Thursday, May 30, 2024

First image of Arsenal’s 23/24 third kit leaked

Footy Headlines have released the first image of Arsenal’s adidas third kit for the 2023/24 season.

As we mentioned a while back, the shirt is green and blue and takes its inspiration from the away version worn by Terry Neil’s side 40 years ago.

Paired with navy blue shorts, it features a granddad collar with AFC motif (as used on the 90/91 home shirt), blue adidas stripes and white sponsor logos.

Like the away kit in 2021/22 and this year’s black third kit, the club crest is simplified to a cannon.

It means for the first time since it was introduced in 2002, none of Arsenal’s kits will feature the current crest in full colour. Gold and Blue crests are used on the home and away shirts respectively (see below).

We think this is further evidence that the club are laying the groundwork for a revamp of the ’02 crest in the relatively near future.


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The yellow kit was an April fools day joke.. Right? Right?!


It better be! Imagine making a return to the Champions League in THAT.

VAR will solve all the problems

I think it’s another of those ideas from Arteta to gain any advantage he can get. Like blend in with the grass so that opposition players sees you late. Similar to army camouflage fatigue. Imagine opposition players scanning the fields and sees no Arsenal players in their peripheral vision and suddenly Partey, Oddegaard and Zinchenko popping up from no where? It’s genius!


It’d be hard to miss the yellow one. More chance of getting a migraine from staring too long at it.

Teryima Adi


Crash Fistfight

It’s hideous 😂


These are all pretty bad. The green one is fine but I could also find the exact same thing in the generic footy jersey section of any half decent sporting good store.

The red and gold is meh and looks like several ideas at once.

The swirly one is heinous.

Johnny 4 Hats

Am I the only one that doesn’t give a fuck about this?

We buy it. They wear it. A year passes. They make a new one. We buy it.

Plus ça change?


no ones gives a flip about what you think. so you dont like the more eccentric styles and also dont like the traditional green kit? aren’t you a tough cookie to please.


Hmmm. I guess I’ve been approaching this reading comments thing wrong this whole time. I thought the point of it was to read what other people think…


I don’t mind your opinion 🙂

Love the topographic map one. Agree: home kit to many style overlaps. Third looks dull.

Anyone give a fuck about what I think? xo


Honestly, if these are in any way similar to what our actual kit will look next season, let’s just hope that first team at Arsenal perform better than the kit designers at adidas…🤦🏻‍♂️

Chipper 49

I may be in the minority with this opinion (I often am) but I think that the adidas kits have become progressively worse . Next seasons second kit is hideous .
Having said that , if they are strips we wear as champions then my perception of them could change …


Ah the black kit is fire mate

Shane Molloy

My boy loves it. I’m not fussed but I would still consider it an exception that proves the rule . 🙂Also ,I was thinking of the first strips. Which , hands up ,I didn’t make clear.

Crash Fistfight

I thought their take on the bruised banana kit was half-arsed.

I think their kits are overrated in general. I loved last year’s 3rd kit and the home kit in their first year. Otherwise I think they’ve been the usual Adidas fare: not hideous (until the 2nd kit rumored in this article, if true) but not particularly exciting.

Ross Lomas

Three poor kits for me this year


The only thing which could have made this shirt more uninspiring is if it were beige.


ssssshhhhh! don’t put ideas in their heads!!


Hope we do fuck off that crappy, soulless club crest design.

Absolute travesty that


More and more I’ve been craving a return of the early 90s VCC heraldry crest… hopefully one day


The third kit green should be a bottle green rather than a jade green – if you’re going to do it Adidas, have the bollocks to adopt the correct colours.

The home kit is ok-ish. Still very Puma which I hoped we’d put behind us now.

That away kit though. An absolute fucking joke. We are going to have the piss ripped left right and centre wearing that abomination.

Crash Fistfight

I’ve just bought a replica of the original version. I’m glad this one isn’t exactly the same, as the original one is much nicer 🙂


Why the fuck aren’t we wearing our pink kit more? I don’t like pink, but even I have to admit, that kit is glorious.

Belfast Gooner

Apparently Arteta doesn’t like the pink kit. Have saw a few reliable arsenal shirt accounts say that.

Crash Fistfight

I think it’s dull as hell

I like the 3rd kit, smart colour and unique too, I can only think of Plymouth Argyle who wear that same army shade of green.

The away shirt is a bit of a disaster though, something like what Will Smith wore in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in the 90’s. Are we sure that wasn’t an April Fools Day prank?

Pat Rice and Beans

The #1 is ugly, the #2 is hideous, and the #3 is bang average.

Pat Rice and Beans

Adidas should’ve done better.

Glasgow Gooner

The home one ain’t bad with the gold ala Real Madrid but the away one looks uncannily like how it makes me feel. Pukey.


Love the green & blue, hope it has hooped socks like the original. And hope we never again play in an all blue kit!!



Just stick to red, black, and pink.

Why mess with perfection.


I seem to be in the minority here: Away kit looks great… not keen on home or third though… they look a little spliced together. Anyway, main thing is we dump our hideous current crest… the simple cannon is the one! PS: Love topographical maps 🙂


I like the away kit too! There I said it.

I don’t want to get beaten up so I may not buy it, at least until it costs £3.50 in JD Sports by April 2024

Man Manny

Can’t they just repeat this season’s black kit? It’s just lovely, and Arsenal seem to exude a kind of authority in it, typified by the Fulham game away.


Honestly, they are all terrible, and look like they were designed by a child at preschool.


Can somebody explain to me the economics of how these kit deals work? Do Arsenal themselves get the revenue from kit sales, or does it get some sort of percentage from Adidas? I guess where I am going with this, does Adidas have any motivation at all to perform even a small amount of market research to ascertain what type of kits and colours might actually sell very well, or do they just not give a shit, because they get the same amount of money either way (they just make a certain amount of them and when they sell out,… Read more »


As long as they have Emirates and Rwanda written on them I will hate all of our shirts (and sponsorship policy).

Death by 300,000 Passes

The 3rd kit is the ONLY Adidas kit from the recent years that I can say that I really like.

Bill Hall

Home kit OK but lose the shoulder stripes
Away kit is a fucking abomination! Why can’t we go back to a nice plain yellow and blue?
Third kit, why do teams need a third kit anyway? They all used to manage fine without them for years! In fact why does the kit need to be changed every year?



Bill Hall

Incidentally without those ghastly blue swirls, the away kit would be OK!


Think I prefer the 3rd kit for being so average

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