Monday, July 15, 2024

Report: PSG after Guendouzi, offering Draxler as part of deal

Various reports this evening, stemming from one in L’Equipe, say that PSG have approached Arsenal over Matteo Guendouzi.

The midfielder was back in training with the Gunners today after a long spell away from the first team squad due to a disciplinary issue.

His future has been in the balance for some time, but due to the fact we’d had no offers, and Lyon were not interested in him as part of a deal for Houssem Aouar, there’s been something of an impasse.

His return to the fold might simply have been expendience on his part and that of the club, and it’s well known we’re keen to sell some players to raise funds for further incomings.

Whether Mikel Arteta fancies the arrival of Draxler is another question. The 26 year old is in the final year of his contract with the French champions, and in 140 appearances for them he has scored 20 goals and made 32 assists.

Could he be the player to add some creativity to the midfield? He’s long been linked with Arsenal, especially when he was making his breakthrough at Schalke.

An interesting development, but let’s see how this one plays out. PSG have also apparently made a loan offer for Hector Bellerin, so it’s quite possible they’re just filming a football version of Candid Camera or Punk’d.

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This would be so good for the club. Hope it happens soon!


Which bit? Draxler in or Guendouzi out?


Not sure about Draxler… he seems to have faded in recent seasons and would be another large salary on the payroll. Can’t they just give us the money so that we can sign Aouar and Partey?

SB Still

Agree about Draxler. It would be useful if they just paid us the money, with Leeds supposed to be interested in Draxler.

I suppose our target has been Aouar and Partey. Guendouzi’s sale rather than swap will part fund those transfers.


I cannot find the stats, but I don’t think Draxler has started many games for PSG. I mean how can you not get more assists with Mbappe and Neymar in the team?
Now, if PSG were to offer Mbappe for Guendouzi, straight swap, then I’d be very happy. But I would need to wake up 🙁


It’s because Mbappe and Neymar are in the team he doesn’t play.

Non-flying dutchman

People need to reconcile themselves that we are not going to get both Aouar and Partay. We’ll have done reasonably well to get the one of them, especially if its the former. Only way we get both is if we lose a lot of characters that we dont want to

Pamela Sandra

We need both bcz things like injuries are there so we dont need to be shot of players in mid season some thing that always humpers our progress in league title chase.

Jb can't write

Well said. People need to reconcile themselves with the fact that we’ll probably get neither. And that won’t be either Edu or Arteta’s fault. Clubs simply don’t want to shell out for our dross and are more or less taking the piss with their bids for our better players – because they think we’re muggy enough and desperate enough to accept any pittance


Well said. People need to reconcile themselves with the fact that we’ll probably get neither. And that won’t be either Edu or Arteta’s fault. Clubs simply don’t want to shell out for our dross and are more or less taking the piss with their bids for our better players – because they think we’re muggy enough and desperate enough to accept any pittance. I knew this would happen months ago and I also knew that Kroenke would contribute nothing, so here we are – a mid September stalemate. I say we pull up the drawbridge and stick, at least for… Read more »

SB Still

Yes thats a big possibility but considering our midfield situation, we need to get atleast one of Arteta’s main targets in that area.


Exactly! Feels like Draxler could be a Mkhitarian 2.0 situation.


Exactly. I wouldn’t touch this deal with a fucking barge pole – and if Arteta has got any sense (and he has plenty) then he won’t either.

Vaibhav Pandey

Let’s see don’t pass on the judgement just yet. I hope the desperation to get rid of Douzi doesn’t fuck up rationality and sanity. This deal has all marks of a lose lose situation for us.



Bob's Mexican Cousin

It would definitely be a doozy

Johnny 4 Hats

This is Football Media FM, playing you all the hits you used to love, like Draxler to Arsenal, Messi to Man City, Pogba to Juventus and many, many more.

Up next, here’s a timeless classic, it’s Tottenham Hotspur with We’re Wasting All Our Money Again.


Spurs … All or Nothing?
I know the answer to that one.
There’s a clue in their trophy cabinet.

Ya gooner

Nothing or nothing


Hilarious, almost as ironic as their slogan: the game is about glory
Really? Glory as in 60 years since you won the league..
Incredible! How little self-reflection can you have


Thought their slogan was ‘to dare is to do’ ?

Although that’s just as hilarious


Yeah, they got that out of a homemade Christmas Cracker made by Del Boy.

“ ‘To Dare Is To Do’, Rodders, ‘To Dare Is To Do’……”

The Frog

The game is about glory, not spuds.. They are about daring and doing, whatever that means..


Nothing. Ever 🙂

The Frog

Such an unfortunate title for a spuds documentary.. Maybe they should have gone with something like “at least we tried”?

Half curious to see the last episode will be about the fact that they got “nothing”, or if they will hand themselves some kind of 6th-place trophy?


I fucking hated Chas ‘n’ Dave.

If Spurs ever got past the Cup 3rd round in January, then those two twats would yet another load of embarrassing knees-up shite about Wembley, that little Argentinian cunt and how, somehow, that fucking trophy was theirs.

Not any more……


*bring out


you obviously do not watch french football !! if you did then you would know draxler is washed up and has hit a wall !! we do not need him and he will not get into the side and anyway we need center mids not wide players we have loads of wide players !! so maybe you need to stop watching youtube of the best of draxler and get real and maybe watch what he has managed this last season!! errrr nothing he is sub !!

God is a Gooner

Maybe, but there have been many past players we bought that were ‘washed up’ at 26 and they became club legends. Damn, half of the invincibles were washed up before Arsene brought them together.
Draxler is no doubt talented, and he is a great age and profile for our midfield in a lot of ways.
It just comes down to whether you trust Arteta to get the best out of him.


I agree. I haven’t been impressed whenever I watched him. Is he even sill in the German national side?

Ya gooner

Spurs – all and still nothing


Next May could quite easily render the following;

60 years since they last won a league title
37 years since they last won a European trophy
30 years since they last won the FA Cup
13 years since they last won the League Cup and, indeed, anything at all.

And they still have the front to tell us to ‘mind the gap.’ The cunts.?

Man Manny

Played for them in the game against Switzerland some days ago.

Viva la prof

You want to swap one of Frances most exciting young prospects that could be part of our squad full of other exciting young players so we can sign Ne’er-do-well permanently linked to us but never chose us Draxler.. ok mate, Arteta Out, morzaq in!

Vaibhav Pandey

Agree, Guendouzi is a rising young player and as he will mature, his behavior would become better for sure and ffs please don’t swap with Draxler of all players. Rather play Ozil

Tony Hall

Yes please, where do we sign 🙂


another one that never watches french football !! Draxler is washed up mate !! done finished !! and wide players are not needed at Arsenal !! and if he was that good why would PSG want to get rid !! ??? wakey wakey !!


He’s not a wide player carl.

Papa Large, big shot in North London

He just seems wide cos he’s short

His official hight stats say 1.85m… is that short?

Timorous Me

So that’s my problem…


I’d like to apologise on behalf of my namesake. He seems to be quite upset today, go and watch some Ligue 1 highlights with a cold one pal! Stay classy.

Artetas Assistant

It’s a Marathon, not a sprint


Some vintage George Graham there. Like it.

Artetas Assistant

Cheers champ ? ? ?

Crash Fistfight

Shame on people for not watching French football live. Anybody would think these people had better things to do with their time.


1st of April?


I heard they were going to start playing crowd noise through the tannoy to improve the atmosphere …


It might as well be.

NW Gooner

I would absolutely bite their hand off to get this done. Draxler is exactly the profile of player we could use.




At 10, his most natural position and one of our biggest needs?


Yeah, I’m not so sure why everyone is so down on Draxler here. He’s played 89 ligue 1 games with PSG for 11 goals and 20 assists. Not bad and he’s hugely experienced. Talented player who was a regular until last season with one of the best teams in Europe. He’s better than anyone we have in his position currently and it’s not even close. Apparently the masses will only be happy with Sokratis, Kola, Guedouzi, Torreira, Mustafi, and Ozil are all sold for >100M quid combined. I mean it would make me happy too, but I’ll settle for this… Read more »


yawn !! wide player is his best position and he cannot even hold that down at PSG !! he is a sub week in week out !! washed up and finished mate !! and over paid !! has been !!


Yeah Drax is shit, I was over the fence but that 12th exclamation mark convinced me.

Crash Fistfight

Imagine not being able to get into a team ahead of Mbappe and Di Maria. Total donkey.


Ozil, Willian, Willock.

And you want Draxler instead of those. ?


Great comment.
AW never bit on the Draxler idea. For a reason, I reckon.

This is a sucker’s deal to get a seemingly always injured player on big wages off their books, and getting Doozi, player with some talent and potential for cheap.

Bite their hand off??? How about bite your toungue!

NW Gooner

Echoing what Jack said, he’s the sort of ‘cheat’ player who is good with both feet and on the dribble that we lack in the 8/10 spot.


Come on mate. Mesut Ozil is probably past his world class best, but he’s still light years ahead of Draxler in terms of skill, vision and the ability to unlock tough defences. Then we also have Willian and Willock, who, admittedly ,are far from ideal, but also a much better bet than Draxler.

This swap plus a few quid proposal is silly season stuff and Arteta would do well to steer clear of it.


On what basis do you think either Willian, who basically doesn’t play there at all, or Willock, who’s never even had a run of senior professional football, are “much better bets” than someone who, as recently as 2017, was widely considered one of the most exciting prospects in football?

Some of you people have hilariously short memories.


another person that knows f all about football !! and doesnt follow the french league !! draxler is washed up mate and sub !! and PSG want to get rid because he is washed up !! wide players are not what Arsenal need right now !! and defo not a washed up over paid has been !!

Kartik Iyer

So what do you think about Draxler? Great player, isn’t he? We should definitely get him. If only I knew someone who watches the French league…..


I don’t know much about Draxler, football or the French league but I heard he likes to operate centrally


The funny thing is he actually does, he has stated many times he’s most comfortable at 10




With all that washing up there’s no covid on him so should be a safe signing


Let’s do it! Offload a talented problem child in exchange for a seasoned creative baller we’ve prusued for 3 years plus cash on top of the swap… Bite their hands off!!!


3 years is a long time in football my friend !! now draxler cannot even hold a psotion in the starting line up for PSG !! and is used as sub game in game out !! if he was brilliant PSG wouldnt be getting rid !! wakey wakey !! smell the coffee or follow world football liek some of us do !! do not go watch best of draxler in youtube and think you know all about him !! the guy is ove rpaid and finished hit a wall and has not hammer ? !! wide players are not needed… Read more »


Whoa, Carl, did Draxler offend you in some way? We get it. Actually, what little I’ve seen of him didn’t impress me, but I think Arteta will know better than us whether this is something that might help Arsenal.


Upset someone pranked your birthday??
Gifted ya bags of exclamation marks!!

Ya !! don’t !! have !! anywhere !! to !! spend !! them !! do !! you?? ?


There’s a good reason Draxler sits on the bench, and it begins with ‘Ney’ and ends with ‘mar’.


I reckon we could play him wide.

Harry Sunderland

Saying “wakey waley” is just plain rude. No wonder you have so many downvotes

Not Carl

Give it a rest, Carl

SB Still

“football version of Candid Camera or Punk’d” – haha, I hope its not the case and we can actually sell them Guendouzi


Not interested in a swap deal involving Draxler. Cash only would be the only way I’d sell personally, seeing as that’s the approach our top target’s clubs are taking

Quentin Quarantino

Good idea… get a rumour going. Might generate some interest for the player in the market

Hail Gus!

PSG.. Please Sign Guendouzi.


It’s just infuriating that the start of the PL is here in a couple of days and we haven’t sorted out any of our midfield issues. Looking at our schedule this can easily lead to losing some much needed points early on and we can’t afford to repeat what happened last season.
I wish the decision makers at Arsenal were as quick and effificient as the ones working for Chelsea where there’s real intention from the ownership to build a team that competes for the title.


It’s more important that we bring in the right players and things are only likely to happen towards the end of the window. We have Ceballos back and he formed a good partnership with Xhaka. Don’t forget we beat City, Liverpool and the Chavs with that midfield.


But that same lineup couldn’t score against some of lower ranked clubs as well


Chelsea are swimming in money and can overpay for whoever they want. Arsenal have wasted fortunes over the last few years so have to be a lot more creative in the market. Most clubs don’t have money so want loans or bargains. It’s not an easy marketplace and we shouldn’t be selling players we need and weakening the team to supposedly strengthen it. I think we’ll sell Torreira and hopefully Guendouzi to get a really good midfielder, maybe let Papa go to get his salary off the books,but I’m not expecting much more with the situation as it is. I… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

It’ not like Arsenal don’t know who they want. Chelsea just have enough money to make silly offers that can’t be refused, and get their man


Mo “LANS” Elneny.


Take it and don’t look back!


This deal actually makes some sense.
-Wants to play more to be considered in the Germany Squad.
-Can play in multiple positions to varying effectiveness at in the Wings, Striker, midfield.
-Was injury prone (not sure if still is) so that’s an Arsenal trait already ticked.
-Win-win depending on his wages / fees.

I think why PSG wants Bellerin is more than for footballing reasons.
They have been pushing the PSG brand with Nike as a fashion for a while. And Bellerin could help market that being quite into fashion himself in his free time.


May be the best deal we can get as it’s unlikely we’ll get a cash buyer. Whether we really want Draxler now is another matter. Wenger was interested in him back in the dawn of time, but he became (yet) another one of Arsene’s “nearly signings”. Anyway, let’s wait and see.

Timorous Me

I’m at the point now (this is certainly subject to change) where I just trust Arteta, since I think he basically has the say now on transfers with Raul gone. At least in terms of finalizing them. Arteta wants Aouar? Okay! He’s a fan of Partey? Yes, please! So if he sees Draxler as somebody he likes and thinks could fit well with what he’s doing, I’m all for it. But we don’t know the answer to that just yet, so we’ll see. I’d still rather just get money for Guendouzi and use that on Aouar, but who knows if… Read more »


There was a reason for Arsene’s ‘Nearly’ signings.

It’s the same as what’s about to become Arteta’s ‘Nearly’ signings.

Stan Kroenke.


He is quality but he is more suited as a left winger. We need players filling special gaps.

But should all deals fail I’d be happy to take him as he definitely has creativity and end product in and around the box. He could even thrust as being the creative fulcrum.

Blogs where’s the poo-meter?
I definitely smell something and it isn’t a bed of roses.


+! for the name my friend


Guendo can be one of the best deep lying playmakers in the game. I don’t understand the hate. Can you imagine him next to Partey??!


why would PSG want him if not? why does the French National Team like him so much? I can get behind the argument that anyone disruptive to the Arteta project should go, but I cannot pretend this is not a useful player (and I actually think he is a top prospect, as do most unbiased in world football)

The Far Post

I don’t see the deep lying part, leaving alone the part about being the best. I have better memory of him effectively taking on defenders.


Makes the two of us. I’ll follow his career with lots of interest.


I guess that many people, probably more than a few within the club, think that he’s more trouble than he’s worth. Arteta certainly wanted him gone but he may be less certain now. Personally, I think that although he’s got obvious talent he is too disruptive for Arsenal to keep him.

Dave cee

I don’t see this obvious talent. I really don’t. I don’t know what he actually brings to the team. I watched Cesc coming through at Arsenal, Vieira too and the quality , what they had to offer was clearly apparent. I just don’t get that with Guen. Truthfully I see a Championship player.
If PSG really do want him then good luck to them. I’m sure they are a better judge of player than me


I don’t know which games you watched but I was never impressed with Guendouzi. He has great drive, draws some fouls and sticks in usually but that’s about it. His passing is overall poor, tackling is poor, positioning is poor, dribbling is poor and he is quite a slow runner for a young player.


Spot on! 0 goals, 1 assist in 56 PL matches. We win 43% of the time with him on the pitch. He hasn’t improved 1 bit as a person or player in 2 years. That speaks volumes about him.

By comparison,you have Martinelli talking extensively about wanting to model himself after Auba and his drive for excellence. Saka playing 4 positions as an 18 yo sometimes changing with only 2-3 days to prepare. Both 2 years younger than MG. They are the gold standard, MG is fools gold !


He’s a better player than Draxler though. Why throw good money after bad?


I’ve no doubt that there is talent there in Guendouzi, but he’s putting himself at risk with an attitude problem that Nasri would be proud of, and of he is not careful, his career could go the way of Anelka’s with lots of movement and never really fulfilling his potential.

If he stays, he needs to curb his attitude and focus on what he can bring to the team, if he goes he needs to make some sensible decisions to really build on the talent that’s there and further himself.

Don’t want Draxler though.


He really cant. Look at the best deep lying playmakers in recent time, Xabi alonso, Paul Scholes, Xavi and some others. What you will notice about these players is that theyre model professionals, who think football and are very methodical in their game. Gueondouzi is none of of those things, infact he is the complete opposite.


They matured with age. When they were 21, they weren’t all that methodical

Dave cee

Xavi most certainly was. He was the absolute star of the Spain u21s that won the Euros, along with Puyol


If your measure of a good footballer is Xavi, then theres only been about 30/40 good players in history.


I don’t understand the hate either. He’s a talented 19/20 year old who acted petulantly. Really not the end of the world, i mean i’m sure our captain told fans to fk off earlier this season, and now we’re all fine with him again.

The kid has an engine, does the occasional good line breaking pass and drives forward quite well. For his age if that can be honed we will have a genuine player on our hands.

So he tweeted a pic of him at the beach, what’s with all the tears and pearl clutching?

David C

I think Wenger wanted Draxler to convert him into a striker like he did with Van Persie.

Would be an interesting move but will not help our youngsters get game time up front…


That is also a bit of a need for us, so let’s do it! Draxler up top, Auba to the left, and Laca can bring in some money or be another good option. I have no idea if Draxler could be good there, but if Wenger thought so, he was pretty good at that position conversion thing… and if not, we need a 10 as well.

Eddie looks promising enough, but nowhere near a sure enough thing that we should be refusing to strengthen his position.


If PSG are serious about wanting to sign Guendouzi then they should pay the requisite transfer fee, whilst we respectfully decline Draxler’s services.


Then I suspect he won’t be leaving. Even mega-rich clubs like PSG aren’t splashing the cash – bad news for us as it’s blocking several of the sales we want to make. We may have to accept trade-offs rather than expect a straight cash fee every time.


Let’s hope we’re not too afraid to Count Draxula to our midfield this season.


Holy shit, not susprised that Arseblog readers think Draxler can actually play football. I’d rather sign Ozil to a new contract than have that dross here.


He can obviously play football ffs

Dave cee

Certainly, but those stats are fairly meh! for a top attacking player in such a dominant team


His stats are pretty good given that a lot of those appearances are for 20 mins

William Brooks

Used to be up for Draxler coming but for some reason now I’m worried he might turn into a Ozil (latter years) 2.0


No transfer window would be complete without a link to Draxler. Who’s next, William Carvalho?

Martin Haze

Chris Samba?

Wiltoooooooooord !!!




Gervinho is Driving

Christopher Samba


the one and only kalou

Silva’s Good But Thierry’s All Gold



Joe Cole.


Gooners & Roses

Sebastian Frey

Arsenal Connect

Bad deal. Drexler is done. We have Smith-Rowe and Ozil still. Plus if we take this deal the Aouar deal will be off we can’t have so many attacking midfielders. The second point is Guendouzi is a prospect we can’t swap him for a finish player we will regret it in 2 years time when he starts dominating the midfield in Europe.


> Drexler is done.

His name is Draxler, and he’s 26. He’s most definitely not “done”.


He means Clyde “the Glide” Drexler. At 58, his best days are behind him, but he scored over 22,000 points, so have some respect, guys.


Draxler is done.

Like a turkey still in the oven on Boxing Day.


2016 called. They want their transfer rumor back.

Petit's Handbag

Draxler’s only 26!? Fuck me he’s been around a while. I say get him in, no one who’s German could ever be evil.

Maul Person

Mustafi gave it a good go for a while…!

Non-flying dutchman

Its ‘no one who speaks German could ever be an evil man’

‘Die Bart Die’


Don’t fall for it Edu, borrow the 1914 words of a certain sporting director of a certain French club:

“this is not the profile we need, If it is like that, it does not interest us at all”

then……… Ruuuuuun!


is it possible Draxler’s been crowded out at PSG? He was definitely coveted a few years back, especially by Wenger. But this smells more of a “favor” to help grease the Bellerin deal they really want. A straight swap makes no sense for PSG besides lengths of contracts.


Football fans are so fickle. 3 years ago, he was arguably the most promising young midfielder in Europe. Now after a couple of years of being “only” a productive rotation option for one of three or four most talented squads in the world, he’s useless and we don’t want him?

If Aouar went to PSG for 2.5 seasons and it didn’t work out, would he suddenly be not worth reclaiming? Because Draxler was basically Aouar, but more coveted, as recently as 2017.


Lots of injuries and seems to have lost his spark, we were after him for ages but I’m not sure that he’s the player he was.


But do we really need another No. 10, when we have Ozil, Willian and Joe Willock?

No we don’t.


One of those players doesn’t fit Arteta’s style and he clearly wants rid.

One is ideally a wide player.

One is a very, very unproven youth who has yet to show he can be a significant part of a Premier League side, let alone a top 6 one. He’s got plenty of time to mature, and he’s got some promise but so far he’s not been all that impressive.

Draxler, to me, seems clearly a better option at 10 than any of those, if we can get him essentially for free.


Draxler for Guendouzi are you mad !! Draxler has hit a wall at PSG and he has no chisel or hammer to break it down !! in other words he has lost his Mojo and where would he fit into Arsenal Wide players at Arsenal are not in short supply and he is not a good center mid !! Yes Draxler of 3 years ago was quality but the draxler now is not !! Id wait to see if PSG are going to offer money for Guendouzi or forget it all and concentrate on Guendouzi and try to get him… Read more »


Julian says he didn’t key your car, Carl. Please settle down.


And your full stop key is broken. Every time you press it it types a double exclamation mark.

Gervinho is Driving

I want some of your drugs, mate


Plot twist: carl is actually Draxler’s agent’s internet agent’s employee (the old minion of the minion of the minion of…) who doesn’t think his client should join Arsenal because the pay wouldn’t be as good as it is at PSG.

Which, regardless of what anyone thinks about Draxler, could probably be true.


…but couldn’t we play him on the wing?


Draxler has not lived up to his earlier promise. I worry about this “deal”


His flat lined, but we are also looking at Coutinho who until cup finals look an uninspired option. Also Felipe Anderson at West ham. Its hard to completely write off players who have lost their way. Undoubtedly talented. The more critical question is do we need Draxler. Just as Lyon asks us do they need Guendouzi to which we should have known the answer and not dicked around since player in Aouar considering us was as is a plus considering no CL. Draxler plays predominantly wide left where we have Auba and Saka. If Auba goes (or is pushed to… Read more »

Alexander Macedonian

Draxler can still be great player for us. New environment , new attitude, new motivation…Carrasco (27) went to play for Chinese club came back to Atletico and was great. I saw him play against Barcelona and question the decision of our top management why they didn’t sign him from Dallian for free?


Yawn. Season starts shortly. My assessment without making final judgement on transfers bc we are a long way off with that and most will happen IMO (as per normal) close to end of window when prices become more ‘realistic’. As far as the squad is concern (if all stays the same into this weekend) : 1) Keepers – VERY strong. continuation from last season. IMO we can afford to offload one and make some money proviso above 20m mark but I don’t see why we need to dip into market for a replacement since we also have Macey and Iliev… Read more »


Hmmm, Laca or our prolific goalscoring machine captain who scored 50% of all our goals? That’s a tough one.

And which CL team wouldn’t Auba he get into? I literally can’t think of any, bar Bayern.



Sorted your Poo-ometre


It’s a shame Matteo didn’t take his chance here. There’s a good footballer somewhere under that hair and attitude. Maybe he’ll mature. I’ve read the rumors about his being disruptive and not taking direction. That’s dressing room poison in any club. If anyone can bring him around, it’s Arteta, but I’m afraid it may be too late.

Greg in Seattle

If Arteta wants to. There is plenty to do to turn this club around without a special attitude project, and at some point you’ve got to follow through or your banishments will become a hollow tactic. I don’t buy the “he’s a kid” argument with Guendouzi, either. At 20, making money, playing at a top club, you are a grown ass man and need to deal with grown ass consequences.




I must ask, are you one of those troll-guys that trawl the internet for material on opposing teams and comment on them for fun? AMN?


The last Gooner on planet earth who wants us to sell AMN has been located…


Doubt he/she is a gooner

Lord Bendnter

Draxler would be the best signing we could ever pull off this summer ?
(Carl, your thoughts?)


Carl watches a lot of Ligue un. He is coming for you, you pathetic Draxler considerer! Ah he don’ wanna talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food-trough wiper! Ah fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!


It’s about time we signed a Julian. Count me in

Gooner Chopra

These are extraordinary times. One solution could be that we sell Guendouzi to PSG, and PSG transfer Draxler to Lyon, and Lyon give us Aouar. Money from PSG can be used for Aouar after factoring in Draxler’s value.


No thanks!


Draxer is so good PSG are willing to offer him plus cash for an immature sheep haired problem child. I think it’s pretty clear what’s going here. Con job!


Hard no on this. Would rather reintegrate Guendouzi. Anyway are we supposed to believe Qatar FC don’t have the cash? Wandering the streets of Saint Germain with their eye patch and tin cup?

Arthur Dent

Yet another season where we are linked with Draxler 😀


If this happens, Draxler has taken the long road to get to Arsenal.