Sunday, January 23, 2022

Man Utd 3-2 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal went to Old Trafford and got nothing from a game from which they definitely should have got something.

Emile Smith Rowe put the Gunners in front, but goals from Bruno Fernandes and two from Ronaldo were enough, despite a Martin Odegaard strike which brought the sides level at 2-2. The Norwegian’s daft foul on Fred handed United the chance from the penalty spot which ultimately won the game.

Frustrating. Annoying. Disappointing.

Here’s how the players rated today.

Read the Man Utd 3-2 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

Man Utd 3-2 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Tomiyasu was in no way less than a 6.5 man. The result bias is a bit much sometimes on players that didn’t put a foot wrong.


it’s basically the same every week. love arseblog but the ratings are just too heavily dependant on the result

Baichung Bhutia

Tomi and Elneny the same rating?


I love Tomi but that penalty goal was 80% on him. He just stood there ball watching after that bad shot, reacted late to mark the man that had no chance getting the ball if he was switched on


Don’t agree, I’m afraid. The big problem was that the defence didn’t shift across to fill the space behind Tomiyasu. Then Fred ran into that space. Then Odergaard had to track back and felt the need to make that tackle.


I think 20% of the fault going to the guy who actually committed the (unnecessary) foul for the penalty is a bit generous.


We need to buy a striker in January.
Playing Elneny was weird.

The Arsenal

Laca AND Auba both need replacing.


If you add Pepe to that, then that is a serious amount of money that has struggled to deliver.

The Arsenal

Your not Wrong. Although i think Pepe would benefit with better strikers. We havent had a quality striker since Van Persie. I liked Giroud and thought he was alot better than his skillset suggested. Certainly a better footballer than Auba and no worse than Laca. But like them that 25 goal+ mark was hard to hit. Auba has been the closest but his all round game has always been limited even in his prime. Going forward we are shit and not threatening at all…Then there’s the midfield. Arteta has sorted the Back four and keeper mostly but i think we… Read more »

Fred Garvin

I’m done excusing Pepe’s meager results. I was so excited when we signed him, but what a massive fizzle. He’s fit for a mid-tier team, that’s it.


Sorry that’s rubbish Auba has been playing with worse players than Giroud and for two seasons was in and around the top scorers in the league. Pepe was bought to provide goals and assists and he hasn’t been able to do that. Midfield has been a problem for a number of years we never replaced the quality of a Cazorla or even Ramsey.

Crash Fistfight

To be fair, Pepe has brought goals and assists, it’s just that he can be completely infuriating the rest of the time he’s on the pitch.

I know it’s a crazy idea, but I’d be open to seeing him given a chance up front. I think he’s a more instinctive finisher than Laca and he’s better on the ball than Auba. I feel like he could be a van Persie-type striker up front.


Elneny had a great game. His job was to provide a solid base so that Partey could do his stuff. He did that.


You are not Elneny by any chance are you?


How have Lacca (Former player of the year) and Auba (one of the top scorers in the league since he arrived) failed to deliver?


The most sensible and truthful comment on here…

Matt P

Agree. I have lost faith in Auba’s ability to come back to anything close to his prime time form.


The main reason Elneny played was because Arteta knows that, in away cauldrons like Old Trafford, his young side tends to wilt at important times. Elneny is a hugely experienced professional who does his job in all circumstances. The big problem for Arsenal was that some of his more experienced players did not provide the sort of VOCAL on-field leadership and organisation that his team needed. I’ve never missed David Luis and Granit Xhaka more.


You ARE Elneny !
Because only Elneny would say such nonsense in his defence..


Elneny played great yesterday, I didn’t see him loose the ball once while Partey whenever he receives the ball I was pretty sure that he will pass it to MU players.he was moving all the game towards the one who has the ball to ease the pressure on them. He made a huge effort defensively and you can see him returning whenever we loose the ball. The only thing that I feel that he doesn’t have confidence to shot on goals and he prefer to pass the ball to the back because he is afraid to loose the ball. And… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Don’t know how anyone could miss David Luiz. You’ve obviously been listening to James on the podcast too much. The bloke can’t defend to save his life.


I am genuinely angry at Thomas for his performance.


i’m childishly angry at charles watts, too. he was so damn sure partey’d improve as right away and look how average (at best) he’s been since he’s come!

Baichung Bhutia

He was terrible until their second goal and then suddenly started playing well. Weird.

The Arsenal

I have defended him but being outclassed by Fred and Mctominay……


Agreed. It doesn’t get much worse than being outplayed by those two.


For much of the season, we pair Partey with Sambi or Niles. Suddenly for such an important game against a very weak Man U side, we pair him with Elneny who has hardly played any game. I hope Arteta has an explanation for that.

Morrisey fan #1

His explanation was that “it’s time to start rotating the squad”.

It makes no sense at all to me though, and his insistence on playing Auba and defending his atrocious form is infuriating. Every shot he had was tame like the ball was made of led.


Strikers feed on confidence when high in confidence they will be able to convert even half a chance without much issue but if down in confidence they will struggle to convert a tap-in. The amount of negativity that is one the timelines of these pros from the fans is unbelievable. In case of Arsenal, where most of the fans are 10 years or less (mental age) or are more consumed playing football manager, the reaction is harsh for the players. Wenger was always protecting his players and paid the price with his head because the fans turned on him. Arteta… Read more »

Holdings New Merkin

Bit harsh on some of the ratings, blogs.


And very generous on some too.


You simply cannot play Partey over Lokonga on current form. Our number five has to be dropped. He is running like a 40 year-old. In our entire playing squad, Partey is comfortably the disappointment of the season.

Mick Malthouse

Sell him?

Alan Sunderland

He’s here for the duration mate, 260k a week nobody’s taking that on. Think we’re in the same boat with pepe, unless there’s a willian like miracle.

Belgian Gunner

Maybe Newcastle? 🙂


Xhaka and the Arsenal fans:
Absence diminishes little passions and increases great ones, as wind extinguishes candles and fans fire…


Nainsley Aitland Miles

Is Xhaka the wind or the candle?


Well, he does blow.


He is the fire

The Arsenal

Either way we have been just as shit or worse with him in team. They all need to go except Sambi and Niles (just for the pens he is not allowed to take)


None of our so called experienced players are interested one bit why we continue with Auba is beyond me we literally play with 10 players every week he does nothing! skips around the defenders on the half turn trying to look like he’s doing something, Partey doesn’t want to know he thought it was gonna be a laugh coming here with Auba and Laca

Morrisey fan #1

And he is our captain. That’s the biggest embarrassment. Our freaking captain.


How long more is aubameyang going to start he is terrible half the player if even he was partey has been bang average since arriving i cannot recall one outstanding match he has played this is by far the worst utd team i have seen in years and still we could not get a result and on final rant how is eddie nketiah getting minutes he is rubbish not up to Premier league standard martinelli has to start up front monday energy enthusiasm just give him the chance.


hard to argue with anything you said. reasonable rant despite the lack of interpunctuation, gotts respect it


Whe even bring on Nketiah? He’s not gonna sign a new contract, and all he does is run too hot in to duels and give away stupid fouls when we’re chasing.


Even if he was good, I just don’t see the point of playing someone who has just rejected a contract. What’s Arteta thinking? He should be giving chances to the ones who actually want to play for us.


It was absurd to bring him on. It’s not like he has any transfer value that mightb be boosted by a good performance. If a team does want him in Jan, they’ll get him for peanuts with 6 months left on his contract. Maybe he though Eddie’s desire to impress and drum up interest would spur on his performance? Even that would be an incredible moment of overthinking things.

Top Tier-ney

“Even if he was good, I just don’t see the point of playing someone who has just rejected a contract.”

Yeah! Not like it would matter if he grabbed an equalising goal for us there…

Not saying putting Nketiah in was a great call or something, he didn’t bring anything to the game aside from a pair of fresh legs, what I’m saying is that your petty, vindictive logic is toxic and laughable mate…


He’s a professional, and of course will want to play well enough to impress other clubs. Nketieh is a player that is good at poaching in the box, and when you’re chasing a game, that’s what you need. I was fine with it. This was not a Pepe game.


Yes, he is famous for scoring important goals in the Premier League.


Hi IS famous for scoring goals in the last 15 mins of a game, then doing the telephone-hand thing. We did need dial-a-goal


He reject as he is not given a fair chance at Arsenal. He can’t get any worse than Auba. At least he have the speed that Auba was rumoured to have on his resume.

Morrisey fan #1

That’s what worries me the most, what is he thinking? His rotation of players was awful. His insistence on playing TP and Auba despite their shocking form is madness and his subs were terrible.


Eddie in the U23, Flo on first team bench


Because if there’s anything he has been good for, it’s for nicking us a goal at the death. That’s what we needed.


We’ve gone soft off the ball, Partey and Martinelli played good today…
Big FK U Man U!! For that time wasting..they went full freezer mode and they got their way with it! Fkn ref should have added 2min on top of the 5


We still wouldn’t have scored.

My Arse-nal

The ref did add around another minute on. Doubt we would have scored playing a further minute with the stupid free kicks we were giving away at the end on the game. Partey played well? I don’t think we watched the same game, he was terrible!


You must have missed our time wasting when we were 1-0 up then. At 40 mins we were wasting time with every goal kick.


Extremely harsh rating on Odegaard again… He scored today and would have got an assist if Martinelli scored early on. Yes, he gave away the penalty, but otherwise had a great game with some great key passes.

Martinelli has once again made a case to Mikel Arteta. Now it’s on Arteta to drop Aubameyang.


Blogs rates players with the more decisive action in mind, so equalizer got scratched the moment he fouled Fred in the box, plus it being the winning goal add’s an extra negative, he rates with feel and emotion.

Teryima Adi

Must be hard being a journalist- you need to be objective in your subjectivity especially after your team has lost. Tough job

Baichung Bhutia

I thought Odegaard was poor after our first goal. The ball just bounces off him, he can’t hold up the ball at all and that creates a big problem for our midfield. Also he was playing way up top, that might be an instruction from Arteta.

The Arsenal

Odegaard is a decent player. Nothing more. People talk like he is prime Ozil with work rate. The midfield we have now has me crying out for Wilshere, Ramsey and Song and they weren’t deemed good enough either.


I just don’t agree. I think he’s pretty good at holdiing up the play and picking a pass. I feel confident when the ball goes to him in the final 3rd.


Yeah definitely. Blogs, when did you start hating Odegaard?


Odergaard gets the blame for the penalty but he should never have been in that position. Good on him for tracking back when our “defenders” were clustered around the goal mouth and left a big hole for Fred to run into. Terrible defending – and I’m not talking about odergaard.


The big problem with all the goals was the failure to track the runners from midfield. That is on Thomas partey and elneny. Partey was at fault for two because they were his side. Elneny and Gabriel the other

El Mintero

He cost us the fkn game ffs!!


Honestly don’t see how Aubameyang or Partey can start the next game.


They can and will because Arteta is the worst coach in the league. Think about that… I would take any… Any fucking manager over this joke who wasn’t even a great player when he played. We should sign Michael Carrick for manager at this point. He quit after taking a shit Man U side 2-1-0… Wins against Villarreal and us, draw against league leader Chelsea.

The manager is the main problem at arsenal right now.


We’re still in fifth…


What are you on?


Jesus Christ! You’d take Careick as a manager? That says it all


I’d say whingers are the biggest problem at Arsenalright now


They got outshot by 22 vs Chelsea and outshot and outplayed by us.

We had a bad day and still slightly edged them, our loss was down to individual errors.

If you think Arteta is worse than Gerrard, I don’t know what to tell you.


Exactly right robh. If Gabriel comes out quicker to close down Rashford and partey tracks Fred’s runs (twice!) Then we don’t concede.


Last week, he was a genius.

Alan Sunderland

Check back in on Tuesday. His stock goes up and down like bitcoin on here.


They will though.

Top Tier-ney

Think about who we have to start instead of them and it may start to make some sense… 😉

Not saying I like it, but its how it is, all the options we have in central midfield and the striker position just aren’t convincing enough.


There’s been a lot of calls to bench Auba and that will only increase, we do have a few options there. Central midfield is another story though.


We don’t know which instructions the players have been given. When playing out from behind, the plan seems to be that the ball should eventually end up with Partey, who then will execute the offensive plan. But it often stops, maybe because Arteta (who himself was a very defensively inclined player) hates the team to take risks. You don’t get goals unless you do.


If Arteta told Partey to pass to the first Man Utd player he sees and track no one, then he executed the plan to perfection….


I thought Partey was a little sloppy in the first and deserving of some of the ire but his second half was more than decent

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Plus his free-kick was going in until Auba blocked it.


Auba has robbed us of more goals recently than he has scored. The dude’s a net negative.


worst performance in a while. Deflating. They are awful, and they played awful. We should have better. Lets bounce back quick

Cranky Colin

Haven’t had a drink since last Sunday.
That changes tomorrow just before 6pm.


Aubameyang is dusted. At the very least you’d like to see him trying to win the ball, defend from the front and put the opposition under pressure. He looks pathetic and frail in these big games, like he doesn’t want to be there; he’s scared of getting clattered, or worse, his velcro-on hair coming unstuck and revealing his Gervinhoesque dome that we all know he’s hiding…


“his velcro-on hair coming unstuck and revealing his Gervinhoesque dome that we all know he’s hiding…”



Best comment of the day 👌

Wrighty’s hats

Don’t know if we were watching the same game but I saw him “ trying to win the ball, defend from the front and put the opposition under pressure” all game long. Can’t disagree with the scoring stats, he hasn’t score in a few, but he looked closer this game than the last several – at least players were finding him and he could get some shots away this time. He makes good runs all the time and our attacking players haven’t been able to find him or he’s crowded out by defenders as they know he’s a threat. I… Read more »


He doesn’t do enough for me. If you’re not going to score goals as a striker or you feel you’re not getting the ball, you better not stop running when it’s with their defence and try to bring something to the table. He presses a bit but gives up before his job is done.
And the last few games he has had chances, so he can’t complain about service. He just can’t kick the ball anymore! His attempts are feeble. Don’t know what wrong with him but he looks broken and he’s bringing very little

Wrighty’s hats

Fair enough. I guess I’m remembering his form towards the end of the UE era when he (along with other players) looked completely dejected and sullen and not enjoying his football. I don’t think he’s anywhere near that bad atm with his influence in games and the desire he shows. I think he’s a little low on confidence especially after last season but the more shots he takes the more likely it’ll be that he’ll start scoring again. Strikers dip in form (I hope we agree that he had a lot going on last season so not fair to judge… Read more »


This is the team Oliver Giroud is made for. Point man, hold up play, little give and go’s, perfect for current set up.


So you’re telling me you want back the player we got rid off because we wanted to move further??? No, he a decent player but he would do even worse. We need more than just a lump upfront, not to mention he scores 1 and squanders 4


I’m referring to Giroud of yesteryear, but getting him now.


Not getting him now*


yeah I understood that, my point still stands. He lacks footballing IQ, too slow, just because someone tall would help, it doesn’t mean that’s it, we need other attributes too from our strikers


He absolutely has footballing iq, an understated touch. Great finisher just isn’t very mobile.


No he doesn’t, when crosses came in the box he just stood there in one place far too often and don’t forget he was spoonfed with a wealth of attacking quality and an on top of that an attacking system to boot, whereas now he would be by himself with no one around him, it’s just revisionism at it’s finest to say that a Giroud would do well.


See Wilsheres famous goal against Norwich and Girouds contribution, and then tell me he has no footballing IQ…


ah one example where he had one touch, now I see all

Wrighty’s hats

Woah there. I think what you’re saying might be revisionist vee. Giroud was a great striker for Arsenal. Even when he was here, there seemed to be people who didn’t think he made valuable contributions and seemed to dwell on his dry spells, so it might just be that we see things differently, but to my eyes Giroud always contributed heavily to attacking build-up play both when he was and wasn’t scoring. Laca was meant to be an upgrade on him and while Laca has improved somewhat in the last 1-2 seasons with his involvement in build-up (most recently even… Read more »


Lacazette didn’t have this wealth of attacking players nor did he have an attacking system to help him thrive yet he got player of the season. Again you are using one example, the United game, let me give you one, he created the best chance of the game against Liverpool. Gosh what is this love brigade with Giroud? Understand in an attacking system you have more support around you, so your touches are more likely going to go to a team mate. He is a better player than Giroud. Also you got it the other way round, the others made… Read more »


Lacazette has scored important goals, moments that he created out of nothing, he has played well against the better teams, he’s got goals and assists against every top team in the league. He did this while having dross in the team. Lacazette all round even considering his size is a better player than Giroud, better movement, higher iq, better passer, his touch is exquisite, quicker and turns up in big games

Wrighty’s hats

I think that your points are valid in that Laca has had some strong performances for us and on his day can be very good. Sounds like we agree that both players are good strikers and have scored a lot of goals for Arsenal. But the part where you’re saying he’s a better player than Giroud is entirely subjective – and on that part we’ll have to agree to disagree! (Also I have to say to those below who think Giroud is better than Auba …. I don’t get that! Don’t get me wrong, you can probably tell I love… Read more »

Goodly Morning

How many World Cup medals you got mate. Don’t disrespect the HFB!

The Arsenal

Giroud was too slow…But how can you attack his footballing IQ. The intelligence of his movement being that he was that slow.

The Arsenal

Giroud had a better goal ratio than Laca, infact he is better even now. and Aubas stats are only slightly better despite being far more physically gifted, Not saying i would have him back just that Auba and Laca have done nothing for me to put Giroud down as if they are much better than he is.


Giroud was spoonfed in an attacking system with much better attacking players.

The Arsenal

Definitely had better attacking players at times..But also had some terrible players around him at times also and a team that was built completely opposite to his strengths…. Giroud was an integral part of alot of small successes in Wengers latter years . Im not saying Giroud was some world beater but Auba and Laca have done nothing to suggest they are any better. Auba has more goals but is a poorer player in general while Laca has about the same amount or probably less goals and is also no better.


Auba golden boot winner, Laca arsenal player of the season, what absolute nonsense


Giroud was a better footballer than Aubameyang. Disagree if you want, but I stand by it.

Wrighty’s hats

They have very different styles, it’s hard to compare them. (In terms of comparing who is better in an abstract subjective sense rather than stats.) Auba is lethal on his day, so is Giroud – in different ways!


I would like someone like Toney or Watkins. Restless at pressing. Good at link up. Fairly good in the air and some goals in the pocket

The Arsenal

Exactly this. The game has moved on again. Some of these players are still living off their names. Auba and Laca are like a complete striker split into two people.


Ivan toney would be a dream


I really like Toney. He’s a beast and skilful to boot. With better players around him I’m convinved he can be a top player.

Top Tier-ney

Except, you know, he’s 35 and is playing for another team in another league these days…


I am so upset with this result, how have we lost this? We really should have got a point out of this game at least, not to mention they haven’t beaten us in 4 seasons. What the hell is going on with Partey? The complete opposite performance from last year at Old Trafford


Did we play so well?
After our goal we just sat on our penalty box inviting pressure. We were sloppy at possession multiple times and we didn’t threat them a lot.
We deserve to lose. Not that I like it.


I didn’t say we played well, it was more so that United just weren’t very good, and they haven’t been good against us for a while


I feel like I could count the number of draws we’ve had since Arteta took over on one hand. We almost always either win or lose under him. Luckily more of the former.

Got to be one of the worst United teams I’ve ever seen, and they put 3 passed us today. Disheartening smh


Unfair, we’d have won this game convincingly had it not been for the players and manager.

Wrighty’s hats

This doesn’t make logical sense to me to be honest but I can see that you’re frustrated with the loss swifty. Me too.

Vic Akers' shorts

Way to generous on El Neny. He may look tidy on the ball, but that is purely because his distribution is so bad. Always slows down play, and never even attempts to pass forward. And don’t even get me started on his lack of mobility. He may run a lot, but somehow he is always late. I can see why Arteta went in to this game with a defensive mindset, but surely he too must have seen that El Neny just does not meet the required level to play for Arsenal. Partey was equally bad. If our “experienced” midfield duo… Read more »

Public Elneny

Comparing Elneny and Partey on the ball, Partey’s first touch and body position when receiving it tends to open up the pitch and gives him options to progress the ball – which is partly why his sloppy passing is so infuriating, because if he consistently got the pass right we would create so many more chances. Elneny closes off the pitch with his body positioning and generally just leaves himself with a couple of ‘safe’ sideways or backwards passing options which only shifts pressure to the recipient instead. For me, Elneny’s style of play is a dead end regardless of… Read more »


I want to Slander Thomas Partey even more for that actually because I am so annoyed, Why does he look like he hasn’t played for 5 and a half years????

Tomaury Bischfeld

My personal favourite moment was wee Gabi clattering in to the back of slabhead who is probably about a ft taller than him and at least 10kgs heavier and Maguire coming out of it worse for wear


We were unlucky to lose tonight. I thought we played some good football, we went there to compete, we used overlapping full backs and overall gave them a game. I saw improvement but a lot more needs to be done for top 4.


Would be interesting to know how blogs evaluates midfielder performances. Imo Partey was absolutely fine, he carried the team at times, he was the engine when we did get on the ball, but it’s hardly on him if the outlet’s don’t progress play enough, also made some key interceptions. For me it’s El nenny that is extremely limited as a starting choice.


I think Partey lost possession a couple of times at our own third he gave away a sime pass that led to a counter and was dribbled around easily inside the box by Ronaldo of 2021.
That said you can’t ignore his diagonal pass that led to our second and other contributions but.
At this position you simply cannot make so many errors.


Thumbs up for a manager rating, Thumbs down to keep it as it is.

SLC Gooner

He made a couple good passes, but Xhaka can do that just as well. At this point, he’s really not looking like that much of an upgrade.

Wrighty’s hats

Have to disagree with you on him not being an upgrade. He does make some inaccurate passes, more in the last few games than we’re used to seeing from him, can’t dispute that. I suspect that his touch is a little off as he comes back from injury and that it’ll keep improving as with other players coming back from injury. What he brings that no other player in our current midfield crop has is a level head, experience, and (most usually but I concede not always) excellent positioning – anyone see that dangerous ball across the box he cut… Read more »


Man, Elneny’s battery never runs dry. Too bad it’s just running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

A Different George

Odegaard made a bad mistake on the penalty. But he was our best player; he ran the game in all those times we dominated–which was most of the match (except, as usual, the twenty or thirty minutes after our first goal). This is a United team that has been rudderless, true, but it still has immense talent available and it’s still Old Trafford. Disappointed in the result, not in the way the season is going.



El Mintero

Odegaard our best player🤣🤣🤣 What are you smoking…He scored and gave them the game. That was it.

Noddy 81

Sorry blogs, but you’re way off with most. The red devils were good tonight, we weren’t bad. Great match, we lost…. doesn’t mean they were all crap. (Could’ve done better in certain situations, but..)


What was so great about it? Two bang average teams showing how far off the top three they are.


I have to say that this team is looking to go somewhere and Aubameyang is not the striker Arteta wants.
That been said I totally support the desicion of extending him because it reflected a big win that summer. Aubameyang is the calibre of player that attracts others.
He doesn’t fit the system though but due to other strikers leaving this summer we will not sell him yet.
me thinks.

Hank Scorpio

Agreed, he really does not fit this system. Tonight was probably the first time in a good while though that he actually had some decent supply. Shame he could not make it count. With the money he’s on and departures he’ll definitely be here next season. An established striker or one who is just about there must surely be the priority with the view transitioning Auba out of the team as the season progresses.

The Arsenal

Think we need two strikers and another wide player…..Thats before we even begin to tackle WTF the midfield is. When i watch other teams its unreal how far behind we are and im talking about teams like Brighton, West ham and Wolves.


Defo need two strikers who can play through the middle. Someone with size and presence would be nice.


You are right Blogs – We Shouldn’t have lost this game. Ratings spot on, except ESR was IMO our best player (again) – but Martinelli surely put in a very good shift.

Artetas team selection (Eg Tavares over Tierney) was not perfect and particurlar the substitutions had negative impact.

The Arsenal

Tavares has been better tan Tierney this season but this was the game where Tierneys skillset was better served. Likewise at anfield.

Virginia Gooner

Auba gets a 2. I could give a fuck about peoples argument “he works hard”. Oh? So he does the bare minimum of a professional footballer and you think he’s worthy of a spot because of it? Like saying a phlebotomist is really good because they can put on a tourniquet, fuck off.


However you look at it, that was fucking shite

I must have watched a different game, thought it was a decent performance, played some good football, and we deserved a draw out of it.

If Arteta was a tad braver and stuck with Lokonga (was it 6 key passes against Newcastle) instead of Elneny, I don’t think we would have lost that.

3 points at Goodison and tonight will be erased from memory.


After tonight, I think we should try Elneny and Lokonga.


Lokonga and AMN.

Wrighty’s hats

Thought Elneny played fine in this game, love him to bits and love his commitment and drive, but for me, Partey goes in the lineup before him even when he’s not playing his best. Despite his recent errant passes that have (rightly) drawn a lot of attention, he has better control and understanding of the kind of game we’re trying to play. Based on trajectory, for me Elneny is a squad player who is great for cup competitions and in the league very useful for coming on later to help us see out games – but we have a better… Read more »


4 for Auba is 4 too many. Needs a spell on gardening leave.


I hate losing to Man United. I hate Man United. And I hated this match. We had this one. And did our best Xhaka impression to blow it.


Surely Martinelli can’t do worse than Auba right now, he’s showing glimpses of elite quality while Auba look’s very pedestrian, and his contribiution is so so reliant on the volume and quality of runs, wich have both diminished.


Instead ing of looking for a “Partey partner”, we need to find a real dominant midfield player that Partey can spport.


I hate Ronaldo, I might have posted that already but damn I hate Ronaldo 😒


Odegaard stupid mistake but quality player. Deserved his goal. Auba off colour. Partey a disaster. Definitely didn’t feel like one we should have lost. Hate Ronaldo.


I sense big changes coming. Arteta will feel that he’s kept the faith with the old guard (Auba etc) and they’re not providing the leadership he needs. Auba thinks that if he lifts his workrate he’s doing his job by example. But who was in the huddle after we scored the first goal telling everyone they had to keep pressing with intensity. Arteta is going to show everyone that nobody is sacrosanct – even the captain. This team showed in the first 20 minutes what they are capable of. Now Arteta is going to weed out those without the mental… Read more »

Malaysian gunner

The MU players were given far too much room .
Why didnt the VAR give a penalty when the Samurai was hauled to the ground.
Your guess is as good as mine


I think arteta should always stick to his winning team. Lacazette should be starting games, auba is battling with confidence and needs a breather, damn he don’t even score penalties. A draw was achievable in this game but as usual arteta tinkered and got it wrong again. Partey is obviously a waste of money really anybody that thinks otherwise is not being sincere to himself.

Malaysian gunner

Arsenal gave the MU players too much time and space. Against Chelsea ,
Ronaldo didnt even have a sniff at goal .
Arsenal have lost all their games against top sides conceding 14 and
scoring just two.
Its along journey to play catch up


Gee, Utd are trash but still managed to beat us. What a frustrating evening. A shame we don’t have a striker 😐 Auba was woeful again.


Auba OUT once for all


Partey and Auba can fuck off. Odegaard had no business doing that shit tackle in the box after scoring a good goal. Also, fuck the refs and VAR for not even checking the yanking on Tomiyasu by Maguire in the box.

Aideed Leparsayia

Partey was good. Auba was very poor

Determination Cultured

Seeing as Eddie is leaving, we should have put balogun on tbe bench at least. With auba not scoring, there’s not much difference betweem Playing auba or balogun. Regardless of how pepe is, he should offer more goal threat than Eddie. Should have been brought on Instead. Laca shld have replaced auba at half time


Arteta once again showing we won’t get top 4 with him.