Thursday, December 7, 2023

Report: Gabriel to travel to London tomorrow to complete Arsenal move

The Guardian confidently report this morning that Gabriel Magalhaes will travel to London tomorrow to complete his move to the Arsenal.

They say the Brazilian has agreed to join Mikel Arteta’s side and the Gunners will pay a fee of around €30m to Lille for his services.

Despite Internet sleuths trying to place the defender in London over the weekend, he was in France and it’s reported elsewhere that phone calls with the Arsenal boss convinced him to turn down overtures from Napoli and Man Utd.

With the centre of the defence an area in need of improvement, the arrival of the 22 year old, who turns 23 in December but until then remains 22 because that’s how it works, will be a welcome boost.

It’s not as if Arsenal are short of options, with David Luiz, Sokratis, William Saliba, Shkodran Mustafi, Pablo Mari, Rob Holding and Calum Chambers on the books, but there’s a definite issue of quantity over quality.

It’s inevitable that there will be departures. Sokratis has been linked with Napoli; Chambers with a return to Fulham where he spent a season on loan previously; and Holding is attracting interest from newly promoted Leeds United.

Meanwhile, there are continued doubts over the future of Ainsley Maitland-Niles who, despite of a starring role in the FA Cup win, is up for sale with Wolves, Brighton and Everton all said to be considering the 22 year old Academy graduate.

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Buzzing for this one!
Great to hear


Looks like he will be a top player. Big, strong, fast, good on the ball. Seems to have everything.


I still see eggs, not chickens.

Johnny 4 Hats

Just wait. This is a cracking transfer.


It has certainly had me scrambled since the beginning


Poaching another young talent from Lique Un.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Ligue 1 hasn’t been bad for us. We bought a lot of our good players from there.
Is Lille giving back some of the excess money from Pépé’s transfer? I read something around 30M in the news?

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m really egg happy he’s joining.

Nailed it.

Paul Roberts

I’ve been chicken the Interweb and it’s definitely happening! 🙂


I’m clucking at these puns


Oeufs! Feel like we’re walking on eggshells til he signs da ting.

Mayor McCheese

I egg-ree. It’s a real coop!

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Egg-xited 😀

Arteta's Lost Tooth

Egg-xactly the defender we need

Johnny 4 Hats

Sweet! Man, that Man United eleventh hour stuff got me hot under the collar. Maybe they were keeping their options open in case Maguire got banged up abroad.

This lad looks tasty. If he clicks with big Willie, this could be the partnership for the next decade.

Adams and Keown mark two.


They could be more a Sol and Kolo. And that’s with the modern day needs in mind.

No pressure fellas, we aren’t desperate you know!

Johnny 4 Hats

More Kolo and Sol than Tony and Martin…?



The end of the saga? Let’s hope so. Assuming he arrives, we need to pull out all the stops and try and offload the numerous surplus centre backs that the club has accumulated. We just need to overcome one, small, problem: it doesn’t look like any clubs want them (or, almost all of them anyway). What to do?


I dunno they all seem decent enough if we are selling them for reasonable prices.

Even Mustafi is looking more saleable now, though we might struggle with him given his history of losing the plot.

Welsh Gooner

Plus his current injury may be a factor.


Keeping him wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world

Merlin’s Panini

But then who do you sell? If you could only keep four or five?


Probably everybody else


Why on earth did we extend Luiz’ contract???

Merlin’s Panini

I would guess he’s a bit of a draw for other Brazilian players. He seemed to be the reason Willian wanted to come to us. A popular figure in the dressing room.
When he’s good he’s very good. The errors are always glaring and catastrophic. He’s similar to Mustafi in that sense.


He’s funnier than Mustafi. Those post match interviews are fucking funny. The guy is a head case in the best sense if the concept.


Because we needed him to win the FA cup


Can’t we slide a Guendouzi in there somewhere in those deals? Buy 1, get 1 free?

It would be fun this announcement with all the Utd screeches of them crashing the deal.


I don’t think we’ll have much difficulty selling Guendouzi. He’ll be gone by the start of the season for 20 odd million.


Poor Ainsley getting shipped around lower mid table clubs
He was arguably our best player since restart. 100 appearances for arsenal at 22, I just can’t understand the sense in this at all.


Wouldn’t be surprised if Klopp comes in for him. Feels like a player who could be huge with Klopp as coach and in a heavy metal football team.


Come on, AMN isn’t a bad footballer but for the all-conquering Liverpool, it’s a bit too much to be honest. Ox has been a bit part in that side (despite injuries) and he is way more talented than AMN.

We all know we love our lads but let’s be more realistic. AMN has his flaws, especially his awareness and concentration, and until he irons them out, we see the reason why he’s linked to the likes of Wolves and Everton at best.


He’s 22 years old. No one said he’s the finished article but yes, I do believe he has what it takes to make it at a big club.


I like AMN – he’s a decent squad player. BUT at the same time the fact that Arteta wants to sell him especially as he is nominally a player in area we are desperately thin at (central midfield) also tells you that at least Arteta doesn’t view him as a top talent. Most of the clubs he’s being linked with are Europa league or non-European as well. He’s a solid player but others don’t seem to share the opinion of him that many Arsenal fans do.


I could definitely see Klopp wanting him but I’d be a bit surprised if he went. It’s different from Ox who joined when Liverpool were in transition, was a starter before his ACL injury and is now still in the mix. AMN would be even further from the first team picture in his favoured positions, given how settled Liverpool’s team seems to be.

Going to Liverpool could help his development like it helped Ox, but he’d be swapping one bench for another. I reckon he’ll want to go somewhere he can be a first team starter instead.


Why not. Not exactly the same but James Milner is a player Klopp will want to replace. If AMN was ready and willing he could do worse than model his career on Milner. Never the star but massively versitile, endless engine, willing and ready to do what the boss asks. How many trophies has he picked up with that attitude?


word, there are others who are absolutely not at his level.


Well said! I’m just unable to image how Soares will be able to cope with players like Traore next season (while Maitland-Niles was among the quickest players in the Preiere League this year)


That would be Bellerin’s job, not Cedric who was signed to be a back up primarily.

I, for one, would love to see AMN move to West Ham, who are cash-rich and he will get the games he needs.

A Different George

I’ve said similar before–I’m not weighing in on whether to keep Maitland-Niles or how good he is. But the idea that Soares is terrible is just crazy. There are better right fullbacks in the league, but he is quite comfortably a Prfemier League-quality player. How will he cope with Traore, if he has to? By being part of a team of eleven.


Paradoxically his potential and quality are the same reasons he’s likely to leave. He’s one of our few players that aren’t first choice but could still really improve other paying premier league teams.


The only salable asset who isn’t indispensable. 55 starts in the last 4 years out of which 21 were in the Europa League. Come on, we all see the logic here. It’s not that we want him gone, far from it. But if we are to balance the books, we may have to lose someone along the way who is of some value. We have seen the back of Vieras and Henrys and Cescs and Nasris and Van Persies go when we didn’t want them to, this would certainly not break us by any stretch. I hope we retain him… Read more »

Ya gooner

Why do we care about balancing books who gives a fuck.

John C

You’re right, we have plenty more staff we can make redundant to cover the costs


ivan ?


The sense is that he’s a pretty average footballer and we’ll get a decent bit of money for him. We’re probably selling him at the height of his value.

Hail Gus!

More evidence of the Arteta effect. Great news.

Gunner J

It’s not done until the ink of his signature wets the Arsenal contract.


No although this Guardian guy is supposed to be pretty reliable


It’s not done until he’s into the last 18 months of his contract.


I saw another quote from Gabriel:

“Give me a little more time
I need to make up my mind
’cause you know I’m in two minds”


Dreams will come true


Hopefully he’s not out of reach.


Which rubbish tabloid did you get that from?


Not sure, but it’s definitely on record.

If this transfer is actually concluded by next week. This saga will actually been one of the shortest that I can remember. There may have been a flurry of articles regarding Gabriel but it really hasn’t been that long since an official bid was made.

I’ll never forget the Yann M’Vila saga, that one went on for YEARS and the club never even signed him?.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Apparently, sebastien Frey is still not far away from signing.

Crash Fistfight

I’ve still got fingers crossed for Hatem Trabelsi.


But we need Samba and Scott Parker for grit, with a sprinkling of Higuain


Don’t forget Joe Cole, Patrick Kluivert, the DeBoar twins……and Tony Cottee. ?


how about kalou?


.. Was just about to post that myself. Well done!

I started supporting Arsenal in 2008 but I looked up the Sebastien Frey rumours you referred to.

The Frey saga was worse, rumour after rumour for over a decade??.


And a good thing, too!


And how crazy some people went about the fact we didn’t end up signing him when, with all due respect, he turned out to be mediocre at best.

It was definitely the YouTube that fooled most of us. I learnt never to rely on internet clips again. Seeing him struggle to string two passes at Sunderland really put everything into perspective


I haven’t read what you wrote because I am still in awe of the user name

Who can forget M’Vila!! Wasn’t he (by many accounts) supposed to be that mythical defensive midfield cyborg that would be the final solution? Saga went for like 2 or 3 seasons. He finally joined some relegation-battling PL team, didn’t he?


He played one season for Sunderland, but only on loan from Rubin Kazan.

Kentish Gooner

Reckon we’ll sign Benzema this transfer window?


I think he will come when we get Cabaye

Charles MMM

Hopefully excited.


Why would you go to boring Manchester or crumbling Naples when you can go to London….simple decision.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’m really excited for this one and for the rest of the transfer window.


napoli and utd were in for him because a defender of his quality and potential should cost north of £30m.

I think their interest pushed the deal up to £30m but I still think we have a bargain.

the only problem is with arsenal is we get no resale value, regardless of quality.


The whole ‘he’s 22 until he turns 23’ thing is exhausted now dont you think? Ffs


Never gets old 😉


Until it does, because that’s how it works 😉


Dammit!! I wanted that one ?


…until it gets old, because, you know, thats how it works

High gooner

And they’re missing the point.. yes you are 22 until you are 23 but in some cultures you say 23 because the perspective is that you look ahead. Its the same in football if you think about it. When you score at 23 minutes and 15 seconds in to the game, you still say “arsenal scored in the 24th minute.” Blogs, think about that next time


Scoring in the 24th minute is the new 22 until he’s 23


That’s because if you score after 30 seconds you’ve score in the 1st minute, not the 0th minute


Technically, being 22 you’re in your 23rd year of living. So it’s accurate to say Gabriel is in his 23rd.

Sort of works.


Hahahah what?! When you score at 23 minutes and 15 seconds you say “Arsenal scored in the 24th minute because *it is the 24th minute*. When someone is 22 and 9 months old, you say they 22, because they are 22.

High gooner, you’re really living up to your username.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I just skip that part now


No. It remains active until it’s exhausted. And until it gets exhausted, it remains active.

Bossman Bill

I still find it funny. You can always read Football London if you want some dry dry coverage.

Big up

If you were around for this it makes a bit more sense I think.

Bergkamp's Boot Cleaner

No, because it’s Arseblog’s way of placing a ‘hidden’ signature on the article, thus giving him the ability to track the copyright cribbers.


Arteta has the personality to attract players and make them want to play. What a change in the feel of a club.


You sell the central defenders you mentioned, and it will pay for this guy.


Won’t be need to quarantine?

Arsene’s New Wig

The Times is saying he’ll have to spend 14 days in quarantine.


Yes, for two weeks.

Arteta-tinted Glasses

Can Edu just bring in all the nextgen of Brazilian talent here? Let’s make in Arselinho FC!


That seems to be the general idea


That means “little Arsenal FC“, I prefer “Arsenalao FC” (big Arsenal FC)


It doesn’t really work when there’s no a or o on the end, it’s the diminutive form of the subject.. SO not entirely correct.


Brasenal FC


Great News! Well needed signing. Alongside Saliba could be an immense acquisition! Bellerin and Tierney either side and its a formidable back four in the making, with decent back-up in the likes of Mari and Luiz (providing we see end of season Luiz, not beginning of season Luiz)


Bellerin Saliba Gabriel Tierney
Partey Xhaka
Dani (maybe)
Pepe Auba Willian

Subs: Mari, Saka, Soares, Willock, Nelson, Eddie, Laca

Improved lineup for sure, does feel a little light in midfield. Especially if Torreira goes. And there’s no guarantee Dani will stay. Maybe Saka can play as most advanced midfielder, he’s shown he can do it. Seems like AMN would be perfect as cover for either fullback or midfield too


Ceballos instead of Xhaka and him and Aouar in a pivot in front of Partey. Or Ceballos and Pertey in a double 8 with Willian deployed as an attacking midfielder. Would leave Auba out on the left as well. Worked quite good last season so why change it?

Bossman Bill

I don’t know why formation posts get downvoted so often but it’s pretty funny.


That’s because ‘Dani’ did not stay… He’s back at Madrid


Hope we sell off Guendouzi and Lacazette along with the CBs and get Partey and an attacker

Dave cee

I don’t mind Laca. Contract is an issue.but not his ability. He’s been good for us. Depends on the club vision going forward


With you there, Dave. We need proven goal scorers and Lacazette has done the business. All strikers go through lean patches but overall Laca has been reasonably consistent. I think we’ll just be making unnecessary work for ourselves trying to get in someone better – especially given the way the market is at the moment and the fact that tightwad Kroenke is already playing up over paying Partey’s release clause. If someone comes in with a ridiculous offer, i.e. £60 +, then we’d be daft not to consider it, but no one is going to come in with that kind… Read more »


* £60m +

Cannon Balls

Arteta is building some serious kudos in the game already! We have a top talent on our hands. We’re only a couple of signings away from being in contention for big silverware… COYG!!

Dave cee

Pls announce. Been refreshing this page for a week already


I am liking how we are getting our targeted signing swiftly. No more doing transfers at the last hour of transfer windows. Great job.

Still remember reading a report that says Arteta has 3 targeted players.
William, Gabriel and another Aletico player…
Think we will get him too?


Given that we now have excessive CB, a few will sure to go with the likes of Big Papa, Mustafi , Holding and Chambers mentioned.
What is your view if we can keep one of Chambers or Holding, who will you retain?
? Holding


Chambers fits better in Arteta’s style of play. Holding is no nonsense CB but little less effective on the ball.


Fantastic business by arteta and edu


We shouldn’t sell AMN especially not to our top 4 contenders.


This player could be even more significant to Mikel’s plans for this season than Partey…

– He will allow us to field a back 4, giving us an extra man for offensive midfield*
– He also has a press breaking passing range
– He may finally allow us to finally play a high line*

*An alternative to Luiz in a back four formation
*In a back three he can still play the left centreback and is very comfortable one on one.

Paul Roberts

If this goes through and Auba signs and we get Partey in, it would be an excellent window in my opinion.


Yes, but it would be even more excellent if we could shift the dozen or so players (according to reports) that Arteta wants to offload. Any movement so far is in one direction – in. We need to see a lot more in the other direction to make it a successful window. If not, the already inflated wage bill will become a very serious problem (with the additional money for Willian and the expected pay rise for Auba).


Can wait for this to happen! Been hearing about Gabriel’s transfer for awhile now. We’re building up our own Brazilian brigade. ?




Is this Arteta driven, wEdu driven or both?


Aren’t they working together as a seamless team…? All the changes (and they haven’t finished yet) are supposed to encourage that, or so I thought.


Probably both – and thank goodness for it.

I see that Kroenke is stalling at Partey’s buy-out clause. It’s this kind of penny-pinching that has held us back, time and again.

Hopefully Edu and Arteta can persuade the miserable tight bastard to cough up. ?


This is great news. Now if only we can get the Partey deal over the line then I truly believe we will be very competitive


Who’ll leave? Mustafi’s injured, as is Chambers. If we could shift Sokratis that would free up some space, but he’s one of the few who can actually tackle…


We’ll have to try and shift three, I think – saying it will be a lot easier than doing it though. The market is (obviously) very depressed and none of the ones we want to offload are better than average (and some injured as you say), so it’s an uphill task. I think we may shift one, or possibly, two in this window but I don’t expect much more than peanuts in any fees – we really want them off the wage bill as a top priority.


Chambers was in fabulous form before his injury. Of all our incumbent central defenders hes the one I most want us to keep


I agree. He is quite versatile as well, having played as a fullback/wingback. He and Rob Holding, together with Mari, make good squad players to support the first choice lads, Saliba, Gabriel and Luiz. With two great goalkeepers now on the books and a very reputable coach incoming, I’m hoping this will mean the beginning of the end of the vast numbers of soft goals that we have conceded during the last decade or so. You can’t keep putting the onus on the forwards to score three or more in every game to ensure victory. We’ve got to really tighten… Read more »


Really pleased about this one. I’ve always maintained that our main reason for not progressing as we might have done during the last decade has been down first and foremost to our all-out nightmarish defending – and the centre of defence in particular. Hopefully Saliba and now this guy can form the kind of partnership that the very best teams are built upon. We have a cracking pair of fullbacks/wingbacks and now, please God, we finally have two good centre halves to go with them. Luiz still needs to improve – but I guess for the time being we’re stuck… Read more »


So who’s back up to Tierney, if Kolasinac is ‘moved on’

Thanks for your effort, but time you moved on


If Holding left, he would probably fit in well for Leeds, but I hope he comes good for us.


Superb display today CL finals even if cagey affair and low scoring. Excellent teams on display and the gulf to them for us obvious or even those in current PL top 4 never mind them…. Hope we sign this chap and he is part of the answer. Nervous we will be trying to put together 3 new players at the back (This fellow plus Mari, Saliba) But if we are going to rework and start from scratch, then lets do it properly. No more band aids. Wenger aside, Emery was done no favours by Salnehi with Luiz last summer and… Read more »


Arsenal are quite poor in shifting out the deadwood. Only Liverpool seem to thrive in this aspect.
AMN is quite useful, while Kolarov is useless. But chances are Kolarov stays with us for full duration of this contract, while AMN will be sold.
Not a fan of AMN, but I can count at least 8 players, who should be sold before AMN.


Who TF is Kolarov?


Say what you want about the club admin, but they have done a cracking job in recruiting CBs. In saliba we have one of the hottest young CBS in the world, and In Gabriel we have a very sought after recruit. Both are signing that give you that tingling feeling of anticipation and hope. Well done!


It’s seems curious now that we signed Mari seeing as Gabrielle has gone through and we have the host of other options in CB sokratis, mustifi ect as back up


To play a left footed center back on the left side of the defence consistently, you need more than one in the squad.

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