Arsenal take on Burnley at Turf Moor today, looking for three points to take into the extended break ahead of our next game against Newcastle.

Here are today’s official line-ups.

Burnley: Pope, Lowton, Tarkowski, Mee, Taylor, Hendrick, Cork, Westwood, McNeil, Wood, Rodriguez

Subs: Brady, Hart, Pieters, Lennon, Barnsley, Vydra, Long

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Luiz, Saka, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Ozil, Martinelli, Aubameyang, Lacazette.

Subs: Martinez, Sokratis, Torreira, Willock, Ceballos, Pepe, Nketiah

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we appear to have picked 11 men


That’s a good start

Dave M

Probably a part of our recent struggles. Given the success of the Arsenal WSL side perhaps we should be considering a more mixed selection criteria


and so has burnley

Pépé Le Pew

Minus Ozil.


Yep. And Burnley have picked 11 white men. Lets hope they’re still hungover from celebrating Brexit.


They wouldn’t like our team. Too many people speaking other languages.




Indeed – 9 English, 1 Irish, 1 Kiwi – clearly Dyche growl only works in Anglo Saxon.


What’s the colour of anyone’s skin got to do with anything?

if you replace white in your comment, to either black or brown?

Then I’m pretty sure you’d quite rightly be questioning why is someone bringing up race.

This idiotic identity politics needs to stop, because outside the M25, and a few student towns, nobody cares.

Brexit was about British sovereignty, having the ability to hire and fire those that govern you, and also who decide the laws that govern our country.


With you all the way until the Brexit stuff. But what do I know? I’m just a queue jumper who doesn’t feel very welcome in the UK anymore.

Dave cee

I.m sorry to hear that. I.m British and I don’t feel at home anymore either


This is not meant as a personal attack Rich, but I doubt you’d find anyone but a white man that would say there’s no xenophobia involved in the push.

It may not be everyone’s reason, but immigration was clearly one of the organizing factors that led to it. Radio and television statements from members of the public during the process are readily found.

ok, I’ve exceeded my quota of politics for the day.


I’m a “person of colour” and absolutely disagree, in fact the term is extremely racist and could only have been created BY well-meaning but patronising white people.

The same attitude held in the time when racism was epidemic just turned on its head. But that is too complex for most to gather.

also, you disregard everyone who isn’t white and has a different opinion to you, have a long hard think about that.


Wanting to control who comes to your country isn’t xenophobic, it’s common sense. The PL has the 17/8 rule, that’s designed to ensure British clubs train and invest in British youth, and give young people opportunities, we should show the same consideration to the rest of our young people. Conducting criminal background checks is common sense, rather than having an unconditional open door policy to 570 million people. Being able to deport those that break the law, and abuse our hospitality, is common sense, rather than have some tinpot European Court dictating to us. having language requirements will ensure we… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Where is football or Arsenal in all this?


Wanting to control who comes to your country isn’t xenophobic, it’s common sense.”

Calling those of us who have contributed by working and paying tax and have never broken any laws “queue jumpers” is though.

Eric Blair

Rich, it’s ‘the Queen’s English’, not ‘the Queens English’. Your welcome.


Don’t bother. They read from a hymn book of holier than thou.

And lose every single major election. Then smear everyone else. Then downvote non-group think (you know you want to guys….)

While the rest of us mix, love and respect each other. That doesn’t compute with their programming and look for signs where there aren’t any.

Just let them get on with it while the rest of go about our lives normally.


i like how these replies are mocking burnley’s aura of xenophobia using xenophobia


That’s what xenophobia is for, bringing us all together.


Probably not actually racist to be fair, just thugs


Whoever voted this down loves Boris’s Johnson


Well, Mustafi in, Torreira out… let’s trust Arteta and grab 3 points. COYG!!

Oscar Leigh

still get can’t any news articles on the iPhone app 🙁


Picking the tallest possible lineup today.


Well, Sokratis is bigger than Mustafi.


Coulda sworn I saw Sokratis in the starting line-up ahead of Mustafi.
Guess it was me nerves jangling.


I don’t think that’s what he’s gone for, Willock would be playing otherwise.


Unexpected lineup

Plenty of goals in that attack

Let’s hope Mustafi carries on where he left off in the last game


You mean get injured? :/


He played really well in the last game

To be fair it looks like a big part of his problem is psychological

Xhaka Kaka

True. His overall game isnt that bad, but the critisicm comes from the stupid mistakes he makes and lapses of judgment, which he cant seem to iron out of his game.


IMHO the rest if the season is experimental.
I dont believe Arteta wants to build his defence around Mustafi nor Luiz nor Sokratis. The last two can be disposed easier than the first one. So he is taking game time in order to be sold.


So I guess Auba Still wide then.

Artetas Assistant

In my opinion (which should count for something), Nketiah is central before Auba for Mikel


My Only Change In This Starting Line Up Would Be Torreria For Guendouzi…I Know He Performed Well Against Bournemouth But Still Torreria Is Our Best Option To Partner Xhaka…No Time 4 Gambles…Play Your Best


Yep bit odd that


He will get on the nerves of Burnley and their fans. I like him in the starting line up.

Flavoured Rice

He’s been getting on my nerves this first half
with his useless pondering on the ball, failure
to tackle and general uselessness in midfield ~ and he’s supposed to be an Arsenal player!

Artetas Assistant

Its not like that. Torr is a specialist DM, maybe the best in the country. You don’t need a specialist DM against Burnley, they haven’t heard of passing lanes over there. And you don’t risk hurting your Sole specialist DM which he is more likely to be here at Burnley than against City.


Think Torreria would be bypassed today with the way stoke 2.0 play so having the xtra height in there seems a good idea


I guess tallness is not one of his main strengths


Guen has been doing well lately so hope xhaka can guide him and keep him from bombing on every two minutes leaving backline exposed


o well forget that, crist laca needs to score. lucky point

Limpar from the halfway line

I think the title needs work. Bit wordy.

Glory Hunter

Torreira benched!! ?


A very attacking line up. Going all out for the 3 points.

Gareth Piggott

I’m staggered Mustafi is playing. I know his injury wasn’t as bad as feared but the guy was stretchered off about 10 days ago!

Teryima Adi

He’s made of steel, Mustafi. And it’s the Skrodrenaissance you know.

Man Manny

Guendouzi ahead of Torreira is a surprise for me.
Besides, does Laca play in Pepe’s place?
That Martinelli/Saka partnership should continue on the left.
All said and done, 3 points and we’ll reduce Chelsea’s gap to single digits.


I want to blv that the XI we’ve gone for is okay provided Özil will be actively involved in the game. Pepe deserved to be benched and Mustafi looks like he is ready to play for this team again. Let’s pray he doesn’t have that silly moment today. #COYG!


oh my God what is Mustafi and Lacazette doing?


No Torreira. What is it about the Dooz? He casts a spell on every coach he plays for.


It’s probably just about height, burnley plays the ball in the air a lot. maybe torreira would be a luxury in this game.

Flavoured Rice

considering how crap we’ve been so far we are nobody to be refusing “luxuries ” like Torreira

Teryima Adi

Come on you Red Army: let’s burn down Turf Moor.

The Arsenal

Mustafi must be different class in training. Then again he has improved massively.
Don’t think he has made more mistakes than if I’m honest sokratis or Luiz over the course of the season. Good bench.

Evang. Simon

Just go out and play your heart out….

Definitely the result will be favourable


1 natural fb in the squad, and people said we didnt need to bring one in


How is mustafi playing, did he not sprain his ankle?

Teryima Adi

He has nine lives like the proverbial cat.

Big Dave

Already down to 10 men if Ozil’s starting.


Another match. Another changed lineup.

I don’t get it. Mustafi? No torreria? No pepe?

Oh, did I mention Mustafi?


Curious. Pepe had a strong game against man United. And was playing more consistently. Yet he’s on the bench. Does he. Mess up in training. Bad attitude?


If pepe is being benched for poor form….
Then why is lacazzete playing…
Pepe is the only one who gives us an option… holding on the ball nd creating space nd he has also been creating see chances.

Paul Roberts

Lacca is having a mare again!

Flavoured Rice

I remember when he used to be favourite Arsenal player. Now I can’t even remember what I liked
about him to begin with. He’s really been dreadful this past year

Teryima Adi

And Auba, top

Teryima Adi


Flavoured Rice

Guendouzi has been about as effective in midfield as a piece of fluff. Why do so many managers fail
to see that Guen/Xhaka partnership NEVER works!

Get Lucas on pronto and regain some control of
this game…. Lucky not to be a goal or two down


Just noticed that there is no AMN on the bench. What if Saka wants off or Bellerin?


Xhaka plays lb. for RB, Mustafi plays, xhaka plays as cb


Is it just me or does Arsenal tire after 30 mins. We give away lots of free kicks from that minute onwards


This is a stupid lineup by arteta…
Playing with 3 strikers who can’t hold on to the ball wide,, create space or dribble one on one…..
Why is lacazzete starting?? Pepe hasn’t been scoring but he has Been our best attacking outlet… laca has been a poor striker
Look at our midfield… We need some one who can hold on to the ball in the middle… ceballos.. we need him….
With auba back I was happy with martinelli Auba nd pepe…. But am disappointed with arteta…


lacazette should be benched, his lack out goals is really hurting us.


It’s not only his lack of goals,, he’s been generally poor… Can’t hold on to the ball. Can’t shoot… We look shit..

Billy Bob

Wow I think Laca needs some time out and Ozil wasn’t much better, not sure why Pepe and Nketiah didn’t get some decent minutes on the pitch!!

Flavoured Rice

That really was boring, boring Arsenal indeed.
We didn’t look like ever scoring for 90 minutes. If we wanted to play with a hold up man we should have kept Giroud. As for our “midfield” it’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

There seems to be a chasm between our midfield and the opponents goal. I feel we’re not even
doing the simple things right. In the end though I wanted a win we were lucky not to lose this so it’s
a decent point.

The Far Post

We were so slow in the buildup. 🙁


What exactly does Guendouzi bring into the game?

Flavoured Rice

Runs about like a headless chicken and is a master of sideways and backwards passing. He is so frustrating to watch. I grew up with Gilbeto, Fabregas, Rosicky, Arshavin and now have to watch this ddonkey flail about like a poodle



We managed to get away with this one.
All and all our wasted chances and Arteata’s inexperience costed us today.

I liked that once Ozil dropped his shoulders he was out.
I didnt like that once again the subs were to late to make an impact.
Plus no AMN on the bench means that we had nobody with pace to cover the flangs in case of injury.

I know that we have an upward trajectory generally but today our overall performance was 5ish and Artetas the same.


This was the right selection. No Pepe who has been pants. BUT surprised Sokratis still out and not as surprised HOlding still yet to convince (from game against Bournemouth) HOwever, we were still insipid and lacking dynamism. Instead of pushing the ball wide like we did first 10 minutes of the game, we became disjointed and lost the plot going forward.. Some prefer to blame Lacazette but Aubameyang was again WASTEFUL. Two gilded edged chances which he failed to put away. Martinelli hasd a poor game as did Bellerin on the right. Unfortunately Xhaka had to drop to Lback (why… Read more »