Tierney and Bellerin return to full training


Good news everyone!

Not only are you now reading this in the voice of Professor Farnsworth from Futurama, it looks like both Hector Bellerin and Kieran Tierney have returned to full training.

The latest pictures ahead of Sunday’s trip to Watford show both our flying full backs taking part in today’s session.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

This doesn’t mean that they’re taking part in every session, nor even ready to play just yet, but it is definitely a step forward.

The last medical update from the club suggested both would be looking to return to full training in mid-September, so we’re kinda on schedule here.

Could they be eased back into action in the Carabao Cup in just under a couple of weeks time? That looks like a sensible target, but who knows what will happen between now and then.

Anyway, a nice little thing to see on a Thursday afternoon.

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Tierney, Holding, Bellerin back and Xhaka out.

All hail the injury Gods.


Not a huge fan of Xhaka too but if you wish injury to any Arsenal player, you can f*ck right off.


If a niggly, non serious injury is what it takes to play Torreira, Guendouzi and Ceballos together in midfield then that’s fine with me. Of course I wouldn’t wish an injury on any player, Arsenal or other.

But Sylvinho’s injury led to Ashley Cole’s rise. Fabregas got a game because Viera was out. Cech’s injury allowed Leno to take the reins. Sometimes things that appear bad can be a great opportunity for something better to come along.


Foolish thinking as usual. Granit will be a miss aerially (although Holding may compensate for this) BUT the Swiss cut out 8 or 9 balls into our (shaky) cbacks against Spurs, the one he failed to, Sokratis had a rush of blood (ala Mustafi moment) and vacated space behind for Son to all too easily pass a statuesque Sideshowbob. Also the Swiss has put in some excellent provision from deep defense including two of our best chances on one on one with the keeper with Pepe and seperately Auba. Granit also provided the critical intercept for the consolation from Torreira.… Read more »


Thanks Santori! I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’ve only had a season ticket for twenty years so comments like these really help with my understanding of Arsenal football club. Keep up the good work!

Cultured determination

Helderhughes dont blame yourself. Santori sees what we dont see. Like xhaka sees and passes long balls that others in the team dont see. Except he takes a loooooooong time to see them and dwells on the ball till he’s tackled, then he goes into panic ape shit mode and gives away a penalty

Pepe Le Pew

ElderHughes, Santori Analysis was spot on. Being a ticket holder for 20 years definitely qualifies as an expert tactician, a reference in terms of team selection. Your comment s are of the highest quality, thanks for your wisdom.


Didn’t Andrew and James pretty much say on this weeks blog that maybe the Xhaka injury will be a good thing? Are they part of the herd mentality too? And if they are, why are you on their site chatting your nonsense?

Pepe Le Pew

They also thought Ramsey was a great player, it is only their opinion at the end of the day.

Johnny 4 Hats

5 penalties conceded by Xhaka
11 goals conceded due to Xhaka errors

But tell us more about his aerial prowess please

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

Santori at it again. Mustafi back then and now xhaka. You love players with serious glaring issues eh? Bet you’d love yourself a squillachi or silvestre too


Well he’d either love them or call them a “panic band aid” buy and somehow blame Mislintat while spelling his name incorrectly.


Santori, don’t let the bullying make you bitter (‘foolish thinking as usual’). Take it that the people don’t see your POV which is perfectly fine. Keep working on yourself and your views.


Tierney will be like a new signing.


He is a new signing Matt

Internet PoPo





No he is not.. new signing is willock




That explains why he’s like one

Scott P

Wow, that feels fast! So excited to see them both in action. I think our team will improve considerably with them on the field, particularly Tierney.


Yes I agree with you and can’t wait to see them both play


Fantastic news, itching to see our lightning fullbacks in action.
In other news, a fantastic read on BFG’s interview –
w w w.football365.com/news/breaking-the-academy-bubble-f365-interviews-per-mertesacker


Nothing wrong with that, F365 is one of the best football sites out there.

Plus their Mediawatch column is so good at shredding anti-Arsenal media bias. Always worth a read


Good news. Lets ease them gradually into the side. No need to rush them.




Watched the training video on the official site. Kieran looks vicious! Hector still looks quick. Extra kudos to Kieran for the Mustafi nutmeg 😉


“Mustafi nutmeg”

Faint praise.

Forget about it

Saw that too … I also noticed that Mustafi took it in his usual amicable way.


Did he stand on his head?


And then waved towards the linesman?


More or less actually. He started wagging his finger as if to say it didn’t happen.


Good news coming in faster than flying fullbacks

Dat guy

If we can we get Bellerin to have legs that look like Tierney’s I don’t think anyone in the league will be able to run past him on the flank ?


Are using my brain????


Someone ought to ?


Nice one cant wait to see them play

Red Arrow

Really looking forward to seeing them both in action.


I know this may be unpopular but I think both bellerin and Tierney should earn their place in the team. No more favourites that’s how I believe a winning team should be. Competition brings the best out of everyone.


What’s that got to do with anything? They’re back training with the group, they’re happy, we’re happy!


Tierney isn’t competing with anybody. Bellerin is hardly competing with AMN


Very nice to see Bellerin finally back. AMN has done a decent job in that position but it has been a real weakness for us in recent months.

I’ve always thought that Hector could be a really great full-back if properly coached. Under Wenger he was guilty of making some academic positional mistakes and costing us needless goals. With top-quality training he could mature into one of the best defenders in the world.

Tony Adams Nose

It will be a double edge sword for AMN. He has done well but as you said it’s not his natural position and only recently look comfortable playing there. He has grabbed the opportunity to play first team football but now will almost certainly give way to Hector. His position of central midfield is very competitive and soon he will be back down in the pecking order fighting for a place in the Carrierbag cup.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Is Fat admitting Unai is a top-quality coach ?


Is fat fat?


I used the conditional tense “could”. Wenger wasn’t a great defensive coach and I don’t believe Emery is either. But I’d like to be proved wrong.


Emery has been criticised for failing to improve our back line unfairly IMO, it’s impossible to judge whether it’s a just a personnel problem? Or a coaching problem as well?

I’m not convinced any coach could get much more out of available options, Bellerin is not just our best defender, but also one of our best players, losing him was a massive blow.

Holding was having his most consistent run for the club, and Niles was thrown into a shaky back line during an adaptation period, but looks to me to be now settling and a player on the rise.


Although caveat is Holding was mainly in aback 3 so jury still out if he will be as good in back 4. Time will tell.

BUT certainly a much more promising option than band aid panic buy Sideshowbob.

That was definitely NOT improvement on Mustafi.


It won’t matter how well Emery coaches his defense if these reoccurring individual brainfarts don’t stop.
Those constant errors in judgment are a good reflection of the individual quality of our players.
See how massively Liverpool improve once they brought in quality players in their back line & defensive midfield. And a keeper that does not gift free goals.


Did the arsebloggers just use Prof Farnsworth as a reference. This site just keeps getting bender. Now if only we could get Bender ‘bending’ Rodriguez to train mustafi & luiz


Indeed -very positive news We can well start to do with a bit of rotation in fullbacks and options. Kolasinac and AMN have been decent. The Bosnian has improved defensively and is an assault tank going forward providing us with plenty of great opportunities AMN has his moments but he is still very young and will continue to improve. His energy levels plus natural power and athleticism puts him in good stead in this his ‘natural position’ now. Tierney will need to work in to match fitness of the PL level plus an understanding with his teammates so whilst I… Read more »

Andre Santos' car keys

AMN is young-ish. He’s 22 now? It seems like confidence has been his biggest problem. His energy is great. Lifts the entire right side of the pitch when focused and confident. Hope he finds a place in the team.

Eduar-do a deer

I don’t know why they haven’t offered you the managers position yet mate. You clearly know absolutely everything.


Imagine the press conferences if Santori were manager…
They’d go on for days!


Imagine the press conferences if he were manager…
They’d go on for days!

Public Elneny

Judging by leg muscle definition Tierney is ready to boss our next game, Hector is maybe a couple of months away 🙂


Fucking great news. A side note and no disrespect intended; Tierney’s legs look abnormally jacked like seriously strong but such an alien look. Hopefully all for the good of Arsenal and Kieran


why does Bellerin look about 12 and a half in that photo?


Pointless observation but has anyone watched the full vid on youtube? Bellerin pronounces his surname as just that and not the twatty Bayareen the knobhead commentators always churn out


Look at the thigh of Tierney and you can immediately tell he will have those stamina and endurance to cover entire the left flank. Can’t wait to see him in action soon….. with Bellerin on the right


They are improving in every moment and we want them to help us achieve out targets. We want them to be protagonists in both full back positions, especially the left and the right


Good news