Monday, June 17, 2024

Daniel Ek says KSE rejected his Arsenal bid: “We don’t need the money”

Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek has posted a message on Twitter this evening, saying he made a bid for Arsenal Football Club which has been rejected by KSE.

The Swede said, “Inaccurate reports emerged today saying I have not made a bid for Arsenal Football Club.

“I think it’s important to correct the record – this week an offer was made to both Josh Kroenke and their bankers that included fan ownership, representation at the board and a golden share for the supporters.

“They replied that they don’t need the money.

“I respect their decision but remain interested and available should that situation ever change.”

There’s not much we can add to that, other than it now falls on KSE to prove they have some ambition for the club by what they do this summer.

Arseblog News advises strongly against holding your breath.

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Well that was mildly interesting while it lasted.

What’s even more interesting. The Kroenke’s apparently do not need the money but they’ve borrowed a £120 million loan, of which payments are to begin this month.

Almost as interesting as the “ethical hunting” claim Stan about his blood sports channel a few years back.🤔


That’s true – repayment is due at the end of the month. However, they may be making the distinction between KSE as a group not needing money rather than individual parts (Arsenal in this case). Clearly, we did need support from the Govt. I’m still not clear as to where the £120 million loan will be repaid from. The club hasn’t generated enough income to cover it (or we wouldn’t need the loan to start with) so it will probably be a new commercial loan unless KSE take it off the club’s books, which is unlikely given the “self-sustaining” model… Read more »

Your guess is as good as mine Bigg.

I’m aware that Arsenal are a separate business unit in the KSE conglomerate. I just it funny that they’re standing proud to Daniel Ek and his group but are essentially pleading poverty to the Bank of England.


A fairly amazing comeback by KSE given the zero levels of investment over the years in the club which has seen our huge decline into this state of mediocrity under their watch. Also, these are the same guys cutting costs all over the place, firing practically any member of staff possible and begging Arteta to push through wage cuts at the start of the pandemic to save money. They also cited the reasons behind the attempted European Super League Coup was due to huge financial issues facing the club after the pandemic. So for them to say they don’t need… Read more »

This was a great read. Hope things are better at your current place of work.

There definitely are some serious parallels between the backstabbing you’ve experienced and that which we’ve read about at AFC.

Even if not much changes after the boycotts and protests. At least we have kickstarted a conversation about the club. We won’t be able to pretend that things are rosy anymore.


Ah yes, all good Salibaba. I basically work in football now, so much much better. I was just trying to contextualize how fucked we are basically, and how sad it is that we are now basically at the mercy of these complete corporate vampires. I know its been doing the rounds a bit, but the fact they categorized parts of the fan base as ‘legacy fans.’ Just highlights their utter contempt for trying to understand what football is about, especially in this country. To add further colour to that ‘legacy fan’ stuff. In my time working in the corporate space,… Read more »


I must say that I felt extremely envious of Leicester after watching them win. Their owner, manager, players and fanbase are integrated into a cohesive unit. Goes out to show that foreign ownership isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If only the Kroenkes could be similarly involved.


1.8-2 bn is the “actual” value of Arsenal club according to Forbes. Why would Kroenke sell on the same price? They would want more profit on their initial 1 bn+ investment
If Ek is serious, he needs to cross 2.5 bn, and then it may happen.


If they don’t need the money why don’t they spend it? What do they actually want from us then because it sure as shit isn’t sporting accomplishments. Utter cuntbutlers


Because there the kroenkes mate don’t you know the first rule of they’re household? “Don’t care or invest in your team”.


*their not they’re

Arsene's Zip

There’s another there there that should be they’re.

Johnny 4 Hats

Doesn’t anyone see? KSE? Kane Son Eriksen. They blackmailed Stan when he was in the uk promoting American Football by luring him to White Hart Lane and persuading Daniel Levy to seduce him.

Only problem is, even with non existent investment, poor recruitment and a first time manager, we’re so Arsenal that we can’t stop winning trophies.

Harry Kane now has the unfortunate job of trying to get signed by his own company.

Baichung Bhutia

A combination of Kroenke’s indifference, Edu’s dodgy agent relationships and Arteta’s inexperience makes me fear how the summer will turn out. I am putting all my hopes in Arteta and that he is indeed ruthless and effective in the transfer dealings. The decision to not renew Luiz contract is a good sign. No more bids for washed out ex Chelsea players please.


Stand by for more hilarious sound bites….


Surely money has been spent? You could argue at the fact that the people in charge wore cunning enough to see that these owners don’t have a clue and had free reigns for shady backdoor deals to fill up their own pockets. Is it really not a case of how, not how much? If we finished 3rd this season how many people would be saying they didn’t spend enough, but we didn’t finish 3rd so here we are ey complaining about money spent. Ajax is my first team cuz it was round the corner, so I can easily compare and… Read more »


Arsenal is a trinket. It’s a gold Rolex in a drawer. It’s a rare sports car in a garage that doesn’t get driven.
They don’t give a hoot about how we are doing, as long as the club is theirs and no one else’s.
Pure disgusting selfish greed. I hope they all get something horrible 🙁


Sadly, I think this is bang on.

I like what Ek is proposing, but golden shares aside, you could have an owner who’s financial decisions were identical to the Kroenke’s but if we could just see them at the games giving a shit that would go a long way.

Look at Leicester yesterday.


Because they’re cunts.

Cunts that don’t care about Arsenal Football Club.

Except when that stadium in Los Angeles requires a cash injection. Then it’s off to The Bank of England Club.


Are you sure they haven’t spent it? looks like we’ve wasted it. We have wasted lots of it and if you come out with they don’t care about it then look at the guy who was involved in the latest wastage, he was given the boot. They are not angels but fair to say all billionaire owners aren’t. Personally I am excited about this summer’s transfer windows simply because the last two summer windows were good, very good. We’ve started each of the last two seasons with high hopes after very decent transfers and fucked up on the field and… Read more »


Good post. A fair amount of money has been spent as you say. Not in comparison to the likes of City or Chelsea etc. of course but for us it’s quite high. You make an excellent point in that it’s not just the amount but how it’s spent. In the current set up, that appears to be down to Edu with input from Arteta and others. The coming summer window will be crucial in my opinion. We’ve got to try and offload a large number of players, not all of which are very “attractive” transfer propositions in a “buyers” market,… Read more »

No foot Norbert

They spent the money but it’s their fault it was wasted. They’re shit owners because they don’t have a clue. On top of that they are never at games I bet a more hands on owner would never have been duped by the crooks they put in charge. It’s negligence proved by the fact they never turn up to games.


You’re not seriously telling me that Stan picks the transfer targets, are you? I’m sure he has final approval (probably through Josh) but it is Edu and co that pick the targets, why would it be otherwise? We’ve certainly make pretty bad judgements in the transfer market – Pepe and Willian come to mind – but to suggest that comes down to the owners “not have a clue” is really nonsense. Surely, it comes down to the people who advise the owners that “x” or “y” need to be bought. You do have a point about owner attendance at games,… Read more »


*made pretty
**not having


Stan has no involvement in transfers whatsoever. He is an absentee owner who doesn’t even like football. He has hired the wrong people to run the club but isn’t the one calling the shots on transfers or sales.


’Not in comparison to City or Chelsea’

Thanks Biggs.

When I try saying that on here I get shouted down with ‘But we spend already!’

We don’t show the ambition of City and Chelsea. Kroenke’s got the financial punch. He just doesn’t want to fucking know. And I sick of people telling me that we already spend. So do Harlow Town. They don’t compete with City or Chelsea for the Premiership title and the ECL either…..


Over the past 5 seasons our net spend is higher than Chelsea’s, nearly double it. We don’t spend like City or United but have outspent the other big 6 clubs by more than 20 million per season. The fundamental problem is horrible buy:sell decisions. For example, paying 72 million for Pepe when a much better player (Ziyech) was available for less than half the price. N


Arsenal have the 4th highest net spend over the past 5 seasons. Higher than Chelsea, Liverpool or Spurs. We do a horrible job of buying and selling players. That is our no.1 problem.


The value of Arsenal is depressed due to covid. After covid, in two years, Arsenal will cross 3bn value.
Selling now at cheaper rates is not something Kroenke will do. He really does not need the money to pay off loans. But that does not mean he has to provide money to spend on Arsenal, as Arsenal have always been “self funded”


I am more concerned about the mismanagement of the club than the Kroenkes increasing expenditure at the club. In the last few seasons, I think that we have smashed our transfer records in consecutive seasons on outlay for a single player or total transfer fees paid. However, KSE keeps making bad decisions about the club’s management. A useful contrast can be made against Leicester, which spends less but is doing much better because it makes great decisions about recruitment and scouting, etc.


You are absolutely right.

SLC Gooner

Exactly this. It’s not that they haven’t spent money. It’s that its been very poorly spent and managed.

Naked Cygan

They got a manager with no experience. We can start there with where the problems start.


I think they are helped by not having to pay ‘big club tax’ but you are right none the less

El Mintero

The Kroenkes have always just spent “enough” to maintain Arsenal at a certain level (except for this year lol) from which they can take their cut from the revenue and have a nice little “cash cow for mediocrity” to supplement their other “franchises”, all of which are similarly managed for mediocrity and profit. We’ll never truly break the dominance of city etc with these clowns in charge. Boycott everything they touch. It’s the only way to remove them.


False on many levels. First, Arsenal do not pay dividends so there is no cash cow for KSE. They are in it for the long term capital appreciation.

Second, Arsenal have a higher net spend over the past 5 seasons than Liverpool, Chelsea or Spurs. The issue is not the amount of spending but horrible personnel management. Buying the wrong players and not selling when the time is right.

El Mintero

Not false at all. KSE is not a charity organization. Of course they “invest” to generate profit. That level of investment is tied to mediocrity- perfect for them.


My thoughts exactly.

Have to say I was a tad envious watching Leicester City’s fans celebrating their cup final victory with their owner.

An owner that takes a genuine interest in the club.

Alan Shearer then said, quite rightly, That’s how you run a football club’ and it stung. It stung like fuck.


Correct except KSE doesn’t make the transfer decisions. They have hired people who have made horrible decisions. Horrible personnel management dating back many years is Arsenal’s problem.


It feels like Spurs fans have bought the club. They won’t compete, they don’t care, they don’t like football, but they won’t sell. Only one thing we can try now: abandon our club until they’ve fucked off.


There are enough ‘fans’ around the world to keep the brand going, that’s why they tried the superleague. They don’t need need local legacy fans really.
It’s a bloody awful situation to be in and I wish Spider-Man would sort it out quick


I’m not sure that this was ever serious. The way that Ek made everything public before even contacting Stan and Son makes me suspicious. It’s certainly nice publicity for Spotify. It looks like things are going to have to get much worse before they get better. My guess is that once Stan has mismanaged the club into the Championship he’ll finally realise that he knows nothing about “soccer” and fuck off. Truly tragic times at Arsenal Football Club. BTW: it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening watching the Chavs lose yet another FA Cup final. That VAR moment was absolutely priceless.… Read more »


The only way the bid had any chance was public pressure on Kroenke. Even with such, it was a hail Mary.


I am told Papa Kroenke & Son Kroneke are still discussing about and haven’t concluded the shape of a ‘soccer’ football.


Ek is a publicity whore not a serious buyer.


KSE is just saying ‘you need to increase your bid before we even consider.’

They are making profits, no reason to sell. Even if We earn lesser, the reinvestment amount will be lesser. At the end of it, KSE is still earning big amount.


Nonsense. Kroenke has turned down offers with a major premium in the past. Ek is a fake buyer offering market price ( while lying about having financing in place) and using Arsenal legends as props. Free publicity for Ek.

Kroenke is in it for the long haul capital return. A serious buyer would understand that but not an overnight, paper billionaire like Ek.


“Daniel Ek says KSE rejected his Arsenal bid”

Not that I’m a Kroenke fan or anything but I despise this prick more than them. Get back in your box son and fuck off. You can always dry your tears with all the money you’ll be stealing from hard working musicians in the years to come.

Disarmed Gunner

Love how you get all these downvotes just for expressing your opinion. This fanbase is so desperate they would take Lucifer himself if it got rid of Kroenke.


Or mourinho as manager 2 years ago.

For shame.


Wrong club mate.


I think Fezec is pointing out that when we appointed Arteta there were a not insignificant number of voices suggesting we should appoint Maureen. Arteta has struggled, but I’m so happy we didn’t go with that option. Maybe a case where KSE stinginess worked in our favour.


Arteta was certainly “cheaper” than Maureen but it would have been almost impossible to appoint him given his history with Wenger/Arsenal even if the owner had wanted to. A big majority of posts on this site at the time supported the appointment of Arteta though and an even more substantial majority thought he was doing a good job after the FA Cup win – not even a year ago yet. Basically, he’s gone from being welcomed to being very popular to being (almost) absolute zero in the space of 18 months. Not that much different to Maureen at Sp*rs, I… Read more »


I know, and still find Fezec’s point to be miles off the mark. Yes, there were some Mourinho trolls making appearances at the time, but the fanbase (I know treating it at as a unit is problematic) was never ever going to accept Mourinho at Arsenal. There were voices arguing for the ESL as well, that doesn’t mean that there was ever fan momentum behind such an idea.


One is too many.


Tjisnis true, there are actually people who suggested Maureen as our manager which given his history with us is stupefying. Some people have no fucking pride!

Ek is a cunt. Fuck him and fuck anyone who thinks he’s the answer to the malaise. He isn’t.


I am sute that Lucifer will give us a bigger transfer budget, so Lucifer instead of Kroenke all the way.


He’s a man of wealth and taste.

Once, twice, three times el neny

Yeah this guy is killing art. He’s no better than the Kroenke cunts


This further illustrates that the real criminals are the ones who sold the club to Kroenke in the first place. Previous owners shall not be remembered fondly by me.

Community asset sold to a man not even from the continent. What a disgrace.

Disarmed Gunner

I’m sure they will be upset with that.

El Mintero

It’s a good point rarely discussed.


What buyer from the Continent was available? Only criminal oligarchs from the former Soviet Union.

My Arse-nal

Would be interesting to hear exactly what KSE responded. If it was just simply that they ‘don’t need the money’ that just sounds a bit shit. They could have just said they have no intention of selling. But to me, in saying they don’t need the money, makes me feel even more that Arsenal are a bit of an afterthought.


Usmanov took nearly a billion for a third of the shares a few years ago. This joker, Ek, offered 1.8 billion for the lot. They weren’t even going to get out of bed for an offer like that.

What a clown.


Exactly. There was another buyer who offered a major premium and KSE turned it down without hesitation. Ek is a joke. KSE deny that he even made an offer. He insists he did because he doesn’t want to be exposed as a fraud looking for free publicity.




fuck it
lets ramp up the protests fellow Arsenal fans

El Mintero

Don’t buy any season tickets. Don’t go to the games. Force the cnts out by Christmas!

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

With all due respect to Daniel Ek, Josh KSE, heir to Stan KSE, has better hair. More seriously, why did the consortium believe that KSE would ever sell? The biggest blame lies elsewhere: KSE has always hired subpar executives, from Gazidis (who interfered with Arsene Wenger) to Sanllehi (who made money for him and his friends through dubious moves such as appointing Emery and various juicy transfers) while the jury is out about Edu. Interestingly today, Leicester just beat Chelsea int the FA Cup final, and I found it extremely and perversely enjoyable. What if Chelsea is saving everything for… Read more »


Isn’t it nr.5,6 and 7 go to Europa League anyway and fuck knows who there after into this new European Champions of Mid Table League?
Asking for a friend.


5th and FA winners qualify for UEL. If Leicester finish in the top 4, 6th place goes to UEL.
Also Carabao Cup winners qualify for the Conference League but since City have won it, 7th placed team are gonna go through.


Moreover if Chelsea were to win the UCL and finish 5th, the 6th and 7th placed teams go to UEL while the 8th one goes to UECL.


Also, I agree anybody that comes out so publicly in such a giant money deal is not to be taken seriously. Unless you’re gonna back it up with an offer they simply can’t refuse, because I do believe anything is for sale if its the right price to the seller. Wich is usually the wrong price for the buyer 😉 But then he comes out publicly again saying they refuse because they didn’t need the money, like I’ve done huge deals of over £100 so I know what goes on in these sort of meetings, but neither me or my… Read more »


I would like to see us miss out on Europe entirely. Then MA shall have no excuse if he doesn’t win the league.


He says he made a bid, there’s no proof that he actually did, the guy is a bit of a wind up. We move on.


“We move on……”

Yeah, right.

(I fucking hate Chris Rea, so this serves you right – fill your boots.)


What did you want to be cc’d in the email chains?

Henry has come out and said it’s true, various trustworthy new sites have verified it’s true the man himself has said it’s true. There’s healthy skepticism then there’s what you are doing.


Look, KSE played the long game in getting ownership of the club, they’re in for the long haul because they still believe in the long term returns to be made on their investment. Unless Ek comes with some ridiculously overvalued bid they’re not selling. But let’s be clear, KSE aren’t dumb, if they need to invest further to protect their business they will, money isn’t an issue for them if it makes business sense. Sporting achievement is absolutely a secondary consideration to them. Without a direct correlation between sporting and business results we’re always going to be in conflict with… Read more »


No we’re not stuck with them. We can make things very uncomfortable for Stan by boycotting ticket sales, merchandise and other club products.

My guess is that this situation will resolve itself by the club’s continuing commercial and playing failures. Stan can’t run a top soccer club and we will continue to sink under him.

When the stadium fully reopens we will see apathetic 25,000 crowds watching mid-table Arsenal teams. This is unsustainable. Perhaps then Stan will be willing to entertain offers from the likes of Ek.

It’s a shame he just doesn’t go now.


When the stadium fully reopens we will see apathetic 25,000 crowds watching mid-table Arsenal teams. This is unsustainable.

When we’ve been in that situation before, the Kronke’s pushed Wenger into early retirement and sacked Emery. So maybe third time’s the charm?


Yeah but I think people do see or are starting to see (myself included) that they don’t actually seem be to be cheap and flip over every penny. I mean hell, for that Pepe money you would, despite the inflation, get 2 proper players. Its just an example btw. My point being that they don’t know wtf they’re looking at, so someone who does know said “yes he’s worth that money” and it got done. Partey 45mil outright. If only now they can put in the right people at executive level, proper football (not perse Arsenal) people.


I’m not condoning what Utd fans did when they vandalized Ed Woodward’s home, but if Stans ranch burned down, let’s just say no one deserves it more. This football club is dead until they fuck off. No point in really discussing anything Arsenal anymore. Next season will go like this season, rinse and repeat. Maybe they really add excitement to our lives and flirt with relegation until the final day of the season so when we stay up, Josh will pop out from behind a bush and say “didn’t I tell you, be excited?! How exciting was that?!”


To wich they replied “we don’t need the money” and he then comes back with “…but remain interested and available should that situation ever change.”

This guy for real right now?! 🙄😭

Listen to Blogs mr. Ek, do not hold your breath!!!


Watching the Leicester owner celebrate with his players after the FA Cup win just made me wish we had an owner that, you know, actually cared about football!

Baichung Bhutia

Kroenkes care about football – the wrong version of it though. Regarding Leicester, I hope they smash Chelsea in the league as well and kick them out of top 4.

Disarmed Gunner

There are levels to this billionaire game. Ek doesn’t have anything Kroenke needs. This will be a slow, laborious cocktease, that could take a long time before anything pops up worth knowing.


99.9% of the time it’s always about money but this time there is an ego factor. The Kroenke Family own a premier league team, an NFL team, an NHL team, an NBA team, and an MLS Team. I can’t think of an ownership group that owns that much sports territory or if there is, It’s a small group of billionaires in this club. Like rich car collectors or wealthy land owners, they don’t give up property and territory easily and in many cases never!, unless you overpay significantly and offer them sort of massive power in exchange.


Unfortunately this story has not been published on arseblog but it is reported Arsenal were contacted by their sponsor Lavazza in regards to Elneny’s post on twitter in support of Palestine. Arsenal’s statement was as follows: ‘As with any employees of Arsenal, our players are entitled to express their views on their own platforms. That said we have spoken to Mo about this so he understands the wider implications of his post.” I am disgusted yet not surprised by Arsenal and their lack of values. Had this been a BLM post Arsenal would not have contacted Elneny. The fact that… Read more »


You can’t commend arseblog for steering clear of politics and lament the club for doing the same.


Don’t think you got the point of my post. The club didn’t steer clear of politics – by speaking to a player about what he’s posted on social media and making that public they are quite clearly inserting themselves in an attempt to distance the club from his views. This is in stark contract to black lives matter which the club proudly displays banners of every home game in the stadium. A club who would never have the audacity to question a player’s support for the BLM movement or to need to have a word with them.


“they are quite clearly inserting themselves in an attempt to distance the club from his views.” How are they tho and why should they support or distance from the post? Honest question. Surely they have to be ‘neutral’?! Haven’t seen it, haven’t read it but when I see your post it sounds like Lavazza said whatever to Arsenal about the post and Arsenal says that any employee is entitled to express their opinion on their platform. Full stop. That’s how I see it, think you’re digging down into the fact that Arsenal then allegedly had a word with Mo. I… Read more »


Sorry mate you’re being naive.

All arsenal player’s social media is property of Arsenal football club.

They are on social media as employees of arsenal. Therefore any opinion expressed is representative of arsenal.

Players are well compensated for the restrictions they face as public figures and representatives of the club. A contract they sign without a bullet to the head.

Surely you understand that there has to be a line drawn somewhere? What if Mo comes out in support of Palestine but Rob Holding comes out in support of Israel?


Also while I understand how emotive and distressing the situation in Palestine is for many, is there any need to reference BLM?

What you’re basically asking is that every political issue is treated the same, which it is not.

No need to undermine the good work of Arsenal in taking a stand against racism just because you feel they have fallen on the wrong side of ethics on Palestine.

With respect.


This got me thinking back to the issues Ozil had with political comments, the influence of our Chinese markets, and what happened to the player after that.

I have not seen the Elneny post but respect a player’s right to have a view on the world if it affects him just as I respect every poster here having the same right to raising issues in the right way.


Go ask Hamas to stop lobbing missiles from civilian areas and engaging in Pallywood.


Unless I missed it, Ek still hasn’t clarified whether his offer is a leveraged buyout or not, and until he does, nobody should be getting behind it. The last thing this club needs is another billion in debts being piled onto it to finance someone’s purchase.


Well, there you go. The Kroenkes ‘Don’t Need The Money.’ Remember those words the next time Edu or Arteta or whoever pleads poverty in the transfer market – when player ‘X’ ends up at either City, Chelsea, United, Liverpool, Leicester or the Spuds – because we were outbid – or didn’t even bid at all. Remember that the next time Stan pops his hand into the club’s coffers and helps himself. Remember that when the next batch of the clubs employees get handed their P45’s with a sob story about Covid and Lockdown and loss of revenue. The Kroenkes Don’t… Read more »


You actually believe that Ek went to the Kronkes and they said, exact words ” We don’t need the money”? Ek is a chancer and he wouldn’t’ have been able to speak directly to anyone, even if he actually made a bid, which nobody knows. Shows how gullible some people are.


Why not?

I seriously don’t get the bile and hatred being directed at Ek and at the same time this ‘Put Up And Shut Up’ mantra being blitzed upon anyone who questions the current regime.

Then you get ‘No ones backing the current regime.’


Just tune into Arseblog News, Kroenke-boppers. Let’s slag off Ek and tell everyone this is all there is.

Sorry. It doesn’t work that way. People have had enough of the current regime. And they won’t rest until we get the change that this wonderful old football club deserves.


Maybe instead of trying to look smart and shit, the Kroenke should just stop persisting with amateurs like Edu, Vinai, Arteta etc and buy personnels from clubs like Leicester or Lille: their scouts, their dof, their coaches. Much better way of spending money than let Edu and Arteta blow money on Willian etc


Well, that’s a surprise (not). Very few “hard” details about the offer that EK made (understandably) just headings, but it’s interesting that he didn’t apparently come back with any improved offer – notwithstanding the response from the owner, which is standard stuff really, true or not. Perhaps he reached the limit of his finances and/or didn’t get support from other backers that it was reported he needed. Who knows? Anyway, until/unless the owner reconsiders, very unlikely in my opinion, it looks like we’re “Stuck with Stan” for the foreseeable future. If so, the summer window will be particularly interesting as… Read more »


Interesting….?! Hearing Arteta parrot out ‘We will only spend if the right man becomes available’ all summer…..? Mate, the only thing that’s remotely ‘interesting’ about this whole tediously pathetic rinse-repeat scenario, is how many people are seemingly still prepared to be taken in by the utter clap trap, smokescreen and downright lies that our esteemed owners and their lap dog keep peddling. Cannot wait to be told for the umpteenth time how ‘excited’ they all are…… After the Palace game, that’s me for the summer, until our first game of the new season. I’m not going to waste a single… Read more »


I don’t agree at all. I want our manager (Arteta or anyone else) to say he’ll only spend money on the “right” player(s) – you appear at least to be happy with the alternative to that. I’m not. Now, whether any players we do get turn out to be the right ones is another discussion. I really don’t see the point in being critical of the club, the owner, the manager or Uncle Tom Cobley about what may or may not happen in the summer. How do we know what will happen given that the transfer window isn’t open yet.… Read more »


* I forgot the Brighton game.

I mean, a game with so much riding in it, how could I forget that……?


No one knows what is being said behind the scenes and if anything is going on at all.

They all seem to be playing the media.

I would like to focus on the relationship with Josh and his dad.

I wonder how much information really gets back to Stan?

Since Josh was made a board member we have truly gone backwards

Mikels Arteta

This guy’s a super villain


For Arsenal to have any chance of improving in the future, the profit only interested Kroenke family need to be forced to sell Ek, a genuine & lifelong (nearly) Arsenal supporter who is seemingly prepared to invest in our club. The test in the Summer transfer window if the dreadful Kroenke’s still own us all is whether they’re prepared to give us a small portion of their incredible wealth to buy Cody from Wolves at any price!


During Kroenke’s management we have slipped from being one of five world’s best clubs commercially after Barcelona, Real, Bayern and Man U to not even England’s top 5 clubs now. This is all under KSE’s watch with gross underspending during a time when player’s values are inflating every year.


Careful mate.

Thumb down avalanche incoming….

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