Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Zinchenko: “No one is laughing now, all of us is dreaming”

There are few Arsenal players who enjoyed today’s 3-2 win over Manchester United more than Oleksandr Zinchenko. The Ukrainian didn’t just conduct matters on the pitch, but also off it, calling on the terraces to lift the noise as the Gunners chased victory.

It came, right at the death with Eddie Nketiah flicking home from close range after Zinchenko had teed up Martin Odegaard. Cue massive celebrations, briefly paused by a VAR check, and then further buoyant scenes.

After the game, Zinchenko spoke to the media. Here’s what he had to say…

On an incredible way to win the game…

Yes, thank you so much. Incredible game, incredible atmosphere. That’s why we love the Premier League, you know? I said to the lads before the game that “guys, when everyone is gonna retire, we’re gonna regret that we didn’t enjoy enough”.

On what he puts the win down to…

Honestly, everyone realises that we have a lot of games ahead of us and we just go step by step. I think the mentality, the spirit is right. That’s the key, you know? That’s where we need to go and we need to move. There’s always space to improve but still I think we’re on the right way.

On how special the togetherness is at Arsenal…

To be honest, when I had just arrived, the quality I saw. Obviously, I knew the Arsenal team, I knew all of them before but still, I realised we have everything to achieve the big things and I started to speak in the dressing room “guys, forget top three or whatever, we need to think about the title”. Some of them was laughing but no one is laughing now and all of us is dreaming. But still, like I said, there’s a lot of games to play and now you can see United is back, City, as always, is there. Let’s see what is going to happen but let’s move step by step.

On what Arsenal have to keep doing…

With this atmosphere, with our fans behind us, everyone knows what we need to do on the pitch. It’s about desire and stuff. In modern football now, with two top teams playing each other, everyone is fast, everyone has technique and stuff like this, everyone knows what they need to do on the pitch but it’s something a bit more, a bit desire, it’s to be in front of your opponent, it’s about reading the game quicker than your opponent. Win your duels and stuff like this. That’s the key.

On Ian Wright being so happy he’s at Arsenal…

Thank you so much.

On whether Arsenal can win the league…

Everyone is dreaming about this but honestly, we don’t look far. We don’t look at other teams as well. We need to be focused on our game. Like I said already, there are plenty of things to improve but we are on the right way, I think. The atmosphere in the dressing room, around the team, at training ground, everybody is working so hard. Apart from the players, the staff…you arrive in the morning at the training ground and you can come back at 5pm and still half of the staff will be there working hard. That’s the way, unbelievable and perfect. That’s the key. That’s my opinion.

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Enjoyed this game more than the Spurs one. Zinny! What a man, what a monster.

Funsho Patrick

A legend in the making!


Literally, just finished watching the replay. WHAT A FUCKING GAME! GET IN!!!!!! COYG!

And man, I cannot agree more on Zinny. I’ve been waxing lyrical about him for weeks, months now. He was a monster. Legit 10/10 game from him. I’ll say it again. He is the most crucial player we have right now. Not only because he is absolutely world class, but he allows us to play tactics so advanced they cannot be replicated across world football. We overran them in the 2nd half and Zinny was critical to that. Man, WHAT A FUCKING WIN! Believe Gooners, believe!




Imagine if we win the league from shitty with their “leftovers”.
Imagine how motivated you will be to be a “leftover” and win the man that throwing you away!

Spanish Gooner

I’m just glad we finally have somebody for the left back slot in all those Premier League / Emirates all time Arsenal XIs. I saw one with Clichy in it the other day. Disgusting.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Saw a heat map of his game today. You wouldn’t believe he’s a left back. Incredible signing.


You know, at Man City I NEVER thought he was this good. That shows how ridiculous that City’s team is. I was not fully convinced about us signing him, but what a world of difference he has made. I didn’t think he would be a safe option in these big games because i never rated his defensive skills. Safe to say I was way off point. The way he leaps to make those defensive headers. Thank you so much, Mikel Arteta for giving us these moments again. I am just so emotional tonight seeing Arsenal fans all over the world… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

It could have been me posting this word for word (apart from most important player)

Hair on Ram's Tail

City as a club and Guardiola and these players all have massive respect for Arteta. They all would rather these players come play for Arteta than play for Man U or Chelsea or overseas.
They brought in new players, so Zinchecnko and Jesus knew they should go somewhere else where they could get more playing time and still compete for trophies. They knew Arteta and knew he was the one they wanted to play for, and that Arsenal had a great young core that had the potential to be great.


Me neither, I saw him as tidy but always looked a bit fearful on the ball to me at City. Turns out he’s Cancelo but even better. Our Left back maestro 👌


My Arsenal story is almost a cliche, because I am an American (born and raised in Detroit) and I came to love the squad through playing FIFA on Xbox. Eventually I had a TV service that offered a bunch of EPL and Arsenal content, so I started watching. The first ever Arsenal match I ever saw was the 8-2 drubbing at Old Trafford. Somehow I stuck with them anyway, lol, and this season has been deeply gratifying. I only wish I had ANYONE near me to enjoy this with. I am literally the only person I know that knows fuck… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

@christco SE Michigan in the house—Ann Arbor here. Glad you stuck with the Gunners and found Arseblog!


I have actually been reading Arseblog every day since the week after that ignominious defeat, without exception

Gaby! Gabi! Gabé!

If you’re not already a member of the Patreon/Discord for Arseblog, sign up. Support kick ass journalism/podcasting, and you’ll be shocked by the sheer volume of Gooners on the Discord. Almost guaranteed to be some local to you as well. We Gooners are everywhere…


@christco Welcome to the world of Arseblog…Awesome (and entertaining) community. From Ionia, Mi.

A Different George

I felt the same, seeing him play for City–good player, but not that special. But the few times I saw Ukraine, he was entirely different–controlled the game from the left half-space, clearly the on-field leader, brilliant passer. He looked a lot like a (slightly) left-sided Odegaard.


32M quid in today’s football is like signing Henry for 11M quid…

Brady’s bunch

His heat map for yesterday was unbelievable he literally was all over the pitch.

Aussie Henry

What a signing he has been, i knew he was good but had no idea he was this good!


I really believe this man is a key to how well we have played this season. His technical ability is unreal. Awareness through the roof. What a guy. Future manager for sure


It’s like having an extra playmaker from defense. Unreal technique.

I once saw an interview where Walker was asked who was the most technical of the city players… I was expecting him to say KDB, but he said Zinny and that surprised me. Now I see why!


Without question. His presence levels the team up, maybe two rungs!


he is the unsung (until now) hero of this half season. he just makes things happen.


No-one is laughing now. We’re all too amazed at how good our team is!!!

Dreamy Mik

Some clubs may pay immense amounts of money for talents but we have bought this generational talent for peanuts.
What a guy, an impeccable leader, a key for us to dominate games with his role in the dressing room and on the pitch. Chapeau bas!

Boy Bastin

Only half the staff at the training ground at 5pm. I hope the others had a note to say they could leave early.


Wouldn’t be surprised if many of them arrive at 6 or 7am, so that’s a fairly long day at work, especially when work is physical


They have been “notified”…

A Different George

“In modern football now, with two top teams playing each other, everyone is fast, everyone has technique and stuff like this, everyone knows what they need to do on the pitch but it’s something a bit more, a bit desire, it’s to be in front of your opponent, it’s about reading the game quicker than your opponent. Win your duels and stuff like this.” He’s right of course–but although “everyone has technique,” not everyone has technique like him. As for “reading the game quicker,”–well, if he (and Odegaard) read the game any quicker, they would be waiting for a pass… Read more »


Brilliant. We are all enjoying how good this team is.


personally i am laughing (at the history of the tottenham)


I can see where you’re coming from, but it’s a bit like laughing at some poor sod in a wheelchair, who lost his limbs and testicles in a combine harvester accident at age 12.


🤣🤣🤣 just brilliant


Top guy, you can see how proud he is to finally play for a big club with real history 🙂

Public Elneny Number One

Everytime i see this dude i think of an interview he did a few months back where he said he wanted to “kill and destroy” the Arsenal 4th place stereotype, how can we not love Mr Kill and Destroy?


Nice one fizzgig!



Merlin’s Panini

The value of his and Jesus’s experience as past Champions could well be what pulls us over the line. That’s invaluable for these young players. It feels like we really have that team of captains now.


The craziest part is that Man U played absolutely great. They were far better than when we played them at Old Trafford.

They played their best game and we still beat them. That’s how good this Arsenal team is.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

They will always be a threat on the counter attack, but they definitely weren’t great. First half we were as sloppy as I’ve seen all season in the league, which made them look better than they were. 2nd half we were dominant


Nah they were good man. They pressed in a way I’ve never seen Utd be arsed to do before and forced a lot of the Arsenal errors. Agree that there was a certain wildness to Arsenal first 25 that settled later. But we were just better. Fucking incredible game.


Love his attitude and the energy he brings to the team, it’s clear he’s made a massive impact in the dressing room making everyone believe and aim higher. Beyond being an obviously wonderful footballer…

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Dream lads, I sure am.
All this talk of we have to play City twice.
I say City still have to play us twice!

Up North

Love that guy. A big credit to Edu and Arteta for finding the right players also, I think also Trossard will be valuable for us. Seeing those who slipped away (Martines Today,Mudryk yesterday) tells me that their aim is good,even though evil forces disrupt them in the end.


I had a good feeling while Trossard was getting ready to come on and I think i was proved right. He looked assured, clued into the plan, and helped produce those last fine attacking. I think he’s exactly the kind of depth we’ve needed.


Zinchenko right, Zinchenko left, Zinchenko up the middle! Dude can anticipate where he’s most needed every second he’s on the pitch. Last week, it was obvious to the world that we totally dominated Sp*rs. But even though this was a proper game of football, and a nail-biter to the end, I can’t remember too many “uh oh” moments or any significant stretches where ManUre pegged us back or looked to be on top. Wonderful goal from Rashford. In a team full of faces you just want to smash with a brick, Rashford is an exception, was really the only danger… Read more »


How had Man United gone unbeaten for so long? They don’t play Arsenal every week, that’s how!


Heh, you forget Partey and what a massive player he is. he is the link to all Arsenal moves and dominance Arsenal have in midfield.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Each of the players on the field provide something special that enables other players on the field to do something special on the pitch. Zinny plays in the midfield which allows Xhaka to move forward. While it’s nice to acknowledge the quality of certain players in different games, they work as a unit. What Zinny has brought is mentality and belief that we can actually win the league. Been the most special of seasons in club history to this point, let’s keep enjoying the game by game approach and the journey we are on and see where we end up.… Read more »


Amazing person at city Just another player here a legend in the making


4-3-3 is a little white lie. Really we often play 3-3-3 plus 1.

Hair on Ram's Tail

Zinchenko says all the right things because he knows what it takes to win the Premier League. That winning experience with him and Jesus is so important for a team that is so young.
And he is playing so well! We need him to stay healthy. If he does, then great things will happen.

utk v

Don’t get it twisted. Zinny just dropped two 9/10 performances back to back against spurs and man u. what a buy.. what a player..

Eric Blair

Only 9?

Frog In Ze Room

Who’s the half not working hard at 5pm? We want names! Love you Zinny

Bill Hall

I dunno how he does it, it’s like there are 3 of him on the pitch at once! He is everywhere!
Take a bow lad!


He gave a great interview, particularly liked that he credited the other non-playing/coaching staff as well. Real class. Arteta has really done a hell of a job here, I must add!


In a squad full of excellent players who all seem to be likeable personalities, he is rapidly becoming one of my favourites.


When I saw Zinny in City’s lineup I always thought he was weakest link, and he wasn’t that good.

Boy, I was wrong. What a player he is. I love every bit of him, and so happy he’s an Arsenal player. Hopefully he will be for years and years to come!

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