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Arsenal launch ‘shock yellow’ Adidas away shirt for 23/24 season

Arsenal’s away shirt for the 2023/24 season is now available to buy via club and adidas outlets.

After last year’s very popular black and gold ensemble, the designers have come up with arguably the most garish shirt in the club’s history, and one that is sure to divide opinion.

A neon ‘shock-yellow’ base is ‘complemented’ by black polka dots and fluid lines that “is loosely inspired by a map of the teams’ borough…reflecting the flow in and out of N7 when Arsenal fans are on the march.”

We don’t want to call bullsh*t on that but there’s nothing fluid about the queue for the Piccadilly and Victoria Lines once a match is over. Maybe it’ll speed up if you wear this shirt as you can pretend you’re in the police.

Light blue accents are used for the adidas and Arsenal badges and the Visit Rwanda and Fly Emirates logos. It will also be the colour for the name and number sets.

The shirt will be paired with black shorts (there’s also a neon option) and neon yellow socks. The replica shirt will set you back £80 while the player-issue version is £110.

Arsenal launched the home shirt for the 23/24 campaign back in May and are expected to release the navy blue and dark green third shirt in August.

Player issue version of the 23/24 away shirt

Arsenal x adidas long sleeve away shirt 23/24
Arsenal x adidas black away shorts 23/24
Arsenal x adidas neon away shorts 23/24
Arsenal x adidas neon socks 23/24

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I love it, but then I’m an old raver so.


Peach Burt?

Emi Rates

Did you did a lot of drugs in the 90’s then?


I also love it. Also an old raver. I much prefer this to the new home kit.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Can save my life when I wear it for cycling.


I love the return of long sleeved shirts with 3 Adidas stripes down the arm.


Think you got this wrong. Its not going to divide opinion. I think majority will find this hideous.


No excuse now for not spotting a team mate on a dark, wet, windy night in Burnley.
(Hate it as much as a dark, wet, windy night in Burnley.!)

Emi Rates

Aw made you look!


Well played 😂👏

Mayor McCheese

I’m so shocked I yellowed my pants!



Yassin Askar

Bold design but aesthetically not a fan. Well below the class of the black kit from last season




From the creators of the ‘bruised banana’, here is the ‘radioactive zebra’.


Who the fuck gets paid to come up with shite like that

Death by 300,000 Passes

Those fashion “influencers” that have taught the kids that it is cool to wear rubber flip flops with long white socks.


If you already look like your on drugs how will the cops know? 🤫


I will be surprised if they sell more than 10 000 kits.

It’s been official for minutes and already the worst ever which tells something. Shocking.
Glad I got the black away shirt last season.

No foot Norbert

10 pounds more than last season’s shirt and 10x uglier

Brett Bolton

I’ll get the black top in a few months when it’s half price


It’s sold out everywhere even before the end of last season


Just curious -where? I never bought a black or pink on release b/c ppl online always said that lol. Now I can’t find anywhere only knock offs. Thanks


What a weird jersey to win the league in.


Nice Colour to make Tottenham fans bilious when we relegate them at Their home ground at the end of the season


Well that’s a wow!


We’ll look like Napoli. (I believe they have a history of several weird away kits every season…)


The adidas kits so far have been majestic. However this is a huge miss.

Hopefully the third shirt restores some of the faith


My eyes! The goggles do nothing!


Love this reference


Up and at them!

Steve Blackwell

Nasty. Neon. Nasty.


Me don’t like. Don’t like at all.


First trophy of the season…for worst shirt ever!

Mick Malthouse

I think it’s outstanding given you are trying to camouflage in a background of under ripe fruit.


It is so rank, looks like a training bib!

Mikels Arteta

Utter shite


Adidas have fucked it. They’ve had a total wobbly, but if we win the league at the toilet bowl in this monstrosity then none of us will be complaining.


The flow in and out of N7?? Have Adidas ever been to North London? Flow… FFS.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Is it April 1st already this is shit


It does look like a Yellow Zebra. But I rather like it.


I’m not a violent person but I might punch anyone whoi makes the choice to wear it.


I couldn’t stand it until I saw it on the boys 😅


Can anyone help a troubled Dad?
I have three children and the all want this shirt as do I, to buy it I have to sell one of them. My question is which one do I sell so I can buy my shirt?


The middle one would be my bet.

Pen please for Pep

The 3rd one !…
…wait, how many you got?


The one called Nico

I miss santi cazorla

The one hates spurs the least


Sell all of them. Then you’ll be able to afford the authentic one.


Always fascinated by these wild kits. The brief to the designers must be to appeal to a certain demo somewhere in the world. You’d have to make it different enough from previous kits to try and generate sales. They’d be looking at who in the fan base hasn’t been buying and try to reach them with something that would appeal.

Will I be buying it? No.

But we get one every few years or so, so it must be based on some kind of strategy.


I hated it. Now I love it. I’m so easily fooled by those Adidas YouTube ads. Say what you will, but it’s got character.

Death by 300,000 Passes

what is this i don’t even

4 non blondes

Well we need to bring the poo-o-meter back for this 💩 💩


Well I won’t be buying it. Not because it’s hideous, which it is, but because I’m not 12 years old.

Bill Hall

That is a fucking abomination


As much as I love a classic bruised banana shirt, I kind of like this one too. Gunter over at Adidas HQ obviously had one too many disco biscuits and went a bit nuts with photoshop. At least the players will be able to see each other clearly!


Utter, utter, utter shit!
My retinas actually detached themselves looking at this monstrosity. At some point in the planning & approval process of this shirt someone at Arsenal surely had to say ‘Get fucked’. They didn’t and now it’s here and more garish than I could have possibly imagined.
Looks like somebody at Adidas drank 10 gallons of Sunny delight & pissed on the old united zebra top from a few years back.


Must say the web page they built for the release is absolutely beautiful – it’s a work of art on its own


Jeez, but that is horrible. They’ll look like a bunch of psychedelic bananas running around in that.


Back of the “replica” jersey is totally different to the authentic jersey. Left so much out that it’s more of an homage than a replica.


This sounds stupid but I reckon the all blacks kit played a big part in Arsenal finishing top in the away table last season. It was just pure class and fear inducing to opponents.

And now we look like clowns. But alas Man City won the league in a similarly hideous kit so all hope is not lost.


FFS they couldn’t even make the stripes align between the torso and the shoulders/sleeves.

Frog In Ze Room

No thank you.


I’m now wondering which away grounds have the biggest insect problem.


sorry but a huge blunder, Disaster!!


By this time next year we’ll witness the biggest sale in football history. Can’t imagine that this sells well. It’s horrible!


Awful. Mind you, I would rather an awful shirt than awful players! I can live with it.


First glance a few months back I hated it, but fuck my old boots if it hasn’t grown on me.

Thankfully for adidas, I think this group of players will shine no matter what they wear – so it’s really a case of us being able to ‘carry it off’ with some special football to match and I think we will. I mean if Spurs ran out in that, we’d all be killing ourselves. But our lads (and girls)..? No, they’ll just look super cool. 😉


Nainsley Aitland Miles

Taking a different perspective and looking at the bigger picture, those bright illuminous shirts will look amazing at away grounds under the floodlights with Saka and Martinelli running at defenders at speed down the wings and setting up Jesus, Odegaard, Havertz to silence the home fans.


“It lifts my spirit.”

“it is a loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can’t look away.”

“It transcends time and space.”

“It sickens me.”

“I love it.”

“Me too.”

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Granit Xhaka’s Arsenal career.

Corona X

Seinfeld, anyone? LOVE IT!


Ah yes. The Kramer.


Off topic but I have ONE ticket for the arsenal vs mls allstars game that I’m willing to sell for what I paid for it (list + ticket master fees). Section 208. Let me know if you are interested. My wife and I decided not to take our 5 year old son.


It sold.


People who run and ride bikes are going to love this.


Hah! I was just thinking this would be great as a bike jersey. It’d electrify my bike ride for sure !

Nainsley Aitland Miles
Mesut’s Chweing gum

Something akin to that champions league jersey ( where Ozil floored those defenders). I think we will look like venomous vipers slithering around. Clowny!

I miss santi cazorla

This one is to Torture the home team’s fans

Mohlanka Molapo

This is shocking.. horrendous. Those lines; I would probably stand it if it was a solid yellow color..
what’s gotten into peoples minds?🤮 🫢 🫢 🫢

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