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PSV 2-0 Arsenal – player ratings

PSV scored twice and had three goals disallowed as they took full advantage of a poor Arsenal performance to win 2-0.

The Gunners remain top of the group, and can seal that position next week against FC Zurich, but it was an unhappy night for Mikel Arteta’s side, and hopefully we can react on Sunday against Nottingham Forest.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the PSV 2-0 Arsenal report and see the goals here

PSV 2-0 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Mayor McCheese

Rob Holding’s new hair is truly magnificent.

Funsho Patrick

Not sure there’s anything humorous about that performance…The press has lost energy….the control from the early part of the season is disappearing…That extra thing zinchenko comes to do in the middle alongside partey and Odegaard… it deliberate or coincidental that the last 3games against really huge defenders is neutralising our attackers and the referees can’t be bothered? Fabio viera is physically ill equipped…we saw the difference Gabriel Meghales made physically on his introduction….we don’t have a second team….. Good game for feedback though… hopefully more instructive than costly


Squad depth problem, need reinforcement in January. Deep lying MF and a potent forward. We need more FIREPOWER!


Add to that a back-up CH – Holding is a diamond geeza but he ain’t it.


Arteta should start with the main team, get a few goals and then ease in the subs instead of the other way round especially against good teams. The only bright spot yesterday was Rob Holding’s hair. It is truly magnificent.

Man Manny

He ended with the first team.

Exit the Lemming

He’s the ‘Anti Samson’ with performances in direct inverse proportion to his burgeoning bouffant. We need him to start dating a hairdresser called Delilah…


10/10 for Eddie and Sambi really
pushing for first team places

Funsho Patrick

We’ve lost all the control from the early part of the season…when zinchenko was doing his extra man thing in midfield….he’s underrated….the coordination and intensity of the press has also fizzled…. haven’t seen 30m pounds worth of talent yet from our new midfielder….at best we have about 15players in our squad of premium quality…


😆they are shite agree

El Mintero

Presumably sarcasm because both were shite. Again.


Hahaha. I really want to like them but fucking hell.


Ermmm… which game did you watch?


Tonight was like when you have a long hard day at work, pop through the drive thru on your way home, you get home and find the order is wrong…not inedible…but wrong


This happened to me recently 😂


We come back stronger 😅

Mayor McCheese

I blame Hamburglar.


And scrape your blindspot fender on the gate post driving in…

Jamie Ryan

Yikes, one of those awful European nights. It’s clear Arteta has no faith in the second stringers–otherwise Nelson and Cedric would have started. We look very limited when a few first teamers are off form or replaced. Here’s hoping Notts Forest aren’t up for it.


Okay, so I freely admit I know next to nothing about football but Vieria one of the 3 best rated players at 5.5??? I kept seeing him ambling about, not doing very much at all.

I was expecting a lot more from the subs, if not quality at least in effort.

Funsho Patrick

Same way I saw blogs give Ramsdale a 4…. would have been 5-0 without him


Didn’t know he was working the VAR…


Actually, all the 5 goals that went in could’ve been saved; I believe Turner would’ve put in a far better performance; Ramsdale has to MASSIVELY improve if we’re to keep the momentum in the league!!

Brazilian gooner

Vieira and Eddie were the ones we though would push to be starters, yet they are forcing us to use Jesus and Odegaard in all Europa games, very disapointing.


Indeed. I understand they are young and still adapting but there’s no excuse for lack of effort. Sambi seems to be going backwards.

cereal killer

The guy who terrorized our defence was 19 year old XAVI… stop saying they are young.


Eddie is not going to make it at Arsenal.

Des Lynam

The problem with over playing our players is that with the intensity we have to play to be at our best, you’re gonna have these performances.
Sending out love to big Pablo!


Do you think PSV played less games? They are asked to play two games per week. Top athletes, top athletic treatment, what’s wrong with them?


Yes, they are not playing less games. But you cant compare games in the PL with those in the Dutch league.

Exit the Lemming

Bring on Go Ahead Eagles


Blackshirts in Europe, always a cause for concern


Only thing lacking was the blitzkrieg… more like a dampffsquibfel!

Exit the Lemming

take me to your lederhosen

Aleksander Włodarz

Lacking the squad’s depth and fatigue, perhaps? 🤔


Eddie, Sambi, Holding, there’s no way it can be fatigue. Holding is OK in a back three but can’t hack it in a four, Eddie and Sambi are just so feeble all the time I want to give them a kick up the arse. I think all of them may be gone in the summer unless they wake up. Cedric and Nelson aren’t even trusted to be on the pitch, they need to be gone as well. If these players can’t step up then they need to go, it’s really disappointing, watching them jogging about.


Sympathetic Holding is not a great fottball player. He was involved in both their goals. He is also slow. Mari is better (unfortunately, he is now knived).

Exit the Lemming

Based on a comparative sample size of: Pablo Mari (22 games) Rob Holding (147 games?) Let’s hope both Pablo and yourself become outpatients before too long.


Couldn’t agree more. All of them shouldn’t be at the club.


I got roasted in the pre-season for daring to suggest that as long as we continue to settle for ‘also-rans’, albethey the nicest blokes on the planet, we will NOT compete for top honours.
This is the toughest league in the world – there is ZERO room for passengers, at least, not if you’re serious about challenging for anything.

Exit the Lemming

Yes, there are lessons to be learned from a club like Spurs, where a surfeit of unmitigated cunts was a prerequisite for their unrelenting trophy haul since 2008.


Jogging about, especially Lokonga, he plays so lazily!


Add Tierney to that list. He was so bad. He is way too one dimensional. Once in possession, all he does is run in a straight line without involving his teammates. I am starting to understand why Arteta is reluctantly playing him.


Our fullbacks were the only ones who played well to be honest. They just didn’t have anything ahead of them nor that extra outlet in midfield. Sambi is definitely levels below Partey, staggeringly.


Tomiyaso did okay. Tierney did run a lot but all he did was run onto the space which was supposed to be occupied by martinelli. I am not sure Tierney is capable of playing the full back role as per the demands of Arteta thus the reason why I said he is one dimensional.

Exit the Lemming

Were it not for an unfortunate propensity to injury, Tierney would have a higher ceiling than Andy Robertson of Liverpool. Most of the time he doesn’t even have a crossing target to aim for (so gets forced back or inside), never mind one with any proven heading ability.

Runcorn Gooner

Awful to watch. Some of the passing was atrocious. Fair play to PSV they made it hard.

The Ramsdale error was still the crucial moment. Up to that point we were remarkably still in the game but in the end we deserved nothing and got nothing.

Some players being found out as not quite up to this level.

No foot Norbert

Not up to europa levels….. shame


Exactly, good point.
Unless we add equivalent quality to our squad or as near as is possible before next season we going to get a fair few tonkings in champs league (if we finish top 4 that is). PSV are a good team but they are not he level of bayern real et al.

Exit the Lemming

Rangers knocked PSV out at the CL qualifier play off stage and the Scottish team are on course to have one of the worst group stage records in the competition’s history (so that’s how good PSV are peeps and they’ve got a complete cunt as manger)


When football players have an excuse to take the foot off the gas, they usually do.




What the f**k did PSV spray on the pitch ??? I know losing 2-0 is a slip up but our lads looked like they were playing on a frosty tarmacked school playground whilst wearing kipper skins for shoes ???


Not for the first time. That goes back to the Wenger days actually. God knows what’s going on but so often we slip about while the opposition seem perfectly balanced.


PSV had players slipping also,


It’s why it’s called the potential banana skin.


Silver lining Xhaka getting a yellow and forced to rest next game.


Instead of missing out on the bigger knockout games, a good yellow

Brazilian gooner

Im still concerned over Mikel’s ability to rotate the squad, reminds me of that 6×0 against West Brom’s reserve team.
Nelson should be playing more, Marquinhos should be playing more, Europa was there to give those players proper minutes so if we have an injury they are not as rusty.


Marquinhos was unavailable, however I share in part your concern. While the “if ain’t broken it doesn’t need fixing” attitude is helping the PL run with mainly the same starting 11 each game, it IS starting to the show how detrimental it’s being to the squads cohesiveness with our bench not getting minutes – A crucial lack of gelling with the 1st team is slowly growing…thus we suffer. Better to learn and grow now then post January (hopefully)

Jamie Ryan

Agreed–Marquinhos was injured for this one.

Brazilian gooner

I know, was talking about the big picture here, not this game alone


Maybe it’s too early to say this but I don’t think Lokonga will make it at Arsenal.(happy to be proven wrong!)
When Martinelli wasn’t playing as much last season, he kept his mouth shut, trained like an animal and grabbed his chance. Shows his elite mentality.
Lokonga on the other hand plays and probably trains like he’s entitled to game time.


I agree to a certaon extent but don’t think it is just about attitude with him, he just isn’t that good a player or even a prospect. He has no qualities I can see apart from light link play short passes etc. I think the same applies with nketiah his only quality is he can run, I actually think his attitude is poor also, what has he done really at arsenal to believe he should be starting week in week out, he’s crap.

Exit the Lemming

So you’ve absolutely zero idea how he trains?


If obvious we can’t win this trophy though….lack of dynamism in play is glaring


I don¨t think Arteta has managed this tournament well. He took most of our senior players north of the arctc circle and only left Jesus home. Then he took all of them down to PSV only to lose a game that doesn´t matter when we expectedly beat Zürich at home in the last game. The price will be payed against Notts Forest..


or not 🙂


I think I catch your drift. But of course there will be a price! Hopefully, it will not exceed whats needed for us to secure the 3 points.

Aleksander Włodarz

Sometime it’s good to lose, as much as it hurts. Just wonder if that’s that sometime.


Fair point in overall scheme of things see your thinking, but I think it the manner of the defeat and the fear for all us we are declining for whatever reasons since the leeds game.
The end to last season has left a strong impression on us regarding capitulation. We not at that stage yet obviously but the more pessimistic of us gooners can’t help but worry.

Exit the Lemming

I always get pilloried for this but unless we strengthen the squad we’re not getting top four this season. A holding midfielder, a wide attacking player and a forward are bare minimum

cereal killer

Since leeds united game we are going down,we need strong creative midfielder ,you can’t rely on saka and martinelli all the time.


The thing our last run of matches (say the last five or so) has shown is we are in desperate need for some additions in January.


You couldn’t be more right.
Hope arteta and club don’t chance it again like last season. Even decent loans would be significant and add some quality and bodies. I mean fuck me there are enough decent players in brazil and we seem to have a good foothold in that market via edu!


At least it’s safe to say we need a 2nd striker after gj. Nketiah is an opportunistic striker he only scores on opponents obvious errors and sometimes good positioning for a tap in. My suggestion is play martinelli in the middle when gj doesn’t play.

Exit the Lemming

Martinelli through the middle has been tried often enough in the past and seldom worked.


Folks, if you thought the October schedule was daunting, take a look at the post World Cup slate. Three matches against top six/seven sides (Sp*rs, Newcastle, United), three against upper level mid table sides (Brighton, resurgent Hammers and Everton), and a likely rescheduled match against City on a midweek before or after FA cup weekend. New signings please!


Everyone was awful. Everyone looks exhausted. The defense was way below par. But dear lord Holding is not very good.

We need players in Jan. Striker. A winger. A mid and a left footed center back. Plus ESR and Mo.

Sambi might be one for the future but he’s not for the present.
Last 4 matches have been terrible. Hopefully we can play with spark again soon


Ramsdale, Lokonga and Nketiah were very poor


Ramsdale has to make sure that he puts in the performance of his life against Forest otherwise, Dean Henderson will take.that England third choice spot because clearly Ramsdale is behind both Pickford and Nick Pope currently!


Lokonga, Holding and Nketiah weren’t good enough either!

Exit the Lemming

I agree that Lokonga hasn’t convinced yet but there’s a player in there. Holding is decent cover against a backs to the wall aerial bombardment while Eddie is Championship level at best

Matt P

Extra defensive midfielder clearly a priority, and on this evidence a striker too

Chuck Felsea

Fair ratings I guess. PSV is surely worse than 80 percent of PL teams, so to lose against them in that way, I guess barely anybody can get a grade above 5. No one shone in particular.

Exit the Lemming

It could have been a 4,5 or 6 goal hiding.

Gooner 49

Will the person who told me to Fuck off after the Bodo/Glimp match please come back and apologize.
This was even worse!!!


So here’s the thing – and red thumbs be damned – we all need to hear this… Our ‘first team’ will compete with anyone, on their day; Our second stringers are way too far of the ‘first’ level… Sambi is NOT Partey Holding is NOT Gabriel (who, btw, needs to get a handle on the dithering that’s crept into his recent game) Viera is NOT Odegaard/Saka (let’s pray it’s early EPL days and his talent will see him rise to the level we need); Eddie is not Jesus (he ain’t even John the Baptist on current form); Tierney is NOT… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

I fear this is the sort of outcome we can expect if/when we are short of 1st choice players through injury/suspension. Apportioning blame for recruitment might seem misplaced this early in the season but surely Edu, Arteta and the board are culpable for lack of squad depth for what has been at least 3 seasons now?

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