Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Willock open to making Newcastle move permanent

Joe Willock says he’s open to turning his loan move with Newcastle into a permanent arrangement.

The England under-21 international’s time on Tyneside couldn’t have gone any better since he moved in January. He’s scored in six consecutive Premier League games – becoming the youngest player to achieve the feat – and secured vital points to secure the Magpies’ Premier League status.

The Geordies have fallen in love and, unsurprisingly, Steve Bruce is keen to talk to Arsenal about a summer deal.

“Let’s see what we can do because he’s exactly what we needed,” said the Newcastle manager.

“Joe has still got a lot to learn but we have given him a freedom and a licence to get forward. He is a young player enjoying his football.”

While Willock grew up at Arsenal, his first taste of life away from London appears to have got the juices flowing.

Following last night’s 1-0 win over Sheffield United, Willock was asked about his future as fans serenaded him with “We want you to stay” chants.

“I want to say thank you for making me feel so welcome and thank you for greeting me with open arms,” he said.

“I hope you’re satisfied with what I’ve given for the club so far and hopefully there’s more to come in the future.

“I’m not going to promise anything, but the conversation is going to be held.

“To make history at this special club is special for me. I came here on loan to help the team and it’s turned into a brilliant story.

“It’s been tremendous and I’m so happy that we can sign off with a win at home.”

“I have made friends for life and made a really big connection with the fans. It [staying permanently] is one of my options and I am going to consider it.”

Whatever happens next for Joe, this has obviously been a life-affirming experience for him. Here’s hoping he goes from strength to strength.

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well done Joe and good luck, whatever happens. Arteta has been crying out for a goal scoring CM – is willock the solution? or at least one of our options? or do you think we cash in on his inflated price now and invest in other areas?

Vaibhav Pandey

Cash in and invest

Public Elneny

Loan and make a decision next summer based on more information

Carlton Kgololana

Loan? He has proved himself at this level now, we are desperate for money to improve the team, sell now when he has good value and reinvest, let’s get Camavinga get him for 40million see him become one of the best sell him to Madrid in 3-4 years for over £100 million. Or 20million could get us Andersen who has done well for Fulham we need to fix that defence before we get anywhere.


Camavinga is top class, love to see him in the red and white. 20million is half way there. Apparently he wants to come as he is not yet ready for Madrid or Barca yet and needs to develop.

Public Elneny

What level has he proved himself at though? I’m sorry but at this point if anyone claims to have a good idea whether he does or doesn’t have the ability to succeed here, or whether we will or won’t regret selling him, they’re talking out their arse. He’s in a purple patch right now, which is great, but we’ll learn far more about his suitability when that form settles down. He’s developing at Newcastle and is already a more intelligent and physical player than when he left. He’s far more likely to continue that development trajectory at Newcastle than back… Read more »

Carlton Kgololana

Agreed it certainly is a purple patch, he has done great for Newcastle and is on fire. Sometimes a player and club form a perfect fit and are suited to their style of play, he is flourishing up there (mainly as a sub) another proper football club. How about a shout for Premier League player of the Month? We are all fans and have watched these players closer than any pundit, so we all have a good critical judgement on players and our club. It’s nice to chat with you and have a debate. You never truly know the quality… Read more »

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

I am sorry, but do you not remember Alex Iwobi? Loan will waste lots of contract time. I don’t know how much of a contract Willock has left, but he has willing buyers, and if the contract is sufficiently long, then we could yet get 22-25 million for him. Nothing to sniff at, especially if Arsenal become snide shits and put some clauses where he can be bought back for a lower price or some first refusal thing if he becomes better.


I agree with this. It really is too soon to know whether he is the real deal or not. Arguably, the loan spell has done just what was intended – he’s developed rapidly with game time he wouldn’t have got with us – and he’s earned the chance to try for a permanent first team place at Arsenal. If it doesn’t work we can move him on in a year. If it does, work out it’s a great piece of business.


The only problem being that we’ve got a buyer with absolute interest in him — unless we plan on keeping him for another contract, I don’t think we’ll get to sell him at near the same value next year. He just scored 6 in 6 in the PL, his teammates and manager love him there, and he’s adored by the fans — max value if we want or need to sell. I’d keep him, because I’ve always loved Joe and think he can be a winner at Arsenal, but we’ll see.

A Gorilla

What utter nonsense

Cultured Determination

But who do we buy? Lampard has retired and there’s no old CM at Chelsea


Jorginho is closing in on 30 and has Brazilian roots, 3 year deal from Arsenal incoming…


Danny Drinkwater?


I’d say he does but we need him to play football

We were strongly linked with Jorginho last summer.

Carlton Kgololana

Mason Mount? And Kante CM?

Announce Bendtner

Edu is saving those deals for 2028


He’s our 4th leading goal scorer this season with 10 goals.

Sarcastic Joe

I’m sure we loan him out another year, then we sit down with Edu next summer to evaluate the situation. Then we repeat until his contract runs out.


Keep him till January window before deciding. He may be a better player now. Thats what loans are for isn’t it.


Bring Joe back in the squad


It also partially depends upon whether or not we can get Odegaard permanently. If not, out with Ceballos and Odegaard, in with Joe. Even if we manage a year more of Odegaard loan, bringing Joe back in would be good, especially if we do have a pale semblance of Euroball to play.

Not that Willock should be limited to those at all, just more minutes to share around a n general.


The real question is this: were Odegaard or Ceballos really that much better (or even just better) than Willock? I didn’t think so.


Good question. I’m retrospect, no. But good that we experimented.


Ceballos, no. Odegaard has shown he’s got the goods. I wonder if he’s still feeling that injury a bit. He brings a composure and craft to the midfield that Willock has not for us yet. They’re different styles. Willock is more vertical, Odegaard more creative and possession and dribbling skills from what we’ve seen of them thus far.

I like them both, and think we have use for both. No idea how likely having both around next year is.

Ian Dingwall

JW at Arsenal lost the ball a lot. A bit like Pepe in close contact.Touches often too firm. Hope this has improved ,otherwise may regret not selling in current market.


Arteta is going to restrict/constrict his natural ability. Micromanager of note!


Cash in. Not arsenal level.

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

One could argue that Arsenal aren’t Arsenal level, at the moment


Cash in and pay Stanley back part of one of his loans – eh, sorry, cash in and ‘invest’…..


Swap Joe + £££ for Grealish.


It’s a tough one. My heart wants him to stay but my head says we should take advantage and cash in. No disrespect to Joe but he’s flourishing in a very poor Newcastle team and his best performances for us only seemed to come in EL ties, also against very poor teams. I remember on a couple of occasions he was given an opportunity in the league after a decent European performance and just floundered. When you look at the level of consistency and talent that Saka and ESR have, it’s extremely difficult to try and convince yourself that Willock… Read more »


Can’t believe some of us easily wants him out. And the nerve to say “he’s not our level.” What are we? Champions of England? Gimme a break. The boy loves Arsenal, is only 21, has great engine, works hard defensively and can pop up with a goal. Good and raw skills there to develop into a proper box to box, and he has time on his side. Yet some of us wants him out for a laughable £20 million. The fact that we’ll have to reinvest another £40 million on a replacement who isn’t guaranteed to be twice the player… Read more »


Not to mention his physique, close to 190cm. He can dominate in the air, which there’s not plenty in our ranks further up the pitch.


Willock reminds me of David Platt, who always had a knack of showing up in the right place in the box and scoring. Would love for Joe’s to stay at Arsenal and start scoring for us but I’m not sure his style of play fits with Arteta’s style/system. They should try to make it work.


Very happy for Joe.
But there are no free-range midfielders in Arteta’s system.
Willock’s been amazing. Props to him. But this purple patch will fade.

Take the cash and invest in Odegaard.


Willock can do well for many managers but Arteta or Pep would never get the best out of him.


Heh, Gundogan did it the season for Man City

Carlton Kgololana

What do we think of Odegaard, is he the man we need or should we look elsewhere?


Odegaard might have seen struggling but think he is more of a player who thrives on others making runs. With us being so static most of the times he has not been able to show what he can do. Hope he stays and Arteta coaches better, we have been way too static or overthink and at times just too careful. Elneny doesnt bring any quality…he is tidy only because he is very defensive minded. The whole mindset needs to change, we have too many defensive minded players who like to pass it back than create a spark.


He may not score every match like this, but he had already shown us he has a knack for showing up in the box and putting one away. I see Willock, ESR and Odegaard as a trio that could be chopped and changed into different combinations depending on how we want to line up and manage a game. If we don’t keep him and Odegaard doesn’t stay on, we need an high quality acquisition at box-to-box or attacking mid. Personally I’d like to see us keep him and Odegaard -and use them both- if we’re ’freshening up’ the age of… Read more »

The Beast

That would be my preference as well. Would be nice to build the midfield around a core of young, energetic players that bring different qualities to the side.

May be difficult to keep both Odegaard (assuming he wants to stay & Real want to sell) & Willock though. Depending on how we plan to strengthen, now may be the perfect time to sell Willock as well as he seems happy at Newcastle & they look keen to buy.

Difficult one to call

Cultured Determination

Then arteta should go. Cos,his,style of play is,not bringing the best out of anyone.


Arteta’s game management is so restrictive, I am sure Pepe got a good scolding for taking on players and scoring….


Yes of course. Arteta will bench pepe the next game. This is our style of play. Arteta would be the perfect robot football team manager. Just pre configure your non negotiables and let the robots carry out your instructions. check out and come back to see your results in 90 mins.


What is our style of play?


Let the other team score first and then try to come back.


Understandable, but it would be a shame in my opinion as he’s obviously a talent and could do very well back at The Emirates (given a fair run). We’ll have to see what happens in the summer window. If Newcastle were to offer a “good” price (whatever that turns out to be) I suspect we probably would sell him.


Willock needs to play next to a CF or Target man so he can be a shadow striker. He needs a 4-4-2 or a 4-4-1-1. Not sure Arteta is willing to play that way just for Willock.

Carlton Kgololana

A target man would improve the whole team bring back Giroud, imagine Pepe playing off that wall


Willock’s joy at Newcastle has been in a three-man midfield, leaning right, with the freedom to arrive late in the box. Like Ramsey during that incredible season for us, the crucial part of his game is arriving late in the box (Ramsey ended up eliminating his own productivity for us by pushing forward too early in his eagerness to score). I think Arteta would like to try 433 in the not too distant future, and Willock could suit that set up, as well as the 4141 we’ve seen when chasing games.

Newcastle line-up in a 5-3-2 with Willock playing as a roaming 8 in the three-man midfield. I think the key is having trio of central midfielders.


Sounds like he wants to leave. I think it’s best, he doesn’t really seem to fit atm

John g

Disagree. He scores more than anyone in our squad currently. If you looked at his numbers and not his name you wouldn’t say that.


That depends on your manager’s instructions too. With Arteta, Joe would not be allowed to enter the penalty box. He might have to slot into RB position every time our RB pushes forward. Arteta ball 101


Ofcourse he is going to consider it. My guess is a club bigger than Newcastle are going to come for him, unless ofcourse Arteta shows more intent on making him a regular member of the team.

Forest gooner

I love how our recent loan outs have been successful. Belik, Emi Martinez, Chambers, Mavropanos, Nelson, Willock, AMN. Partial success of Nketiah.
Keep it up Arsenal.


Guendouzi, Saliba, mkhitaryan

That’s a pretty good record. Even Ballard is putting a shift at Blackpool. John-Jules started off well before his injury. The Nketiah one was such a waste. I know Bamford is in form now but he was shocking last season for the number of chances his teammates were giving him. Nketiah had a better goal/game ratio than Bamford but he didn’t really get given a proper chance by Bielsa. I know Bielsa has Leeds firing now but I don’t think it will be the same if fans are remaining in stadiums next season. A little read on his history suggests… Read more »


I’d hate to lose Joe, but I can understand his desire to go to a team that will start him and whose fans adore him. That’s what it’s about …

matt keeler

I see a lot of people saying Willock doesn’t fit Arteta’s system. Yet Arteta is trying to recreate what they have at Man City with limited resources.
In this case I see Willock as similar to Gündoğan. Can definitely see him as false nine in a really important game we have to win.

Would only sell for north of £40m


I hope you’re right, but I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be offered £40 million in this market. Even the potential price of the few “wonderkids” that the really rich clubs are after this summer has apparently dropped to the £80-90 million range from well over £100 million just a while ago.


If a free scoring midfielder doesn’t fit the system, it says much more about the system than the player.

Teryima Adi

Or maybe the manager doesn’t rate him enough.


The problem is that Joe doesn’t have nearly the technical ability of Gundogan. Rightly or wrongly Artetas system is about trying to control the game, that doesn’t suit Joe as he’s much more about freedom and playing direct football. If we bring Joe back into the team the whole system would have to change for him as he doesn’t fill any of the current midfield roles. I get people saying well we should fit our system to incorporate him but I’m afraid I can’t see it happening and I think if it’s not going to then now is the time… Read more »


I wish we’d get a manager that would play a higher tempo as we’ve had players best suited to that system for over a decade now and managers that keep trying to mould the team into beautiful, possession based, tika-taka, rigid positioning/structured football. This was the same under Wenger towards the end. I remember the last time we beat City up there it was a game we finally just played them on the counter and dusted them 2-0 and I thought maybe this is it when Wenger realises we have a squad of players best suited to high tempo football… Read more »


The higher tempo will come next season in our buildup play. We caught glimpses of it this season (first half vs Wolves; second leg vs Slavia), but I think Arteta is really going to add to the attacking part of our game next year by creating more chances in their box. Remember, too, that aside from a handful of PL clubs, most of the teams we play against sit deep and let us have the ball. Counter-attacking isn’t even an option. It’s frustrating as hell to watch, but picking those locks and scaling those walls takes time — even City… Read more »


It’s not really much of an improvement in defence. We play such a boring negative style of play and that is the main reason we’ve looked less open.
I’d rather see a team attack more and at least some entertainment.
We have good attackers but they are really stifled by the style of play.
Arteta won’t last long playing this turgid brand of football Infront of a full stadium


We’re +21 (goals for, goals against) since Boxing Day, and while I will agree with you that we aren’t playing anything close to the free-flowing football we used to under Wenger, even at the end, we aren’t leaking goals like we used to either, as was my original point — and that really is a big step in the right direction for this club. We need to score more goals — absolutely, no one would disagree with that — but the top teams always keep it tight, and we now seem to do that with consistency.


Enough with this since boxing day rubbish teams results are judged over a season.
We’ve conceeded 39
Over the previous 5 seasons to this one the average is 46
Hardly major improvement


And can a team not improve over the course of that season, and some positives or negatives been taken as a result? In our last 23 PL games, we’ve scored twice as many as we’ve conceded, and we’ve only been outscored by ManCity and ManUnited. I want more goals from this team, too, but we’ve been much better than “turgid brand of football” suggests.


Frank, I do think Joe can play for Arteta (as he did successful in the Europa and FA Cup for us this season, getting MotM a few times), and I do think Arteta is going to work on an additional formation in the preseason to give an extra look next season — perhaps a 433, in which Joe would be perfect. But yeah, you are right – I can’t seem him entering into the current formation and displacing anyone in there at the moment.


Always liked him and always wanted to see him play in red

Peter Story Teller

Magpie link! Malcolm McDonald. Remember when he netted 5 times in one England game and was promptly dropped for not fitting into the team’s style of play??? Joe has 6 in 6 and we are suggesting selling him to a rival because he doesn’t suit our style! Perhaps we could watch videos of the last 6 Newcastle games and play him like that because ‘our style’ at the moment seems to be pass it backwards and sideways for most of the game and don’t dare move forwards or take a shot at goal. I think the Palace injury time turnaround… Read more »


It had nothing to do with England’s style of play.

SuperMac was dropped by Don Revie, because Revie hated him for some inexplicable reason. Revie was a prize twat anyway, so no surprises there.


Fair enough but actually, this is a hard veto at this point. This has been one of the most successful January loans in prem history, and the idea that we’ll let him waltz out the door for 20m is laughable. If he can replicate even 50% of his Newcastle form for us, he’ll be worth a hell of a lot more than 20m. If he can’t, then we can consider selling.

Don Danbury

I liked him in the EL for us, but I felt he wasn’t up to it when he was given a run in the PL. Would definitely bring him back in the summer and give him a decent run in the first team, he’s earned that up in Newcastle. Especially considering our lack of midfield goals. If it doesn’t work out, we can always sell him to Newcastle after 6-12 months, I’m sure they will still be mesmerised by his 6 goals in 6 games and will buy him for the same price or slightly less than what we could… Read more »


Andy Cole at the Toon aka Joe Willock ? Once the Geordies have you in your heart it’s difficult to pull away from the club & the Toon itself ! Word of warning though Joe ! Steve Bruce isn’t well liked by the fans & the club have been in turmoil for too many years now Definitely suits the style at Newcastle at the moment but if a new boss comes in ??? Just saying coz I’ve lived here all my 58 years and the fans all want Joe to stay they love a hero ! I do believe he… Read more »

The Far Post

I’ve always loved the way Willock plays. Unfortunately he seemed a bit inhibited and scared of doing the wrong things while he was playing for us before the loan. As the result he never managed to show his qualities. I think several of our young players exhibit this same sort of fear and nervousness. Hate to say it because I really want Arteta to succeed, but the system he’s introduced doesn’t allow much creativity at the moment. It’s no wonder that Willock likes it so much at Newcastle, although I’ll quickly add that he might get a different feeling if… Read more »

Teryima Adi

It’s a Cinderella story. Wishing you all the best, Joe.

Eddy F

Joe has 7 goals in 13 games (10 starts). Across a full season, that’s 20 goals in 38 games. If we’re only looking for £20 million, for a 21 year old, English midfielder on track for the equivalent of a 20 goal season, something is seriously wrong. Based on those stats he’s worth at least £50 million, if not more. And before you laugh at that valuation, Kane has 22, Salah has 22, Fernandes has 18 goals this season. All these players would be valued above £100 million. If we sell to Newcastle this summer for a paltry amount, in… Read more »


It’s a purple patch.
7 from 13 would in all likelyhood turn into 12 to 15 over the course of a 38 game season.

Didn’t Nelson have a great goal scoring start in Germany?


Do you realized that joe has been our highest scoring midfielder across all competition for the last 2 season? That’s no coincidence. These type of midfielders are very rare. I see no reason joe can’t get a run as a box box midfielder who make late runs in the box! All this talk about he is not technical enough is nonsense. I don’t see joe technical game any worst off than dani and elneny. Physically and positionally I think joe is better than both and his all round game is way better (young yaya toure). The kid just need a… Read more »


And might also add, majority of these goes came in pressure games and against top 6 teams mostly! The kid deliver and save Newcastlefrom the drop.

Carlton Kgololana

Yeah he was ripping it up at first in the Bundesliga, what’s happened to him? We didn’t need William blocking his development.

Eddy F

12 to 15 goals for a midfielder over the course of a season is Lampard territory.

Do people realise Ramsey, our previous box-to-box midfielder who scored lots of goals, the most he got in one season in the league was 10?


With Ceballos and Odegaard almost certain to go back to Madrid, our creative midfield options for next season look limited. I’d like Willock to return. I think he can still deliver for us and wasn’t really sure why he wasn’t given more of an opportunity

Teryima Adi

He had his chances in the league but he was disappointing.


To be fair, the whole team was disappointing during the period where he was given chances. I’d like to see what he could do in a functioning and cohesive side.

Carlton Kgololana

Yeah, he only did well against inferior teams in Europa and FA cup, gives the ball away too often, second touch usually a tackle!


Depending on his contract another years loan could work for all parties


Runours are that newcastle are in the midst of a takeover. Given his record and nationality he should be commanding upwards of 40 mill.

Even that would be a steal imo


Good for him. He is super talented and a great character, he fully deserves a career in the Premiership.


Joe was doing ok before his loan, he showed his knack of showing up in and around the box and scoring in EL. Then he goes and gets more PL goals since leaving then anybody who’s still at the club. He looks stronger, taller (maybe?) and fitter.
So he’s going to be sold! If only for Arteta to save face just in case he couldn’t get more out of Joe then Steve Bruce. Who is fair to say is far more experienced ofcourse, but still.

Nostalgic Gooner

If Steve Bruce can turn Willock into a history making goal scoring midfielder in a few months, imagine what a capable manager can do with Willock, Martinelli, Saka, ESR, Pepe, AMN, Nelson, Saliba, Balogun and others. I hope Arteta learns from his mistake of valuing experience over talent (Leno v Martinez) and we don’t lose players that have incredible potential. We can’t let Willock go – he’ll turn into another Gnabry.

SB Still


SLC Gooner

Can’t see letting him go for less than 30 or maybe even 40M. Maybe it is just a good streak. But we’re very short of goals and particularly goals from midfield. Plus he ticks the homegrown box, something that Odegaard or various of the other options being discussed wouldn’t do. Letting him go for 20M would be exactly the same sort of poor transfer business we’ve been so guilty of for the last 5 years.


This discussion around Joe Willock – who I don’t think has been given a proper, meaningful run in the Arsenal first team by our current manager, nor, apparently, shown the love & trust that Steve Bruce seems to have done – makes me wonder if a young goal scoring Aaron Ramsey would get into an Arteta football system, or not. Hmmm.

Carlton Kgololana

Take the money while His Stock is high. Nketiah as well. I’m available to drive them to whoever makes an offer. Let’s do a swap for Sant Maximum, now there’s a player bro.

Grecian Gunner

Is Willock going to be the next Martinez?

Charles MMM

I think it’s best to sell him now that the ovation is laudest with a buy back price clause or a sale on percentage clause, than to mismanage it out of sentiment like we did when Wolverhampton came for Miles at the end of last season. Like Arteta said earlier on, we need to be both smart and ruthless in the market if we want to make real progress in both sporting side and financial aspects of running the club.


He hasn’t been terribly smart of ruthless in market. We have not made much from selling on our players. Selling on higher assets may also mean you have to replace so its a net negative at best. PLUS Willock is young and developing still. IT looks pointless selling on now. Adding too much from market also runs risk of settling issues (like Pepe) Makes more sense to carry on with younger players showing promise. That includes for me Nelson and even Saliba (Guendouzi arguably if he can get his head stuck firmly on) But Arteta’s not been terribly good at… Read more »

Gus Caesar

I’ve been frustrated at how little game time Willock has received. He’s best played as one of three central midfielders – when we finally decide to play his ideal formation we bring in Odegaard and loan Joe out. For me, it makes much more sense to keep Willock and let him rotate with Smith-Rowe behind the striker. Invest the money we’d have spent on Odegaard in another central midfielder to partner Partey.


This is an Arteta issue. He keeps rotating inexplicably or falling back on crutches like Willian or Luiz. We had aruably good promise in Slaiba and Guendouzi too but he was unable to manage them looks likely to try and sell them instead. Then we had Holding/Mari/Gabriel but Arteta favoured cycling in Luiz so there was little consistency in the critical Cback area which you need to establish some level of intuition. Up top Pepe was finally showing good up tick in form after a season and a half of mediocrity but then Arteta rotated him in and out again… Read more »


Guendouzi is technically superior in all aspects compared to Joe. Yet even he’s not at the level Arteta wants. You have to be a programmable robot to play for Arteta. Non of this audacious creative spontenous flair goalscoring samba shit


Can’t agree more but Joe OTOH has commitment. Arteta can’t seem to manage more testy characters. Saliba hopefully will not be sold. The worse thing is Edu starts to complicate things by trying to clear house bc they have been poor minting ANY money and may now be tempted to sell promising assets. BUT that may not make things better bc they will then have to replace those potential assets and may not do the right thing instead cut corners. (particularly following this loan repayment..warning signs are there) Makes no sense to sell younger more promising assets like Willock and… Read more »


I love this


Makes no sense to sell. He’s still young and showing great promise. We need players in midfield. If anything I differ from Arteta in thinking we need to add TWO in midfield this summer. Bearing in mind neither Dani Ceballos nor Odegaard are confirmed to stay, we could do with a young up coming player back in. Between Guendouzi and Willock, Guendouzi may be more talented but Joe is more committed. At present Xhaka and Partey are the midfield. Torreira is unlikely to have a future. Elneny has been decent this season but we frankly need to trade up on… Read more »


He didn’t exactly flourish at Arsenal & maybe he wants to move – but I can’t help thinking it’s too soon to sell. If he can replicate his Newcastle form back with us he could be a real asset to the team.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

30 million with a buy back clause and/or sell on fee


Well, it’s time for a spot of humble pie for yours truly.

I honestly didn’t think Willock was good enough at this level, but young Joseph had gone and pretty much proved me wrong. That said, he no longer plays LEGOball (in training or otherwise) – which I daresay helps matters quite considerably.

I’m actually very pleased for him, he seems a good lad and therefore deserves to be playing somewhere where he’s happy – if he wants to sign up on a real deal then Newcastle are definitely the club for him.

Right, where’s that fucking pie….


I think it’s beautiful how the Newcastle fans have embraced him. I’d like him to come back, but I also think Joe should go where he’ll get more playing time. That’s likely Newcastle.



Hank Scorpio

Joe Willock needs to do what is best for him. He’ll get more game time and Newcastle can offer that. I’d like him to stay on but I just can’t see Arteta properly and regularly using him. Hopefully we can get a decent price for him.


Joe has started over 40 EPL games (plus 20 + sub) for us for 1 goal under Wenger, Emery and Arteta. He’s scoring but if you watch those newcastle games he’s still giving balI away a lot and has created no chances for anyone else’d which might (yes might) suggest that this hot streak might soon go cold.I would cash in if its over £30 mill especially if that would get us Buendia who scores and creates unlike Odegaard who is extremely one footed.

Merlin’s Panini

If the story about us wanting £20 million for him now is true then I think we’re selling short. His form, his being English and his age put him closer to £30 million. I’d prefer we keep him and utilise him the same way but given the state of the club I suspect we’ll sell.
In other news I saw Sp*rs are now being linked with Gennaro Gettuso, so I guess they’ll be sometimes maybe good sometimes maybe shit.

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