Thursday, June 1, 2023

Arseblog News flagellates itself after Cesc wins damages

Cesc Fabregas has revealed that he will receive damages from Sport Magazine after the London-based publication printed an interview last week which has since been deemed a fabrication.

The Spanish international had been quoted as saying he left Arsenal because he felt the club could no longer challenge for honours, while admitting that there was in existence a contract clause which would see the Gunners afforded first refusal on re-signing him.

While little of what the midfielder purportedly said was particularly out of the ordinary, or different to what many supporters had indeed aired themselves, that the quotes are not directly attributable to him is very important to make clear.

Writing on Twitter this morning, the former Arsenal captain confirmed:

“Got the apology and retraction from that magazine that made up an interview about me. Can’t believe some journalists.

“I will also get damages that I will give to charity. Hope it teaches them a lesson. I would NEVER say a bad word about Arsenal Football Club.”

Arseblog News did publish a news story at the time carrying the quotes, but in light of the latest information has deleted the article. We apologise to both Cesc and our readers…such are the problems of working in a fast moving online environment.

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Dirty Turkey

“….beep…beep….beeep Arseblog reversing…”


Well, we’ll hold our hands up when we get it wrong.


If you repost articles, I wouldn’t hold you responsible. You can only assume that they’ve done their homework if they quote him.

Sedara Percy

Good for them. Stil love you Cesc


well done cesc!


Future captain?

Anish Banerji

Sign him up Wengaaaaaar!

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

Knew it was bullshit. Sounded much more like something Na$$$$ri would say. The cunt. I bet it was him in disguise with a mask of his face on. Or it could’ve been Chavi, he would probably stoop that low too…….. the cunt.


And it’s just this kind of thing that makes me all the sadder that he’s no longer here. The odd pizza incident aside, he always behaves with dignity and shown respect. And I really didn’t mind the pizza incident at all…

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

As great as Cesc was, I don’t want to think about him or read about him now. I this is somewhat the drawing of a line under that saga, and I hope we can get on with our season now without these constant little reminders. He’s gone, we have a new look to our squad, let’s get over it already and move on.

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

I *hope* this is somewhat the drawing of a line under that saga… sorry.


good to hear!


No need to be hard on yourself. Your job is to report, and as long as you include something like ‘according to cunt magazine…’ in the article then intelligent readers know what they’re dealing with.

Mind you, at first glance I almost read the head line as ‘Arseblog News flogellates itself…’ I just thought you were having a slow news day.

Jon Hume

I miss him 🙁

Adam, Watford

Come back Cesc, all is forgiven . . . . we can make a fresh start with new horizons. We can make it work this time.

Dave Gooner

Great stuff Cesc.

And you were right to carry the ‘story’ here as it unfolded, too – I read it, but didn’t think you were endorsing it, just reporting how Arsenal was being reported elsewhere, and how it was unfolding.

Wouldn’t beat yourself up about it if I were you, I won’t mistake ABN as Sport magazine or any of those SKY Sports spasos anytime soon.


Apology accepted.

Now, please reassure me that the story concerning Bendtner promising and crossing his heart and all that, and saying that he’d never play for the Arsenal again WAS true.


Super classy guy. WTG Cesc! I wish more world class players were as honorable as he is. Nasri is the exact opposite. I can honestly see him being an Arsenal manager one day.

Dave Gooner

Good to see Na$ri continue his excellent form with Etihad Citeh, wandering ineffectually around the pitch to no purpose in particular. Mediocrity.

That’s £25M to you sir, thank you very much. Ha!! Mugs.


To be fair Dave, i think carrying that wallet around all week entitles him to have the weekends off. . . .


What’s with the love in?

Fabregas sulked his way through last season and was often injured, he then turned his sale into a one club auction costing Arsenal atleast £20 million in lost transfer fees in the process. he then kept silent as his friends, future employers and colleagues rippe dthe shit out of Arsenal for 3 years.

Fuck him, I’m glad he’s gone. We’ll miss a player of his quality, but not his attitude. We got screwed over big style and a lot of that was down to him and his refusal to stick up for Arsenal football club.


Smeer: I agree with you that we should draw a line under the Cesc saga (save to remember as a truly talented and committed Gooner captain) however I also think we should draw a line under the Nasri saga too….

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

yeh, I guess so, but that doesn’t take anything away from the guy being a massive stinking bulbous swollen diseased cunt.




I wonder if John Cross will apologize as he was vehemently supporting Sport Mag in this interview argument, calling out Fabregas via twitter to come clean and and agree that the interview was real…

Midfield Corporal

I have nothing but respect for Cesc. Yes he probably made some mistakes but at the end of the day he has an affection for our great club and was a wonderful player. If I was happy at a club but The Arsenal came in for me I’d want to go and try an facilitate the move, that’s not even taking into account the fact that he went to one of the great teams of all time.


Scotcheggsrule, I think you’re the one with the attitude problem mate!! He is definitely one in a million!! And you can’t blame the guy for going home!! Love Him!! 🙂


Why do I have the attitude problem? I didn’t print any lies, just being honest. If you choose to sugar coat everything and deny the truth that’s your ignorance and your issue. Don’t accuse me of having an attitude problem when all I have done is state what we generally know to be true. I don’t blame him for going home, I blame the manner he did it in. Just because you choose to ignore the damage done to Arsenal FC doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Still aslong as the player says “he loves the club” it doesn’t matter about… Read more »

Dave Gooner

To be fair, SER has a point. The sale of Cesc for less than his true worth was a huge mistake. Barca had no problem splashing out 26m for Alexis Sanchez – so they had the money, they just knew they didn’t have to spend it on Cesc. And SER is also correct – Cesc himself is the principle reason for this, him and AW. They let him go for about half his true worth, something Barca themselves gleefully (and, typically, cheaply) admitted immediately after the transfer was completed. Barca should have been told to cough up or cock off,… Read more »

[…] Firstly, an apology to everyone regarding Fabregas’ recent statement. No, I did not give a shit about what he said about us not winning anything, rather it was more of the return clause to Arsenal which I placed much emphasis on, and perhaps gave some of you false hope. The interview, may in fact have been made up, and Fabregas has announced that the magazine responsible has apologised. […]

[…] at, but won’t really speak about that much. I think. The first is ‘Cesc-gate’. Looks like Cesc was right, no surprise there. I was taken aback when I heard people saying that he would be disrespectful […]


Thank you Mr Bloggs!
At the end of the day, you were merely quoting!! Plus I remember the headline to your origional post, it was to do with the ‘buy back clause’ Bloody Media!! Nothing but trouble!!


Could happen to anyone!
Still very happy to see Cesc went to such efforts to prove his love for the club .


Sorry scotch, maybe that was a bit harsh!! I just don’t see Cesc’s done a lot wrong!! It’s Barca’s involvement that screwed things up!! He could have done a lot worse!!


As I said mate – it’s not what he’s done, it’s what didn’t do.


Nice one Blogger. Could be start of a new era. Where journos actually admit they’ve made a mistake and show class and humility.
No, wait……


Scotch, gotta agree with you on this one, he was a great player but he left us when we needed him most, to go and play for a team that has no real need for him for another season or two. He could have at least held out and got us the price we deserved, but instead stayed silent and moved. Great player, not an arsenal legend though, he won’t be remembered with the greats.


Its clear that Cesc has arsenal DNA. Lets start a concerted 3 year plan to unsettle him and buy him for as cheap a price as we can


Yes! I like it!

Steven Chua

I believed in that bullshit, so I’ll apologise.

Now, moving on, let’s try and unsettle Cesc right now with constant Arsenal DNA quotes so that we can masturbate at these articles and get him back at 15 million quids. Fucking brilliant.


scotheggs and dave the gooner are both blindeded by the fact that arsenal kept fabregas from saying anything so that whole’ its what he didnt do’ quote your running around with is just dumb, fab had stated earlier in the summer that if arsene wants me here i will stay, but wenger was tired of the constant speculation and he knew fab was going to go eventually so he decided to sell him and the whole world and my mum knew that cesc wanted to go barca and nowere else and thats a bigger sign of loyalty from the man,… Read more »


Great response Jacob, full of non-facts and insults. Everything a post needs to be officially confirmed as that of a complete f*cking imbecile. So when are you and Fabregas getting married? Are you going for a discreet civil ceremony or something lavish? Will you be taking it in turns or sticking with the Mummy and Daddy roles long term? Thought of any names for the kids you’re going to have together? Do you kiss the picture of him you have beside your bed every night while crying into your pillow wondering why he isn’t there to tuck you in?


Kind of found yourself in a glass house with rocks there Scotch methinks.


I like Cesc. Jacob is right about the leg break and the Villa game. Cesc would have won something with us if we didn’t have to carry shit like Denilson, Eboue, and Almunia on his back.

Bromley Gooner

Funny I’m not the only one that thinks it, go listen to talk sport I’m sure you moronic short sightedness will go down a treat there, leave the rest of us to appreciate the fine work a quality player did for us! Ta

Midfield Corporal

Honey, can you stop the children from fighting again!


Still love you Cesc, always welcome back even in the twilight of your career.

Glad to see the press get fucked hard in the arse on this one, cunts.


I work with a guy from Barcelona, he was raving about the link up play between Fab and Messi in their recent 8-0 victory. Made me a bit sad, but I can’t really blame Fabregas, this summer showed where Arsenals real priorities lay. Don’t be fooled, Arsenals policy is to hang in there and keep earning money, wininng things comes second. I do applaud the clubs policy overall, but I think the’ve been going about it in the wrong way. Salaries are too high for mediocre players and too low for outstanding players. Thus Arsenal becomes the feeder club that… Read more »

Andy B

This may seem late and I am sure no one will read this but I can confirm this as true…not that he said it to a journo – but that he thought it…work in a bar in Vietnam, had a mate of his through – details will go no further but he had a heap of photos on his phone of him and Cesc, left no doubt in my mind-and I am a cynic…this was quite a few months ago and the guy said Cesc thought all this. Posted this nugget in the arses at the time…Cesc is a winner,… Read more »


arseblog are you deleting my comments


What was the content of the comment that you think was deleted?

Mike Hawke

Is the charity by any chance Arsenal´s transfer fund?


Was very surprised initially when Arseblog actually published it. Normally you have much more sense than me 😀 But even i was waiting for Cesc to reject those comments. Those were clearly fabricated, and not something he would ever say, even if he feels it truthfully. I think he did, and that is one of the reasons he left, but he would NEVER say that in public.

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