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FC Zurich 1-2 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal got their Europa League campaign off to a winning start, beating FC Zurich 2-1 in St. Gallen this evening.

Marquinhos marked his debut with the opening goal, an emphatic finish from an Eddie Nketiah cross. However, the assist-maker gave away a penalty not long before the break from which the home side levelled.

Marquinhos turned provider for Eddie to score the winner midway through the second period, and in truth the Gunners dominance should have seen a more comfortable scoreline.

Not a game that will go down in the history books or anything, but a win is a win.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the FC Zurich 1-2 Arsenal report and see the goals here

FC Zurich 1-2 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Matthew Burke

Showing the Man Utd match player ratings


I’m seeing the United game player ratings?

Mayor McCheese

Blogs still venting.

Reality check

He’s probably mourning the queen’s passing.

Johnny 4 Hats

I was wracking my brain for a minute trying to remember an exceptional pass from Turner.

Mayor McCheese

Yeah, and thought it was particularly harsh to say Nketiah went missing tonight: “not on long enough to rate.”


Mistake? Wrong squad I think guys


Seems like an error with the Manchester United ratings, but fuck off McTominay!

Mayor McCheese

McTomalley…the green shit inside bottom-feeding crustaceans.


LOL they’re trailing sociedad. Does 3rd place in UEL groups drop to UEFA conference? That would be hysterical. Even better than them getting completely knocked out


Yes, and yes.


Definitely incorrect player ratings……. 😂


Even after they were fixed I think they’re all a bit incorrect. Each player is about +1 more than I’d rate. Good result, but the performance was mediocre, and the game was pretty rough from a footballing perspective. We need to focus right now and keep things straight. Next EPL game is a BIG match – bounce back with a statement performance. Unlikely to be this weekend though…


Anonymous strikes again.


United player ratings guys.


The twilight zone 10/10




God save the King.


The Horror. Deja vu.


VAR on player ratings?


These ratings have triggered me


Copy paste? 😂

Keep it Real

Seeing the United ratings mate


Not tonight’s game.

Ian wrights team photos middle finger

My head hurts 🤕


Zurich now, refresh


I like Matt Turner because he’s constantly chewing gum


Why, does he remind you Ferguson?😂

Mayor McCheese

Or perhaps Fat Sam?


now you’ve gone and ruined it!


Wow. Must have watched a different game. Eddie fluffed his lines too many times to warrant your rating and KT was in amongst our better stuff. For me KT and Marquinhos were MOTM and Eddie the worst.


KT’s ratings from blogger are always bizarrely low. He looked really sharp, couple of simply brilliant defensive moments & neat/tidy going forward.

Crash Fistfight

I thought he was decidedly average. All the ratings were high from my perspective. Gabriel, especially so, as he seemed to be trying to get an assist for Zurich in the first half.


Gabriel got the same as KT though which kinda proves my point…


I agree, Tierney was definitely a way off his best tonight.

Canon Fodder

Next time try and watch the match without your blindfold on. Eddie stretched the Zurich defence and was a constant threat all evening.


Eddie and Martinelli need to learn to pass … to one another!


Surprised Eddie came off, thought Martinelli should have rested a bit.

Marquinhos’ tears are another special moment so far this season….

house of goons

Just re-watched that goal and his reaction and I teared up again. Man oh man, I’m getting softer and softer the older i get.


Based on this performance the player we can least afford to lose is Ramsdale. Turner just looks slow to react, period.

Mayor McCheese

Wasn’t a great debut, for sure. Also a bad giveaway in the first half.

Rising Dough

I think he looked nervous, more than anything. Not the Matt Turner I saw in New England. Hope he gets past it, or Arsenal will be finding a new backup keeper.

Merlin’s Panini

We’ve had plenty of keepers look shaky on their debut. Even Petr Cech. Martinez had some extremely dodgy games early on. It’s all part of the process. Some show character and recover while others need to just move on to improve (eg Fabianski and possibly Runarsson). I’m not worried about Taylor just yet but if it becomes a trend then I would be. Fortunately we have January if it really looks a problem. Shame we lost two very good backups in succession, but then their contract situations dictated that. Let’s hope Taylor has the character to recover. He looked alright… Read more »

Tomiyasu's Tonkatsu

agreed. Turner hasn’t inspired a great deal of confidence so far in the few games he’s played…


Great debut for Marquinos, wasn’t perfect for sure, but you can really see the potential that both he and Viera have. Both need to mature some physically and gain experience with the first team, but will be great options for the Europa League matches, domestic cup competitions and as cover during the league season. Very interesting to see how Tomiyasu and Tierney were both playing in the middle much more and also up near the box in the middle. Was great to see both out there doing well and looking much more match fit. Very solid game from Lokonga, if… Read more »

Merlin’s Panini

Marquinhos. Vieira.


Gabriel seems to misstime many long balls lately. He gets close to the offensive player, jumps, and the ball goes over his head. Odd.


Marquinhos of the Match


Our new Brazilian Beast – watch this space… lad’s going to be a great.


I see lots of potential in him. Hardworking, seem humble enough, thankfully not another Raphina, Richardison and Antony type of arrogance.

Mark Hazelwood

0/10 rubbish streams and then the BBC suspend the live text because of monarchical developments.

Crash Fistfight

I’m having real trouble getting a decent one this season. They either stop and buffer every few minutes (or more if you’re unlucky) or it’s like looking through a pea souper.

Would be great if someone could recommend some decent sites.

I used to use Acestream – does anyone know if there are any places to get Acestream links for the football these days?

Canon Fodder

It’s called respect mate. The monarch died; there are some things more important than football.


And the fact that United lost makes this win that much better!
Couldn’t bear hearing they are “back” after winning against us.


Well impressed with marquinos, he’s a physical handful and real skillfully. For certain Martinelli needs a rest but see the option of hoping he scored a few and be good for confidence . Kt will struggle in that role I feel I’d actually prefer him in a trio at the back than that far advanced, he’s too left footed for that role I feel . Personal opinion but that LWB/no 8 would be ideal for Saka I feel, he’d get a head start running from deep drift infield and be a great option. Having ESR, marqui and Vieira as options… Read more »


interesting but saka surely in his preferred roll right now, otherwise why would he sign da ting


We have to scout more players with Tomiyasu’s profile. He is a ridiculously good player


100 bro. 11 tomi’s pls


I know Turner hasn’t played a lot, but in the friendly games and in todays game…he scares me a bit. Hopefully it’s just settling..

Merlin’s Panini

Despite this stage of the competition being pretty uninspiring it is an opportunity for fringe players and squad players to have important competitive game time, build rhythm and stake a claim for further involvement. Really pleased for Marquinhos scoring in his first competitive start. Vieira looked good and Sambi got some more minutes in. Also great to see Tomi and Tierney coming through unscathed and Eddie making an impact.


Best on the pitch ; Tomiyasu ; Magalhaes ; Albert Sambi ; Vieira ; Marquinhos ; Xhaka.

Marston Matt

Harsh on Turner — it was the pass he received which was poor

The Beast

Started to feel as though I was the only one that thought he had an ok game. Not spectacular by any measure but solid given he wasn’t needed for long periods.


I find Sambi a mildly frustrating player, I feel if he applied himself with the effort of Jesus, Gabi or Odegaard he could be something, but last night, for large bits of the game, he was just ambling about, not pressuring, not running like the others. I thought Tomi looked good and I think he pairs more naturally with Saka than White (understandably). And wonderful to see Marquinhos and his reaction. I thought his cross to the back post was fantastic.

The Beast

I thought he was good. Neither he or Xhaka really had to get out of 1st gear to dominate the midfield.

Think maybe Tomi’s all action style may endear him a bit more to the support but I think Lakonga’s been good in the last 3 matches he’s started. Rarely gives the ball away, keeps things ticking over & finds a good forward run every now & then.


I thought Tierney was Arsenal’s best defender on the day and I think he must have covered more distance than any other player? He also had a crucial block in the first half.

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