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Report: Arteta eager to hire Brentford coach Georgson

As one Swede leaves, another could arrive.

After yesterday’s news that Freddie Ljungberg is off to pursue managerial opportunities elsewhere, the Evening Standard claim today that Mikel Arteta wants to add Brentford’s Andreas Georgson to his backroom team.

The Swede joined the Bees a year ago as Head of Set Pieces and Individual Development after working his way up through the ranks at homeland side Malmo.

Arteta has already pinched one coach from the west London side since taking over at the Emirates. In December, he lured goalkeeping coach Inaki Cana to work with Sal Bibbo.

Steve Round and Albert Stuivenberg will continue to be Arteta’s assistants this season but the boss has been open about wanting to add new faces.

Georgson’s set piece specialism certainly makes him an intriguing choice. Even the most casual observer knows we’re pretty ropey when it comes to defending corners and free-kicks, so focusing on fixing that issue makes sense.

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Mayor of Woolwich

Arsenal and Arteta are about to pull off another master stroke.

I trust the process every step of the way.

What a time to be a Gunner.


Johnny 4 Hats

Come On You Richman’s Remi Garde?


If we can do it on the pitch next season, we really will be motoring.

Johnny 4 Hats

You can tell Sweden isn’t in lockdown.

They’re moving all over the place.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

“Head” of Set Pieces means goals or good defending to me.


We’re not as bad as you think when it comes to defending setpieces. We used to be when we had terrible goal keepers but that problem has been fixed a while ago. We give more chances from open play.

Jung Beans

Ropey, not bad. I think ropey pretty accurately sums our set pieces up.

Tankard Gooner

Didn’t we concede the most number of goals from corners in the PL this season? Think I remember the commentary mentioning something like that.

Inflamed Pulis

We could use improvement in this area but I’ll wait to get excited until someone reports back that Georgson’s cousin’s hairdresser has recently started following Arsenal on Twitter.


“Head of set pieces” suggest there are other very specific roles like “shirt pulling czar” and “commissar of injury time substitutes”


Sokratis is already our Specialist in Shithousery so that’s another one for the list.

VAR will solve the problem

I’m pretty sure Stoke City had Dr. Longthrow under their employment


Heh. Stoke City. Remember them? No, me neither.


Gnabry sure won’t … as he wins the Champions League.

SB Still

It was a strange one for Gnabry to be sent on loan and not called back when Pulis left him out of the WBA match day squad regularly!


One of the strangest decisions by Wenger. Sending him out in the first place and to a club like Stokes was really weird. Not recalling him early after the stoke episode was even weirder.

Feels like something went dow between those two that we may never know about. But each time I see Gnabry and how well he is performing with Bayern or Germany, I feel really disappointed at Wenger for how poorly he managed Gnabry. Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

A Different George

Assistant Commissioner for heading.


How is that not “Head Coach of Heading” ?

A Voice in the Noise

Or even “Head of Head”


I was once nominated Head Coach Of Corner Kicks.

Until my players pointed out I was officially a COCK Head.

I struggled after that.


Seems quite futuristic to have a dedicated set pieces specialist coach. Hope this comes through, we’ll need more new faces to compensate for the loss of Freddie. COYG!


sure, but remember Liverpool already have a throw-ins specialist so if anything we’re behind the curve.


Completely normal in American Footie for instance. And it’s not like he can’t move cones, or shout “RUN FASTER!” just because his main area of focus is set pieces. I doubt he’ll get the days off where the lads just do other things 🙂

Dr Zebra

Everything Arteta seems to be doing makes so much sense! It’s so refreshing and exciting!


Looks more and more likely that Freddie was given the heave ho yesterday. It looked odd that he’d leave so suddenly without a job to go to. Freddie out, Andreas in …? We’ll see.

It Is What It Is

He’s missed opportunities over the last year, and we’d don’t want to deal with staff turnover or settlement negotiations mid-season. Going forward it’s best for all parties, Brentford included.


I don’t recall anything about missed opportunities being reported. If there were, I’m not sure why it was such a surprise when Freddie left? I can see the logic in trying to get Andreas in, but it’s more the reason behind the vacancy that remains a tad puzzling. Anyway, we are where we are and let’s see if Arteta gets his man.

Pst. Simon

I like people with a proper vision and the ability to get the right team to drive the vision. Arteta is surely the right man for the job.

Took over half of the season and still ended with a trophy…. That is some masterstroke coaching ability


Ironic that a Swede, home of Ikea, is in charge of set pieces.


We’ll be playing a flat-pack-four infront of goal…


If he can stop us leaving the oppo 2 against 1 from corners then im all for it.


Top post. Well said.


Someone who will focus on our awful inability to deal with opposition free kicks and corners.

Sounds good to me; the plan appears to be clicking into place.


According to David Ornstein‘s tweet about 40 minutes ago, Georgson actually started at Arsenal yesterday.

The Kolkata Gooner

Nice! I’m excited that we are taking some decisive action at all levels – starting from firing Raul to hiring a set-piece specialist.


Inaki Cana has been a great addition.

Dave cee

I thought for a long time that the coaching staff could be improved. Everything got so stale under Arsene. That’s why initially I welcomed Unai. Think we have the right guy this time though


Not just defending, but would love to see some creativity in our attacking set pieces. You always run the risk of getting too gimmicky with them, but a well drilled, tricky free kick routine can catch teams out.

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