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Arsenal release pink third kit for 22/23 season

Arsenal’s pink third away kit for the 2022/23 season is now available to buy via Arsenal and Adidas outlets.

It’s the first time in the club’s history that outfield players will wear the colour and also a new direction for Adidas who to this point have supplied blue third shirts three seasons in a row.

There is a nod to tradition with the inclusion of an ermine motif that older supporters will recognise from the Victoria Concordia Crescit club logo of the nineties and early noughties.

The Adidas stripes on the shoulders are a dark blue, as is the collar which also features light blue piping. The club crest, Adidas logo and sponsor logos appear to be all black.

The shorts are navy blue and the socks are pink with a navy trim.

The marketing spiel reads: “Taking cues from the Club’s late 20th century crest, a tonal all-over ermine print blends over a light pink body for a nostalgic, yet fresh take on on-pitch performance.”

The fan replicas for men and women will set you back £70, the long-sleeve is £75 and the authentic version is £100.

It’s expected that Arsenal will debut the shirt against Sevilla in tomorrow’s Emirates Cup friendly.

UPDATE – the club have confirmed that its first outing will be the opening game of the new Premier League season versus Crystal Palace.

Arsenal third shirt 2022/23 (mens)
Arsenal third shirt 2022/23 (womens)
Arsenal third shirt 2022/23 (long sleeve)
Arsenal third shorts 2022/23
Arsenal third socks 2022/23

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Looks nice. I like it. That navy trim on socks…


Aesthetically I like it too. Problem is apart from the badge you can’t tell it’s Arsenal.


The two shades of blue balance out the pink really well. I like it, good kit. The only thing I would have changed is that I would have made all the logos on the front navy instead of black. Just keep to the three colours for continuity. Adidas have made some nice kits lately, no doubt about it. I do, however, wish they’d go back to using the adidas trefoil logo design from the 70’s and 80’s, instead of the Adidas Equipment logo from the 90’s. That trefoil logo to me, IS adidas. And ditch the sleeve sponsor and get… Read more »


Those shorts! I’m a bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t wait another week to order the Away shorts…


Nice, aren’t they?

I’ve got some on order for my holiday in a few weeks. 😊👍


Pink kit? looks like something random Manchester united or spurs would wear even for an away kit 🤮


With footy fans this is just an opportunity for ridicule. Personally it is red for home and yellow away. I like the black top though.


I think our lads will ‘carry it off’ pretty well.

I like the fact that the club is being bold and adventurous. That said, ideally I would have yellow and blue permanently as the second kit colours and then the third kit for all the wacky experiments.


It kind of looks like it’s been splattered with cooking oil.


I’m not a fan, but maybe I should get one to camouflage the actual splattering of oil and various other stains I usually get on my jerseys from random drunken food indulgences.


A cool kit deserves some cool Big Band jazz. 😎

Henry Mancini.


too funky in here

Nice one, Q

Charles Charlie Charles

As a professional jazz musician myself, I find your musical taste impeccable sir! That dude on the alto sax is mustard! Hank Mancini is one of my favourites too, what a special talent he was, especially his film themes, like the ones he did for the Pink Panther movies. Ignore the downvoters, probably a load of Kanye fans for whom melodic tune structures and real musical instruments are an unknown entity.


Looks banging. I’m sure all the old geezers will be upset by men in pink though.


I hope we upset alot of people for reasons beyond pink 🙂


I couldn’t care less what the dinosaurs think


I do love myself a fats rant though, we need the dinosaurs 🙂


I mean yeah, I see what you mean, it’s funny. But I just don’t have time for it. People shouldn’t get emotional over a kit.

Saying that though I absolutely hated puma, tight and crap designs.


I’m not; I like the kit. 😊

And a lot of blokes, myself included, actually used to wear pink on the North Bank. A lot of the Pringle, Tacchini and Lacoste jumpers worn by Casuals in 1983/84 and 1984/85 were pastel shades of yellow, blue – and also pink. De rigueur with the Charlie Nicholas mullet!

Funny how fashion colours come and go and then come back in again.

At the end of the day, that’s all it is – a colour.


Good point mate!


And basically all sport-minded Americans


Looks like my neice’s pajamas.

Not a fan tbh, but basic design is much better than our puma days!


All im gonna say is, stay away from Twitter my fellow goons…



Fuck anyone who hates on us and what we do.

Fuck ‘em.


Couldn’t care less about a pink kit (used to love Palermo kits!) but functionally, who can we play in pink but not in red-and-white? I just don’t see how it serves the purpose of an away kit.

John C

I’d be interested to know how often we play in any change kit, most away games we play in our home kit.

There’s only a handful of teams where our home kits clashes, Liverpool, Man U, Brentford i’m struggling to think where else?

Death by 300,000 Passes

Unfortunately, we play with our away or third kits much more often than necessary. I guess the idea is to sell more of those shirt on top of the main one.

David Hillier's luggage

In addition to Utd, Liverpool and Brentford, there’s Bournemouth, Palace, Forest, Southhampton, Villa & West Ham, all of whom I feel the club can legitimately wear an away kit against. That’s nearly half the league where there’s a clash.

John C

That’s more than i thought to be honest, maybe i just don’t pay attention.

Left Testicle

It’s all about the $$$.

Crash Fistfight

We’re wearing it against Crystal Palace, which just sounds weird.

On a related note, is it just me that dislikes seeing Man City and Chelsea play each other, both wearing their home kits? Teams will find any excuse to wear their away kits when it’s not needed, yet they choose to both wear blue when they have a legitimate reason to wear their away kits.

Re: the pink kit, I used to love the Palermo kits as well, but there’s something I find really boring about this one.

John C

I’d be surprised if we play in a non-home kit for 20% of our matches this season.

Interestingly you can understand why we’re playing against Palace in the pink kit as their home kit is part red and dark, which rules out the home and away kits but i bet we play no more than 3 matches in it, in fact i can’t think of a single other premier league game where we would need to wear it..

Charles Charlie Charles

My money’s on us to wear the black and gold kit down at Palace.

Charles Charlie Charles

Just seen the update, so maybe I won’t put any money on the black and gold!


Bournemouth it will definitely be worn & probably Newcastle, Everton & Leicester seeing as we seem to have this thing where our home kit, somehow, clashes with theirs recently & the black may be deemed to close to the latter 2’s home kit

John C

We’ll wear our home kit against Newcastle and Everton probably for both home and away matches


The purpose of the third kit is to sell the third kit to the punters.


Pink is gay.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

That will probably suit the majority of men, these days then

Death by 300,000 Passes

Nothing bad with gay stuff, but this just looks bad, even on women.

Hank Scorpio

Ironically your avatar or whatever it is has a dash of pink…..

Pascal Cygan's Shiny Forehead

Are we really still saying like this?


No. Stop that.


Can you take that kinda thing down? Banish Lolerinho to a spurs website?


Think it’s worth leaving up so people understand what’s acceptable and not.


Comrade Amin, Thanks for letting me know which Arsenal blog NOT to read.


Good, thanks for showing your true colours. You won’t be missed.


Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.


it’s actually you leaving mate.


How you figure? I’m still here.

Merlin’s Panini

It’s not just the blog you shouldn’t be reading. The club doesn’t stand for this kind of intolerance. Go support Chelsea instead. They’d love you there.


Think you’re replying to the wrong person.


go back to 2003 please


get a grip, clearly a beta male to feel a colour can define someone.


Interesting time to put it out…

El Mintero



I love the black one, but they haven’t told anyone that you need to get the extra size up than normal as it’s like, skin tight!! Pink looks decent too, I remember Juve had something similar

Death by 300,000 Passes


Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Will be getting my daughter this for her first kit and the away for myself (which is an all time favourite of mine)


I have done exactly the same and now I have no money

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Tell me about it. 60 quid for a 6 year olds shirt with a name and number is crazy

Hail Gus!

Good grief


I must be getting old (40) but would rather not wear that kit for our opening game of the season…

Chuck Felsea

As with the black kit, it looks okayish, not sure what the connection to Arsenal is, but whatever. Would prefer to not wear it against Palace as well, cause it should be what it is billed as, a third kit to be worn in the very unlikely case that first and second can’t be used. Otherwise I got nothing against pink. Palermo FC shirts look cool, I would buy and wear those every season if I was a Palermo fan and my club colours were officially pink and black. That makes sense. Producing a pink shirt and wearing it against… Read more »

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

I like it.. would’ve preferred round collars over v necks but eh…


Well it’s different but i quite like it, plus it has a piece of Arsenal history in the pattern. I rate it 8/10.

Heavy Gunner

Well, we’ve had the smashed banana kit era- now we’re headed for the ‘Raw Sausage’ look. C’mon lads- crossong fingers for a great season!


Grown men being insecure about wearing pink is my idea of masculinity.


well its better than a blue kit, or worse, a white kit with navy shorts


Glad so many dislike it so i might get mine on sale.
The “Arsenal Font” or “Fan Font ” (for the black shirt) has been sold out since day 2 of the release… U guys think it will be available again?? I made that mistake once to wait, so i never got this awesome Yellowblue Nike with KÄLLSTRÖM 29 on it and I’m still not over it.

El Mintero

I’m still gutted I missed out on the Nike redcurrant jersey so I feel your pain…:)


I emailed arsenal direct and they said there were no current plans to stock Eddie 14. Only G Jesus, Smith Rowe, tierney and Tomiyasu available when I messaged. They have since restocked Saka, I think. I went with smith rowe and decided not to wait – I’ve also missed out before!


I love both those kits, but I don’t buy into the whole ‘away’ vs ‘third’ thing.. if the black one is the ‘away’ kit why aren’t we wearing it at Palace? We’re playing away, and there’s no clash between red&blue vs black.. we always end up playing in the third kit more than the away!
Got to say they are both great kits though.. also anyone who can’t handle out team wearing pink, get over your programming!


Probably more to appease the colourblind people. I’ve got no issue with what kit we wear as long as it’s got the cannon on it


Didn’t know our squad is sponsored by Victoria’s Secret this season.


Absolute beauty.

Merlin’s Panini

It’s a nice shirt. I just not a fan of baby pink. You can also guarantee punditing idiots like Pulis will be saying how soft we look.
If it were yellow it would be a classic. Perhaps it’s a grower though.


Do you know where to get the pink trousers they wear on the pictures?

Holly White

Dinosaur female here, moved to post here for the first time. The socks – would have liked blue socks with pink trim. The pink socks look like the ones you get to wear after having your varicose veins done. The rest of the kit is nice.


Disappointed that even on this site there are so many dinosaurs

Who cares if it’s “gay” in your mind?

Would you worry about people thinking you were gay?


Who gives a flying fuck who people love anyway.

But besides all that, what a great kit for getting younger female or feminine fans into the game

If you won’t buy it, don’t worry about it. Others will. It’s fine


I think it looks great. And I’m not “gay”. But if people thought I was, I couldn’t give a f*CK. Who cares.



absolutely, it’s just a colour. Looks fine to me. Too many beta males getting worried. Crazy times……

Emi Rates

I’ll get the black shirt. Fuck this pink shit.


I like it, something different.


Where can we get the pink shorts from? I saw the Woman’s team wearing them and they looked amazing!
Also can we get the players jerseys with their name and number?

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