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West Brom 0-6 Arsenal – player ratings

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang grabbed a hat-trick as Arsenal demolished West Brom 6-0 in the Carabao Cup second round this evening.

The skipper’s goals were augmented by strikes from Nicolas Pepe, Bukayo Saka and substitute Alexandre Lacazette. There was also a debut clean sheet for Aaron Ramsdale.

Lots of caveats, obviously, but it was fun stuff, and nice to win a game and score some goals.

Read the West Brom 0-6 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

West Brom 0-6 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Daniel Hayle

Good fun

Azeez Is Good

First game I didn’t watch in ages. Typical.

In my defence it was my girlfriend’s birthday.

Just watched the highlights. Lovely stuff.

🎵 I know, it’s only the Baggies but I like it 🎵


Happy birthday to your girlfriend, dude!



And stop watching games!


Same. I was sick(non covid) if I could stay sick for the entire season I’d be tempted


Can she have another birthday this Saturday?


Odegaard gets a 10 for that backheel assist for Saka alone


Arteta post match dressingroom speech:
– “Great performance today lads. Let’s carry this over to our next match against Norwich.”
Xhaka – “You mean Man City.”
Arteta – “Who?”

Teryima Adi


Richard Bartram

That was smoooth


I say it again – he is going to be an Arse legend. Two deft flicks – 2 successful assists. So calm (and quick!!!) on the ball – what a refreshing change.


Must say I enjoy how direct Tavares is. Like the forward through the lines passing tonight particularly from Chambers and Elneny, need to see more of it.


But. Interned at the number if times Tavares slipped/fell over. Can someone please buy him some longer studs.


Bit concerned……
but not as concerned as I am about my typing.

A Different George

When you win 6-0 against anyone, it seems uncharitable to be too critical of anyone. I thought Tavares showed his energy and his desire–but also that he isn’t ready to play 90 minutes against a Premier League side. It’s great to be direct until you lose the ball and are out of position to a side that has the quality to punish you.


Totally. I was watching him and thinking he showed all the good and bad attributes of a young player: aggressive and careless, full of intent and sloppy, direct and a bit unaware of the big picture. I’m looking forward to him growing up with us.


Amazing how much faster it is to play it through the middle, hey?
Hopefully we will at least try it vs Citeh – although it’ll be considerably more difficult.


0 for Auba is a little harsh 😀

Lord Bendnter

He earned that 0. He scored three goals afterall


Zero poos

Good Grief

We finally win and I’ve finally sussed out how to scroll down on the arseblog Player ratings page on my phone. It’s a glorious time to be alive


Living the dream dude, living the dream.


Squeezy thumb right on the edge of the screen!

God of all Bergkamps

Scrolling down on the player ratings has been so hard for so long as well. Blogs are you even aware how hard it is?


You have to scroll the main article down. It’s recessed within it. I had many problems until realizing

Fireman Sam

Yup the arseblog player ratings scroll, it’s a dark arts physical technique known only to the initiated.


Not as hard as giving Mo’Nenny anything higher than 6.5 – c’mon Blogs, the fella was decent!


Zero is a bit harsh on Auba considering he scored a hattrick


Its called Irish Humor! Dark and deep.


Great news! I had already scratched a small tail onto the 0 on my screen. There’s nothing quite like feeling of being proven correct.

Funsho Patrick

Saks should have had a 9 as well! Carried us..


I got the 9 on my screen…


App has been crashing for months on end. Have to go through facebook and then open articles on the browser. Is there an updated app I should download or something?


I think Pepe deserves a bit more for today. As I saw it, he just worked his socks off.

Gunnar The Gooner

I agree, his work rate is high!


Would agree with this once he learns how to finish.

2 one-on-one’s completely hashed in one match…Good enough against a teenage West Brom side but not going to be okay come this weekend.


This must be Harry of shit (spurs)


Best finisher in our squad for me still. Things havent been going well on that side of the pitch.


He works hard and I love to see it. Might not be outplaying his transfer fee but he certainly works as hard as the humblest man. I’ll continue to back him as long as he does that.

Virginia Gooner

Can we play West Brom every week

Arsenal v AFC Wimbledon in the next round. Good draw


0 for Auba who scored 3 goals and 7 for Tavares who was the weakest link in that defence?


Tavares was clearly played with the intention of going foward, Xhaka, Saka and Kola were all tasked with covering for him. So unduly criticism


Strongly disagree with you mate


I think kola deserved a higher score.
if we’re marking him as a poor leftback playing as a cb that 6.5 is low

The Arsenal

Pepe has been quietly excellent in the last 10 or 15 games..Hopefully he can continue this improvement and momentum. He and Saka terrorized their fullbacks. Saka was incredibly sharp today.
Auba’s best number 9 performance for a while and a trademark finish for his third. Happy to see a smile on his face again. Good to see Laca. Odegaard made a difference, intelligent player.
Still dont like Xhaxa in the team but he was good today, sprayed excellent passes all night. and went forward with alot of them.


Kola always needs a 10. It could add a few quid to his transfer fee…

God of all Bergkamps

Only reason he played was to put him in the shop window




Or the fact our only other available left footed centreback was Pablo Mari. Who had to be coached during the game by Arteta who used a left back who were trying to sell as an example for Mari to follow….


What is this unfamiliar feeling tingling through my entire body…I don’t know what it’s called but it feels like the opposite of a complete lack of hope…I could get used to this. I could also get used to watching Odegaard every week, he’s so wonderfully silky. I just want to run my hands through his hair. No I don’t. Ignore that. He did good football. Bye.


I feel the same brav.

Flavoured Rice

He was good, but that back heel was glorious. However, I also despaired at how easily he got shoved of the ball to the floor throughout the game. He needs someone around to protect him as he hasn’t the zip or evasion skills necessary to avoid challenges. And given his injury records… This is a definite worry for the future. Premier league is gonna rough him up on the regular.


He’s a Viking, man – he’ll get used to the PL and start giving it back, just watch.


brutal zero rating for auba xD


7/10 for Saka is harsh, thought he was the best player on the pitch

Tavares a rough diamond, hopefully we can polish him quickly, has all the raw ingredients to become a top left back, no guarantee it’ll come together for him, but £7million looks a decent punt

I’m certainly not Aubameyang’s biggest fan, but he needed those goals, and his post game interview was good


As long as he continues to do good interviews we are gonna be ok

honda civic

Are we going to ignore how poor we were in the first 15 minutes or so? Sure, I enjoyed the game, we played some decent football once we got some rythm and confidence, but it was still scary sometimes against a mostly U23 West Brom. If Holding played the way he did today against a decent Premier League team he would be out with a red before the end of the first half, and we’d concede at least a goal or two with Chambers’s sloppiness. I’d say only Ramsdale, Auba, Saka and Pepe were actually good enough for a stronger… Read more »


“Hey I’m not taking into consideration our opponents, but on the other hand take into consideration our opponents.. makes you think ey?”


Harry Kane get of of here

Flavoured Rice

You’re not wrong. We were awful that first 15 but the end result in this situation is all that matters. There’s a lot of fragile egos on that pitch and it was proven by a shaky start, a lucky goal and then suddenly the realisation dawns on the player’s that – hold on -this is West Brom… and we promptly proceed to batter them as we should. If Artea actually allowed us to go out with this confidence in the premier league instead of worrying about our own shadows we could actually do great things. Anyways, great to see some… Read more »

honda civic

well said:)


Just rather step outside and go kick the dog, why don’t ya?

honda civic

I guess because I’d rather comment on poor performance in early parts of the game rather than kick a dog? Are we really this insecure about our performances that some criticism is compared to cruelty? lol

A Different George

Lacazette’s pass to Pepe where Pepe hit the crossbar was literally Lacazette’s first touch of the ball after coming on. I’m pretty sure the goal he scored from Pepe’s pass was his second touch.

Arsenal Jefi

Why isnt Pepe getting a mention? Set up 1, scored 1, cut out key passes. I’m his biggest critic so notice when he played out of his skin. Obviously Saka and Aubameyang will get the plaudits but if this boy can replicate this form in the league, our team can be well rounded!!

Ahma Gooner

Ødegaard’s number is 8 blogs.
Good to have that winning feeling today.


Isn’t that Artetas number?

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

Auba is the opposite of Samson. The shorter his hair, the stronger his abilities. He looked very reinvigorated out there tonight.


Not sure if people will agree, but I think Odegaard’s impact was evident in this performance.


Odegaard impact was evident yes. I have a strange feeling that Odegaard can perfectly fit in CM position. A central midfielder as we deserately need. A good technical player that can transit the game.


It’s possible. He just looks so at home in the number 10 position. He glues the midfield and the forwards together, and we’ve needed a player like that for a while now.

Tony 2

Very nice and comfortable win but 1 thing stuck me. Did anyone notice when MA was sitting next to Mari? It seemed MA was telling Mari why he wasn’t playing. In the end Tets got up and had a broad grin on his face but Mari’s look was like thunder


Pretty impressed with Kolasinac and Tavarez today…


Ramsdale looks comfortable with the ball at his feet


hope he pushes leno to improve and/or claims the #1 spot for himself

Once, twice, three times el neny

Agreed winning and scoring 6 goals a game does seem like a sensible idea going forward

A Frasz

Lovely game. Not sure what else Saka needs to do to get above a 7. I love reading the player ratings after every match and I usually agree with Blogs but this feels harsh

B Jack

That was fun. Loved seeing the lads smile on the pitch. Especially Auba’s big grin 😄


Its just west brom and thankfully their early chances werent converted. But its a good win and hopefully we get something out of man city game. Also thought elneny did quite well

Flavoured Rice

Beating championship level teams like this used to be the norm at Arsenal. Good to see it happen again. Ultimately won’t be enough to save Arteta’s job, but it sure was refreshing – if a bit odd (given our habit of self implosion and dry spells in front of goal) – to achieve a comfortable victory.

It just goes to show when we are allowed by Master Arteta to actually go out and express ourselves with confidence we can actually play well. So the question is: Why are we not doing this sort of thing more often?


You can’t have it both ways. If we played with confidence and won, that’s on Arteta too, as well as the defeats. Don’t try and use us winning to bash the manager, otherwise you just sound like a broken record.

I’d be very happy if Arteta keeps his job, but mainly because that would mean we are playing well and winning. So let’s just hope we keep doing that instead of sticking the knife in. Who knows, things might actually work out well!

Tropical gooner

I wasn’t able to catch the game. I’m curious about Ramsdale’s distribution and decision making playing the ball out from the back. That’s one area where I though Martinez was better at than Leno.


Was very good. Can he replicate this in the premier league? We’ll see.

stephen palmer

Lot better performance, gelling has started and goals are flowing, still not at full strength, but not that far away. Perhaps the media will give it a rest till our next game.

Merlin’s Panini

Goals! Actual goals! Hahahahaha! Take that West Brom you monstrous cun… ahem.
Good to see Auba had his shooting boots on. That should do him wonders. A little bit of hope for the season.

Merlin’s Panini

Well done to Ramsdale for a very decent debut. He needed a solid opening performance and delivered.


Going to change Martin to Philip – or at least, Filip Odegaard… what a refreshing boost to see deft flicks, instant lay-offs and calm, quick action on the ball. And what about young Nuno – this lad looks a proper player! (Mik must just sort his studs out) Mo’Nenny once again adds more than many others we continue to use (other than that one give-away and the off higher-risk through ball – but at least he’s trying those). Ramsdale – let’s see… looks sharp though, and certainly seems he can pick a creative out-ball. Saka had a crakka – nuff… Read more »


‘odd’ higher risk through ball…


Good one from the lads! Now they need to be stronger and work harder against Man City with lots of running, man marking and never hold back what weapons they’ve got in their Arse…. Then and only then we are sure to win… COYG


I was impressed seeing Arteta on the bench and not telling players what to do. COYG

Goodly morning

Goodly Morning!

Exit the Lemming

Solid debut from Ramsdale. Odegaard showed some classy touches and hopefully Auba has got some of his mojo back. That said, this was West Brom’s 3rd team filled with untried youths (I think their manager made 10/11 changes from the line up used for their last championship game) Just goes to show that Arsenal aren’t so much a scalp these days as a backup toupe. Bring on the Dons….

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