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Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool – player ratings

Two goals from Dioga Jota saw Liverpool advance to the Carabao Cup final at the expense of a disappointing Arsenal.

The Gunners hit the bar early on through Alexandre Lacazette, but went behind to Jota’s first midway through the opening 45. Jota scored again in the second period, and while Thomas Partey’s commitment to be available this evening was commendable, the Ghanaian’s horrible week was compounded by a sending off for two yellow cards.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Arsenal 0-2 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

Liverpool 0-0 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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If that had been Granit Xhaka…


And you’re implying what, that Partey won’t get half the criticism that Xhaka does? And it’d be correct that he doesn’t. The problem is yours if you don’t understand why. Xhaka apologists please give it a rest.


I was actually just trying to make a bit of a joke out of a shit situation. Clearly you were triggered

Determination Cultured

May i suggest you be Krystal clear when you make a joke, just to prevent misunderstang.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

…It would have been nothing new.
Anyway, it couldn’t have been him as he threw the team under the bus, 25 mins into a 180 min tie

The Arsenal

If it had been Granit it would have been at 0 – 0 in the first 25 mins…Oh wait.


It would have been a straight red.


His mate would have just one 65 grand (allegedly).



Anders Limpar

The silver lining is at least we didn’t have to play the spuds on Sunday with the squad in this condition or worse…


If Arteta needs £150+ mil every season to compete then Arsenal is not the right club for him. Should go back to City, or Newcastle.

Conte was right there. All we had to do was pull the trigger.


No reason to renew his contract. A smart club is already looking for managers that can improve us. Ten Hag, Potter, managers that have got their clubs competing with zero resources relative to what Arteta’s been given


This is pretty much a full squad rebuild, it’s not going to happen overnight. Just look at our squad this season – the only regular first team players who were here 3 years ago are Xhaka, Lacazette and Aubameyang. That’s it. And let’s be honest, the latter two look like they will be leaving soon anyway. It’s an incredibly young squad, and there are going to be setbacks along the way. That being said, now that we’re out of all cup competitions (and it’s not even February, which must be a new record), there is literally no excuse for league… Read more »

Hank Scorpio

Squad rebuild, inexperienced manager, young squad, etc. These are excuses given they have been imposed by the club or manager. As you’ve rightly pointed out we must finish in the Europa League places at a minimum. If not, I think the manager should be moved on. Today was disappointing no doubt. We were outplayed and Arteta was beaten tactically by Klopp and his understrength side. Disappointing as it was, we are on track to achieve the minimum that would have been acceptable at the start of this season. We’re also playing better and making a habit of beating ‘lesser’ teams,… Read more »

John on

Here we go. Is arteta the right guy? Time will tell. But we were crap and getting worse when he came in. Now we have 13-14 that look up for it. More passion and energy to play for arsenal than we’ve had in years. Arteta should get credit for stopping that bellend Edu from filling the team with Brazilian nobodies (please say no to arthur). He’s on the right path and I’m convinced we will have 17-18 decent players next year. If he doesn’t push us into champions league then – he’s got an issue. But give the man a… Read more »


Martinelli and Gabriel. More Brazilian nobodies please…!!


Go away, this is nonsense

Jean Ralphio

If you think that Arsenal performances have not improved this season then you’re mad. There has been a clear improvement. A good striker and centre mid will change us immensely.


While Arteta’s position might be debatable, I don’t think that Conte is the right man for us. While he is a brilliant manager, the man has a habit of packing his bags and moving when he chooses. I am certain that he will be leaving spuds in a lurch pretty soon.


You know nothing, Jai Snow.

El Mintero

Jesus…didn’t take you long to crawl back out of the shadows with your usual anti-arteta bullshit….last couple of months must have been hell for you…


What a massively pathetic comment.

La Défense

Ugh, two cup losses… best to forget this and focus on the league now.


As opposed to concentrating on…

David C

The ladies in the new Sex and the City show are the same age as the Golden Girls were when they started filming. Weird, eh?


That’s such a Samantha thing to say


Is it any good?

Petit's Handbag

Excellent if you like talking horses.

Fireman Sam

Striker upgrade definitely needed

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Yep it’s almost 6 hours without a goal now.


Have we won a game this year?

Crash Fistfight

last win was away to Norwich on Boxing Day (I actually couldn’t remember which game it was and had to look it up)


Our approach to attacking with 11 men and with 10 men don’t seem all that different. If Saka/ESR/Martinelli are not absolutely on fire or having their way, we’ve got next to nada.

Man Manny

Or better still, strikers needed.
I don’t think we have any.
Auba and Nketiah are virtually gone, and Laca is basically a midfielder masquerading as one.
I couldn’t count the number of times he lumbered from his drifting into the centre when someone was needed in or around the box.


It would be great if we could get the Aube of old back, just for the last four months and then sell him to Barcelona for a massive fee. Alas, that’s probably not going to happen.

The Arsenal

Three. Auba, Laca and Eddie are all finished for different reasons.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Has Eddie even started

The Arsenal

Well, damn.. I still have good memories of the lads debut double against Norwich.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Yeah, I remember that.
Chamakh got off to a decent start also


…And defensive midfielder

Funsho Patrick

The passing lanes were clogged..we needed xhaka and partey…there was little we could have done more..we don’t have worked class substitutes in those positions….we still haven’t replaced Maitland Niles…that’s administrative ineptitude… juventus is keeping Melo for the same reasons despite a deeper roster of midfielders… inexperience is the greatest threat to our finishing 4th….we’ve improved massively and are much closer to the top….now we need depth and consistency

El Mintero

I thought Sambi was again very poor tonight. Every pass goes backwards. Gets caught in possession, doesn’t track back well, positional discipline suspect…kid is definitely a work in progress. No idea where the 6/10 rating comes from!!


He’s a worry in my view. I think we all want him to be great but so far he’s been either average or downright poor? Hopefully I’m wrong

A Different George

He looks to me like a very promising, very young, midfielder who played for a big club in a pretty small league. He lacks experience against top talent (no one in Belgium is anywhere near the attackers he faces against Man City and Liverpool) and he is not used to the speed and physicality of play in the Prem. (Facing De Bruyne or Hazard in training for the national team is better than nothing, but not the real thing.) There is every chance, though no guarantee, that he will be a first-rate player in a couple of years, or maybe… Read more »


That’s a physically flat as I’ve seen us. Running through mud. Need that international break.

El Mintero

We haven’t played much last few weeks and we don’t have Europe. Shouldn’t be a fitness issue. More squad depth issue when injuries happen.

Man Manny

We must put this poor showing away as one of those bad days on the way to building a great team.. It happens once in a while.
Some key players were unfit.
We are short in the striker department.
Still a lot of work to do.


So an average of 5 for the whole team. I guess we all knew we would have games like this, especially against top opposition. We still have a long way to go but at least we’re moving in the right direction. However, we do need to bring in a couple of players in this transfer window if we want to compete for European places.


Yep. I keep doing Arsenal news searches to see what’s happening. All click bait, but cant help myself! I normally ignore all this shit ’til we actually sign someone.

Aleksander Włodarz

and the Klopp showed his teeth again… 🤔 😭

Mayor McCheese

We must fight his teeth with teeth and nail.


Teeth and nails. Arteta pluralizes them 🙂


I’d like to try ESR and Odegaard swapping positions (and shirt numbers)

El Mintero

They don’t play well together. Pick one or the other.


Jota is a good player,but still a prick.

A Different George

No, a very good player. And a really big prick.


We were awful tonight. No one better then a 5 for me. Thoughts go to the gooner who fell down and cracked his head open on the stairs after the bridge by the north bank, it didnt look good and i hope hes ok. Stewards did well too to calm the situation. Not a good night in many ways in the end

Teryima Adi

I hope the fan is alright. Sad🙏🏻

William Pool

Yep I was at the gam tonight and didn’t rate odg and sambi the way it does in this article. Tired legs and no answers. The long ball aimed at sake throughout the first 45 against the two CH’s of Liverpool blew my mind


I thought Odg was very good. Sambi not so much so. He can dwell on the ball a bit too long, prompting nervous cries of “man on!” from the crowd.


Looked bad, but he was conscious when I saw him so hopefully he’s alright


So now the doubters aka Sp**s the premier League & all its teams can see why the Tott****m game was called off ! We looked dead out there apart from Martinelli who sadly got isolated too often but still managed to be a massive threat ! We sat too deep we played long too often and we just weren’t clinical tonight ! Down to experience now but let’s go for fourth or third & get back to where we should be ! We are a clinical forward & an imposing midfielder away from becoming a very good side I’d say… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

This won’t be popular because you all love him, and as Arsenal fans we do tend to over hype our players.
Ben White isn’t that great a defender is he? He does some good things but his positioning isnt great, and he does dive in recklessly from time to time. I just hope Saliba will have progressed enough to challenge him for the spot next season. We need somebody to be dominant beside Gabriel, not for Gabriel to be holding his centre back partners hand.

El Mintero

Last week White was man of the match, this week he’s a useless cnt that deserves to be punted. Fuck me…Arsenal “fans”…lol.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Last week I never once praised White, because I know he is capable of playing a great game like he did. He just hasn’t convinced me yet that he’ll be a leader in the backline for years to come. He’s the typical Arsenal defender of the last 15 years. He’s more last ditch/desperate tackles, instead of a reader and organiser.


I thought Gabriel was arguably the worse of the two on a poor night for both: continual reverse passing; killing the play, some sloppy execution as well.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

True, but just like White, he’s still learning. Neither are the finished article.
This season when played together, who looks like the more dominant defender with the higher ceiling?
The next time we have a strong lineup minus Gabriel, lets see how good White looks


51 years in red, I’m old enough to remember when a young centre-half who came through the Academy but who was deemed ‘too hot-headed and unreliable’ by George Graham and flogged off to Villa.
He returned a few seasons later (via Everton) and Arsene then made him a cornerstone of the greatest back 4 the top flight has ever seen.
Give ’em time mate – just ask Keown.


This game really highlighted that if we don’t improve at striker and midfield, we can forget about top 4. Very few positives about the game but Martinelli was a bright spot. We had a clear tactic of isolating TAA against Martinelli and he was excellent when we managed to send the ball his way. Unfortunately we didn’t utilise Saka the same way to stretch Liverpool until later on near the end of the match, ESR’s positioning left him isolated and he became noticeable more involved when Ødegaard came in at 10.


Another really ‘soft’ red card for Arsenal. I just don’t know what it takes to get people to talk about this issue…

We’re had almost double the red cards of the next nearest team in 2 years and I can remember 2, maybe 3 bad tackles..

El Mintero

That wasn’t a soft red. Was a very poor tackle by partey.


Last red was Xhaka karate kicking someone in the chest. Maybe we deserve some of them?


I believe however, that the red in that case was simply for bringing down the last man through on goal and not a brutal karate kick. Had that happened in midfield, it probably would have been just a standard foul without even a yellow because it was quite obvious that it was completely unintentional.It was just extremely clumsy / unlucky. (you choose) It was a deserved red as well, however, I agree with you on that, he clearly brought down the man through on goal. Last scandal was City, that was really something. If that wasn’t rigged, I lose my… Read more »


I am normally very critical regarding the decisions against us and I agree it needs to be brought up more, but I thought the ref yesterday was totally ok. If it was a straight red, it would maybe have been harsh, but Partey just received his second yellow. The tackle was at least a yellow. If that happened against our player, I would have screamed for a straight red for the opponent. So everything OK for me.


I thought Odegaard and Martinelli were bloody brilliant. We move on…COYG!


🎼 our time will come…


The performance left no doubt that players had been injured and/or sick. Many looked worn from the ko
i love Martinelli’s energy and skill. Yet he seems to head down too many dead ends.

oh well, no distractions left to finishing 2nd or 3rd. I like my team.


This performance stemmed from not having a midfield. Lost count of how many times white and gabriel went long rather than try to play through ESR, Sambi and Laca. Because we kept losing the ball Tierney was forced to play more in our own third. This left Martinelli completely on his own usually against 2-3 defenders (he did remarkably well).

Thus game has forced me to reevaluate that actually a CM is more important than a ST This window.

Disappointing night, anything other than top 4 will now feel like a disappointment come season’s end

El Mintero

Uhm, we didn’t have our starting midfield out there…


Spot on – compounded by the fact that Tomi was clearly not match-ready and White usually accurate compass had been left in the dressing room… those FOUR hoofs straight over Saka’s head into touch!!! ugh


So strikers aren’t allowed to miss chances? Martinelli lost the ball for the second goal, why is he marked so high?. You clearly have your favourites don’t you

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

My last comment didn’t make it, so I will try again.
I don’t expect much to agree, but I don’t think Ben White is that good a defender. He does good things, but his positioning and decision making can be poor. Good defenders hardly slide tackle. Compare how many times he’s on the ground compared to Gabriel, who is still learning himself.
I hope Saliba will have progressed enough to be an upgrade on him, next season.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

So my last comment did make it, 50 mins later

Don Cazorleone

Infuriating isn’t it

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Ever since the Everton game it’s been painful


This is what happens when you put Granit into your nick… takes ages to get anywhere!


That Nketiah substitution was absolutely pointless.


I think it was to save Laca’s legs. He needs to play against Burnley and we all remember him being dead on his feet when the clock ticks over the hour mark


True, but can’t we put on someone who’s here for the long-term? No sense in sending out a player who’s leaving us.


Disappointed with the performance today, and probably an unpopular position, but you know what…F*#% the “I don’t Carabau it” Cup! Our primary goal this season is a champion’s league place. We have to stay laser focussed on that goal because achieving it will boost the fortunes of this club right now far more than anything else, including the league cup. Glad they got that stinker out of their system, honestly, especially if it means they come back to their best on Sunday against Burnley.


Your position isn’t “unpopular” – it’s juvenile.

It’s the equivalent of a rejected teenager pretending they never liked the loser anyway.

You get no gold stars for pathetically pretending the competition we clearly tried to win was beneath us once we crashed out.

We lost. It sucks.

Move on.


If that competition warms your heart, so be it. But I think your missing the point. Would’ve been fun to win it but it is a side show to this season’s goals. A muffin is nice but it isn’t nutritious or part of our diet. Yea, we tried to win it and played poorly. In the end, I don’t care that we didn’t win it. Doesn’t have any real weight on my judgement of our season. That is all based on where we finish in the league, plain and simple.


Don’t agree with that, we were 2 wins away from securing a spot in a european competition, which we failed to do last season. At least I would find it very convenient to know in mid February that I’d have european football next season, could ease the pressure on the team for reaching the other goals

Eazy Deezy

The league cup winners qualify for the Europa Conference League though …
Not saying the league cup isn’t important – I would’ve loved winning it, and it would’ve been good for the confidence and experience of this developing team. But the European place isn’t a bonus

Manu petits left peg

Fuck me. What is wrong with some of you people. We just lost 2 nil aggregate to Liverpool. Who are one of the best teams in the world.

Where as we used to get properly pumped in these games.

Yeah it’s not nice and it’s slow progress. But this is where we are.

A team being rebuilt who didn’t have enough fit players to fulfil the last match desperately cobbling something together.

Deal with it like grown ups or fuck off you big bunch of whiny crybaby c***s

Take a look at yourselves you look like Tottenham fans.


I have another 5 mins to kill… tell us how you really feel.


Although I completely agree with the sentiment – for those who follow cycling: see Rule #5 in the Velominati handbook….


I thought Gabriel had a poor game, especially on both goals, he went into press Firmino every time and failed, and only resulted in vacating the CB spot.


Not even worth watching never mind rating. Partey in midfield no Xhaka and look what happened? Shambles rest of it. Delusional fans making stupid excuses naively inflating players more than their worth. Arteta should have brought in a proper midfielder last summer in Neves from Wolves rather than waste money on White. Saliba and Guendouzi should have also been properly managed. Willock should have been kept rather than having to replace like for like with Sambi Lokongo. Auba or Laca should have been sold. I would have brought in Odsonne Edoard or maybe Darwin Nunez back then. Sure Edoard is… Read more »


Boy I’m glad I’m not your cat.


And as I mention many times Arsenal tend to buy and believe they have strengthen but in reality we keep making one step forward one step back. Case in hand at Rback. We buy Tomiyasu then get rid of Bellerin when in reality we need BOTH. But delusional fans then believe we have strengthened. Same in midfield. But Sambi Lokongo, sell Willock. net gain 2m Buy Partey, believe we have finally solved midfield just as same fans bleated on about how Torreira was the dog’s bollocks to the Swiss. In reality even if we bought say Neves, we would have… Read more »


lets just also call the obvious elephant in the room. Xhaka is a rash player but that Partey tackle was more deserving of the red than Xhaka’s who was clearing the ball without knowledge of the on rushing striker. If it was some one other than Granit, some would be bleating on about bravely taking one for the team,Simply shows how obtuse many peoples’ thinking are.


And how myopic your adoration for a player who has consistently cost us points, pride and wasted energy for his poor teamates who have to plug the holes he repeatedly exposes.


We look like a team that needs a confidence boost. In the last 3 games we have played the best two teams in the league and come very close, but just fallen short. Surely that takes its toll. However, I still think we have come far and are going in the right direction. Really hope for some new signings.
Also, Tomiyasu was uncharacteristically poor today. But he has been one of the stand out performers this season. Too bad he had to have a bad game last night


The lad had not trained in almost 2 weeks… that’s got to hurt against, as you say, one of the best teams in the world.


…making excuses…how the gaffer can pull Laca off one nil down is unbelievable.


So we gain some NB – but hardly new – insights: Good god, but we need a quality midfielder next to Thomas… Lokonga could grow into that, but he is at least 1 season off that level atm. Simply put – our ‘engine’ of transmission from keeper/defence through to the forwards currently, has zero ‘torque’ – no energy, no insight. Partey made an immediate difference, only serving to illustrate what we’re clearly lacking there. Pay 100m for Vlahovic ffs! WE NEED A FINISHER… paradoxically, our problem has ‘improved’ from not creating chances to not finishing them. Gabi is a ridiculous… Read more »

Malaysian gunner

Arsenal attack is slow amd predictable.What ever happened to the much vaunted defence?
Jota was given too much time and space.
If the gunners cant beat Burnley they can forget about cl soccer.
There are no easy games inthe epl

Exit the Lemming

Partey’s willingness to be involved is to be applauded but I’m sure we all wish he’d stayed on the bench. Even without Salah and Mane, Liverpool had so much more nous in every area of the pitch. Tomiyasu and Smith-Rowe performed like those who’ve been rushed back from injury too soon. Either Lacazette as a DM was an eccentric gamble by Arteta or he was just playing far too deep? Jota is a player I wouldn’t get tired punching.

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