Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla – player ratings

Arsenal consolidated their place at the top of their Champions League group with a controlled 2-0 win over Sevilla this evening.

Leandro Trossard put the Gunners ahead in the first half thanks to a Bukayo Saka assist, and lead was doubled in the second half when Saka himself finished a smart move.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla match report and see the goal here 

Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above David Raya. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Great win. Ratings are spot on. Now let’s give Burnley a hiding. COYG!!!

Funsho Patrick

Trossard is at Least an 8.5…..was everywhere.. couldn’t tell if he was replacing Odegaard or nketiah…an underrated player..


I can’t wait to see him on Saturday.

Cranky Colin

Sorry….. why not just give the team a collective 9.5?
We’re nearly there people.


That’s not how player ratings work


10/10 Arteta for convincing Trossard he was on as a sub in a game he was starting.

His best performance since Fulham away last year I’d say.


I think he is definitely at his best when he is on the field with Martinelli and Saka as they complement each other well. Like him best at the false 9 when he can roam around a bit more.


When everybody is fit again (haha) I’d love to see Trossard as left 8 for a couple of games. Think with Saka, Martinelli, Ødegaard, Jesus and Trossard together, there aren‘t many defences on this planet capable to cope. In home games against smaller opposition that could be an absolute fun to watch.

Funsho Patrick

Sport Billy!✌️


What a beautiful beautiful game, oh Havertz, no I won’t moan over you today. Special mention to Saliba, Rolls Royce of a defender.


More like a Bugatti, being French and all


Curious to understand why those thumbs down?


English patriotism I guess? How many times have we seen this description “Rolls Royce of a defender”. Remember they used to call Rio Ferdinand that? Downvote me if you will, I will not stand by as our dear Willy is described with the same words as that horse-faced dimwit



Crash Fistfight

I downvoted, because it’s clearly nothing to do with English patriotism and obviously what PeteyB said below.


Sounds right…
And to be fair to Saliba and both his acceleration & agility, he’s probably more on the Bugatti side than the RR one


I think it should be because Bugatti started out as a German company founded by an Italian. Although why the downvotes I have no real idea


Maybe because Delahaye would have been a better call and there are a lot of discerning car enthusiasts around here?

this is our year

Really? The downvotes are because by saying ‘I’m not going to mention Havertz’ one still is…


Well, I must admit, I had no idea of Bugatti’s French heritage. I simply assumed they were Italian based on the name. But (as per wiki) while their founder was born in Milan their factory was in Molsheim, just a few minutes from on Arsene Wenger’s home town of Duttlenheim.


Being from that region myself (Alsace), I really appreciate your feedback. I remember when I was young, circulating around Moslheim village, it was pretty common to hear that massive roar of one of those cars they were testing on the road (somehow similar to the roar you can now hear following Saliba’s clean interventions 😊)


Surely Kai’s xG this season is at least 8 already… or if there wasa statistic for “expected near-misses” he’d lead the league.

Thing is we have mostly won with him in the team so he can’t be doing that bad, dude deserves a goal. But I’m not sure if he actually believes he deserves a goal, or he would’ve already put one in.

Mr Dob Bobalina

Absolutely right. I’ve thought for a little while that his ceiling is potentially even higher than Saka’s. His final ball will improve. He could, fingers crossed, be one of the best players in the world in a few years

Mr Dob Bobalina

Reply meant down there 😝 |

El Mintero

Fck I’ll have a pint of what you’re drinking mate…😂


Kai’s header in the first minute would have embarassed an amateur player in Sunday League, let alone a highly paid professional in a Champions League game.


Martinelli is an absolute superstar. Genuinely world class, I don’t care if Vini Jr. is world class with all those players around him Gabi is equally as good. I genuinely think the world is his oyster he can be as good as he wants to be.


So good. Might be my favourite on this team, and I don’t usually fall for the quick wingers, (more of a lover of Cesc and Ode-like creative passers). But Gabby M’s mentality of just constantly going at people relentlessly and then tracking back non-stop off the ball, and he’s still getting better, both his corners and dribbling seem to have gotten better recently. Now just 45% more clinical passing and finishing and he’s a top 5 winger on the planet.


Honestly he could be come the best winger on the planet imo, he’s that talented.


He sent juanlu to an early retirement today


Yes, reminded me of Walcott vs Maxwell.
Ended Maxwell’s Barca career that did.


Somehow I have a feeling, he’s gonna be our future striker. He can have a same path as Henry had.

El Mintero

He played that role under Emery at the beginning and was decent.

26 and 12

Genuinely curious to know if you could name 5 LWs better than him as he is? I wouldn’t trade his chaos for anything


You could fire a cruise missile at him and he’d trap it!

Exit the Lemming

Neymar, Kvaratskhelia,Leao,Vinicius Junior,Mbappe


plus Salah, Sane, Dembele, Doku who in a very small sample size looks like maybe the best winger in the world rn, and our own dear Bukayo is probably a tiny bit ahead of him atm

Exit the Lemming

Gabi is still a very young man with a very high ceiling


doku looks like the real deal. pace, strength, decision making, impact.


Other than Mbappe the rest are debatable.

Neymars in the twilight of his career.
Kvaratskhelia had fewer goals last season than martinelli in a weaker league.
Martinelli has more goal contributions in the CL in two games than Leao did last season after 11 games.
Vinicius had fewer goals in the Spanish league than Martinelli last season, although Vini’s final ball is better than Martinelli’s atm and Vini has been really good in the CL.

Also, Martinelli is faster than all the players on that list minus maybe Mbappe.

Aleksander Włodarz

Good win so much needed after the northern heartbreak… let’s rock!


that celebration from leo before the saka goal! 😂


I thought I noticed it on the replays and am glad it wasn’t just me. Loving the idea that Saka is so clinical that he could do that.


While Havertz got some praise against Newcastle, I thought he was much improved tonight. His link up with Trossard and Saka was especially promising and his overall performance probably deserved a goal. Seems to be gaining confidence with his passing too, if not quite yet his finishing.


As I see it his confidence and understanding of his team is increasing with each game.
personally I was pleased with his overly aggressive behavior against Newcastle. Demonstrated he will respond when his teammates are being mistreated. I think there is a nasty guy under that placid demeanor.

Exit the Lemming

Him getting red card cards will help us how exactly?

The Beast

When did he get a red?


Bit harsh that Kiwior was not on long enough to be not on long enough to rate…

Naked Cuban

You were probably distracted celebrating the other great result in Copenhagen.


Good job all round, special word for Jorgi, can see how hard kai is trying , marti and saka top form loading , it’s all good . And another clean sheet for dave at the weekend and we might see a more confident persona to him


Can I give 10/10 to the bloke having a crap at half time in the toilets by Block 99 while telling his boss he had to leave work early to go to his kids’ parents evening?

Bloke 99

Thank you!


Lol/lol for Manchester United and Ten Hag. Cherry on the cake for the night.


♫♬Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen ♫♬


team really looked good and fluid up front. dunno if it was trossard in for eddie or Sevilla were just woeful


We defs look better with Trosser up top… just seems to have more close control than Eddie, and a better sync with the two lads out wide.
His two-footedness also makes him more of a natural threat coming through the middle, as Eddie always tends to push onto his stronger right side when trying to take the defense on.


It’s a bit of both, but last season we also improved a lot in attack when Trossard replaced Eddie at CF. Jesus and Trossard’s attributes just seem to fit our current style of play a lot more.

Exit the Lemming

probably a bit of both


Leo’s a help to give space for sak and marti , allows them space and fluidity as u say .eddies too static and holdup play overrated and overegged


Havertz is a waste of space. Chelsea says “Thank you”

Exit the Lemming

His best position appears to be ‘sitting down’


Havertz just cant hit that target can he. Does all the right stuff to get himself into the positions he does but no reward. The guy needs a goal bad. But felt he had a good game today, he seems to be getting more involved as the season goes along.


As I said in the live chat, sometimes you get better results with a lucky player than you do with a good player.

Exit the Lemming

if it wasn’t for bad luck Havertz wouldn’t have any luck at all

The Beast

On the plus side, if it wasn’t for Havertz you’d have absolutely nothing to comment on


Remember how long it took Bergkamp to score ?


Watched game instead of working. Well played I thought.

continuing my rant from Saturday, I am sick to death of over matched players kicking saka in quick succession without a card. Again today same guy within seconds kicks him twice.
card the clowns already.
soccer doesn’t do enough to penalize cynical fouls from overmatched players that are not part of a goal scoring opportunity.
And no I don’t want more var, but come on center deal with it.


5 fouls on him in the first 17 minutes. 3 from one player then rotated to another to avoid a yellow card. Zero protection.


I noticed the rotation, but missed a couple fouls.

The Beast

I think it was either Kike Salas or Gudelj that committed 3 fouls on him in about the first 10 mins. If they get a yellow after the 2nd, then it stops (for the most part).

I can understand that the ref might be reluctant to start hadning out yellows that early but it’s getting ridiculous


off topic.
But does anyone really know why ramsdale doesn’t get a look in for ucl matches? Why does raya play all the games?
ramsdale just a carabao cup keeper? now we are out, see him next year then?
any one got an idea what’s going on?


And Kiwior, Nelson, Vieira, I mean the whole 1st team squad not starting the games in the league and CL. Does anyone have an idea ?

Block 99

That we scored only two goals underscores the need for a true striker. Trossard’s goal was sublime, coming off Saka’s beautiful pass. We just don’t have a bloke who will fight to dominate the center of the 18 yard box and, no, I don’t miss Olivier Giroud.

Exit the Lemming

Jorginho’s earlier pass was even more beautiful. Credit where credit’s due

Cool Papa Bellerin

The good news for Juanlu is that he has a bright career as a matador based on the style and grace with which he allowed Martinelli to charge past him

cereal killer

Imagine if we had sharp striker like Højlund we could have bags of goals with those efforts from martinelli


This is not FC Copenhagen to be fair

Exit the Lemming

Sevilla were awful to be fair


Rice is a fucking beast. He always gives a £200 million performance let alone the £100 million arsenal paid for him

Exit the Lemming

and seems to play every moment with a huge smile on his face


All we needed was Lens to beat PSV and we’d be home and dry only for them to go complicate matters by losing

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