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Brentford 0-1 Arsenal – player ratings

A first half goal from Reiss Nelson was enough to give Arsenal passage to the fourth round of the EFL Cup this evening.

In an entertaining cup tie, the home side came back into strongly in the second half, and there were some stand-out defensive performances in the back four to help keep a clean sheet.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Brentford 0-1 Arsenal and see the goals here 

Brentford 0-1 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Johnny 4 Hats

Maybe Ramsdale needed Raya more than Arteta did…

Johnny 4 Hats

Also, given blogs’ previous issues with Cedric, I think it should be ‘not on long enough to hate’.

Emi Rates

I never understood the intense dislike he has of Cedric. Sure, Cedric is hardly world class, he’s not the required level either (much of the time anyway) but I don’t think he’s been that terrible and every now and then he’s pulled something out of the hat for us.

As far as players we don’t want to keep go, he’s hardly Willian.

Johnny 4 Hats

I think it’s got something to do with the fact he’s shit.


and that he got a 5 year contract on way too much money to be able to get rid of him. He takes up a squad place that a more useful player could fill.
But yeah he’s not the worst or most unlikable player we ever had

Emi Rates

He must be the last remnant of the dismal Don Raul reign. Has anything we signed in those days stood the test of time? I struggle to come up with anything.

I miss santi cazorla


Alex Alexsson

his signings won us an FA cup tbf


Ramsdale has been very good but can get better & become England & Arsenals number 1 keeper & possibly world class. Having Raya as competition will see if he has it in him to achieve these.


Jakub gave great performance.

Morrisey fan #1

Our second string defense is something special. I still have nightmares of squillachi, stepanovs, cygan, santos etc. who we relied upon heavily in the past.


Cygan was good actually.


Any time someone mentions Santos I Sideshow Bob shudder…

Master Floda

Any time someone mentioned Sideshow Bob I David Luiz shudder…


Any time someone mentions David Luiz I Guendouzi shudder…

Ray's ice cream Parlour

Add – Gallas to that list please….

Crash Fistfight

Galls wasn’t a bad player, he was just a knob head.


But I’d swop Rambo for Aluminia any day… not!


Lichsteiner anyone… Kim Carlsson (injuries excepted) – we really did ourselves proud following the undisputed best back 4 in PL history.

Der Kaiser

Promising in terms of real depth of squad


Good to get a win, but really had hoped to see Havertz play a bit more freely in a game like this and try and do something more often instead of just one touch passes into safety. His right foot shot attempt that was blocked looked as if he was scared. Glad we didn’t have to use any starters too long other than White and Gabriel.


agreed that he looked timid and slow in making decisions. those are probably due to a total lack of self confidence right now. He did work hard. I hope he comes good.


Havertz is too scared of making a mistake. Maybe needs a rest from the spotlight for a game or two.


I’m not in the “Havertz is useless” crowd at all – everyone needs to settle in and adapt. But I agree with you. He looks a bit like a deer in headlights sometimes. A bit too often. That shot looked timid. He wears my shirt, he has my full support, but I would really like him to show some “killer instinct” in finishing, running with the ball, challenges.. I’ve no doubt he knows how to position himself, and he put in a nice defensive shift – absolutely. But he looks a bit too much like the new guy in the… Read more »


Since a xmas party is still a few months away, I think maybe a psychologist to work on his confidence and aggression. He’s a big guy but timid.
Security in possession is good, but he needs to be able to take some risks and make things happen for us.


good vibes will come…


I always try to also consider these guys as young blokes doing a job. Yes they earn a bloody fortune – live a glam life – etc. But they’re basically just talented kids, under a lot of pressure, dealing with the same basic human crap that everyone wakes up to most days: ego, self-doubt, performance-anxiety, peer pressure, social media shit, etc. Sure – Kai doesn’t need to worry about the gas bill (!) – but he knows he’s on PHAT wonga, that there are a cloud of question marks over his head, that his replacing Mr Marmite who rejuvenated himself… Read more »


Playing him as a striker would have helped since he just needs a bit of love from fans which you get once you score. But he is afraid to take on and lose the ball a couple of times he ran but then stopped instead of getting into the stride which one with confidence does.


Feel Sunday is a test of artetas claim that he’s treating goalkeeper like any other position where rotation happens based on merit.
Thought Ramsdale was class today (higher than 7.5) and his passing was actually better and more varied than raya’s past 2 games. Or maybe I just love Ramsdale.

Giuseppe Hovno

Raya brings a sense of calmness whereas it’s a bit chaotic under Ramsdale

Jean Ralphio

Yes Ramsdale had that one shaky moment with his passing. Still has work to do. I’d like to see our defenders use the goalkeeper more.


You just love Ramsdale. He had only three saves to make and his pass accuracy was only 21/41 (51%). Still Raya is clearly better in the 3 games he played compared to Ramsdale’s 5 according to the stats. I don’t get why people tend to be blind towards Ramsdale’s flaws. You say Ramsdale’s passing was great tonight and yet his stats show only 51% pass accuracy which is clearly bad. Raya in the two league games he played had 80% pass accuracy.

Crash Fistfight

Is it just me who thinks it’s much of a muchness between the two?


White loses points for his almost complete ignorance of Sagoe’s existence


Yeah I noticed that. A few occasions Sagoe was in positions that Saka would take up and be passed to, but he was ignored. Got to be mistrust of his inexperience, but how will he get the experience without being involved? Looks a talent though.

Ahma Gooner

I found that really frustrating to be honest, give the kid the ball and let him learn!!!


Hard to know if it was White’s decision, or something that was coached. I’m sure Mik watched the game too, and would have encouraged White to pass it a bit more, if it wasn’t “part of the process”. Who knows. (..and that’s actually my point) – Actors have directors. Footballers have coaches. It’s not always “bad acting” – sometimes it’s “bad directing” (or, you know, something they agreed on, to get him a nice day out without getting the ball as much as Saka normally does).
Prust the Trocess!

Crash Fistfight

In the second half it didn’t look like White wanted to pass to ESR, either. Maybe he was just being extra-cautious for some reason?


Our away fans were awesome!! (They’ve always been)… A hard fought win against a good team… The guys were fine overall..
We (fans and the entire Arsenal) need a bit of patience.. Guess it’s better to peak towards the end where we know exactly what to do rather than doing a repeat of last season ..
Cheer up gooners… We have got a lot miles to cover.. Trust and be happy..


ramsdale had a couple of good saves, but with the ball at his feet while he’s being closed down he is kind of chaotic and he kicks it long and out of play a bit instead of helping the team keep possession (although i don’t know if that is what he is being instructed to do). if he improves that – he’ll be elite.


Massive ramsdale fan but just got the jitters when rams or Gabriel were on ball at the back. Think gabriel was alot better with Raya behind him and felt we were less targeted in that respect


Feels a bit harsh for Ramsdale and Kiwior, both 8.5 for me, both did everything you could ask of them. Ramsdale especially feels like he offers a kind of charisma and confidence that Raya doesn’t, though I guess I might be biased.


Was interested to hear more detail in Kiwior at LB, passing range can’t be questioned , physically beast, what’s his support play like and is it a real option for tough away games , a flat back four of physical presence?


Honestly my only question about him (given he’s already shown his technique and passing) was whether he’d be suited to that type of game you mention, just getting stuck in and blocking and heading the ball away. And he kind of answered that tonight, helping us withstand a barrage by Brentford towards the end. Just one game, but with everyone he plays it’s looking more and more like a player we can feel really good about giving a run of games at some point


Just re-read your question, I think he’s more suited to LCB than LB, unless it’s a very defensive back four, not really one to maraud down the sideline, overlap and ping crosses into the box. Then again Zinchenko isn’t usually asked to do that either. Can he be as unpredictably mobile and one-touch-pass out of pressure the way Zinchenko does as an inverted LB? That’s maybe the biggest question left about him…


Ya that’s what I meant more so than outright wing back.
He did play CDM so stepping into the Manu Petit CDM role from LB would be our low block defensive back four I’d imagine and be a great option for.tough away games


As indeed you are dear sir.


Ramsdale offers 51% pass accuracy, 0 high claims, and bad numbers overall. Raya offers 80% pass accuracy, a lot of high claims, better percentages for saves, goals prevented and clean sheets. It’s not even close. Bias is a strong thing.


Did anyone notice that Ben white would not pass to Sagoe Jnr or was I imagining it?..the young lad was 1 on 1 so many times and Ben White would just ignore him and come infield especially in the 2nd half..I thought it was shameful it reminded me of Alexis always ignoring AMN even when he was free and in a better position. He would almost go Crossfield to give it to Ozil

I thought the young was lad okay in the first half and would’ve shown more if he was more involved..


I personally think he did that to not put pressure on the kid (i’m sure he was playing to instructions from the gaffer).


I noticed that as well .. we were basically playing with 10 players as the youngster wasn’t trusted to receive the ball and attack there left back … wasn’t just white though even Odegaard did the same ….


Great defensive performance tonight from the team, both CBs, Kiwior and Jorginho doing really well. Tomi definite MOTM.
This might be a bit of an unpopular opinion, but White has looked shaky the last few games now. Maybe down to fatigue, but his attacking side of the game is really quite unimaginative at the moment, and he’s looking fairly dodgy going back as well. Maybe time to give Tomi a run there?

Skinny Ricki

Great to see classy Gooners who I have so much affection for – Ramsdale, ESR and even the irrepressible Mo Elneny, our longest serving player, on the pitch. Can’t help wanting Ramsdale to get his top spot back (absolutely nothing against Raya!) and ESR to have a big impact this season.

Aleksander Włodarz

It looked like an ugly win to me. But win is a win especially against such a dogged team. Good to see Emile and Mo!


10 for Elneny for making it back to the pitch!


10 for Elneny for being Elneny! Love him! I would have absolutely loved for him to get that goal… I wish for everyone on Earth to go to work with a smile as big as Mo’s.


Ramsdale did well, although Gabriel looks more assured with Raya behind him. I think it comes down to Raya willing to go out and claim the ball in the air more than Ramsdale. I’m happy with either GK on goal to be honest. I liked Jakub’s performance and I really liked Tomi at CB vs RB/LB. ESR needs more minutes, new boy moved good but I don’t think White trusted him in the game. Kai is a player struggling with confidence in front of goal. He does well out of possession, build up and link up. Keeps creating chances but… Read more »


Esr, Nelson and haveritz really needed these minutes.
esr and Nelson looked good for 60 minutes or so then dead
ramsdale was great
haveritz is a mystery to me. Convinced there is a real baller in there struggling to get out.

otherwise about what you would expect.

some weeks back someone criticized Eddie for not pressing hard enough. Been watching that ever sense and concluded he is deceptive. Long languid stride that covers ground and when gets close he increases the frequency without seeming to work hard.


Disappointed Cedric wasn’t brought on in time to be the first to join a goal celebration.

Ahma Gooner

Kiwior and Tomiyasu where great today. It’s really good to have good depth in the team, long may it continue.


I think Kai needs a sabbatical. Kid has been playing pro football since he was 17 and just looks tired, and bereft of any confidence. A full month of just watching his teammates play will do him a world of good, let him miss the game.

I miss santi cazorla

Then he should have stayed at chelsea


There is still a good footballer there and he can add value to our cause. If corporate employees are given sabbaticals, why should Footballers not be afforded the same? Football is a job, yes, they are paid handsomely, but are still employees.


I have noticed Kai is pretty tasty at getting his head on those long punts from our defenders .. the issue is none of our players anticipate the knock on he gets from winning the header … if they did we could get a more direct route to goal instead of the usual side ways and backward passing that leaves me irritated 😠


Exactly, and his hold up play is phenomenal. What also frustrates me are the low crosses into the box when we have someone who stands at 6,4″.


Exactly – he does what HFB was so good at for us… and what we’ve missed. The rest of the lads just need to get used it!


Well he’s an Arsenal player now so that’s kind of a useless argument

Merlin’s Panini

Seriously, what a top guy and player Ramsdale is. Out for a few games and he just looked fantastic today. I do feel we could switch between these two keepers and it wouldn’t actual damage our stability.
Tomi was also immense and Sagoe Jr showed he’s not just a good sax player.
Nice to see Nelson taking his chance and ESR getting some proper minutes. We’re going to need these guys a lot more than perhaps expected.


How can Ramsdale had a “great” game when he had 0 high claims, only 3 saves to make and only 51% pass accuracy? (For reference, Raya in the 2 league games he played had 80% pass accuracy). Mr blogs writes his passing was “crisp” which is baffling when looking at the stats. Several other people tend to believe that Ramsdale had a “great” game when the numbers clearly indicate he didn’t. It’s impressive how much bias distorts the perception of some people.

El Mintero

Did Ramsdale piss on your chips or something? Your pass completion “take downs” are hilarious…

Crash Fistfight

You’re not allowed to praise someone unless you criticise someone else.

It is the golden rule of internet-based fan discourse.


Great to see ESR back in a starting role, same for Tomiyasu (don’t remember him having many starts at CB, but he did great).


Just finished watching the highlights, although I really like Zinchenko, but I think we need a better LB, Zinchenko made another mistake in this match, and before this, 2 big mistakes that greatly changed the outcome of the match were against Liverpool last season and fulham this season.


40 total appearances and all you can remember are a couple mistakes, which I would argue are amplified both by his position and the areas Arteta asks him to occupy. 3 in 40…I’d be willing to bet that’s about average for a professional footballer.


Unfortunately, these mistakes were fatal, against Liverpool, you could say that 1 mistake was the mistake that changed our path to becoming champions, even Zinchenko himself cried after being replaced in that match. Again I really love him, I think his best position is more to DM rather than LB

A Different George

The point of having Zinchenko play at left back is that his technical skill, vision, and general attitude give us an extra player in midfield when in possession. That is pretty clearly a key aspect of Arteta-ball. Playing him instead of a midfielder completely negates that. And yes, playing him there in possession inevitably means that sometimes we will lose possession and be short one man in defense. So more difficult for Rice (or Partey) and Gabriel/Saliba. I know it’s not the same, but I really can’t help thinking that Arteta (like Pep) is modeling it on Busquets and Pujols/Pique.


Except that they tend to happen in matches – and in positions on the pitch – that invariably cost us exponentially. You want to beat Citeh… you can NOT afford those ‘average’ moments.

I for one do not want my Arsenal to be an ‘average’ club.


He gives the ball away and isnt a good defender, but he is a brilliant roving mid fielder. Is there a formation where we can have a proper left back and put Z in midfield??

On Viera bien

This is no hate-post on Havertz at all, but you’ve got to wonder what in him is worth 65 mil. He’s a good enough player, tall, good technique, he runs and does his best…but what made him special to the tune of 65M? At that price, surely there should be some sparkle, some special talent? Instead he looks like a adequate squad-player: even with his confidence fully back, what would he bring specifically?


Prefixed the whole thing with a “no-hate Havertz” then went on to do the bloody opposite. Well done.


Curiousity isn’t hate. So far the evidence of my eyes is he doesn’t kick the ball well. Good at tackling, pressing, heading, drifting around into the right places. Just needs to get his head right I guess.

Martin the Gunner

I thought Gabriel was better than Tomiyasu last night. I’m surprised Tomiyasu was so highly rated, he was okay last night but Jorginho and Gabi bailed him out a few times when he was caught on the ball.

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