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Arteta: We have to support excluded duo

Mikel Arteta says he needs to find a way to make every player in his squad feel part of his project; even those who haven’t made the cut for his Premier League and Uefa squads.

Arsenal ended the transfer window with 19 non-homegrown players on their books and subsequently had to cut two names from the roster for the Europa League group stages.

Arteta decided that Mesut Ozil, who hasn’t played since March, and Sokratis, who came close to a departure this summer, would have to sit things out. William Saliba was also excluded, but not because his hand was forced.

Next week, the Spaniard will go through the same process when he confirms the squad for the Premier League. The German and Greek are again facing disappointment.

While Arteta doesn’t doubt the duo’s professionalism, he admits he has a challenge on his hands maintaining their motivation and making them feel properly involved.

“It is a really difficult decision for me to make because to leave players out of the squad at that level, where they know they cannot get involved, is really tough,” said Arteta on Thursday.

“I don’t like it at all, but the decision had to be made because we have an excess of foreign players. Unfortunately, we had to make that decision.”

Asked how he’ll keep Ozil and Sokratis working hard on a day-to-day basis, he added: “This is the hardest thing. I don’t doubt about the professionalism of the players, I already spoke to them and told them that.

“As I’ve said before, it was a very difficult conversation. The last thing you want is to be cut just because of a restriction in the roster [on numbers]. You want to give them the opportunity that if they do well to have the opportunity to play and help us on the pitch.

“This is the issue we have. We knew that before the transfer window, we tried to resolve that, we tried to get some players opportunities elsewhere. We weren’t able to do that and now it’s just to keep them motivated, to make them still feel part of what we do and give them support.

“When they know they are not playing and not going to be playing week in, week out, it’s a really tough thing.”


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Nigerian gunner

I only feel for Sokratis in this situation.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

I feel for Arsenal in this situation.


Blimey, it’s like listening to the Emperor in ‘The Return of The Jedi.’

Hate, much? ?


Is the laughing emoji just you laughing at your own jokes? They are as lame as Ozils assist rate for the last couple of seasons.


Well, well, well.

If it isn’t my old mate who once insinuated on this page that I’d been molested as a child.

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s taking things a bit further that a few emojis…..?


Tough luck. They both knew they were not going to be part of the plans this season. Sokratis especially should have worked harder to leave.


You’re all heart, aren’t you? ?


Dude just had a baby and you’re asking him to move countries (possibly).

Ashburton Red

The Ozil thing is so weird. And so boring now. Just hope it doesn’t disrupt the dressing room this season.


The longer it drags on, and it’s unlikely to end now before his contract finally expires, it’s bound to have an effect. If you listen carefully, you may be able to hear the champagne corks popping at The Emirates come next June. Just think, £18+million wiped off the wage bill at a stroke! Happy day.


Heh. No top four for yet another year, but £18m off the wage bill.

Time to get the ‘party started’


Dave cee

Qwalitee we all know where your loyalties lies now, it is fair enough, but getting boring. Mesut lost his place on performances and attitude, it is over. He is basically an Arsenal player in name only now.
I support Mikel on this one


In all fairness, I’m not sure that’s quite true — he played well before the lockdown, was given a clean slate by Arteta, and they seemed to have found some harmony. The change came during the lockdown; make of that what you will, but you can’t say that has to do with performances. As for attitude, that seems to be a fair criticism, be that attitude in training or attitude with respect to the club’s hierarchy — Ozil’s done something wrong, that’s for sure. The biggest shame in all of this is that with Partey and the now well-established defensive… Read more »


Top post. ?

Kendall Jefferson

You make a good point though. I believe we might still see Ozil play again before his contract expires, I just think it would be when Partey finally beds into the team which might take a few weeks.

I guess we’d just have to wait until then.


I mean he’s not registered to play, so that seems unlikely.

Wenger's Apprentice

To be fair, I don’t think he played that well. I can’t remember any of the games you can say Ozil made a difference. But he did play.

Bould's Eyeliner

He can still be a good training mate. Ho ho ho. I went out to an empty Arsenal bar the day he was signed. I’m seriously thinking that Arteta is making a mistake and not being brave enough in including some way to include this player in his future plans, mainly because it has a lot to do with what Lacazette and Aubameyang need–a provider to link up with. Partey is a great signing, but when it comes to passing, we’re losing a protege in Gendouzi for a season that made Ozil less of a ‘loss’, per se, in our… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

I don’t think this is Mikel’s call. This shitshow was already underway when he arrived.

Kendall Jefferson

Dave, you really shouldn’t give any thought to Qwaliteee.

He already knows that Ozil’s place in the team was always in question due to tactical reasons, he just wants to keep being relevant. He knows we’d take notice of him anytime he slanders Arteta and Arsenal in favour of Ozil.

Don’t bother about him anymore. Really, he just loves the attention.

matty t.

Maybe they’ll be able to use that money towards signing Ceballos on a permanent deal. Here’s hoping.


hes a poor mans ozil



You’re hoping that the press will sweep this situation under the carpet, like the Ozil Hate Brigade are doing? Do you think the press will find it ‘boring’ that one of the best creative midfielders in the game is paid £350k a week until the end of May to turn up for training and nothing more….? ?

Good luck with that.

As for the rest of the dressing room, they’re professionals and should be able to deal with something like this.

The manager’s making his bed. Now the club have got to lie in it.

Simple as that.


“one of the best creative midfielders in the game”


He’s a darn sight better than Ceballos, Willock and Willian, that’s for sure.

apangu iddi Amin

Who? if its Orzil forget he is no longer doing that.


I know.. the boy is mad. It’s like he’s just awoken from a coma that started in 2015.

Auba Auba Laca Partey

He is not qwaliteee and never was. He was incredible in the WC 2010, signed for RM, had one decent season, went down the pecking order (read Mourhino on his attitude) was sold to us. Nicked a living on his first season, had a really good 2nd season (admittedly ) and then returned on Nicking a living. I will never understand the wilful blindness when it comes to him. Average player, petulant person.


You lost me at ‘read Mourinho.’

No thanks. Mourinho’s a cunt.

House of goons

Hahahahaha – c’mon now fellas! Can’t we at least unify behind, “Mourinho’s a cunt.”? I mean I don’t agree with a lot of Qwaliteee’s points… but for sure… let’s all just come together for a simple objective fact. Mo = cunt.

Dial square

@Qwaliteee that bed looks pretty comfortable at the moment…


Stick around mate. It’s going to be a long, long season….

Vaibhav Pandey

Haha if he is best then he should have the fire to play football matches, and not to only strengthen his brand to eventually turn up in Turkish politics, which he will achieve most certainly and sadly Arsenal is paying for this, easy money for him.


Who picks the team?

Arteta or Ozil?

Kendall Jefferson

Oh for the love of God, just shut it Qwaliteee!!!!


Why? Is this a forum for debate or a forum exclusively for the Kindergarten Chapter of The Anti Ozil Brigade…..?

Last time I looked mate, it was a Free Country. Freedom of speech.

If I want to post an opinion about Arsenal Football Club, I will. This is a forum for debate about football. Not a silly little popularity contest. Fuck your downvotes – I couldn’t give a shit! ?


Free Country? When did you look mate? Probably before Covid.


That is about as moronic a post as I’ve ever read on here.

Yes, mate, the United Kingdom is a free country. Look around the world at the past and present dictatorships and people being forced to comply with sub human restrictions.

A far cry from having to wear a mask and abide by a few simple but necessary rules to fight against a global pandemic.


Sorry qwaliteee. I’m with Arteta on this call. I’m one of those supporters who doesn’t think Özil is past his prime. And that Arsenal isn’t better with Özil on the pitch. I feel no need to prove my point as this is emotional for those who are Özil supporters, and in today world facts and truth have been reduced to something that confirms everyones personal worldview. I just leave this as my personal view. I don’t believe in Özil anymore. I believe the way forward is without Özil in the team. I like what Arteta has done with this team,… Read more »


Good for you mate. That’s your opinion and your choice and you’re entitled to them.

I genuinely hope that I’m proved wrong (contrary to popular belief in certain quarters on this page, I’m am actually an Arsenal fan).

I just feel Arteta is about to take a very unhealthy and unnecessary risk in terms of us getting back into the top four.

If he can do it – minus Ozil – no one will be bestowing the praise on him more than I.


I’m with Arteta on this call. I’m one of those supporters who thinks Özil is past his prime. And that Arsenal isn’t better with Özil on the pitch. I feel no need to prove my point as this is emotional for those who are Özil supporters, and in todays world facts and truth have been reduced to something that confirms everyones personal worldview. So I just leave this as my personal view. I don’t believe in Özil anymore. I believe the way forward is without Özil in the team. I like what Arteta has done with this team, and that… Read more »


Sorry everyone. This time I might actually get the comment right (on my PC) Sorry Qwailteee. I’m with Arteta on this call. I’m one of those supporters who thinks Özil is past his prime. And that Arsenal isn’t better with Özil on the pitch. I feel no need to prove my point as this is emotional for those who are Özil supporters, and in todays world facts and truth have been reduced to something that confirms everyones personal worldview. So I just leave this as my personal view. I don’t believe in Özil anymore. I believe the way forward is… Read more »


A good argument, but I refer you to my answer above.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Ozil has a very disruptive personality. That’s why he can’t get back in the team. Arteta should be allowed to say that Ozil has problems with the club and that’s why he is not playing.


So if that’s the case, why doesn’t he?

He was quite open about Matteo Guendouzi’s bad attitude – why not spill the beans regarding Ozil – if that indeed is the problem?

I’ll tell you why. Because Ozil’s attitude isn’t the problem, here. It’s now become crystal clear that it’s Arteta’s technical decision to simply not pick him.

End of story.

Dave cee

And amen to that. Ozil is a waste of space and money to be honest


Oh, we’re wasting money all right.

£350k a week down the drain and omitting a player who most clubs in the Premiership would at least find room on the bench for – at least.


Nonsense. If other teams were willing to get him – and pay him his salary, he’d be gone already, not to mention we’d hear about it.
If he were anywhere near the player you remember him as, we’d have had no problem moving him on.


It’s only Gazidis ridiculous salary that is keeping him here.

Do you honestly believe other clubs wouldn’t have him…?! ?

As I said to someone else in an earlier post, wait until he’s out of contract next June and watch the stampede…

apangu iddi Amin

Yeeeeeees sir you have hit da nail exactly


In your opinion, maybe.

Not mine. ?

santi's thigh grab

If that’s the case, I’m ok with it. Ozil was the central leader on the team when we fell out of the top four under Wenger. We have done the Ozil as the Best Creator in the World thing, and we know how that story ends. Arteta is writing a new story and we don’t know how this story ends. You either support the club or the player, but in this instance not both. I support AFC.


Here we go YET AGAIN.

To back Ozil equates to not supporting Arsenal.

Weak argument, mate. Weak.


Ozil wasn’t the reason we dropped out of the top four. Neither were the forwards.

For that, you can thank our comedians who were masquerading as central defenders, Mustafi in particular.


The hate for mustafi is so sad. I wanna hate Özil that much but I somehow can’t.

Pete Plum

Worst post I’ve read for a while. What you support is internet armchair-fan groupthink.


You told us countless times on here up to now there was a different ‘crystal clear’ reason he wasn’t being picked…..

apangu iddi Amin

And the reason is he was trusted b4 he was left and he didnt deliver up to his best and he even know that very well and big clubs know it very well thats why you dont see any big club chasing after him.


Wait until he’s out of contract next June….


Well, he can talk to clubs in 2 months. Of course, when no big clubs come in for him you will just flip through your Rolodex of Ozil excuses and find one that lays it at Arsenal’s feet.


As I said earlier, wait until he is out of contract next June.

Unless he takes early retirement.

As for Arsenal, Arteta has made his choice. I hope for his sake that it proves to be the right one.


I honestly believed it was Kroenke. Then I read Blog’s article and he pointed out that the other two guys who had refused to take the pay cut were still playing. He (Blogs) also eliminated many of the other possibilities doing the rounds, such as, China. So ultimately, it must be down to Arteta and his technical decision not to play Ozil. You see, rather than jump to conclusions put about by the morons from outer space on TalkSport, I like to keep an open mind and read the opinions of intelligent people – like Blogs. You should try it… Read more »


Wow. That is extraordinary. You immediately jumped to a conclusion, repeatedly stated your opinion based on that conclusion as if it were a fact; and hurled abuse at anyone who disagreed with it. And yet you now claim to be the one with an open mind & try to lecture others on their closed opinions ? Wow.


Show me the law that says you can’t change your mind on an issue, having been educated further on said issue. And this ‘hurling abuse’ bit. Yep, I can be a sarcastic bastard at times, but I never knowingly go out of my way to abuse anyone. Have you ever checked out what comes my way? The number of times I get called a Spurs fan? ? Some nut case once even put it up on this page that I’d been molested as a child – just because I had a different opinion to him. If people want a bit… Read more »


Nothing wrong with changing your opinion. The problem is if you continually spout your opinion as if it is a fact, if you then change it, you look ridiculous. Having done that, the only way to look even more ridiculous is to somehow try to spin it as if you are somehow still ‘right’. So, well done ! Just an example below: ‘The board have treated the player appallingly. It was their decision to ban him, because he questioned Kroenke’s pay cuts. And certain people are still too dumb to see it for what it is and get it into… Read more »


Absolutely agreed. Ozil and Sokratis can still negotiate and terminate their contracts. Neither are assets to Arsenal anymore (from a transfer perspective also). It has come to a point where it really doesn’t matter whether or not they are still good players. They simply aren’t players while at Arsenal anymore, and eventually the pay doesn’t matter. Sitting, watching someone else work, and knowing that you won’t get to is about the worst thing that can happen to anyone. It kills you bit by bit as a person. I sincerely hope they leave, for their own sake. Money is worth a… Read more »

Vaibhav Pandey

Yeah I can relate to it, psychologically it is very disturbing in regular jobs when you see people working but you don’t, still you get the money. I left my first job due to this reason and it was one of the best decisions I ever took. So, as you said both players are good and for their own sake should try to leave as soon as possible.

apangu iddi Amin

But there brain is thinking of punishing Arsenal pocket wise.


I’d have left Mustafi out over Sokratis, and Kolasinac over Ozil. Maybe that’s why i’m not a football manager.


Very true…you’re not a football manager lol

santi's thigh grab

Both are reasonable substitutions but Arteta doesn’t rate Sokratis for some reason. I wish Ozil would give Arteta what he is looking for in trainings. If Xhaka, Ceballos, AMN and Mustafi can come back from the dead, Arteta has proven that Ozil could too, if he wanted to.


Arteta only made it possible for them to come back, they had to do the work them self. I don’t think Arteta closed the door for Özil, but that Özil simple didn’t do enough to be selected above the rest of the squad.

Vaibhav Pandey

There is more to it than just closing or opening the door by Mikel. This decision is influenced by Arsenal’s internal politics/finances as well as Ozil’s visible involvement with Turkish politics. I don’t see him getting any game time with Arsenal barring U-23 games. He is too much into politics for club’s liking, in my view.


What? Speaking out against genocide?

That kind of thing takes guts – and shame on Arsenal Football Club for distancing themselves from those comments. That was definitely not The Arsenal Way to fall silent when a player speaks out on a humanitarian issue.


I’m slightly inclined to agree with you on Kolasinac but not Sokratis. Just slightly. Because I also think Ozil still has some creativity left in him that could help us. But for better team performance, I think the team is good as is.


Top post. Maybe you should be a football manager.

You’ve included our best creative midfielder and omitted our worst central defender – Mustafi is one of the major reasons we dropped out of the top four and haven’t been back.


With both Mustafi and Kolasinac, there is another factor – age. I am not entirely sure how long of a contract either has left, but in a market not depressed as it was this year, both could fetch the club about 5 million pounds. That’s significant, isn’t it?

Cranky Colin

“It’s a massive spider Sok, stand on it”


Haha! Nice


This really is a crazy situation. We’ve got 2 players who will train every day with the squad but have no chance of playing, this is madness.


Surely they will be paying Arsenal their gym fees?



Well said.


Oh get over it already. All those that are in love with Özil can fuck right off and take that lazy shit with you. He’s been leeching on this wonderful club since day 1. He had one good season, then listeriosis illnesses started, weird back pains, all while 4 different managers came and (3) went. Özil and Sokratis, they both knew the situation Lon time ago, same can be said about Kolasinac and Chambers too, so why are they still here? Because no other club would pay anywhere near to what they can leech off at Arsenal. So no I… Read more »


More Ozil Hate. And yet you all deny that it is hate. You can’t have your cake and eat it. ?

He’s no longer in the side. What more do you want? For him to forget his contract of employment? Why should he? He’s stated on an incalculable number of occasions that he wants to play. This is Arteta’s choice – not Ozil’s.

Dave cee

Fine I’ll admit it- Ozil hate. Poisonous, leeching, waste of space. Worst signing in decades. There I said it


I admire your honesty.


The only reason you hate Ozil is that the media tell you to hate Ozil and believe it’s all his fault. You just never think anything without the permission of TalkSport et al.

Vaibhav Pandey

He should find another club which will offer him a chance to play only if he wants to play!! Is Arsenal only club left in the world 😀


No, but they’re currently paying him £350k a week.

So why the fuck should he leave….?!! ??????


It’s not Ozil hate, it’s Qwalitee hate. You are poisoning the comments section with your neurotic need to respond on anything Ozil related. We all get it that you think Ozil is being treated badly. Why you feel the need to say that in 5000 different ways, disputing with anyone who has a different opinion is not understandable though. Mostly though it’s just really tiresome.


Because I am entitled to post my opinions – the same as you.

So now it’s Qwaliteee hate, not Ozil hate. Goal posts changed yet again. You guys crack me up.

Public Elneny

Not going to defend Ozil, although I would argue he’s had more than 1 good season. Won’t defend Kolasinac either. But Sokratis had a move to Napoli lined up, which fell through at the last minute at no fault of his own. He made it clear he wanted to leave all summer. He’s not to blame, unless he accepts a move to the Championship, which he’s frankly far too good for And why are people always so quick to write off Chambers? He was in our starting xi before he got injured and performing pretty damn well. I’d certainly rather… Read more »

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Definitely had more than one good season actually. You’re talking from emotions instead of facts, a huge problem in the world today.

Dave cee

Doesn’t erase the last 3 seasons of nothing


But three FA Cups in four seasons do. ????

Pete Plum

Made up fact


My dear, that’s the problem on this blog. Some fans here comment from emotions, they refuse to see the bigger picture. It’s just on this blog that I see more of Ozil haters who think he’s just shit and nothing good can come out from him. I prefer to stand with thousands of fans on Facebook and many more who still consider Ozil a good player and think if he’s properly managed something good can still come out from him.


Top post. Seriously, this page is like a crèche at times – which is a shame, because Blogs does a fantastic job on here. I wish we’d had this sort of thing when I was younger (although we had the fanzines, ‘One Nil Down, Two One Up’ and ‘The Gooner’ but it wasn’t the same as this and the podcasts) But, yeah – so much vitriol and hate aimed at one man – a professional footballer for fuck’s sake! Anyone would think the guy was a mass murderer! Like you, I’ve similarly found the ratio of the Anti Ozil Brigade… Read more »


Spoken like a bitter loser.


Yeah. No need to worry for both of them though as they will still get paid. Both are content as well with the situation as they turned down their respective offers to leave and play football. Money over playing time it seems.


I wouldn’t be absolutely gutted if my boss said I didn’t have to work late, or work weekends, but I’d still get paid.

I know it’s not that simple, but still…

Teryima Adi

That’s the wilderness experience. They’ll come out stronger.


Will we? Will we really?

I genuinely hope we will – I’d loved to be proved wrong.

Dave cee

It is a crazy situation, but not Arsenal’s fault because they don’t make the rules


This has got more than Ozil’s nationality behind it.

Come on mate, are you trying to me that Dani Ceballos is a better bet than Mesut Ozil for creating chances for our forwards…? ?


Seriously, some fans are very funny to even compare Ceballos and Ozil. Ceballos still has much to prove but Ozil has done it on the highest stage.


They don’t play the same position so…?


Why do you think we didn’t just terminate their contracts? May well have paid their contracts up.


Because Stan has already added a cool £50m to our ever growing list of outstanding debt – thanks to his policy of ultimately contributing nothing. He’s hardly going to loan the club any more to pay off Ozil. So, as Wenger has told Arteta, we might as well use him. But hey, why deprive the press of a story that’s only going to drag on and on, while we (effectively) pour £350k down the drain each week and our midfield creativity stagnates? Like I said, if he chooses not to take Wenger’s advice, I do hope Arteta knows what he… Read more »

David Hilliers Arm Cast

He can’t win though can he? Biggest investment in a single player last year and then another huge fee paid for a player in this last window yet he isn’t doing enough.

What will it take for him to do enough in your opinion. And I’m not saying this because I want to defend him, but the argument that he isn’t putting money into the club doesn’t make sense with what they have spent.


It’s simple. Contribute to the club from his own pocket – not just loan it. I’m only surprised he hasn’t charged us interest. The guy is an eight time billionaire. The money for both Partey and Aouar would have resembled pocket change to him. Instead, we’re going to have to find that money somewhere – plus pay off the stadium debt plus pay Ozil for not being allowed to pay. I’m asking our billionaire owner to contribute to our club and for our manager to play our most creative – and highly expensive – midfielder. It ain’t rocket science. But… Read more »

David Hilliers Arm Cast

He is clearly not Roman. It’s a business for him and his goal is to make money from the club.

I would love to see him splash 200 mil like Chelsea do, but the other side of me likes getting the youth players in and watching the boss turn players I once thought were crap into decent options.


You make some good points. A nice change to converse on here with someone intelligent. Bringing on the youth players is clearly a top priority for any club – not to mention the fact that it can sometimes save you a fortune in the transfer market. I’m reminded of when Tony Cottee turned us down for Everton in the summer of 1988. It didn’t matter because, instead George gave Paul Merson his chance at a regular run in the team – and Merse collected his first Title Winners medal at the end of that season. That said, there comes a… Read more »


*Ozil not being allowed to play.

Public Elneny

Arteta won’t use Ozil because he doesn’t press or track back with more than a token effort, or contribute a significant amount goals. He just isn’t very useful in Arteta’s setup. Or really the vast majority of tactical setups since Klopp became a thing Arteta is also a very different type of manager to Wenger with regards to man management – far less laissez faire. He wants to set a standard that all players have to keep to his non-negotiables, and selecting Ozil undermines that. Ultimately that standard is far more important than any individual player, even if he was… Read more »


I accept your points.

But, ultimately, the proof will be on the pudding. We’re supposedly trying to get back into the top four.

Can we do it, minus Ozil? I don’t think so. And when you add his wasted wages between now and June to the money we may well miss out on for failing to secure a place back in the ECL, is it really a gamble worth taking – when you have Arsene Wenger, of all people, whispering in your ear that you’d be better off playing Ozil….?

I don’t think it is.


Not sure that is a fair assessment; prior to the lockdown, Ozil was doing everything Arteta asked of him on the pitch and the training ground. It is true that Ozil doesn’t fit well in Arteta’s amorphous 3-4-3, but as you could see in the latter stages of the game against Sheffield, Willian began to roam and we began to create more chances and look much more dangerous — a role Ozil could excel at going forward. Shame it won’t happen.


I guess you’re referring to the cash injection for the Partey fee. It’s true that the owner appears to have provided the money and almost certainly by way of a loan to the club. However, that’s exactly what Comrade A does at Chelsea. Some fans (at Chelsea, never mind other clubs) think he just “gives” the money to the club. That’s simply not correct. All the money for Chelsea (around £1billion, and counting, apparently) has been provided through bonds, albeit interest free. Anyone buying the club from Comrade A would need to cover the amount of these bonds. It doesn’t… Read more »


I don’t give a shit about what happens at Chelsea.

Kroenke should be able to help this club and cough up every now and then – unconditionally from his own pocket.


I see that we’re in agreement over a lot of things, but I really resent this demand of yours for Kroenke to fund our squad “unconditionally from his own pocket”. Remember that ours is a classy football club; not Chelsea. We don’t live on handouts.

Dave cee

God, I’m bored of answering you. Arteta has succeeded without Mesut. Why do you think he was on holiday while we won the FA Cup?


And I’m equally bored answering you. So what about the FA Cup? We’ve already won three FA Cups with Ozil.

How about checking out our pathetic return in the a Premiership since lockdown – minus Ozil. We barely scraped half the Premiership points available to us and crawled on our hands and knees into 8th place. Our worst finish in 25 years. Fact.


We were 9th when the lockdown happened. Also a fact.


So without Ozil, we made it from 9th to 8th. Wow. Go easy on that bubbly, now.


You really have jo idea how to make a logical argument do you, childish attempts at ‘humour’ aside. Your post was clearly meant to infer that we had fallen down the table after lockdown. I was just pointing out we hadn’t. Simple really.


We also finished eighth without Mesut. Plus, after a long trophy drought, we signed Mesut and instantly started winning trophies again. If your brain hadn’t been washed, you’d be able to see that.

Guns Up

He started 18 matches – roughly half – in the PL, and contributed 1 goal and 2 assists. I don’t particularly have a dog in the Ozil fight, but you can’t wash his hands of that. He was very much a part of the 8th place finish. You seem to be just as “brainwashed” as those on the other side of the argument, simply by Ozil’s PR team and not the general media. I say general media, because I feel as though Ozil’s been treated very fairly by Blogs, et al (if not so much in the comments).


Well if he had started, and finished, more than roughly half our games, if he had been played consistently rather in dribs and drabs, he most probably would have had a lot more than one goal and two assists, and we most probably would have finished higher than eighth. Ozil-haters tend to make the same points as those made by the Ozil-hating media, hence it’s clear that they’ve been brainwashed. I doubt that my point about us finishing so low in the table without Ozil has been made by Ozil’s PR team, whoever that is, so it’s a bit difficult… Read more »

Public Elneny

I’m not sure tbh

Maybe it would set a precedent leading to future unwanted players just sitting tight, anticipating that their full contract will be paid up without harming their future earning potential by not playing for years

Probably cashflow reasons too


It’s not a good look for the club, it really isn’t.

I’ve got loads of mates who all support other numerous clubs – and their opinion on the matter is unanimous – they cannot understand, for the life of them, why Arsenal aren’t playing Mesut Özil (especially now that we have reinforced the defensive midfield requirements with Thomas Partey). To a man, they all think Arsenal are mugging themselves off, big time.

And I, for one, am inclined to agree with them. We are shooting ourselves in the foot and haemorrhaging precious money into the bargain.

Utter madness.


I wish we could have supported them both out of the door in the last window. Ozil reportedly refused a move to a Middle East club that were only offering £200,000 a week (presumably tax free though). We’re certainly stuck with him for the duration, aren’t we.


You wish. ?


Your childish use of emotes do not mask your anger. Get well soon and hope you find happiness with Mesut in the near future, son.


Heh. Nice try. But, sorry to say, just not quite good enough.

A bit like the creative element of our midfield at the moment.

Anyway, carry on with the Ozil Hate; the ignorance is hilarious.

Which reminds me…


Even Arteta can’t make this situation seem OK.
Hope Sokratis at least get the chance to help a promotion chasing side in the Championship. We could cover most of his wages and it would still be better for everyone.


He could. He could select him. But he’s chosen not to.

C’est la vie.

Or should I say ‘So ist das leben.’


Unless getting injured in these 11 weeks puts him out of a move to a decent European club Like Roma/napoli.


Was that an answer to a question put to him in Arteta’s last press conference?

I’d guess that is was and to me he negotiated it really well. The press will ask and he’ll answer and that’s the game but Arteta could have done without Wenger’s recent comments on the Ozil situation.


Why….?!! ?

The guy – one of the greatest coaches of football that the game has ever known – is trying to offer his good advice.

The fact that you don’t necessarily agree with it, is neither here nor there.


Well I’m sure that if Arsene had wanted to give Mikel some good advice that he could have given him a call rather than doing it via the press, but I guess that that’s neither here or there?


How do you know that phone call hasn’t happened already…??

Dave cee

Wenger really had nothing to do with Arsenal now


But his comments still carry a lot of weight, he should have dodged the question.


Heh. That just about sums you up and how little you understand Arsenal Football Club.

Arsene Wenger is an Arsenal Legend and as much a part of this club as he ever was.


If they really want to play football, they could go on loan to a Championship club today. Saliba too.


Since Ozil is in his last year of his contract and isn’t leaving, couldn’t we just cut him? Would that just bring all of his salaries to be paid up front? Just wondering as I’m tired of the situation and the quicker we move on the better for everyone.


We’ve just forked out £50m for Partey.

Kroenke isn’t going to loan the club any more to pay off Ozil – I’d be very surprised if he did.


Rumours are that Arsenal are trying exactly that, albeit at a slight discount. Ozil is reportedly holding out for the full wage packet though, in which case there’s no benefit to Arsenal letting him go early. Even if they can save a £1m on wages by hopefully forcing him out in January then that is better than paying off his full wage now.

Dave cee

Cash flow and constructive dismissal are the reasons. If we had millions to spare he would have been paid off

Dave cee

Plus you know, Ozils public refusal to leave at any cost. Winston Bogarde with a hard on


Clearly Ozil won’t leave until/unless he’s paid off in full. I guess, much as it pains me to write it, that he’s within his rights to demand that. It just shows how foolish the then management were (pay attention those fans wanting a return of AW to the club in some form) in being panicked into awarding such a wage-structure busting deal. Ozil has, apparently, had at least one opportunity to leave for a lucrative contract in the Middle East (the only area where any clubs could afford him, of course) but has turned it down so we either play… Read more »

Non-flying dutchman

It was Gazides all over. It happened at the time Arsene was being shuffled out. Both were spurred on after the screw up over Alexis / Lemar which Wenger carries far greater responsibility for. But there is no way Arsene in his pomp would have been sanctioning such a pay disparity. within the squad. The buck stops with the Chief executive on such a deal anyway. He really did jump in the first life-raft, having steered us into the rocks There should be an ambassadorial role for Arsene if and when he wants to take it up but his interviews… Read more »


The anti Wenger rhetoric continues.

*YAWN. ?

Cranky Colin

It’s a good point, but the contract mightn’t include a “pay off “ situation.
Or, maybe he will wear the shirt again?


I sincerely hope it’s the former.

I believe, like Arsene Wenger, that Mesut Özil still has an awful lot to offer this club on the field of play.

Just an opinion. Ultimately, it’s Arteta’s choice.


Ozil won’t play for this club again.


That being the case, fill your Anti Ozil Brigade boots and treat yourself to a beer. And while you’re at it, get your hanky out and bid a fond farewell to finishing in the top four for another season.

Teryima Adi

It’s a tough job- the job of a professional footballer. But show goes on.

Dial square

The Ozil lovers crack me up, if he wants to play every week, he’s had more than enough offers to be able to do that, if he wants to not play again and just collect his money, he’s fully entitled to do that also, but people coming on here demanding that Arteta should pick him ???, if you know so much, why aren’t you managing a premier league team instead of banging away on your keyboard while frothing at the mouth…


Arsene Wenger recently advised Arteta that he should play Ozil.

So, whose opinion shall I trust?

The greatest manager this club has ever had?

Or you? ???????


You keep on telling us what Wenger said? Was it not Wenger who said, the game has pass Ozil by and the counter press don’t need a player of Ozil? Or are you ignoring Wenger’s word on that? You said, Ceballos can’t create more than Ozil but you fail to realise Ozil can’t play Ceballos role in this current formation. If you wanna favor your love, atleast don’t put down other players by doing so. With your argument now, I know you will be happy if we don’t make the Top 4, so you can say, I told so. Get… Read more »


Another one who thinks backing Ozil equates not supporting Arsenal and that I’ll be gone too when Ozil leaves.

Someday one of you Ozil Haters will come up with a decent argument.

Dial square

You clown, so your argument is that he should play because Wenger says so, it’s a different era, also in case you hadn’t noticed a completely different style of football that we’re playing now. Ozil doesn’t fit into that style, get over it, he’s finished at Arsenal so stop bleating on about how Arteta should pick him, cause let’s be clear, Arteta knows more about picking and managing a football team than you or I ever will., or maybe you think you know better..


Arteta has never managed a football club prior to Arsenal; does he know more than Wenger……?

Thanks for the name-calling.

Hank Scorpio

Judging by the down votes I’m guessing not Arsene Wenger…cue down votes for me…


Top post. ??


I imagine they both had an opportunity to leave, but it has to be pretty disheartening. There really is little point in coming in apart from salary.

David C