Cedric Soares will wear the number 17 for Arsenal.

The new loan signing arrived today from Southampton, and that all important bit about his shirt number has been sorted out.

17 is, of course, one less more than 16 and 11 greater than 6. It’s also half of 34 which will please Granit Xhaka who is massively into fractions.

The right-back also seems to love dogs, which we’re well and truly behind. Here is just a few days ago with his new chocolate lab named ‘Romeu’ – perhaps named after his former Southampton teammate?

Maybe he’ll have to change his name now that he’s at Arsenal. Which midfielder could he choose? How would he look holding a dog called Guendouzi, for example?

Oh god, we’re sorry.

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Random Witness

Erm… 17 is one *more* than 16


Bet that was a test to see if you were paying attention.

Random Witness

Great way to keep us on our feet, Blogs! Stops us from becoming complacent.


Hopefully moaning about this transfer here and there will bite you in the arse blogs 😉


A Cedric Sore Arse?


Not really bad…I thought mari was going to go for No6.

Really love our tactical moves anyways.


He really is the Sanchez replacement…

Number 17 when joining
Loves dogs…

Somehow… I don’t see him being as good as Sanchez, plus different positions…

But lets all hope he is xD

Artetas Assistant

He’ll be better than Sanchez


Seems like a genuinely nice guy who’s chuffed to play for the Arsenal. Backup for Hector and can play on the left as well. Welcome Cédric


Guen doozy of a photoshop job there, blogs. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

Kennington Gunner

Never mind the dog (although who doesn’t love dogs), what about the polar bear in the background?

Rename it Polasinac?


Is it just me or do Ceballos, Mari and Soares all look very similar – hair colour, hair cut, beard, shape of face?


Gibbs, chambo conundrum


Hope they aren’t getting Ceballos to pretend he is other players, just to get us excited.


or a feline friend called Lacatzette


or a feline friend called Lacatzette

Bob Holdy

That picture of Doggo Guen is a douzie.
I saved that picture as my desktop background at work. Too funny


Shirt number 17 and love dogs. Similar with a certain number 17 from Chile


Looks useful – he will likely deputise for Kolasinac, which will allow Arteta to push Saka forward back into the wing role.

It will also afford him the potential to put Martinelli out right in lieu of the underperforming Pepe.

Nelson will also be in frame at Rwing and Auba will come in LWing or in rotation higher up with Laca.


Petit was the best #17 we had.

Laca New Signing

Because you probably didn’t watch Edu