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Adidas release statement as ‘authentic’ home shirts are pulled from sale

Adidas have apologised for a manufacturing cock-up after supporters discovered an error in the Invincibles tribute included on the ‘authentic’ version of the new Arsenal home kit for 2023/24.

Etched into the white piping on the side of the shirt was supposed to be a chronological run-through of the 03/04 team’s 26 wins and 12 draws; a visual representation of all 38 games Arsene Wenger’s side went unbeaten.

Unfortunately, somebody didn’t check to see if all the results had been included. Eagle-eyed supporters who’d bought the kit, which retailed for £110 before names, numbers and competition patches were added, realised only 32 results were present and took to social media to complain.

Both Arsenal and adidas subsequently pulled the authentic kit from sale both in-store and online ( currently shows the shirt to be out of stock) and customers waiting for orders to be fulfilled have seen them cancelled and refunds issued.

In a statement to the Evening Standard, adidas said:

“The 2023-24 Arsenal Home Authentic Jerseys are temporarily unavailable while a design error is being corrected. We are working closely with the club and our partners to ensure restocked jerseys are available as soon as possible, and are offering full refunds to fans who have already bought one. This design error falls short of the standards we set ourselves as a brand, and we apologise to the club and its fans.The replica ‘fan’ version of the Home Jersey is unaffected and widely available now.”

That the Invincibles tribute only appeared on the authentic shirt will come as something of a relief for the club although the fact it didn’t also appear in the replica jersey (RRP £80) had already caused a lot of teeth-gnashing from supporters.

Arsenal’s results in 2003/04


Red indicates results missed by adidas.

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house of goons

It’s the end of the world!



Crash Fistfight

I feel fine


”32, 32 undefeated”

Vaibhav Pandey

Somebody set the string size of 32 in the system which printed the results lol 😆


This is probably the explanation that makes the most sense.


Any truth to the rumour that Adidas recently signed on Ozil as a football shirt design consultant?


For God’s sake, what are they smoking over there at adidas?

Imagine the scenes at morning tea tomorrow: “Kurt, you had one job”

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Kanu believe it?


That’s an L for Adidas!


Wait until they drop that away kit too, and there will be another one

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

2 L’s for Adidas. The first one is for designing that ugly Puma knock off


If they actually concentrated on producing some decent kit designs in Arsenal’s traditional colours rather than all the stupid fucking gimmicks and explosions-in-paint-factory crap, then they might curry more favour with the fans and do the job they are supposed to be doing.

Next season’s away kit (the neon yellow and black abomination with light blue piping) is an absolute joke.

Even the Puma kits were better than some of the shit we’ve had to put up with recently.

Sort it out Arsenal.


Not sure what you’re on about. The black from last season is a stone cold classic and one of the most stylish kits this century imo. From any team.
I agree this season’s away looks bad, but come on.


Really liked that yellow away kit Adidas produced the season before, which I think was a fairly unanimous feeling


Fair shout.

I actually liked the lemon yellow, the pink and the black and bronze.

But next season’s away kit is ridiculously bad. It’s so bad it will become a cult shirt in ten years time.

I’m just waiting for some proper old school designs in our proper red and white and proper yellow and blue – circa the 1970’s.

I want Arsenal to look like Arsenal. It can’t be that fucking difficult…..


I’ve liked the Adidas home shirts so far tbh. Much better than the Puma ones we were subjected to


Fucking hilarious (unless the financial implications prevent us from making a third bid to seal the Rice deal 😉

Anders Limpar

110 quid before names, number etc, we should be able to buy 2 Rices!

I wonder how much Adidas charge the club for the wholesale item.

Glenn Helder's Perm

’bout tree fiddy


“2 rices” reminds me of the Mich Hedberg joke about rice.

Rice is great if you’re really hungry and you want to eat two thousand of something.


If you’re over 12 and wearing football shirts, you’d want your head examined.


You don’t deserve to watch football, my friend.

Imagine going to the match, or the pub with friends and not wearing your shirt to show your support, passion and pride. You sir, need 38 L’s stitched into all your clothing


Can see that hit a nerve with some people 🤣🤣


Well I for one spit out my tea all over my football shirt when I read that comment…


I sure hope someone got fired for that blunder!


Maybe Ozil will keep him in a job by offering to buy the dodgy stock?


It’s a simpsons reference down voters 😑

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Why hope such a thing? Shit happens.

My Arse-nal

I wonder if those that already have this top are on to bit of a winner financially as these could be seen are rare error collectors peices now.


As for the new Away shirt – hideous!


Adidas are as bad as pgmol, trying to steal our wins


looks like havertz will be the first to model the ‘correct’ shirt, beeb reporting we’re paying 65m to the ffp cheats


I’m not sure I can be bothered to exchange my shirt just for tape with the correct results on them


Somebody/somebodies are having a REALLY BAD DAY.


They’ll be worth a fortune now


To be fair, the ones with the missing results will be worth loads in the future!


Not surprising in the slightest given the lack of effort Adidas seem to be putting into these jersey designs. Now the proof is in the pudding.


Will those kits be worth more? Imperfections.


It’ll be worth a fortune down the line!

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