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Robin thanks the fans

Arsenal captain Robin van Persie has lauded the Arsenal fans who supported their team throughout the pasting they got at Old Trafford yesterday.

Speaking after the match van Persie said, “Sometimes you see fans leave early but I didn’t see one yesterday. When I went to the fans after the game to thank them, almost every seat was still full, everyone was still sitting there. That was a really good feeling and thanks for that, that really cheered us up.

“The fans were great, they’ve been cheering us all game, we felt that and we really appreciate it”.

The support was the one bright spot from yesterday’s performance and result, and despite having players out through injury and suspension, van Persie was not willing to use that as a reason for Arsenal’s heaviest defeat in living memory.

“There’s no excuse, they had players out as well. We can’t hide behind injuries and suspensions. Everyone knows they happen in football, you can’t hide behind that.

That was the strongest team we could put out yesterday and it’s not good enough. It’s an honest result. Man U were much better than us and we have to deal with that.

“If you look at the facts it simply wasn’t good enough. Man United punished us”.

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I just want to know why has this situation been allowed to develop? I’m pretty sure the board are culpable. I just can’t see how any football manager would look at the situation and say, “well, we’ve lost two of our three best players, all we have left are injury prone youth-teamers


I deeply agree with you.

Bleeding gunner

Is this really what it has come to? We need to let the board know ‘enough is enough’. We should be conducting protests before home games to let them know. Thoughts?


Fans were brilliant.
Other positives to take from yesterday: Theo looks good, and is showing a bit of leadership. Sczesny’s a great keeper, despite picking the ball out of the net so many times (it could have been more).
Not much else.


…and RVP seems to be turning into a decent captain. He says the right things and seems to care about the club. He’ll never be another Adams or McLintock, but he has passion and, right now, that’s what we need.


Theo looks good?


scored a goal at least


i thought coquelin looked quietly impressive before he was taken off too, and chamberlain showed a couple of glimpses of what he might be capable of. jenkinson will be a good player too, but he needs guys around him who give him some advice on the pitch. it always amazes me how little our defenders communicate during games. i was always taught to talk as much as possible on the pitch and coaches used to encourage players to be vocal. do they not do this at arsenal??


I just want to know why has this situation been allowed to develop? I’m pretty sure the board are culpable. I just can’t see how any football manager would look at the situation and say, “well, we’ve lost two of our three best players, all we have left are injury prone youth-teamers… That’ll do.” it doesn’t make sense. Having read the Swiss ramble’s excellent account of our finances, I can only assume that the board are eating most of it. What are their salaries? Why did they push Dein out? For introducing Kroenke? Usmsnov? For trying to find more investment?… Read more »

Mr Teddy Ears

We need to crucify the board we are turning into Liverpool. Ivan the bloody terrible at running a football club you prick.

I cant tell you how upset I am and what do we sign some player from a relegate team FFS

Robbo Redondo

The difference being Liverpool actually spend their transfer money to improve their team…


i think he means liverpool under gillet and hicks. at the same time, blowing wads of cash we don’t really have (we still owe the banks 200m+) is not really the answer is it??


The game went out all over Europe, the Americas, Africa the Far East and the Middle East. Hold onto your hats boys there’s more shame to come as the season unfolds and next season our clueless owners will raise ticket prices again.

What mugs we ARE


I hope the club will contact those fans and give them a full refund of their expenses. That’s the least they van do after this horrendous surrender.


What’s more frightening is we have city still to come. I honestly felt sorry for Robin and Theo yesterday. On a day like that especially why did he take our captain off early??


What about Szczesny? I feel most sorry for him. Every one of their goals was due to no fault of his own. The defence were shit, but United were also really clinical.
Also, can’t feel that sorry for Robin, his penalty was shit. But, yes, he doesn’t deserve to be in a team that haemorrhages goals like that.


i thought he could have come out and claimed that first goal. jens or seaman would have bashed everyone out of the way and taken the ball. he was also slow to get across to rooney’s first free kick. the kid is on his way to becoming a great keeper but he’s far from the finished article…


still. he didn’t deserve that, and I thought perhaps one of the three defenders running with Welbeck could have perhaps been a bit more aggressive and actually headed the ball instead of pussying out of the challenge, no?


I saw a few of the players smiling towards the end of the game ie. Lansbury. Adams or Bould would have kicked his arse all the way back to London.


Yeh. Saw that too. Traore with a big grin after the final whistle too. What did they have to be so happy about?


Well, in Traore’s case, it was the satisfaction of collecting massive wages for doing fuck all. Thank the gods he’s gone.


Wenger last night, albeit somewhat in disguise, critisised the board by answering that we could not compete with the big clubs wage-wise. This is probably the first time he’s let slip of his feelings towards the more restrained regime that now runs the club?

Cunt a is Nasri

I picked up on Wenger’s thinly veiled comment re. the wages also. What a lot of ua seem to be forgetting is that our current position means we’re not able to sign world-class players. The wages aren’t there and neither is the form that would entice such players to us. I did have faith in Arsene bringing at least some top talent in before Wednesday, but now I’m not so sure. As much as it pains me to say it, we’re behind Man U, Chelski and Man Shiteh in terms of being able to draw the big names. Which is… Read more »


we’re also behind liverpool, in terms of prestige and financial power (at least until they build a new stadium). we are the 5th biggest club in the league now. that’s the reality. it’s not our fault either. the game is totally crooked. arsene had it spot on when he called it “financial doping”….


Actually, one of Arsene close friends said something interesting last week, not in a proper way though. He talked about the fact that the people of the board are mainly jewish, they like money, Wenger did not want to sell Nasri, but them, they want the money. Take off the jewish part, but for the rest, I totally buy it. Who decide over the salary structure? Not Wenger. And the fact is if we can pay the transfer of a Sneijder, we just can’t pay his wages… Mata was ready to sign, then Chelsea came, it was over, we can… Read more »


i think you should leave this comment up as a memorial to this retard’s ignorance. am seeing more and more insane anti-jewish rhetoric being bandied about these days. it’s like the 1930’s all over again!!


There are no Jews on the Arsenal board.


Are you fucking serious? I’m Jewish and am deeply offended by your inherent racist undertone. What the fuck has someone’s religion got to do with it. The fact you’re also completely wrong means you need to go hide in a hole until you are capable of displaying your views in public. ‘They like their money’? Most people that like money like money. Religion is irrelevant. Fucking twat

been there done that



Fuck you. That is racist. Stan Krishna is not Jewish. The only Jewish connection is the late Danny Fszman and David Dein. What does Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs have in common – all Jewish owners. They aren’t greedy so take your racist shit elsewhere.


Stan kroenke – predictive text


lol @ stan krishna!


you stupid cunt


You give retards a bad name.


I’m gona say this…………maybe yesterdays result was needed to highlight the situ. The other teams have bought wisely while we have faffed about. We have fallen way behind Liverpool, city and Utd BUT no better time to rectify. Is rather we knew now than halfway thru season. Hopefully the board are working on it.


Well said! Apart from the use of the word situ. Which isn’t technically a word. . .


Wenger makes the manager job look so professional and hard. But it isn’t really that hard. You have 30 players, you play the best 11. Once a player plays poorly, he sits on the bench until he imporves. That gives players incentive to work harder or quit. Either way, you get a smaller wage bill, or a better player. That’s what Ferguson does. Anderson, who was brought in for 19 million, sat on the bench for 3 seasons. Now, he looks better because he had much competition. And although that ugly outspoken brazilian pisses me off, he proves a good… Read more »


Nothing to disagree with there.


At least our captain is honest – what a shame our manager doesn’t seem to have the guts to be.


Did you just mention Walcott? Forgive me but isn’t he our leading goal scorer this season?


Crap, this feels a whole lot worse this morning.

I don’t think their was or is a plan B. Something’s going on behind the scenes at Arsenal that were never likely to hear about.

Maybe it’s a mix of Wengerism, his belief in youth, the obvious inexperience of the board; seemingly focused on profits and this coupled with them finding Wenger’s approach so compelling.

Somebody needs to pull Wenger to one side and help him, no idea who that person could be.

But if anyone’s got his number I’d be happy to give him a call.


Good post Akex, totally agree



Mike Hawke

Last night was my birthday…… yay


happy fucking birthday!

Rectum Spectrum



3000 fans, £100 each on tickets and travel. About one day’s wages from everyone who started would pay back half of that. The fans need a clear message that the players didn’t just crawl back to their Bentleys and Astons and actually feel embarressed.


That’s even better. Let the players pay for it.


Also, totally agree with Alex. We should make wages lower but with massive performance bonusses.

The BearMan

What when wrong? Over the past seasons, it appears Wenger’s policy and savings plan have been weakening the team. How so? When all the teams around us have been developing their youth programmes, they have also been adding one or two experienced and quality players each season. While Arsenal has gone to the other extreme, No experience players but the “Wonder Kid”, philosophy. Now it will cost us more to catch up. In the current first team, there is ONLY 13 decent players, all of which will be battered, worn-out or injured before the season is done. The rest is… Read more »


I didn’t realise we had 13 decent players to be honest. I’m not including the kids with “potential” when I try and think of our best players.

Excellent post though.


A few talking points from this match: 1. This was the first time Sir Alex opted to go for a 4-4-2 against Arsenal after many many years of successfully implementing the cautious, counter-attacking approach of the 4-5-1. Why so? Because the 4-5-1 was meant to stop Arsenal from passing. The current Arsenal team CANNOT pass. You saw that in the first leg against Udinese; the so-called Barcelona-lite were passed off the pitch at the Emirates. So Fergie had the freedom to attack. When Arsenal go there with a line-up equivalent of someone like Stoke, the least you’d expect them is… Read more »


when wenger bought arshavin he played very well, he was a good but, but wenger doesnt releasie when to drop a player to subs or to sell


That was only half a season. He put in all he had, now he has nothing left. I think Arseblog has summed it up brilliantly in his latest blog. I have nothing but despair now.


So let’s start the recovery….. This is from me (My Vow to my Club): Maddo! do you take THE ARSENAL to be your club, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part? I Maddo take you The ARSENAL to be MY CLUB. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and FOLLOW you all the days of my life and I pledge I have not promised… Read more »

The BearMan

I once pledged:

Arsenal: In the good times and in the bad times you can count on my support!

Boy O Boy, am I tested now!

What hurts the most is that it would not take much to fix this team.


did some body put neurofen plus in the managers drink? You do know they are the ones with the anti-psycotic contaminants?
FAIR PLAY to the travelling fans.


I too deeply agree with you. When did the silent one take over? When did our problems start?

We are all hurting.


Well said Maddo. Just wish the board/manager/players felt the same.


The club should reimburse the fans that spent their hard earned cash to watch that shite yesterday.Over to you silent Stan & co…


I am Jewish and have been going to Arsenal for 47 years.Junichib alluded to the Jewish influence on the board. The biggest frustration in all the years of supporting Arsenal is this incessant inference and stereo-typing. Yes, we have as many Jewish supporters as Tottenham and Irish and Black and Asian, but why does it always come back to the Jewish influence? For everyone’s information, since Danny Fiszman passed away and David Dein left the board, there is only one Jewish director remaining, Lord Harris of Peckham. Seeing as there is an ever-increasing demand by the fans to bring back… Read more »


As a Muslim Arsenal supporter I agree with you Alan. Whoever is blaming Jews for arsenal’s problems is clearly an idiot. What always attracted me to Arsenal is that we have a great diverse supporter base. Bigotry and racism have no place at the Arsenal. Whenever a race, religion or particular ethnic group is singled out, we..all of us real Gooners must never allow it and must always speak out against it. Alan you are my Gooner brother, don’t let idiots get you down!


Well said sir!
There should be no room for that kind of silly and quite frankly ridiculous bigotry!


Not one fan should turn up for the next home game, not a single one. I was at old Trafford yesterday and this has to stop now, there’s only so much a human being can take in life before a change has to be made nevermind football. We pay the highest price in the league to watch our team and get beaten 8-2, and on top that we have money hungry pricks like Nasri say we ain’t passionate and we stood through a total humiliation of our team and there still at 10:21 hasn’t been any apology from the arsenal… Read more »


Well said RVP, completely proves Na$ri wrong.

Fuck Wenger and the cunting board for putting us through that.

Midfield Corporal

If AW doesn’t publicly apologise to the fans I will find that unforgivable. If the club do not offer a full refund and travel expenses to the excellent away support it will prove they are simply there to make money. I feel ashamed and embarrassed by our club this morning and expect dome sort of statement from Kronke. Poor Danny Fizman, he will be turning in his grave if he knew he’s let this idiot run our club so abysmally. I actually want the Russian to take over now, I don’t care if he has a dodgy past, Henry Norris… Read more »


“If the club do not offer a full refund and travel expenses to the excellent away support it will prove they are simply there to make money”

Don’t hold your breath


Any tips how to get through the day when ALL you can think of are the numbers 8 & 2?


Simply not good enough. I love Wenger for all he has done for Arsenal but his time has come to quietly step aside. Unfortunatelly at this late stage in the summer we don’t have time to buy either players or get a new manager. So we’re basically pretty fucked unless something incredible happens in the next few days. I can’t believe we have let players like Mata, Enrique, Parker, Given all slip thtough our fingers when all of them would have improved our squad at a bargani price. We look like we’re going to repeat Liverpool’s feats of last season… Read more »

Alpha t

I feel your pain Chamron, I really do!
All fans need to stop giving their hard earned cash to the mercenaries running our club.
It actually seems like the club is broke cos nothing else makes sense, at this rate we won’t make too 4 & their money making will diminish even further, if there are so addicted to the cash they wouldn’t want that, would they? I was expecting headlines that we have signed at least 5 new players but I can only dream. It’s over!

Midfield Corporal

Whisky Mooro, lots of it. A few years ago my father in law was drinking Ovaltine when he had a heart attack. Since that day even the smell of it gives him a panic attack. Yesterday I sat down to watch the game with a cup of tea and a slice of lemon drizzle cake that I’d bought at our village fête earlier in the afternoon (this is my life since i had children). I just went to have another piece and had a flashback, I do t think I’ll ever be able to eat lemon drizzle cake again. I… Read more »


As a Muslim Arsenal supporter I agree with you Alan. Whoever is blaming Jews for arsenal’s problems is clearly an idiot. What always attracted me to Arsenal is that we have a great diverse supporter base. Bigotry and racism have no place at the Arsenal. Whenever a race, religion or particular ethnic group is singled out, we..all of us real Gooners must never allow it and must always speak out against it. Alan you are my Gooner brother, don’t let idiots get you down!

I’ll had it with Wenger! Get him out A.S.A.P.

Force Kroenke to make a statement of intent and expose the top echelon of the club. Something is terribly wrong at our beloved club.

Uncle pats rice

It speaks volumes that Lansbury and Traore were laughing and smiling at the final whistle.


Traore nowhere near good enough djourou another embarrassin game jenkinson should not be putin this postion he may come good but it’s not his fault, should have been given Time to adapt to the perm. Arshavin is a total waste of a shirt was terrible against Liverpool almost as bad again yesterday. Ramsey off the pace for whatever reason. wengers hands are tied I’m convinced of that. Why is the yank involved if not to make money?


Am i the only who has noticed that the next game against Swansea is on General Sale? Speaks volumes imho.


you have problems mate, call yourself an arsenal fan?

you sicken me


im actually crying, im so sad and i just want everyone to be happy

T - 3.5 days.......My rant

lol, but I know how u feel. It’s been 6/7 months of hell.

Uncle pats rice

What Jews? Will u give the racism a miss please.

T - 3.5 days.......My rant

This should never happen again. Lord knows we need some unity, but I wonder how many board members were at the game? Did they stay till the end? I cannot stand united with the people that are ruining a GIANT aspect of my life. Not gonna happen. We need to have our voices heard, one way or the other. We are being, ignored, patronised and tortured at the same time. Let it be known……Should I ever see De Gea, Anderson, Nani, Wellbeck……I am fcuking them up on sight. NO warning, NO hesitation. This would make me feel a little better……add… Read more »


What the fuck were we doing playing a 4-3-3 against a man who team at the theatre of nightmares…. That with our the reserve team.. Will we not see any strategy or tactics of the old from wenger or is always the system..


Some good news to lift the spirits Traore looks like he’s going to QPR so we wont have to see him again this season

Alpha t

That would be good news, if we were certain of getting a replacement but we can only dream! With Gibbs injury record, Sagna’s going to be playing LB for half the season.
But wat happens if Sagna gets injured or suspended?
Don’t think selling Eboue & Clichy was such a brilliant idea, but Arsene knows! Right?
Yep knows fuck all!


This is a fucked up situation, no doubt about it. I fully expect Wenger to resign at the end of this season. It’s tragic watching our manager decline like this. Here’s to hoping he writes a book or something the move from Highbury to Emirates and everything that went on behind the scenes. I refuse to believe he is the only one who is accountable. The question remains – how do we keep our best players? RvP should be hitting his prime right now but he gets no service. TV has to carry the defence. I’ve been so positive until… Read more »

[…] guys simply did us proud, and this has been acknowledged by even the players themselves, namely the Captain Van Persie and Jacky […]

Gervinio's Forehead

Lads… The board are CUNTING us… Time to organize & take back our club before they do a Gillette/Hicks on us…
Just look at all Kroenke owned sports franchises… They are all mediocre… About time we let them know we ain’t CUNTING about!

T - 3.5 days.......My rant

organise, you say. I’m LISTENING – unlike some.


we can now be certain that every single team in the laegue will come to the emirates and be confident they can take point from us…
it sucks

Alpha t

Yep, I expect a few more thrashings this season! From man city, Spurs & most especially at Stoke.
Wouldn’t surprise ‘me’ if Swansea score their 1st prem goal against us(actually I guarantee it) sneak a point!

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