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Arsenal 0-3 Brighton – player ratings

Arsenal missed good first half chances and paid the price as three second half goals gave Brighton a 3-0 win to effectively end our title challenge.

It was far from our best day, and the visitors played extremely well. It will be a day that gives Mikel Arteta pause for thought as we consider rebuilding during the summer, all in all a disappointing day.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Arsenal 0-3 Brighton report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 0-3 Brighton – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Heartbreaking, whoever made it to the comment page, i feel you all, we go again next season and thank you Arseblog for the great rating always


I had a weird feeling prior to the Everton v City game that if City put them to the sword we were always going to be susceptible to having the wind taken out of us a bit, because I think there was this collective understanding that if they were going to drop points, they kinda needed to do it there to make it realistic of us overtaking them. I gave very little belief to the idea of City losing 1 and at least drawing 1 more out of their last three games. They had to lose today and then perhaps… Read more »

El Mintero

Not really dude. We lost it last month Liverpool-West Ham-Southampton. That was fkn heartbreaking! This is just end of season whatever…


0/10: the so-called fans who left early. If there was any glimmer of a fightback, that put an end to it.


The Gary Neville thing must surely violate the Geneva convention.


This whole season felt like G.Nev wanted anyone but Arsenal to win it -even if City replicate the treble.

This season has still been amazing and the cherry on the top was seeing him trolled during the United/Liverpool humiliation.


That’s been the worst thing for me about it, he and a load of other turncoat United fans, who are complete cunts and might as well be City fans nowadays, have all been frothing at the piece all season at the prospect of City over taking us in the last couple of weeks to win the title. Its so disappointing that he gets his little ‘ha, ha, I told you all moment on Sky..’ where is cunt of a mate Roy can talk whimsically about what it takes to show real steal and win league titles … bla bla… when… Read more »


Underrated comment right here. Blown away by what we have achieved this season despite everything. I’ll be re-reading this when we start again in August as a reminder and extra bit of motivation. Can’t wait to see this team in Europe 😉 coyg


The three people who down voted this comment need to be sectioned for everyone else’s safety. Absolutely spot on Iamagoober


Went on a bit of a rant, it felt somewhat cathartic to do so, I very nearly called in to TalkSport this morning because fuck me, some of the opinions being pushed on that radio show were a complete farce. It took so much restraint to not do it.


I posted the following on our local WA groups – to my various Manure mates, who’ve been guzzling up every City victory for the past few weeks, the following: How unspeakably sad is it that you’ve become closet fanboys of your most bitter local rivals? Is your own team is so irredeeemably shite that you’d sell your souls for oil-money, and to your arch rivals? You will NEVER, EVER see a Gooner celebrating Harry Kane’s PL record. You will NEVER see a Gooner celebrating any Spurs victory. Because Gooners have that much more integrity. We know how things work –… Read more »


I hope a player or the manager call Gary live on the telly out. His bias needs to be called out!

Aleksander Włodarz

It’s been a brutal game from Seagulls. I may take a revenge when I’m at the seaside holiday.

Tone boy

Hopefully we’ll learn to press and play out of the press like Brighton did in the 2nd half. They were calm and assured whereas we looked panicked and amateurish.

Exit the Lemming

Brighton are the second most entertaining team to watch in the Premier League (after Arsenal)

Bill Hall

I can’t be arsed to say how poor they were today, especially after being so good last match so I shall focus on second place (massive over-achievement), CL football next season (hurrah) and quality investment needed in the summer so we can raise our game to another level!


That’s one for Arteta’s revenge collection next season

Tone boy

Exactly my thoughts on the final whistle. If anything today will hopefully focus minds when it comes to what needs changing/upgrading before next season.

Anders Limpar

Edu and Vinny have a busy summer ahead, spend that money wisely; less Sambi and Vieira more Ramsdale and Trossard!

Crash Fistfight

Ramsdale was at fault for the 3rd goal, and Trossard was hopeless all game long. Substituting Xhaka instead of him was dumb in my opinion.

Anders Limpar

I was referring to the depth of the squad rather than the individual performances. Clearly we have struggled recently due to a lack of quality cover ie for Saliba, and players like Saka look exhausted.

The money spent on Sambi, Taveres, Vieria etc could have been used to bring in PL ready players like Tross and Rams who have in the whole been very very good and value for money.

I hope that we learn from our mistake and invest in the right kind of players over the summer.

Crash Fistfight

Fair enough. Still don’t think Trossard is all that, but that is obviously an unpopular opinion.

Morrisey fan #1

His stats tell a different story. He made a costly error but was one of the only forwards making runs today.

El Mintero

Not his best game today but he’s been fantastic for us. Arteta fkd up keeping him on the bench when Jesus came back…


It’s just stupendoulsy factually inaccurate mate.


He hit the bar


Way too early to group Vieira with Sambi

Anders Limpar

They might both come good, I hope they do. My point is that imo the 65 mil could have been used to bring in a quality back up defender and and a experienced back up striker which would have really made a difference to the squad this year.


Sambi is very unlikely to come good. Vieira still very well might. He’s had some good moments for us and is clearly talented, just needs to get physically stronger which, at 22, he just might. They also didn’t cost 65mil. As a backup defender we bought Kiwior and had a stellar run from Eddie when Jesus got injured as a backup striker, so this is all sounding like just needing to complain without thinking it through.

Anders Limpar

You are right they cost 55 my bad. In my opinion they are examples of poor use of the available finances to suit the current needs. They aren’t the only ones, Taveres also springs to mind. Kiwior had a couple of promising games but MA didn’t have the confidence to put him straight in as cover for Saliba. If you are honestly happy with Eddie as the only option as a backup striker then good for you. The “stellar run” was with the exception of man United against “lesser” teams during a period of our optimum performance in the league.… Read more »

Anders Limpar

That reads like I’m including Kiwior with Sambi Vieira and Taveres, that wasnt what I meant. Just that he has potential and a couple of good games but that MA didn’t have the confidence yet to put him in the big games as Salibas replacement.


MA used Eddie not sparingly at all when Jesus was injured, he started every game until he got injured himself. I’m not saying he’s my preferred long term solution as a backup striker, but he’s also not far from it, is still young and likely to improve and he certainly wasn’t the problem this season except maybe in the last 1-2 games he played before getting injured, and we honestly don’t know if he was already injured at that point. Either way I don’t think he’s likely to stay and we’ll likely have a different backup striker next season so… Read more »


We are trying to compete by buying young potential. Some won’t work out, naturally. Edu has to do this without the benefit of the retrospectoscope you have glued to your eye.

Alan Sunderland

why? sambi has shown a lot more than Vieira to my eye. I don’t get the Vieira as a left 8 cult at all. Looks like a nothing player to me.

El Mintero

What has Sambi shown?! Agree Viera is nothing. Both are not at Arsenal level. Move them on.

Alan Sunderland

I agree, was pointing out that Vieira has been poor rather than sambi being good.


That’s silly, I don’t know about 8 but he’s had a bunch of assists for us and a beautiful goal and a couple of good performances, which is much more than Lokonga can say. Consistency is a big issue but he clearly has at least *some* end product, great technique and vision, the physicality of the PL is what’s stopping him and that’s an issue for most players when they first arrive, especially young ones.


The title challenge was over at West Ham. The players know it and have lost focus. Getting outplayed by Southampton and Brighton at home tells you that at the end of the day we don’t deserve to be champions.


Our home form this season has cost us the league. I don’t quite get how that’s happened.

Exit the Lemming

Southampton yes as they’re a poor side by anyone’s standards but Brighton have beaten and outplayed Man Utd (twice), Chelsea (twice), Liverpool (twice) and erm…Arsenal (twice)


I mean the goals we conceded are just awful, KT couldn’t be arsed on the first one and Kiwior unfortunately isn’t experienced enough to make the most of being fouled, on the second one a shocking mistake from Trossard and Gabriel could have still gotten there to stop that lazy lob from going in but for some reason was jogging in slow motion. We weren’t good enough technically to control the game and we just didn’t have the mentality of a title winning team to get something out of a game where we’re below par. We had that mentality for… Read more »


And while it’s disappointing I 100% believe we can do better next season, even without a single signing most of our players are super young and will learn from this and continue to get better. And I’m pretty sure we’ll have a world class signing or two on top of that.


I think Saka is very much part of the problem on the 1st goal. He stops tracking hard on Estupinan at the top of the box. And then when he does decide to catch up he is the reason Estupinan is not offside on teh ricochet. As great as he was all season today he was bad both mentally and physically. He shouyld have been replaced.

El Mintero

He’s burned out. Has been for weeks.

i k

I wonder why Kiwior didn’t appeal to the ref at all for their first goal. Language problem?

The first goal let them control the game, so I’m still pissed that the goal was stand.

Morrisey fan #1

Was a clear foul despite what the commentary was. He got stepped on and lost a boot, should he have played on? Or thrown himself down like a fish? Who knows.


Opponent stamps on defender’s heel. Down the Achilles (a red-flag for officials) with enough force to rip the defender’s boot off. Defender immediately falls to the ground as a direct result of this action. This leaves another unmarked to score a soft goal – again, directly as a result of the foul. It’s that simple – where the fuck was VAR in that??? And even if the stamp was not intentional, the nett result is that the defender was taken out of play by an illegal action – nowhere do the laws state that said action has to be deliberate.… Read more »

Charlie George

Yes and remember when we had Luiz sent off – cosying us 3 points – for *accidentally* catching the heel of a Wolves player in 2021.

No consistency.


All things considered i thought Partey did well when he came on. Should start next week

Alan Sunderland

Times up for partey, fitness and off the field issues, he’s just not worth it.


Are you alright mate?
Just asking…

Pat Rice and Beans

The team overachieved? Absolutely yes.

Still the 2nd best bottle job of the PL history? Undoubtly.


A you Piers Morgan?
It doesn’t really matter.
Just fuck off..

Pat Rice and Beans

Yes, it does. Thanks deluded c*nt


Living your life must be horrible

Pat Rice and Beans

Another one deluded. Must be good living in wonderland.


0/10 for the fans leaving the stands before the final whistle. I understand the frustration. But that was a gut punch to the boys after what they have done this season.


I suspect for many it was the “anger” stage of grief and those same people will show their appreciation for the team’s efforts this season after the Wolves game on the final day


Because of the lasy and already overpaid train drivers striking late in the week, many trips were impacted still today. so a lot of people needed to get away avoiding the mass exit at full time.


have you allready driven a train 5 am?

Exit the Lemming

They’ve paid a lot for their ticket and travel so they can leave when they damn well like


Sure they can, but there’s no more demoralising sight, ask any pro. Any faint hope of a fightback was sucked away by those leaving early. Sure it’s not illegal to leave early, but it is hypocritical if you then complain about the performance.

Exit the Lemming

The game was effectively over by the hour mark as we were completely outplayed and outfought in the 2nd half irrespective of how many Arsenal fans were still in their seats.


Games like this shows our limitations. Lack of squad depth, and no plan B style of play.

I really hope we invest in summer and bring in tip quality players that also offer a diverse style of play to the current crop.


Brighton isn’t the team you need plan B for. I really don’t think the issue tonight was as much that there wasn’t a plan B style of play as much as our complete failure to execute plan A.


Yep, plan A requires Zinchenko and plan B is limited to playing like last season. We need to say thanks to KT for the good times and replace him and others with squad players of requisite technical quality to play Artetaball, the plans A-Z will be able to flow.

Great season, onwards and upwards!


Love the idea of a plan Z, is that when Zinchenko slots in as a second striker?

Agree completely, Tierney doesn’t fit us anymore, we need someone of Alex’s technical quality but better defensive skills. Easier said than done hah… but we more or less have that at RB so it should be possible.

El Mintero

It’s funny…last week Zinchenko was a totsl bum whose shit defending has cost us big time. We need KT back! Fast forward 6 days and KT is fkn shit and we need Zinchenko back!! Lol.

Exit the Lemming

Yep, the Tierney/Zinchenko debate got really old really quickly. As far as versatility goes, You can play Tierney as a left sided centre back, a left winger, a left full back or a left wing back. You can play Zinchenko as a midfielder or a left winger but he ain’t no defender


Well done on the first considered comment on this particular debate – lurching from crucifying one player to the other is hardly constructive!


Instagram-fans… otherwise known simply as Insta-fans


Nothing to do with KT we need better midfielders (playmakers). Zinchecnko cover up for their lack of keeping the ball or being available for a pass. That is a midfield job not a left back.


I would prefer a different profile at 9 to Jesus. He should rotate and compete on the wings or as backup striker.

El Mintero

Said that back in July…great second striker but not a leader of the line…


Spends too much time in midfield or the wings instead of streching the opposition defence. Theres time were we can’t counter because our striker is behing the play and we have to wait for him to catch up.


I agree, Jesus is a fantastic agitator but less so a target man. Someone like Ivan Toney could do both. I haven’t seen enough of Florian yet.


Sad to have it end like this today when in truth we’ve had the best season for many a year ! Credit where it’s due Brighton were excellent & I’d honestly take Caicedo & Mitomo in a heartbeat !!! Still a super proud fan, just a little less so today & sad for the lads after last week’s efforts. Shackles off now let’s put the fun football back on the pitch !


Mitomo is a proper handful – made poor Benny look like an u14 kid at times.


We let their goalkeeper, centre halves and Macallister play the game at walking pace. Someone should have crunched them.


Marks about fair. Mikel needs to rotate more next season, some of our players really look spent.

T dog

Mitoma is a hell of a player and definitely one I would love for us to sign in the summer… not many wingers have got past BW on so many occasions.


he abused Ben White today.


Yep – Benny looked strangely out of his depth.

Cranky Colin

I sero thought after Newcastle we were on to something. This game was a mirror image with even a similar type ref, and instead of handling it, it looked like our old days of a sense of entitlement was back. Couldn’t protect each other and couldn’t handle the 50/50 game or indeed couldn’t cope with bad decisions from the officials ( including var, who just turned a blind eye)….. Gabriel trying to get a shot off yet being pincered by two arms from behind, ( one of many examples). Yellow for Mikel being a twat but not for DeZerbi, also… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

Newcastle were nastier and we beat them


That’s precisely the point he’s making!

Toure Motors

Haven’t posted here in ages. Felt compelled to after reading the last comment on Gary Neville. What a total cunt that man is. He excels in his total cuntery

Exit the Lemming

He just doesn’t like Arsenal. Doesn’t make him a cunt. Piers Morgan is an Arsenal fan


Gary Neville on Martinelli he knew what he was doing Alonso on bellerin he wanted it more what a prick


He’s just a ferret-faced twatstick


That reminded me too much of Arsenal from the previous seasons.
Loosing like that at home is simply not good enough. I really hate these games were the entire team seems to have a bad day


Definitely a hugely disappointing showing by everyone, but can overlook it given it has been a very long season with so many players playing big minutes and rarely getting a break and going against a team that was coming off of that strange loss to Everton and is fighting hard for the EL spot so not unexpected to be beaten like we were today. Still very disappointing given we were playing at home coming off of a big with at Newcastle. Doesn’t take any of the luster off of an incredible season to get second place and back in the… Read more »


The whole Martinelli incident felt like a changing point – may have been a different game if he hadn’t bashed into Mitoma and then got injured. I know I know if only my auntie had b*llocks she’d be my uncle

Anteneh Ademe

Once my emotions settled I can say I’m proud of this team.


We were the second best team and we will end up second. No complaints. Overanalyzing doesn’t offer anything. Let’s face the reality and move on to next season. I just hope we can recruit the right players. We are a power that everyone respects nowadays. Let’s keep the momentum. I hope forums to add some experienced players who can withstand the pressure and carry the youngsters when things get tough.

Morrisey fan #1

I had Lee Dixon contradicting himself constantly and talking trash for 90 minutes. I get you have to be impartial but goodness gracious.


Lee Dixon was not problem for me. Better him then. many other especially on a day where we were crap.


Agree – I like our Lee. Does a decent job… rather him the Ferret-face Neville, the twunt.


Every season until Saudi arabia catches up to city in spending it will be city’s trophy to lose. They sat KDB, grealish and I think silva. Imagine arsenal being able to rest saka, odegaard and martinelli. We aren’t deep enough. Hopefully we buy a center back, a midfielder to compete with xhaka and Partey, an attacking mid to give odegaard a rest and then a winger who can give saka a rest. But that’s about 200 million. So I’m sure it won’t happen.

81 pts

Rating White as a 5 … I’d give him 0.5/10! He has had an amazing season but he was awful today as were most of the team. Let’s finish with two wins, take a proper summer break and come back stronger for next season.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Don’t worry, we will trash teams in the last two games now that our players know that City has won it.


This collapse can only come down to Arteta. He has tried to beat better teams than us away with plan A and lost points. He’s run his first team into the ground with no rotation and now the team looks spent. When we are losing he has no plan b and his subs and the timing of his subs are just not good enough.

Baichung Bhutia

It doesn’t matter one zilch but somehow Saka is the highest rated player.


no clue why


Another Arsenal season ends with a whimper.
We have been going through this cycle of hope and defeat for decades now. Surely it is not healthy? At least not for me. Maybe this is a selfish post. But this is how I feel.

Exit the Lemming

8th 8th then 2nd must represent progress (but admittedly NOT success)


I completely agree.


help me: when were we second for the last time?

Exit the Lemming

15/16 season when Leicester won it


Also, KT did not become a bad footballer overnight. And “he doesn’t fit our playing style” is a lazy argument. Arteta needs to have a Plan B and Plan C when Plan A cannot be executed. I feel for Tierney. He is a phenomenal footballer and is just lumped into a role tailor made for someone else


I don’t understand all the negativity about Tierney today. I like Ben White but didn’t every goal come down his and Kiwior’s side and he was continually beaten.

El Mintero

He was signed by Emery he’s never been artetas guy…just the way it is. We need to sell him unfortunately. Because a player of his quality languishing on the bench is not good for him or the club.


Me too. Easy to say we missed Zinchenko’s possession play. Anyone really fancy Mitoma on Zinchenko for 90 minutes? I thought Tierney largely shut him out.


Paid for not converting our chances in the first half. The team is tired and were not up for it in the second. No excuses, just a description of what I saw. Season is over.


Jesus=Lacazette mark 2…need a 25 goal a season striker…..but we’ll done Arsenal…had some great moments this season..on ward and upward 😁


Have to say, I’d still have taken Giroud for ONE million quid when he was on offer. Big, big mistake… even just as that rotational striker/impact sub to bring on when we’re chasing and need to physical in their box.


Big fan of Giroud, gets goals and holds the ball up well (ala Alan Smith) he would have been happy with that at his age. Would’ve got on the crosses and our new “longball system”!


Exactly – and he was willing to come back. The 1m was a notional admin fee as he was out of contract and a free agent. Still don’t know how or why we didn’t snap him up… kept Laca instead!


The most generous player ratings going. What an absolute limp fart of a way to give up the league. No problem with not winning it. It was always going to too much for this brilliant young team, but to ship 3 at home is a seriously disappointing way to concede the title. More fight and a few tackles as a bare minimum yesterday.


This team gave up challenging for the title after blowing a 2 goal lead at Anfield. The focus and genuine hunger disappeared after that. For the last few weeks they’ve looked like the Arsenal from early in Arteta’s reign, riddled with stupid individual errors and physically hiding when it gets too loud for them. We’ve had flashes of brilliance this season but let’s not beat around the bush here; Arsenal have achieved the absolute bare minimum that we demanded – to qualify for the Champion’s League. Other than that we had another lousy run in the FA Cup and got… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

In four seasons, 8th, 8th, 5th and then 2nd represents some credible progress by any yardstick you care to mention. One of the two best teams in Europe knocked us out the FA Cup and losing on pens to Sporting Lisbon is hardly ‘humiliation’


‘This was no choke but Manchester City simply have a better squad, all-time great manager and nation-state wealth…. Chokes, bottle jobs, collapses: these all exist in sport. But to decide that this is what happened here is a failure to see the strain of getting this far, the steps already taken, and the beauty, sometimes, of failure.’ So scribes Barney Ronay in a reassuringly balanced piece. Reassuring, because it’s accurate in that we dared to dream, which is a good thing. And – fired by the nitrous oxide of that dream – our team consistently over-achieved, doing some truly great… Read more »

Tsavyange Mbaave

I think Ramsdale has deteriorated badly. He doesnt catch balls. Always parrying. Similary he has never saved a penalty!

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