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Reports: Arsenal hierarchy to meet this morning as axe expected to fall on Emery

Various reports this morning say that the Arsenal hierarchy will meet this morning to discuss the future of under-fire head coach Unai Emery.

The Spaniard has struggled this season, the Gunners are without a win in seven games, and the pressure is mounting.

Last night’s 2-1 defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt was played out to a half-empty Emirates Stadium, and scenes like that reflect poorly on both Emery and the people running the club.

Raul Sanllehi, as Head of Football, is the man in the spotlight now and it’s believed he, along with the rest of the executive team and the board, will meet to find a way forward.

It’s hard to imagine that the outcome will be anything other than the dismissal of Emery after 18 months in charge.

There was promise in his first campaign, but with just 6 wins from the last 20 Premier League games across last season and this, as well as a European final defeat and the capitulation which saw Arsenal miss out on Champions League football, the decline is inexorable.

In truth, this is a decision they should have come to well before now, so while criticism of Emery’s performances are justified, the club’s inaction has played a big part in what is our worst run since 1992.

As ever, we’ll have any breaking news here as soon as it happens.


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Irony that Emery ‘a midfield pick transfer target Banega’ the Argentinaian, scored the winning penalty kick for his team last night.
If Emery your managing Saturday , pick the 11 players who will try there hardest for you.
Mainland nikes – chambers- papa – kt.
MAtteo torreira – willock
Martinelli p.ea. Alex l.

( assuming if the injuries, to defenders
Sorry saka I know he will.

Xhaka piss off with the laughing on the pitch after the game thanks


Lost me at AMN – he needs serious coaching in how to put in a shift, especially at RB. Papa is a mad Greek in some Greek legend film, Guen needs direction to focus his energy, and you, like Emery, have no-one to turn defence into attack, a la Cazorla.


The point was who will try for the club. Amn has come through acedemy! Ozil didn’t try last night or Xhaka,
And if injuries holding bellerin mustafa
The point was who will try for manager and club

We could do with a creator linking defence and attack sure. After ozil came on yesterday we did not have a effort in goal !
Pepe too slow in transition wants to beat his man twice before passes bf , tho I hope he proves me wrong , took Bobby pores s season to adjust


You are as good as emery when it comes to putting your point across


Arteta in!


at this stage, tea lady in!


It can get worse. See Man utd.
The next appointment if proved to be wrong, could well and truly transform us into a mid-table club. And with the current KSE model of management it’ll be very hard to get out of there, on the contrary it could it worse and worse and worse… there is no rock bottom here.


wow, thanks for cheering me up … but you’re right, if the next coach is also a favoured son of the execs agents mate, could be another slide that nothing is done about.

and if it’s the wolves bloke, while i reckon he’s a good coach, the mendes connection would be very troublesome (emery was a good coach too at smaller teams)

Cultured determination

Honestly i’ll have Arsene in for the rest of the season. With his new found powers in FIFA he can grant us 6 points per win


What a mess this has become….sad times!


Mag to grid… get rid

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

I’m still not optimistic this will happen…that’s how low we are trusting the mgt right now…


what if they are just meeting to discuss how to prolong this mess? can’t trust Raul


Need to avoid yellow jacket for Emery at Norwich, so will have to meet to decide what Adidas have available.

Mind you, a yellow jacket protest would appeal to our Froncophiles.


A bit late that. Anyways, This has been a massive let down by Emery. He really should have done a better assessment of the squad. His brand of football appears to be not compatible with the players.
That’s why the next coach needs to be a ‘possession’ football type of coach.



We’ve signed players that play possession based football – Tierney, Pepe, Guendouzi – to accompany a team full of possession based players – Xhaka, Ozil, Auba, Bellerin etc.

Our academy produces players who are possession based – Willock, Reiss Nelson, Smith Rowe.

For the longest time, possession based football, thst is fast, free flowing and creative is what epitomises Arsenal.

And yet, we have a coach that does not play possession based football, is too conservative in aporoach.

Freddie or Arteta for me.

Thierry Bergkamp

He’ll be around for the Norwich game, at least.

Watching from afar

Voice of reason . . .


I’m not quite sure why Blogs is starting this agenda against Raul. 3 or 4 months ago everyone was happy with the business decisions he made. He’s been fair and given Emery time. If he’d sacked Emery as soon as we had a couple of iffy results he’d probably have received stick for that too. Even the voice of the fans like blogs is starting to sound like a new spoilt millenial arsenal fan. Fans acting as if you can sack a manager and bring a new one out of the blue like we’re playing a computer game. Freddie in… Read more »


Probably it’s the cost of sacking Emery and his staff and bring in a new manager with a new staff. It is a big problem because we did not plan for sacking the coach mid season after that summer.


There is no way Emery could turn this around. He has lost everything. Players lost confidence already. So what ever he thinks or wants to do is not transferring to Players. This started from mid way last season when when Iwobi entered pitch as sub and asking players what formation..


Is it really all the managers fault? As we have seen in the recent past with other clubs players playing within themselves which leads to the sacking of a manager. When this happens its economically more efficient to change management. Though saying that Emery needs to go and be replaced by someone with balls and who the players respect and fear in equal measure. I would love to get Simione a man with obvious passion and direction but will end up with with a stop gap who will get a resulting new manager bounce but then hit a wall and… Read more »


to be fair I don’t think Blogs nor any comments posted here are campaigning against Raul…it is basically criticisms leveled at the apparent inaction in the hope that the so called hierarchy will wake up and do something about this entire farce…

like any top honchos in an elite organisation Raul should take it on the chin and do the necessary

Dispossesed by Torreira

I agree with you, and while I think the manager is to blame, I can also understand the anger towards Raul. Like you said, we don’t be know everything that’s going on, but from the outside backing Emery looks like indecision at best and incompetence/negligence at worst. Those aren’t traits that look good on a leader. I don’t even want to get into the apparent disregard of fans.

What do you think?


I get your points, I do think though realistically he’s not going to come out and publicly not back his manager and the performances, no club with a pinch of class would do that, and I think it would be very off-putting to any future managers we want to bring in, if they know when things take a turn for the worst the people who hired him don’t have his back. Totally agree that the disregard of the fans when they released the statement re: “Noise” was a very poor decision. I’m not saying Raul is untouchable! Just that the… Read more »


Ben I completely agree with you. I want us to get back to our winning ways but we don’t have a god given right to trophies and a lot of Arsenal fans are behaving like brats. I want Emery to go but there are ways of going about things with class and dignity. We are not Chelsea and any incoming manager will know that they will get a fair chance. Emery has been given that chance and was also given an opportunity to turn things round. Sadly that did not happen so it is best for everyone that we move… Read more »


I think Blogs made it quite clear that Emery should be sacked a couple of weeks ago, and if that did not happen the blame would lie with those, who did not have the courage to make that decision. This is not anti Raul, it is assessing the degree to which he does a good job.

It is, if not long overdue, then at least a couple of weeks to late if they sack Emery today


Couldn’t agree with you more. Blogs was a welcome voice of reason for many years, but it seems now that the fan base needs feeding — players, managers, owners, heads of football, anyone. Anyone to point the finger of blame at

And now Raul Sanllehi is apparently under the spotlight — what because he hasn’t sacked our manager sooner than people wanted?

Like a lot of supporters, I’m disillusioned with Arsenal at the moment, but the way supporters, like me, I might add, can be influenced by this sort of unjustified negativity and finger-pointing, isn’t healthy


There is no agenda against Raul.
The anger is there because we did so well in the summer and looked like we turned a corner. But the stats and results proved we’ve been a mess for nearly 2 months and Champions League was getting further and further away. If they had made a change earlier we could have at least had a solid chance of making top 4. By waiting this long that chance is more is less gone and with that so is Aubameyang and probably Laccazette.


@Ben Excellent point with a very sensible take on this situation. I’m obviously hoping that the next manager will fare better than Emery and if he does I’m sure the same people who are bashing Raul now will be singing his praises for having brought the new man in…

However, I think what would also help is more communication from the club to the fans. I’m not expecting every decision to be made public but just a touch more clarity and truth wouldn’t hurt anyone!


F5ing like Lesner


I see what KSE did there, waited for black Friday deals.




Can Freddie handle it until someone with badges is found? I fancy Nagelsmann for the job but he has recently signed a new contract


Theres a guy with a lego head who has badges…

Pepe's left foot

Very iconic picture on the players ratings sum up yesterday to perfection. I think we need to go in for Brendon Rogers and buy out his Leicester contract, offer him big salary and 4/5 year deal to sort this out, give him decent budget to bring in some fighters in January and the summer as there are none in this current outfit and get rid of the pretenders, Ozil, Sokratis, Luiz, Xhaka Kolasinac, Torreira & Mustafi. That will not happen until Kroenke sells to someone with ambition and love for this club.


Fu*k you Raul. You are damn too slow.


We all want Emery out. But we don’t know what’s waiting. What if they replace Emery with someone as inferior to him as Emery was to Wenger? What if Tony Pulis is our next man?


Gunna sound controversial but with hindsight I think we should have appointed Sam Alladyce as manager… say for 12 months or so… he 100% would have sorted that defence out. then bring in a manager that could move us forward. Wanglers biggest boon when he joined was the defence he inherited allowing him to focus on the parts of football he was excellent at, attack. It was clear when he stepped down our defence was utter crap, so we really should have got a manger in with proven track record of fixing defences. And to be fair to Sam Alladyce,… Read more »


Wow so controversial I got a reply from the man himself… lol I’m sorry I’ll go back under my rock 🙂


You’re right…..that was controversial! Give it Allardyci till the end of the season haha


Really feel sorry for Emery, but life and nature are cruel and if you can’t cut it there will always be someone else ready to replace you. I honestly wish him success in his next job. That said I would like to have Arteta replace Emery, just give him a chance to prove himself. We might kick ourselves in a few years if we let him slip through our fingers right now. He has been schooled at Barcelona and learnt from both Arsene and Pep and has been praised by both of them and he will be a cheaper option… Read more »


Arteta or Benitez would be a good option if you ask me. And it’s no coincidence that both are Spanish and are fluent in English, at least way better than good ebening.

Maxin In The Shade

I kinda feel for Emery as well. He seems like a decent man who tried his best. Just that his best hasn’t cut it.

No hard feelings. I wish him well in his next job, but his time is up.


On paper it looked like a solid if unspectacular appointment. But in retrospect (which is always 20/20) the signs were there. Mediocre league finishes with Sevilla, just one title in a one team league and very few former players coming out to bat for him. The longer he stays here the more he will tarnish his reputation so it’s best for everyone if this ends immediately. Emery can rehabilitate his reputation are Real Zaragoza, Watford or some sort, and we can finally move on.


It’s morning already, how long does it take to wield this freaking axe… Get the hatchet and expedite said wielding.


Ornstein in the athletic saying Emery being sacked today is ‘increasingly likely’, Freddie would step up for Sunday.
This should be it.


I am all for sacking Emery. But while I understand the sentiment of those who write that anythin will be an improvement, we must also understand that this is not true. Of course things can get worse if those on top do not get the right man. But they should be able to. Most will be an imrpovement, but not all.


I still don’t think we are gonna sack him, please let me be wrong, its like waiting for a player to sign for us, I won’t believe it until he is presented on the official club website! Sad times indeed.


Get Rafa


The end is UNIGH……

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