Luiz: I take pleasure from helping others

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Every time we read an interview with David Luiz he comes across as an affable, erudite, humble and enthusiastic character who clearly recognises that there’s more to life than football.

Sure, he’s made mistakes on the pitch since he joined from Chelsea – some quite annoying ones at that – but he’s been quick to front up and appears to be a popular presence in the dressing room.

From Rob Holding revealing that the centre-back had received a ‘get well soon’ message following his ACL injury last year to teenage members of the squad praising the Brazilian’s approachability and willingness to pass on advice, it’s obvious the centre-back is a good egg.

At 32, Luiz is also the oldest member of Unai Emery’s squad and it’s a role he seems to be enjoying.

Speaking to the Telegraph ahead of Monday’s game with Sheffield United, he said: “I take pleasure from helping others. It makes me happy.

“To see Gabriel [Martinelli] scoring his first goal and looking towards his family — this gives me pleasure.

“To see Bukayo [Saka] playing at 18 years old in a big club — this gives me pleasure. I was playing in the third division when I was 18!

“To see Hector [Bellerin] come back from his injury with such hunger — this gives me pleasure.”

The Brazilian also touched on bringing a winning mentality to the Emirates. Having won titles in Portugal, France and England and with Champions League and Europa League titles under his belt, it’s a topic he’s well-placed to speak about.

“The more you win, the more you believe, the more it becomes easier,” he says.

“It starts to become automatic. You know what you have to do, you know the mentality. It is not about the beginning, it is about the end. Last season everybody was killing Chelsea, killing [Maurizio] Sarri. In the end, we won a title. Everybody was speaking about other clubs and in the end they did not win anything. It is about the end.

“Arsenal was always a big club. The club is always going to be big. Of course, in the last few years, because the club is so big everybody expects more titles. This is natural. I came here because I see they have the potential to do that, to fight for that. This is my mentality, this is my ambition, this is what I want in this club.

“We have the potential. We have talented players, experienced players, a team with quality, a club where they give us all the conditions to fight. We have amazing support. What more do we need?”

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Like the opposition attackers?


Uncalled for


how dare you make a joke?!


Well it’s lovely that he’s this influential character in the dressing room. But I’d much rather see him lead by example on the pitch. Two game changing cock ups already this season. Let’s hope we don’t rue them in May.

Laowai Gooner

Haha. Loosen up everyone, it was a good joke. Much less harmful than half the things you see in the comments section, at that.


Ok so let’s see you give it your all and lead the title charge. Be the main man of this Defense.

Dave M

He’s been really good in the last two league games. Made some mistakes, but hopefully he is more settled and can find the consistency. A focussed David Luiz is a world-class defender. I don’t think he’s washed yet. I’d love to see Luiz and Holding develop a really strong partnership (Sok and Chambers behind them) behind a strong balanced midfield of Torreira-Douzi-Willock [or Ceballos]. I think if we can get that rolling with wing-backs of Tierny and Bellerin we have almost as strong a defensive/midfield structure as anyone and we all know what our attack can do…

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Oh, Mustafi too has been very good anytime he was given the opportunity this year. The last two games do not take you to top four.

Dave M

No, you’re right. Xhaka on the bench takes us to the top 4 and maybe beyond


It’s like his pleasure in others people’s leisure.


Didn’t expect Trainspotting to get downvoted so much!


Show’s initiative like…just to get ma foot in the door


I like him.

North London is Redder

Seems like a lovely bloke. It seems to me that the same people who moan on and on about us not playing with an Arsenal identity are the same ones who’ll have a go at articles like this about good aspects of a player off the pitch, stating that they should give more one it. You can’t have it both ways. If we want Arsenal to have a philosophy that also means having the good guys in our squad. The thinkers, the empaths, the artists. Otherwise we might as well give up and become North London Red FC and get… Read more »


Spot on. If you left it up to a lot of fans our team would be full of Charlie Adamses of the world.

Cliff Bastin

Does he mean opposition teams.


I know most fans who comments will downvote this, but I love David Luiz. I love hos attitude, and I expect someone to remind me how wrong I am by the end of season.


Seems like a good guy, but I wouldn’t say he fronted up at all after giving away a penalty against Liverpool, he just claimed that Salah bought it by wearing an extra-large shirt or something.