Welcome to a brand new episode of the Arsenal Women Arsecast, the number one podcast about Arsenal Women.

In this month’s edition of the Arsenal Women Arsecast, Tim and Pippa talk to Dutch women’s football journalist Annemarie Postma about the Gunners Dutch contingent. Annemarie has been covering the Netherlands team for some years now and is the author of two books on Oranje Leeuwinnen. Tim and Pippa chat with Annemarie about her experiences of talking to Danielle van de Donk, Vivianne Miedema and Jill Roord, as well as the perception of them back home and their roles with the national team. The panel chat about departed Dutchies Dominique Bloodworth and Sari van Veenendaal too- both of whom left the club this summer.

Tim chats to Vivianne Miedema and Jill Roord exclusively for this episode and also talks to Leah Williamson about Vivianne Miedema as a teammate. It’s a jam packed episode, so pass the Dutchie to the left hand side and get it in your lugholes!

Please note: There were some issues with the Vivianne Miedema audio, we’ve done our best to clean it up, but it’s a bit wonky, sorry!

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I just found out you also did a podcast about the women’s team and I am so so so thrilled, it is so hard to find good podcasts about women’s soccer, let alone any individual team <3 well done! Thanks so much!

Tim Stillman

Our pleasure!


This was lovely, thanks you both for doing these!

Christopher Humphrey
Christopher Humphrey

I love the humility shown by these young women and that appreciation that they are earning a living from doing something they love to be doing. I’m so glad they are enjoying their time at our club.