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Arsenal launch 23/24 Adidas third shirt

Arsenal’s new third kit for the 2023/24 season is now available to buy via club and adidas outlets.

The green and blue colourway is inspired by the change strip worn in the 1998/83 season but also nods to the home strip worn in 1990-92 thanks to the AFC motif on the ribbed henley collar.

Unlike the garish neon yellow and black away strip, this is a much more clean-cut and classy-looking affair that in the words of the designers is “a nod to the archives with a classic Arsenal look.”

For the third year in a row, the designers have opted for a simple cannon badge. Like the logos of our kit supplier adidas and lead sponsors Emirates and Visit Rwanda, it is an off-white colour.

The replica kit will set you back £80 while the authentic version is £110. Judging by the promo video, the club plan to wear the green and blue shirt for away matches in Europe.

Arsenal x adidas 2023/24 third shirt
Arsenal x adidas 2023/24 third shirt (side view)
Arsenal x adidas 2023/24 third shirt (sleeve)
Arsenal x adidas 2023/24 third shirt (reverse)
Arsenal x adidas 2023/24 third shorts
Arsenal x adidas 2023/24 third shorts (alternative)
Arsenal x adidas 2023/24 third socks

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I kinda like it though I’m not sure it’s Arsenal.

Anyway, what’s the difference between the replica and the “authentic?”


30 quid 🤪




Replica good material but not for professional sport use, Authentic should be same material

Nick J

There’s a big difference between the fabric on both – there’s a wavy pattern on the authentic which isn’t on the replica.


Authentic shirts are the ones worn by the players, the fabric is better quality and not sweaty, the fit is better.

Mayor McCheese

I always thought the difference was that one was for overweight old McCheese men like me and the other was for athletes?


Wish we’d worn the pink third kit from last season in Europe. It deserved more outings than it got.


Absolutely brilliant! Love the 1980s vibe and the AFC on the collar from the 90s. This should’ve been the away kit.


It is a nice touch. Now let’s see if anyone’s bold enough to attempt the matching cardigan on Odegaard. Not a bad look I must say but would take some serious chutzpah to pull off.


Love it!!


Is there anyone cooler on the planet than Leah Williamson?

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Lotte Wubben Moy


If I sport this as a part of my working attire I’m gonna look as good as the lads in the promo video, right?

… right?




Only if you go full kit wanker


Are they eating ice cream in that video?! I’m sure Arteta will want a word about that.

Nick J

Nice tidy effort. The third kits have been solid all along from Adidas.


Easily the nicest of the three. Would probably buy a version without logos. Too cringe otherwise.

A Different George

I would buy this or the home kit without the logos. Years and years of too cringe.

Merlin’s Panini

I really like this kit. Reminds me a lot of that green 80s away kit. I always liked that one. I actually like all the kits this season, which doesn’t happen often.

Crash Fistfight

I mean, it’s an homage (homage is where you press ctrl+c, then ctrl+v) to that kit.


I can go on a date with that

Robert Johnson

I remember seeing a number of Arsenal fan pages sharing pictures of a green kit back in the summer of 2009, back when Nike was the kit supplier.
I like the look of this kit. Won’t be buying it though. I just wish kits would last for longer than one season. So overpriced now too. Long gone are the days of finding them for £32 in my local Sports Direct!

Crash Fistfight

Just get a replica of the original kit this one copies, like I did (before this kit was leaked, to be fair). It won’t date like this one might do, and you can get one for £30, instead of £80(!).


I like it.
I appreciate people liked the pink and charcoal kits, but for me Arsenal away kits should always have yellow or green as the main colour.
And never ever blue!


Like it!


Here’s an idea, what if Adidas relaunched an ‘actual’ previous kit design (not just a homage). I’m sure there won’t be many 1987 away kits still in cirulation, just update the fabric and breathability of the materials and I’d be well chuffed.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Different material, pattern that the replica doesn’t have, and cannon is heated on

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Finally! 17 days later. Will be visiting the armoury tomorrow

…and really bad eggs

Absolutely love the promo video. But the kit looks like a training or warmup kit to me. Maybe it’s the colours.


I really don’t like it at all, that collar/button thing is weird and the colours are so dull. It’s like the antithesis of the away shirt, that was bright and vibey, this is staid and dull.


Sorry, but this looks like a spurs kit.


I would have preferred the 80’s colours. Then I realised that the green back then was bottle green…..

I’ll get my coat…..😉


The simplicity of this including paring back that crappy shield off the badge, makes this way better looking than that neon away strip. I have memories of that green and blue from way back and think we should use it more often
Liking the minimalist Henley collar too without all that crappy extra detailing

Dave Cee

Drab, uninspired and £110. Adidas have not had a good summer


Nice and stealthy on a green pitch. I guess they can aim for the white shorts and hope for the best with every pass.


I like it. It’s much better than that neon tennis ball abomination of an away kit.


Anyone know what the name of the song is that features in the video?


Je Reviendrai by Vansessa Contenay-Quinones (thank you Shazam!)


Ah! Thank you!


This shirt reminds me of Tony Woodcock scoring 5 goals at Villa Park.

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