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Arteta on January transfers, club ‘open’ to left-back recruitment

Although Arsenal can call on Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Bukayo Saka and Cedric Soares to deputise for Kieran Tierney at left back, Mikel Arteta has acknowledged there isn’t a 100% natural replacement for the Scottish international when he’s not available.

Maitland-Niles struggled against Crystal Palace last week, and while Saka has played well there, his growing influence on the right-hand side of the front three makes him a reluctant choice.

It was something Arteta answered in his press conference today when asked about the position, saying, “With the departure of Kola, we are a little bit short with left-footed full-backs at the moment.

“We know we can use Ainsley there, we can use Bukayo there and we can use Cedric – who has played in that position – so we have some options.

“A natural option for Kieran? Obviously, we don’t. But we can adapt.”

He also hinted that it’s an area the club are potentially looking at during this window, saying, “That means that the option is open and we will look to see what is available.”

However, the difficulties of the January window in general – exacerbated this year by the Covid-19 situation – make recruitment even more difficult, although Arsenal have trimmed the squad successfully with some departures.

“We are all very cautious and conscious about what we want to do and how we want to do it, how the market is going to evolve so we need to be careful,” said Arteta.

“We want to process every decision really carefully and then when we are clear about an opportunity, then we will try to do it.

“We could not carry on with 31 players in the squad. This is unmanageable. When you have to leave some of the foreign players out it makes it even more difficult.

“For a few weeks maybe it’s ok but to do it for months and maintain the health and ambition and the chemistry around the place it’s really complicated.

“One of the main objectives was to make some decisions of how we’re going to offset that.”

Arteta refused to comment on stories that the club are seeking to loan Real Madrid midfielder Martin Odegaard, and it remains to be seen what, if any, incoming business might take place before the deadline on February 1st.

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Kolasinac is technically a left footed, left back

We need genuine competition for Tierney, not just a player to make up the numbers

If Omar Richards is good enough for Bayern Munich?

We should offer Reading £3-£4mill to take him this month, and see if he’d rather a move to North London

Crash Fistfight

But why would he rather join us than them? It’s not like he’d be first choice here versus 2nd choice there.


Potentially for many reasons: He’s from Lewisham, so he’d be closer to family + friends He wouldn’t have to learn a new language He might know some of the lads from England under 21 living in Hertfordshire, is better than living in Munich They drive on the wrong side of the road in Germany Sauerkraut is disgusting, and German’s put it on everything Maybe he fancies the challenge of a move abroad and experiencing a different culture? Maybe he doesn’t? If we think he’s a good player? Why not ask? Wouldn’t cost us much in a fee with 6 months… Read more »


All valid reasons why he may not want to go to Germany, but there’s one big reason he might want to. Almost all highly regarded English prospects who’ve gone there have seriously upped their value. They know they’ll play, and the games aren’t as ferocious as in England. For ambitious players it’s a great career path at the moment.


I think we should be looking at that PORTO LB Zaidu Sanusi 23yr old absolutely rapid snd skillful also very aggressive defender. plays like a winger with great control and dribbling and delivery yet defends very aggressively

Cultured Determination

English is the 2nd language for most Germans. communication shouldnt be a problem.


Learning a new language is often seen a positive by many too..


Not to dumb, xenophobic Brits…

The Arse End

Fucking hilarious.

A racist post to call people racists!! haha, never stops being funny.

Crash Fistfight

I hadn’t thought of any of those. Sauerkraut might be what pushes him over the edge. (I don’t mind it, personally. That brown mustard they have is also nice.)


It’s possible, anything (almost) is in football, but certainly not probable. Why on earth would anyone choose to turn down an offer from one of the handful of genuine European “super clubs”, with more trophies that you can shake a stick at and guaranteed CL football, to join an Arsenal team stuck, currently, in mid-table with a prospect at least of not even EL football next season? I doubt it.

santi's thigh grab

This isn’t aging well.


Sounds unlikely that anything will happen in this transfer window, from what Mikel is saying.


Well, we need a back up GK, LB and CAM…
So I disagree with you on that one.


Although you never know, I tend to agree with C.B. You’re mixing up “need” with “get” a little. Yes we need to strengthen those positions but a) how are we going to afford to bring in players – certainly as transfers rather than loans, without selling someone (that’s someone other clubs want to buy, not the several players we still want to sell but that nobody wants)? Don’t forget we’ve just increased our debt by £120 million through a Govt. Covid bailout loan; and b) who would we get? There’s a very depressed, “odd”, market at present for obvious reasons… Read more »

santi's thigh grab

But in this case, saying may exactly be getting.


Ben Cottrell comes to my mind cos of abilities but from the adaptability though limited point tolaji bola

But I’d groom Ben Cottrell cause with the physical demands of the midfield, Cottrell would struggle to stay relevant going forward.. So I’d rather give him a room for development in another position to adapt than lose his talent judging that he played there in his earlier stage.

Crash Fistfight

Treading a well-worn path of attacking player to Arsenal left back. You never know…

Heavenly Chapecoense

He plans to sell AMN. That’s all this is about.


If he isn’t going to use him it would make sense to

Don’t want to see him go, but he isn’t much use to anybody sat on the bench


True. We only have a very few “available” players that will raise money, although there remain a lot of players we want to offload that nobody wants – the reason why we’re having to buy out players’ contracts now. If we can raise fairly decent money (albeit in a depressed market so it won’t be a fortune) for the likes of AMN then that’s the way to go. If it’s not him it maybe have to be someone we really don’t want to sell.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

“He isn’t going to use him” is the problem. At the beginning of the season, AMN performed so well he got called up in the national team then didn’t get minutes while Bellerin was hugely underperforming until himself start losing form.


You always want to see academy players succeed, but it doesn’t look like that will happen for Ainsley at Arsenal. In the little cameos he’s had this season, I don’t think there’s been enough on display to warrant more minutes, and with are current financial situation and overall squad trimming, moving him on seems the best solution for all parties involved


I agree. He’s fantastic in a backs-against-the-wall game, when we’ve six or seven men behind the ball and he can just focus on man marking and positioning himself very deep.
When we want to do anything expansive, He’s a huge weak link.
And the latter should surely be the target?

Crash Fistfight

Worth bearing in mind that Arteta was going with the wing-backs formation at the time (I wouldn’t be averse to seeing that tomorrow and giving ESR a rest, btw) before giving in to peer pressure after we created nothing against Leicester. I think that formation does suit him more, because he’s kind of neither one thing nor the other, like the wing-back position in general. I also agree with the point about him being better when he is not expected to do much going forward. Think back to the games where he has stood out, and they’re generally the tougher… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

How many players out there could be considered as a first choice right sided attacker, and arguably as good at left back, who is naturally a left sided attacker? Saka is going to be insane.


Sadly there’s only one Saka


Already insane


Clearly we need more quality not so much quantity. We’re pruning the squad to get rid of the passengers (at long last), albeit we’re having to buy out their contracts. It’s unlikely we’ll be in a position to bring someone in on a transfer for cover for Tierney so if anything happens it’s likely to be a loan deal. Who we could get, if anyone, is another matter and I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody arrived in the window.


Really hope we are smarter w our transfers moving forward. Too many players that didn’t fit in, over paying them, too high wages and in the end we have difficulty selling.

Mesut O’Neill

Based on the Willian transfer I doubt it


As a back up to Tierney, we really do need to focus on home grown talent due to the fact our squad is top heavily with foreign players.
Lee Buchanan mentioned in an article last week by Dom sounds like a great spot. That would leave 1 space to focus on a top talent for attacking midfielder.


Thierry Small on the last few months of his contract, no brainer if we can steal him away from Everton

The Arse End

Would be great for recycling if we can give him the 14 shirt!


Maybe Robertson will fancy a move to North London too…


Odegaard? Not sure Real Madrid would want one midfielder on loan to compete with another one of their midfielders on loan.

I know they can play together but with Partey in the side it could come down to ceballos and odegaard battling with Xhaka if we played 343


I think the position with Real Madrid generally is “uncertain” given that it looks increasingly like Club President Perez will dispense with Zidane’s services at the end of the season – if not sooner, depending if a suitable replacement is available. Given that, they may not proceed with too much/any(?) loan or transfer activity.


The priority is a back up keeper.

Then a playmaker/attacking mid

Lback is not a priority.

Some rumours around Odegaard on loan from RM. If Zidane is willing to let the young talent leave for the remainder of the season, this will be a decent signing.

Good touch and turn of direction, has an eye to play a pass quick.


At moment Odegaad looks a tough ask.

Assuming Zizou is still in his job and will let him leave on loan…

Player more keen on Real Sociedad who have a good shot still at CL and they want him having seen what he can do last season.

Other clubs will also be in.

I’ll be surprise if we can pull this off.

santi's thigh grab

Prepare to be surprised.

I don’t think Odegaard will agree to join us. He wants to leave Madrid because he’s not starting games. If he joined Arsenal he would get the odd start when ESR or Saka need a breather but he wouldn’t go straight into the first 11 á la Partey. At Sociedad he’s going straight into the first 11. As for Kolasinac – I think he’s fine for a #2 left-back and I’m not sure it’s worth the cost or hassle to let him leave on a permanent transfer, for a pittance no doubt, only to find an expensive replacement who is… Read more »


Could’ve easily sold AMN to Wolves for a decent sum but now he’s rotting on the bench and his value’s dropping precipitously

santi's thigh grab

£15m is not s decent sum for AMN.


Charlie Daniels is a free agent and available. A very fine former left back for Bournemouth has recovered from injury and playing well. He could fill in till the end of the season. Added bonus of costing nothing.


errrm no.

Dave Roberts

Charlie Daniels is 34, Jimbo, and currently playing for Shrewsberry.

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