David Luiz and Kieran Tierney shirt numbers revealed


We know you guys, you regular readers of Arseblog News, are aware of our predilection for shirt number stories when a new player signs.

We dig it. We know there’s more to life than numbers, but these things are important. Where would we be without numbers? Nowhere. You can’t land on the moon without them, or even get change in a shop.

Nevertheless, we have to give people what they want. And people want to know what number is Kieran Tierney gonna wear and what number is David Luiz gonna wear.

We have the answer.

Kieran Tierney 3

David Luiz 23

The Scotsman follows in the footsteps of Nigel Winterburn, Kieran Gibbs, Ashley Cole and Bacary Sagna.

While the Brazilian’s number has been worn previously by Sol Campbell, Andrei Arshavin and Danny Welbeck.

Beyond all that, let’s not worry, and try and be nice to each other regardless of where we come from, what we do, what we look like, who we love, or any other nonsense that dickheads use to divide us.


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Demba Baba

Love you too blogs


A left back with the number 3 shirt. Just how it should be.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

He only got that number because 11 was already taken.

A Different George

I expect Elneny will be sold and the number 4 will return to a centre half, where it belongs.

Eric Blair

That’s Numberwang

Kroenke the Klown

Scoff a number


Let’s rotate the board!


Jealous dickheads lol!!


It’s a great day for gooner nation!

Peacock Strut

I’d have liked to have seen Luiz be given the number 6 shirt from a symbolic perspective – show Kos that we’ve moved on to a new era as quickly as he has

Merlin’s Panini

Perhaps we’re going to see someone else take it. Either Holding or Saliba would be my guess.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

or Mustafi 😉

Alexander Khlapov

I mean i didnt expect both of them this season,so its great. Mustafi as a sub all season is fine by me


In all seriousness, I think we may just be the strongest team fighting for 4th place.

Chelsea appears weaker with the departure of Hazzard and a new manager who whilst a favorite is inexperienced in management. I think Man U, despite investing heavily in their defence, are still weak in attack.

We seem to have emerged a stronger team than last season. It ain’t perfect, but it’s stronger. I’m genuinely excited by that.


For sure arsenal look stronger this time. Big up


Im sure that no.23 will sell like crazy.


Numbers are good. Except in test cricket, numbers just look stupid on the backs of players.

Zuhair Ul Haq

Yes! Agreed! The first Ashes Test match looked so weird with those numbers.


Absolutely. Ughh!

Arsenala Vista Baby

David Luiz: Hi ! we look alike.
Guendouzi: Hi ! I think it would be terrific if everybody was alike.

Cliff Bastin

Surely someone will send a back heel pass to the wrong one in training.

Cultured determination

Should have given luiz kos’s number to stick it

Kampala gooner

Class dwells @ Arsenal. No need for it


We owe Koscielny.

Did us the favour but club doesn’t have the finesse to bring it home on Cback.

Panic buy instead.


We don’t owe him anything. He was very handsomely paid when he played for us and we gave him the opportunity to play Premier League and Champions League football for several years.


Give Koscielnys number to Matt Macey.


So far our summer as per all summers is very much hit and miss. On the plus side we have been bold. On the minus we have yet again failed to address long standing priority at Cback. 1) Pepe – Good signing albeit you wonder at 72m if we are kicking the can down the road a bit. Still a top player and one we needed at right wing particularly. BUT this tempered by the inexplicable decision to sell one of our better assets in Iwobi at left flank who would have balanced out the attack better OTOH, hot price… Read more »


Mush, you don’t know your arse from elbow.

Crash Fistfight

Doesn’t even know the fee paid for Luiz, when it has been reported the same everywhere.


1. Edu wasn’t brought in because we signed Martinelli (how would that ever make any sense?!?)
2. It’s Ceballos, not Cebellos. How many times do you need to read it before spelling it right yourself.
3. We were after Tierney all window. It had nothing to do with signing a centre back.

Arsenala Vista Baby

You really should start a blog. Leave the commenting to simple people.

Crash Fistfight

Yep. I’d be happy not to read it, if it helps?


Main issue centre back has been addressed actually; We have Luiz and Chambers as new players who can play centre back. Both had very good form in the Premier League last season with Chelsea/Fulham.

High gunner

now, im gonna ask you in advance santori: this text you just wrote, will you just copy and paste it to articles in the future or do you actually type in the same bllsht on your keyboard everytime, letter by letter? must take a lot of your time, you should put that time to broaden your perspectives a little bit instead.

Papa Pepe’s PEA Party

In the summer we brought in Perez, Mustafi and Xhaka you literally said the rest of us couldn’t understand how big those signings would be, and that it would propel us into a new path. How did they work out? Just because you can type a lot clearly doesn’t mean you actually know a single thing. The arrogant and dismissive way you rant is so unwelcome, and you’re wrong pretty much every single time. This has gone on for years now and it’s doing neither you or any of us any good. Learn to shut up.

Liam Bergkamp

C’mon mate, I’m sure you could be a little bit more negative if you really tried!?

A Different George

I remember when Martin Keown wrote off Mertesacker too. Just before the FA Cup final.


Welcome Luis,I am really greatful for your arrival.??


Kieran,the perfect fit for the position


That means we are reserving the number 6 for Upamecano! Hah ?

Vieira's Vaporub

1; 2, 5, 23, 3. Not since the double winning 2001/02?


lovely signing above all …… happy happy Arsenal

Ya gooner

He looks a bit awkward in photos, which is good. It means he’s not in it for the bullshit and fame and will be grounded. Great signing!

wilson M

Am I too late for this? I guess almost!!
One point to note is, I like the deadline deals. But again I hate other side of it, the sale of Iwobi and yet to a very strong team in Everton. Anyways, COYGs