Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool – player ratings

Arsenal went out of the FA Cup at the first hurdle this afternoon, after a late own goal from Jakub Kiwior and a Luis Diaz strike at the death condemned us to a 2-0 defeat to Liverpool.

The overall performance was much improved from the Fulham defeat but the big problem of putting the ball into the back of the net continued, as the Gunners failed to make the most of a plethora of first half chances.

Here’s how the players rated today.

Read the Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool match report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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I said to my (casual) LFC supporting Mrs that if it gets to 85 mins at 0-0 ‘I just hope either side scores to avoid a replay’. Then they scored and I immediately realised how stupid my comment was.

Frustrating game, but I have faith we can find some form in front of goal again, once we’re back from a nice mid season sojourn (with lots of shooting practice). Yes, I am an optimist, but regardless, bit surprised at all the negativity on this here Arsenal news outlet.


This result means we’ll be the hungrier side on Feb 4th.


It is what it is. Moving on to bigger and better!


Who would have thought spending 65m to add a historic xg under-performer in Havertz to a team already including an injured Gabriel Jesus, while prioritising upgrading the PL goalkeeper of the year when there is little to no depth in either wide position combined with no rotation from the manager when given the chance would lead us to having no competition for places, no finishing confidence and the team scoring no goals? Me neither.

El Mintero

Spot on.


Yep, but Kai has got the best chant in the Prem…


It’s a mystery Myrtle! 🙂


I still can’t get over the decision to get rid of Ramsdale. Arteta trying to be too clever by half, with a whole load of hubris on top. The GK coach, whose other recommendation before Raya was Runarsson, needs to get booted out on his arse ASAP.


Contradicting Blogs player ratings, I thought Raya could have and should have done better with the goals conceded against both Villa and Liverpool in League. Yes, he’s better (slightly) with ball at this feet, but not much and I’m certain Ramsdale is the better shot-stopper and would have stopped one of those chances. I’m ok w Havertz signing, but with the goalie situation we’re adding unnecessary stress to this squad.


Absolutely, it’s beginning to look like a huge gamble that doesn’t look like it will pay off, sadly. I quite like Havertz, but spending that much money on a player who doesn’t score many goals and has low XG now looks like bad business. I’m not sure a 28 year old Toney is the answer, but he’d be an upgrade on Nketiah, of that I have no doubt. Still the money being talked about for Toney is crazy. Not much else out there in terms of a goal-scoring striker though. Let’s hope we can turn it around quickly. Come in… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

We could always try to scout players from cheaper markets rather than try to buy all our new players from within the PL?

Exit the Lemming

yes, the league leaders are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things


Did Nketiah touch the ball at all?

God is a Gooner

You talking about tonight or Fulham?

Bleeding gums murphy



Rather than being a negative on Nketiah, I think it shows how limited (and slow) we are at putting the ball through to our number 9, whoever they might be.
It is taking Saka and Martinelli longer than me getting a mortgage to get the ball across.

Des Gracia

Yes but he’s also completely pants though.


Did Smith Rowe?
Mankind’s only hope..




If we scored a goal to win that game Odegaard is 100% man of the match. Led the press immensely well and was unlucky to have players ahead of him firing blanks.

Skinny Ricki

A player with a beautiful combination of sublime technical skill and relentless work rate. One of the very best in the world. He (along with Saka, Rice and Saliba in particular) makes me very much a believer in this team, despite recent results.


I agree, but I think we should have somebody like him on the other side too.

A Different George

If you honestly believe Odegaard is one of the best in the world (as I do), how can you realistically expect to “have somebody like him on the other side too”?


And no end product.
Just like most of the Arsenal players at the moment.
I would rather have the end product that the silky skills and sublime technical ability. No one remembers that otherwise Arshavin, Rosicky and Cazorla would be legends and they are not..


I think Rosicky and Santi are (if) not legends bacause we never had a proper (top class) front tree ahead of them. When the time came and Cazorla was fortunate enough to have Ozil Giroud and Alexis around him… the tropies just started to land in the cabinet.

Skinny Ricki

Huh? No end product? He scored 15 goals for us last season, and 7 already this season. Yes, he hasn’t been hitting target in the last few games, but (from memory) the only two midfielders in our post-Invincible history to have those kind of figures are Cesc and Rambo.

Exit the Lemming

Odegaard is a sublimely talented footballer but he often flatters to deceive


He was very good except he didn’t shoot, passed it out wide to Kai when he had a huge opportunity.

John C

I honestly think Odegaard has been complete crap for the last few weeks and needs to be dropped along with Saka.

2 of the chances he created for Havertz were both slow and behind him and I think he’s over playing.

He also really poorly gave the free kick away for their first goal was scored. It was not a captains performance.


It is not the popular opinion but he plays in Ozil, Fabregas, De Bryune position and he is not unlocking defense despite seeing the ball every time we are on offense. Him and Saka have not been good, they see a lot of the ball in offense with little end product. We are competing at the top end of the table, goal is not to look pretty or busy but rather incisive and clinical


Sorry, I have to disagree. His through balls and final third passes are right up there this season. Our problem is nobody is finishing them.

John C

Perhaps over the course of the whole season but not for the last 2 or 3 matches. For me he’s lacked composure, over played and been a bit petulant, he needs to simplify things a little bit.


I agree. In addition, 3-4 times after minute 50 MO stopped playing expecting to be awarded a free kick, play to the whistle ffs. He’s been v slow and laborious lately. Trying to find some intricate pass.

John C

Totally agree, that was something a Liverpool supporting friend pointed out to me during the game as well.



Also gave away a stupid foul for their goal when the guy was in the corner going nowhere too…

John C

Exactly and to be honest Saka tried to do the same just seconds before.

As a captain you have to be better than that, especially knowing Liverpool have one of the best set piece takers in the world

Skinny Ricki

Sorry for stating the absolutely bleeding obvious: really struggling to finish at the moment, and, unlike in the recent past, when we needed a goal I never really believed it was going to come. Not a huge lot wrong apart from that (their second goal was when we were chasing the game)…


I really want Arsenal to win a trophy this season, but I don’t know how we do that without scoring goals from open play.


I said to my (casual) LFC supporting wife that if it gets to 85 mins at 0-0 I just hope either side scores to avoid a replay. Then they scored and I immediately realised how stupid my comment was.

Very frustrating game, but I have faith we can find some form in front of goal again, once we’re back from a nice mid season sojourn, with lots of shooting practice. Yes, I am an optimist, but regardless, a bit surprised at all the negativity on the post match report chat.


Sorry for the double post, thought my first one hadn’t been published ✌🏼❤️

Aleksander Włodarz

It pours when it’s raining… Can’t stand Klopps lion teeth atm 😭


They’re fluorescent.


I have supported this club since I was a kid, 17 years now. I still remember defending them against utd and Chelsea fans. Not an easy thing to do given I was the only arsenal fan and they were in droves. And we won squat all in that period. Every season since then always ends in collapses, self inflicted mistakes, stupid transfers. I think I will now take a break. Good luck to the club. But they don’t look like they will win the UCL or PL anytime soon. Now they don’t even have the excuse of not spending money.… Read more »


At least my FPL team is doing well so that’s good


Why have you decided to out yourself as a plastic fan? You could have just said nothing. I know it sucks that we lost but this is a really bad take.


Bye, that’s not quite how it works.


Good luck


“I supported the team when they were Invincible and now they’re not so I don’t support the team”

See ya.


Lol no. I was too young then. Watched from 2007, the barren period. It’s good you saw the invincibles. I don’t think I will see them win the PL again in my lifetime unless aliko dangkote comes in and gives a blank chequebook to arteta

Exit the Lemming

Real football fans don’t declare an armistice. You can’t cherry-pick the thick and thin snowflake.


4 fa cups in that time james. Be thankful you’re not a spurs fan! Keep the faith.


I will eternally be thankful for not being a spurs fan😂

Texas Red

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Mate you can’t quit at 17 years. I’ve done 51 and I don’t feel I can.


Of course, it will only be arsenal for me. No other club. But at least you had the good fortune of seeing them win big ones. I haven’t had that yet and every season since 2007, I have only seen title runs peter out while oil clubs go on all sorts of winning runs. Every season there’s the narrative that we are only 1 player away from winning the big one (In Wenger’s era it was a CDM) but smh we never win. Fa cups and the shield are good but we aren’t spurs and we should be looking for… Read more »


You will not be missed. Enjoy the Spuds.

Exit the Lemming

You’re still a kid alas.


Glass half-full and probably unpopular opinion. I still think we deserved a lot more that 3 defeats in the last 3 games. Plenty of threats, shots are tame but movement is good even in tight spaces (Ødegaard!), high-press is working and we spend the majority of the games untroubled at the back. Agreed it’s not the scintillating football of last year but last time I checked it was good to win ugly and we learned to do just that. Individually, plenty to be positive: Ødegaard is a joy to watch, Saka delivers almost no matter what, Martinelli doesn’t but still… Read more »


60 odd shots at goal in our last 3 games and 1 goal to show for it. I don’t think we deserved a damn thing.
Saka has scored just four goals all season – doesn’t even make the top 25 top scorers in the premiership so I would strongly disagree with you. Martinelli is even worse.
In fact, there is not one Arsenal player in the top 25.
That 65 million on Havertz should justify Arteta leaving in itself.


You could tell me the earth is round, the sky is blue and Spurs are shit… but if you then said Arteta out I would have to believe each of them is a lie because someone with an opinion as wrong as that can’t possibly be right about anything.

Exit the Lemming

Agreed with everything but then there’s that last asinine sentence. Shame


Read the room mate, only hysteria can be posted on here this evening….

Crash Fistfight

I don’t think it’s possible to have more than 3 defeats in 3 games 🙃


These ratings are too high in my opinion

El Mintero

I agree – that was a half strength Liverpool at home ffs!


Why isn’t odegaard on corners? Some of the deliveries have been shocking the past few games


Odegaard takes cornere on the National team.


I don’t want to give any ratings ! I just want to replay old footage of when strikers were greedy enough to shoot & weren’t afraid to miss !

VfB Talheim

They have Alisson , we have Ramsdale
They have Nunez , we have Havertz
They have Diaz , we have Nelson
They have Jota , we have fucking Nketiah


If we want to do more ,please Arteta , they are poor
Why everytime insisting to play with Havertz or Nketiah, give someone else the chance to play , you have so many younger players


Nunez isn’t as far away as Havertz as you’re making him out to be. Nunez is one of the worst goalscorers in the league vs his xG.


He is, however he offers so much more than Havertz in attack.

Exit the Lemming

Nunez is brain dead


Prize plank.

Exit the Lemming

They have car thieves, we have fans.


Ah man that was a tough watch after a while. After so many missed chances you could tell it was going to be one of those days. The CL is unlikely but worse teams than us have won it. All we need to do is improve our finishing and then we’ll be banging goals in for fun.


I think the Kiwior own goal is poor defending, not unfortunate. His jump just did not look convincing.


It was as if Ramsdale had seen that the ball was too high for the Liverpool man, came to collect it, but was beaten by his own player. One of those things…


Something seemed really off about it. I may be being harsh on Kiwior given the scramble, but his jump didn’t look very high. Oh well.


A week in Dubai or a replay at Anfield…🤔


Liverpool player blocked ramsdale.

Gavin Mcadam

Yup, Nunez was standing directly in front of him. Nae other reason he was there given his stature. Rambo would’ve got tae the ball otherwise. Surprised it wasn’t appealed.

Jamaican gooner

Stop it! Raya would’ve collected that ball!

Exit the Lemming

Like White does at our corners?

Exit the Lemming

It was the quality of the dipping and swerving delivery from Alexander-Arnold that effectively made the own goal somewhat unavoidable. With any contact whatsoever from an attacker or defender inside the 6 yard box it could have gone anywhere


The Cup was our best chance this season to win something. Do you want to see an isolated Saka, unused ESR, no exciting young talents all the way this season? Then trust the process!


Arteta has had chances to buy a striker and wingers to push Saka and Martinelli. Instead he’s screwed ESR and went for Eddie, Nelson, Viera, Lokanga, Tavares, Havertz and Raya. Wasted time and money.

Exit the Lemming

It’s not as if Arteta has a monopoly on signings that don’t work out. Klopp signed: Marko Grujic, Steven Caulker, Loris Karius, Ragnar Klavan, Dominic Solanke, Adrian, Takumi Minamino, Ben Davies, Ozan Kabak and Arthur Melo


It stinks of desperation to claim this performance was any better than the Fulham game.
At least we scored a goal then.
I wonder how long Mr One Dimension can last.
His only hope is that Pep helps him with his tactics – or perhaps Pep will change his tactics so he can “integrate” them into Arsenals style of play.
That was the only chance we had of silverware this season. The only chance.


Oh come on. Against Fulham we stank the place out in all aspects, today (particularly in the first half), we were immense in all aspects other than putting the ball in the onion bag. We absolutely monstered the league leaders.

Exit the Lemming

The league leaders reserves


Mr One Dimension LOL that’st got to be his new nickname!

Exit the Lemming

Could have been 3 or 4 up at half time versus Liverpool where we pressed brilliantly and won changeovers high up to create chances. We were often not even in the same post code as the Fulham players at Craven Cottage.

The Badger

An absolute shit time to be an Arsenal fan. We aren’t playing badly, we just lack something! I’m no expert but it could be we have no forward…..oh wait. It’s sad times at Arsenal. Going into Christmas top of the tree and by the time the decs were down, so were we. Saka is playing the worst form of his life, Martinelli is all retch and no vomit and captain O is more Captain Y ? Watching Saka slash and flap at balls he should be finishing is like watching an amareur, so so depressing. If the club does no… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

So, what you’re saying is we have a Xmas tree formation with a fairy up top?


Getting tired of sub ratings that repeatedly say “not on long enough to rate.”


You’re entitled to your opinion but arseblogger gets these ratings out within an hour and unless you subscribe to Patreon you are not paying him a penny. Bit ungracious perhaps? Keep it up arseblogger we think you are great!


I think it was more a comment on Arteta not putting subs on early enough than a dig at arseblog being ‘lazy’


Obvious to everyone, but one person.


I think he means because it’s frustrating that so many of our subs really aren’t on for long enough to rate. Today was a day when we had more strength on the bench than Liverpool potentially, and all but one of those players sat there looking pretty until the game was basically already over. It’s the same most games, nobody comes on until Arteta seems to have decided that the game’s already over. What’s the point of bringing Nketiah, Trossard and Smith Rose on with 3 mins + injury time to go – how are they supposed to do anything?… Read more »


Sorry Brian. In that case I agree with you. Putting ESR on after 88 minutes is pointless.


I don’t mean to speak on behalf of Brian here but maybe what he means is that Arteta is leaving subs too late, not the lack of effort on the part of the Arseblog team.




Really sad he doesn’t start esr in fa cup game. He’s the sort of player we miss too making late runs and sliding little balls through. But Arteta doesn’t rate him clearly.
I’m not too bothered about going out of the cup though. Now there time for a rest and a reset and we still have a chance of league and ucl. COYG!!


No he doesn’t rate him.
We need to generate funds. What is the point of keeping him kicking around, picking up a freebie salary?
Do something right and sell him…

Charlie George

His value on transfermarkt has dropped from €40 million last summer to €25 million purely through inactivity. He needs to play if we are to get value from selling him – though in my view we’d get better value by playing him instead of that klutz Havertz – the archetypal jack of all trades, master of none. ESR is the only player we have apart from the perennially crocked Partey who plays vertically rather than shuttling the ball around in a never ending horseshoe formation. He’s the one who can drive into the box from midfield and shoot and those… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

Ironically ESR is one of the best natural finishers in the squad at a time when we really need them. Such a shame.

Crash Fistfight

I don’t understand how Arteta seems to not trust him to play wide forward, presumably because he doesn’t trust him defensively, yet plays him at left 8 where surely he needs to be better defensively? I just don’t see him as an all-action midfielder. He’ll get on the end of things or play one-twos with people (might even lay on a through-ball here and there), and he can play well on the break (an area of our game that has been dreadful this season), so I’d rather just see him play where he used to. One game where Nelson came… Read more »


When we don’t score in the first half after dominating like that, we’ll always lose. The team is tired, it plays in the obnoxious goddamn horseshoe of death without moving the ball fast enough. Martinelli was great against TAA, then Liverpool threw in a kid who’s a real right back and stopped us dead in our tracks. And there was nothing from the bench. No new directives, no subs until it’s all too late, very few subs who’ll have an impact. I’m sorry, but this is not good enough or fun enough to watch to endure that it isn’t good… Read more »

Naked Cygan

Can’t blame injuries for this. Liverpool had way more than us. At this moment we are just playing shit, specially up front so let’s just not come up with any other excuses. At home against a Liverpool missing 7-8 key players…….time to go back to basics.


The shame is if Nelson had put the very early chance away with a simple lob I am sure we would have won the game easily. Such a poor choice of finish
This was so much better than the Fulham performance, especially the first half where our press was as good as it has been all season. My lowest score today was for Saka (on a poor run of form, the first proper such run he has endured ,not just his missed chances but his all round game.)


To win football matches you need to score goals


Arteta might have hit his ceiling, I hope not. We have really been found out this season. Sterile possession.


If there’s one thing this (hopefully) mini slump will put an end to, it’s the infuriatingly pointless obsession people have with who is “top of the league at Christmas.” It’s not even halfway through the season.

Neál Martin

Biggest myth around this club – Bukayo Saka is the most important player in the team. Don’t get me wrong, I love him as much as anyone. But he’s nowhere near as important as the trio of Saliba, Rice and Odegaard. Not that any of that matters today. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

Exit the Lemming

Yes he’s still capable of pieces of individual brilliance but Saka’s form has fallen off a cliff for months


At this point it’s clear (if it already isn’t) that we have a striker problem and Havertz definitely isn’t the solution.


I would add to that. We also have a problem getting the ball to a striker quick enough. The way we are playing is really making the no. 9 position a bit of a poisoned chalice.

Exit the Lemming

With a front three you have two talented but mercurial wingers crossing for strikers with precisely zero aerial ability or cutting back for attackers with a crowded penalty box in front of them to negotiate


I think it’s time we start to scrutinize arteta.
Nelson was better than saka today.. he was dropped. havertz was like a Liverpool defender but played 80 mins.
It’s been 4 years man..with only an fa cup to show.
Except the club is deep rooted in mediocrity, if arteta doesn’t win any of the competitions we are still in.. he should be sacked!


How entitled are people these days? Please don’t forget that only a few seasons ago we were kicking back in the Europa League, with the idea of finishing fourth in the league a pipe dream and with Spurs routinely finishing above us. Those days were dark as hell. Last season we absolutely overachieved. Nobody, including us fans, expected a title challenge at the start of the season. And now we expect us to be winning the league and/or a trophy or Arteta has to go? He’s taken us out of a mediocre period in our history to a time when… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

8th, 8th, 5th and 2nd says progress is being made but yes, signs of some regression this season. Hardly just cause for a sacking is it?


how many years it took klopp to win his first trophy?


My take away is that we need to continue to press and attack and, of course, we need a striker and a winger to spell Saka who will just get more tired and tired as Arteta plays him into the ground with this he needs to play 70 games a season! Artetas take away will probably be, see, this is why we need to play like David Moyes, slow as a slug.

Havertz has reverted back to his average-ness.

If we don’t by a goal scorer no way we finish top 4.

Exit the Lemming

Remember this was a Liverpool team without Salah, Van Dijk and Matip. I agree that top 4 now moves sharply into focus as our new target. Can’t help thinking watching this Arsenal team is like watching Gareth Southgate’s England i.e. almost in contention for the top prizes but a real chore when it used to be entertaining and fun…

Fairweather supporter

Folarin balogun was surely worth a chance?


How’s Balogun doing in the PSG and everyone else league?


On par with G. Jesus, then… 😉


He’s rubbish.


Anyone else feel more comfortable with Ramsdale in goal?


Not particulary. He was nowhere for the goal. Kiwor hardly jumped and beat him to it.


You’re blaming Ramsdale for failing to stop our defender putting the ball into his own net?
He had no chance on either goal and did very well generally.

Exit the Lemming

His save from Diaz was brilliant


In my time we have had John Radford Malcom MacDonald Frank Stapleton Alan Sunderland Charlie Nicolas Alan Smith Ian Wright Robin Van Persie Thierry Henri Alexi Sanchez and Auba to name a few. And now we have??

Solomon Grover

Ramsdale CDM Rice and Øde CM. Havertz doesn’t want it. Kiwior never enough. Arteta out. Martinelli ST.


Methinks the lads would benefit from some time at finishing school. Nelson, Havertz and Saka squandered severl good chances. Havertz still a little tentative – needs to shoot sooner and harder. Otherwise team didn’t play badly. Some bad luck – both Odegaard and White missed by a whisker and then, of course the own goal.

Exit the Lemming

The own goal was necessitated by the top drawer quality of the delivery from Alexander-Arnold

R Middleton

I am surprised with the defeatist attitude of Arsenal fans on this site today. Yes we lost to Liverpool because we couldn’t finish. For most of the first half, Liverpool were 2nd best but like good managers as in Klopp, he changed a few things in the 2nd half and slowly got on top. There were some silly fouls given away but I suppose that Liverpool were getting away with some fouls, Arsenal thought they could. Odegaard was clearly fouled one time and the ref played on. I didn’t think we deserved to lose 2-0 but I don’t think we… Read more »


Too many opportunities to put the game to bed throughout the two halves. But the attackers put the ball everywhere else but in the net. Same with West ham and Fulham games.
Almost feels like we don’t want to win on purpose

Exit the Lemming

Liverpool weren’t necessarily better than us but they were a LOT more streetwise than us by defending and counter attacking intelligently (and being more cynical with tactical fouling etc)


Does it hurt more to lose when you play well or lose when you play badly? I’m genuinely not sure. This team is wrecking my mental health at the moment. All someone needs to do is finish a couple of chances, the rest is there!

Exit the Lemming

Arsenal were miles better than Liverpool first half but things evened up in the 2nd to the extent that Liverpool finished looking by far the more dangerous side. The winning margin didn’t really flatter them. Havertz’s confidence is shot. Ditto Saka.


Reiss ain’t the guy either. Literally 1 on 1 and doesn’t even test the keeper. Not good enough.


Elliott made a comment on Arsenalvisuon after Fulham that some people are saying our players just aren’t as talented as we thought, and that he disagreed. Days like this I’m not so sure. This is pure sacrilege, and don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t sell him for the world, but I’m not certain Saka will hit the heights of Salah or someone on that level. In our minds we’ve had him and Martinelli in that super star category all along. They are very young so it might be harsh but aside from flashes I don’t get the same feeling watching… Read more »

El Mintero

Do you remember when Saka first broke into the team, first couple of seasons he was electric (ironically under Emery) we played him all over the pitch, even left wing back and he still looked amazing. Sadly, he’s faded since and I can’t help feel it’s because he’s locked into a tactical system that constrains him and simultaneously is also reliant on him for it to work. Teams now load up on him because we have no real threat anywhere else so he is routinely, and easily, snuffed out the game.


Maybe I’m too harsh. You’re right, getting doubled or tripled up every game doesn’t help. When Saka broke in I was excited like everyone. But I also had doubts about his attacking quality. I remember thinking his foundations of finishing and decision making weren’t good enough, even from a starting level, to go on to be a great. He’s been very good, but I think that’s his ceiling. The fact is to win a title or CL you need great attackers. Every title side has more than one in attack who can decide games on their own. We don’t have… Read more »


In the past seasons, City and Liverpool had great defences, even if they don’t score much, they don’t concede much either . Recently, their defences are weak but now rely on their firepower upfront. Even if you’re scoring against them, they still manage to outscore you, that’s what champions do. We are terrible in front of goal, even if we did manage to score a goal, instead of getting the killer goal and making the game safe, we just try to show off with flicks and unnecessary touches, thereby making a comfortable game a frustrating one.


Really need the manager to stop playing the players into the ground. Really my only ask for the rest of the season. Genuinely think we’ll struggle to finish top 4 if the players continue to be played full 90s.


From back to front: Rambo – just looks more assured than Raya… a cracking reflex save that was a carbon copy of the soft goals that Raya has conceded in recent weeks. Brilliant early pass to set up (another!) missed chance. Benny Blank – not sure what has happened here… the dithers have really settled in – he defaults to square and reverse passed 9/10 times and gives it away when does attempt a through-ball. Watching him take 7 mins over the line-outs with those deer-in-the-headlights eyes was excruciating. Kiwior – still feel there’s a decent player in there. Needs… Read more »


Bamford, cheap, never stops scoring, good hold up play bit fragile? Got a cracker yesterday!

Exit the Lemming

Last played in the Prem 22/23 with 4 goals and always injured. Ring a bell?

Jim Carnegie

With White, Kiwior and Jorginho in the side, their lack of pace makes us vulnerable to a swift counter attack. I feel it was a huge mistake letting Tierney go and Trossard should be banned from taking corners!


Havertz hurts the team he is clumsy and slow in front of goalie we can’t afford to miss the chances he has had he changes the dynamic of the team for the worse.
Arteta needs to be less stubborn about his choices put Ramsdale back in goal and bench Kai.