is on pretty hefty wages too, we aren’t offloading him anywhere

Ace Boogie

Don’t comment much here but do read all of them and as much as I don’t agree with Santori very often don’t find too much wrong with this. Mkhi’s wages, while high, are no where near ozil’s. If we’d bought Mkhi at the time he went to United, he’d be a much better player imo but I would sell him. There’s obviously no buyers which is evident with most of our deadwood. Was hopping we got rid of 2-4 this summer. Maybe 1-2 in January then another 2-4 next summer as it’s highly unlikely and wouldn’t be beneficial to offload… Read more »

Peter Story Teller

If you refrain from writing the same essay each day about stuff that will never happen except in your ideal world on the occassions when you do have something useful or interesting to say you might get an upvote. Mahrez is gone, no one wants Miki or Ozil even at your valuation of £10M which is why they have not been transferred already, and face up to the fact that you are a one man Mustafi fan club. However, you are correct, we should keep ESR and play him but you have a torrent of downvotes for the other 50… Read more »


He is behind in preseason, could make sense to loan him out until new year, allowing him to be part of a Bundesliga or Italian clubs prep and 1st half, and reassess what’s best for him / us at Christmas

SLC Gooner

Whether he stays or goes, he needs playing time. If he stays, I’d certainly play him ahead of Burton, as I thought ESR looked much better in the competitive matches last year than did Burton in these friendlies.

Martin L. E.

Hm. Strange news. Was hoping he would feature regularly in the cups, and now and then in the league.


He’s been injured for a long time. Is there any real ETA for his return do we know?


We do seem to have a lot of youngsters that have suffered long term injuries before they’ve even come close to establishing themselves, I’d hope that’s something that’s being assessed in great detail

Ace Boogie

To be honest, at his age let him take all the time he needs to heal there’s no rush for him to be back. Sure we all want him playing as he’s quite talented but I’d keep him and let him take as long as he needs to heal. We know there’s a player there no need to ruin him by rushing him back.


Interesting, but now the news on our new signings please. For example: “Today Arsenal signed a proper central defender with two legs and Mustafi the first man on Mars (no way back as you know…) etc.

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