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Report: Norwich 1-2 Arsenal (inc. goal clips)

Arsenal’s good form continued today with a well deserved 2-1 win against Norwich at the Delia Bowl this afternoon.

The Gunners started with Koscielny at right back, pairing Mertesacker and Vermaelen at the centre of the defence, and made all the early running. They created two good openings in the early minutes for van Persie and Walcott before van Persie hit another shot just wide a few moments later.

Then Theo Walcott had a left footed effort cleared off the line as Arsenal looked for the first goal but it was the home side who got it. A simple ball over the top caught Mertesacker a bit flat-footed and he allowed Grant Morrisson in to score. 1-0 Norwich. There might have been a bit of a foul on the German but he’s experienced enough to have done better in that situation.

Gervinho then should have equalised when clean through but his effort was saved and was a taste of things to come from the Ivorian today. When Arsenal did score it was that man Robin van Persie again. Gervinho began the move, cutting in from the right hand side, he played it to van Persie who spread it Walcott. The England international fired in a low cross, Gervinho tried to back-heel it into the goal, missed the ball entirely and it came to van Persie who made it 1-1.

Arsenal pretty much dominated the second half in terms of possession and opportunities, but a reluctance to finish the chances made the game a bit more nervy than it should have been. Gervinho had two great chances. A header from 10 yards was tame and straight at the keeper, and then when he rounded the keeper after a sumptuous van Persie pass he delayed his shot just a split second to allow the keeper to get a touch and make the save when he should have scored.

It was little wonder then that when Arsenal broke from midfield with Alex Song he completely ignored Gervinho who was in a much better position than van Persie. The captain took a touch and his chipped finish over the keeper was sublime to make it 2-1 Arsenal.

Norwich then brought on lumpy striker Grant Holt who tried to win a penalty by diving and rightly got booked, and while it’s always a bit nail-biting at 2-1 away from home, they never really threatened bar one cross which fizzed across goal and was missed entirely by Pilkington.

Arsenal’s maturity and experience showed in the final 10 minutes as we kept possession really well under huge pressure from the home side and in the end were good value for the win and another three points.

Onwards and upwards.

Norwich: Ruddy, Naughton, Russell Martin, Barnett, Tierney, Crofts, Johnson, Fox, Pilkington, Hoolahan, Morison

Subs: Rudd, Drury, Holt, Jackson, Surman, Bennett, Wilbraham

Arsenal: Szczesny, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Andre Santos, Ramsey, Arteta, Song, Walcott, van Persie, Gervinho

Subs: Fabianski, Rosicky, Djourou, Arshavin, Chamakh, Benayoun, Coquelin

Goals: Morrisson 16: Van Persie 27, 59

Misses: Gervinho 18, 34, 41, 48, 51, 53, 56,


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Of anyone thinks this scoreline is surprising then look at the Man City line-up…



I can’t understand a word of what you’re saying here…


IF anyone thinks that the Arsenal scoreline in surprising then the Man City line-up will be even more surprising…


There you happy now. Also what is with the thumbs down. Did you guys really expect Clichy to actually start at City.


Even after he “clarified” it, I still can’t understand what he’s saying.






Why is the scoreline surprising? And what relevance does the Man City line-up have on a report about one of our matches? That’s why you’re getting thumbs down, because you’re talking shit.


Ya I think this post was a too soon joke. I should have waited to see the other fans reactions. Plus I brought up the Man City line-up because I was watching there match while typing that comment and saw the lesbians wife starting. Oh well at least this joke did well on soccerbyives.


For fucks sake. Come on guys.


I think I got it. What he’s trying to say is that if we analyze the element of surprise in a vacuum, there was more surprise in the Man City lineup, than there was in the Arsenal scoreline. Surprise Source #1: Arsenal beat Norwich 2-1. Surprise Source #2: Clichy is starting a match. One can argue that there’s not much of a surprise in #1, but for the sake of argument, let’s say there is some element of surprise there. Arsenalkid700 is saying that the surprise factor in #2 is greater than any surprise factor that might be in #1.… Read more »

Ace McGoldrick

He can be frustrating but Walcott was superb today. Won’t comment on RVP as I can’t think of words good enough

Sim Yew Teck

I thought their keeper had a good day, but RVP is just too much for him! The 2nd goals ooze of class.

Johnny O

RVP RIP u cunts


Lol! Get a life you sad little spud troll.


why dont you go fu*k yourself johnny O

Lord Teddy Ears

Hey Jonny wait till twichy gets banged up for bungs then we will see whos the biggest Nasri then 🙂



na na na na na na na na nana naaaaaa….Harry’s going down….going down, Harry’s going down…..


F-off Johnny O, you lame cunt


Arsenal won its second way game this season but so many miss chances from Gervinho 18, 34, 41, 48, 51, 53, 56. He could have had a Hattrick . Frustrating day for him but he need to focus on his finishing. These near missess are becoming a joke…. or is it something else more profound.
nevertheless we won, I am happy.
Wednesday the next challenge. CL.
Blessed day everyone


But in seriousness this is a good result for us. Sadly I missed the first half for a footy match I was playing in but the second half Norwich were having 3-4 players on 1 Arsenal player at a time. Van Persie was at usual form as he scored twice. Second goal sublime. The Verminator do the usual also along with Koss. Mertesaker had a good game to despite what happened in the first half. Meanwhile Ramsey and Walcott are really showing improvement. After the Tottenham match Ramsey must have knew he needed to do more and he is producing… Read more »


I feel the love of the thumb downs I received from people who probably did not read this post at all and were just still angry at my last post about Man Shitty. 🙂


Who the fuck are you


The experienced players look to be calming the side which is helping them keep focus, etc RVP is unbelievable at the moment, long may it continue and let’s hope he stays safe/fit/healthy/etc


Ground it out today. Looked like we were going to whack them until Mert put us under pressure. But I think onwards and upwards sums it up. I’m happy.

Any chance of a breakdown of the Gervinho misses into off target and eh… off target or do I have to go to Opta for that? (To be fair to him, he did get involved)


I think Gervinho lacks composure in front of goal.

Master Bates

just single bad day at the office(and that keeper was fucking good), His goal vs Blackburn was well taken .He”ll recover


A little yeah, I definately think he is overthinking things as evidenced by that attempted back heel just prior to our equaliser, just put your laces through it Gerv son, smash it from that distance out, no need for fancy stuff. That said, his movement is fantastic and it helps to pull defences out of shape and given that its still in the first half of his first season in the Premier League I reckon theres no need to worry as yet, he has definately got the quality to sort out his shooting waywardness in no time, like you say,… Read more »


Agree with that… I think he’s a valuable player – he adds a heck of a lot to our attack. But he really should have a lot more goals this season already, I can think of at least 6 relatively simple chances that he’s squandered. If he can just improve that part of his game, we’ll have a fearsome forward line.


why do u see zhervinyu only from his misses? he was so unselfish by letting the ball go to rvp for the first goal. it’s his intangible that count.




I think zhervinyu tried to score with the flick, cheeky but VP10 mopped up


I agree, he was clearly trying to score. A side-foot would’ve done it, no need for showboating, especially when you’re 1-0 down and working your way back into the game. He would’ve been really criticised had RVP not been there to finish it.


And kudos to RvP for being accurate, very difficult skill to concentrate on the ball through that tangle of legs.


Would be great if Henry could have a word with Gervinho whilst he’s over.


There are times when Gervinho reminds me of a mix between Messi, Glenn Helder & Chris Kiwomya…
Must be something with the no27 shirt… Somehow causes brain farts whenever the wearer is anywhere near the goal… In eboues case, both goals….


Damn Chris Kiwomya, that’s a name I’ve not heard in years!!


All I remember about Kiwomya these days is me signing him for Barnet on Championship Manager 97/98….he was shit hot too, scored 35 goals in his first season….just goes to show how that game’s stats engine was “still in development”……


Well done boys for grinding out a good result at a place where not a lot of teams will get much joy this season. Starting to get that rosy glow again; Arsenal you are my Ready Brek, thanks lads.

L.A Gooner

Van…the man! again…
He is simply unstoppable now!!


for the second goal, it was clearly that zhervinyu was the best first option to pass, but somehow song opted to wait and pass to rvp. nice touch from rvp. also, the “lob” gesture on the his goal celebration.

Master Bates

..and the tiger wood gesture for the first goal

Eric Irish gunner

I think gervinho would of being offside aswell if song had passed it to him so great decision by song, vermealem brilliant again and what more praise can we give RVP


I guess gervinho’s misses were fresh on his mind…


Along with me, every Gooners has got to wonder where we’d be without RVP. Certainly Norwich played with determination but we should have buried them early.

On an unrelated note, Mertesacker continues to not impress.


Mert made one single mistake all game – and that after the scorer did a sneaky little tug on his shoulder to unbalance him too. Are you going to kill him for that?


Walcott and RVP(as usual) were both incredible today. Gervinho made some nice runs and passes but his finishing is so poor. He will hurt the team if he doesn’t fix that soon. I think Kos and Verm should be our starting CBs; Per is solid but he just doesn’t seem assertive enough. He is a very good backup, but I don’t think he should be starting when we have someone like Kos on the bench.


This is for future games; I was fine with Per starting today as we needed kos at RB

Master Bates

I forgave Per when he made a block that was heading to the goal , He hasn’t adapted to the EPL physical games yet .

He has improved Arsenal defence since his arrival (remember 8-2) and we’ve just won an away game , that’s impressive right ?

Now he is picture of another slipping withour contact

Feel better ? Mertesacker would NEVER do that


Mertesacker is a nightmare. I would rather see a defense of Jenkinson – Kos – TMV – Santos than one with Per in the lineup. Which is saying something after the smack I talked on Jenkinson early on. His (Jenkinson’s) workrate is fantastic, he plays some great balls from the wing and he keeps getting better. Mertesacker on the other hand is 6’6″ and can’t win a ball in the air to save his life, never looks comfortable with the ball at his feet and is slow to put it nicely. Oh I forgot, he is “positionally sound.” That is… Read more »


I dunno know about Gunner4lyfe but I feel a lot better thanks mate. Looks like Terry’s praying to RVP ‘s ass (0;


Remember in the report Blogs posted here (may have been from the Holic originally, can’t remember) that said Gerv is a dazzling dribbler who can be a maddeningly inconsistent finisher. We should be expecting that to happen from time to time. Obviously he can improve, and Arsenal seems to bring that out in non-Chamakh footballers. His build up play is absolutely terrorizing defenses, long may it continue.


Gerv’s finishing was not great today, but he stretches teams and creates space for others. Him and Walcott complement each other so well. Teams cannot afford to double up on either of them as they will then leave space for the other. then there is RVP to look after down the middle!!

Come on Arsenal!!!


I think Gerv is great, apart from his finishing. It’s only a matter of time before he wil start knocking them in. He has been an amazing assist to RVP so far this season, another ‘star in the making’ me thinks.

Walcott is also showing some promise again after a bit of a lacklustre start.


[…] after Arsenal’s 2-1 win over Norwich, Wenger said, “I am completely committed to this club. It is the club of my life. It was a […]


Most important stat 3 points! Looked like a lot of heavy legs out there. Norwich did not have many chances. AFC missed too many. I love Gervinho I just hope that he can get consistanf in front of the goals. RVP is stll the beat.


Gervinho’s finishing (or d lack of it) reminds me of Adebayo in his early days @ Arsenal. Lacked composure in front of goal, until Henry showed him hw to do it. Seems like fate that Henry’s back training wit us, maybe he can have a word wit Gerv n give him some pointers. Great Win tho!!!!


RvP somehow gets better & better…and Theo’s trick to round the Norwich defender for the first goal was Henryish!Keep it up boys!


Really pleased to see Walcott finally blossoming into the kind of player we hoped he’d be. His inconsistency and lack of defensive legwork has driven me up the wall in the past, but hats off to him for putting in the collar to get to the level we’ve seen lately.

More of it son. That way lies greatness.


COME ON I EXPECTED A 10-0 victory today against the small team Noopich.

This is why I support City of Manchester United FC because of there great players like Samir Evra, Wayne Aguero and all those other players I don’t care to learn about.


This is clearly sarcasm, why the thumbs down?


Thumbs down for bad sarcasm and a weak effort at humour. “Noopich”…. come on now.


Paddy the reasoning for noopich comes from the two words…

Norwich (I used the ich)

And the word NOOB which means a person who is new or inexperienced in a subject, usually an online game.

technically I should have went for Noobwich but it was 5 am here in Hawaii when I typed that so fuck it.


It’s official, I have fallen head over heels for that beautiful Dutch god.

Gervinho's Forehead

Sorry for my poor display today 🙁





Your post was fucking lame. It had nothing to do with the thread or arsenal or the match today. Piss off


I gave you a thumbs down because you are getting worse – I think you should go to sleep and wake up fresh before trying again later OK?


Frog that is the whole point


Just like I predicted yesterday we won 2-1. See how clever I am?

Why are so many of you people being negative about Gervinho? Ok he missed a couple of easy chances today, but his strength is creating chances, and he has been great at that all season. Give him a break.

Six weeks ago we would have struggled at Carrow Road, we are now playing well and winning. Things are looking up. But as I have said before we must sign a quality striker in the January transfer window – we are far too reliant on RvP.


I don’t understand the criticism of gervinho either. For the last few years everyone bitches and moans about the “.tippy tap” football and how we don’t shoot. Now we have a guy with both a giant fivehead and some balls. Keep plugging away lad, they’ll go in soon enough. Oooooo to be….


Good game from the Arsenal today. Being down 0-1 was unlucky what with all the last ditch clearances Norwich had to make. Arsenal were carving them up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Gervinho would have scored a hattrick on another day, as has been said. A note about Norwich’s goal. “A bit of a foul?” It was definitely a foul. If Mertesacker had done the same to Morrison in that spot, Norwich would still have scored–from the spot–and Arsenal would probably have been down to ten men, too. In most leagues that call goes both ways, but not in England. It… Read more »


Foul? I think not. Mertesacker better get used to the rough-and-tumble of the EPL.


That was not a foul. He’s 6’6″. Stay on your bloody feet. He went down way to easily.


@CAGooner/@Frog Re: Foul

Wenger backs me up–it was a foul in most any league but the EPL. I’m just sayin’.ène-wenger-praises-exceptional-van-persie-15711614/


@ Jason: As for van Persie . . . I hope we never wake up from this dream.

Are you kidding? I hope I never wake up from this dream!


Definite foul. Had Mert done to their bloke what their bloke did to him, it would’ve been a pen. No doubt.


I think it was just an off day for gerv, not to mention some sharp goalkeeping / defending to deny him. And to be fair he had a decent enough game in other aspects if you excuse a couple of the finishes. Much more to come from our super foreheadded friend, I have no doubt

Oleg Luzhny

Running out of superlatives for Captain Vantastic!

Johnny O

Great result, first time at two one we looked solid.


Gervinhio this Gervinihio that…..get off his back. It’s a confidence thing + u don’t expect a finish product from a lower league(slightly). It’s very rare.

autumn loving

Arteta was pretty shit too but 3 points who gives a fuck


Arteta really struggled because Norwich flooded the midfield. This resulted in us having much less possession than what we are used to.

As a result though our forwards had much more space to operate in which was probably why we saw lively performances the front three.


Have you considered doing some collaborations with Arsenal Column like what is being done with 7amkickoff? I’m not sure about the logistics of it, but I think it’d be a great way to introduce some tactical analysis to the masses.


The Norwich goal should not have been allowed as Mertsacker was fouled by Morrison. The pull on his shoulder from behind is a foul and a good referee would have stopped the game at that point and booked the player for a tackle from behind and for the pull on the shoulder. The rest is irrelevant as there were several offences that warranted cards including a second yellow that was allowed to go with a talking to. Holt was so blatant that he would not be on the pitch for more than 20 minutes with his repetative simulation. Song was… Read more »


If your a six foot six centre half in the epl and you fall down because some wanker on a relegation team pulls on your shirt, you deserve to concede a goal and lose your spot to koscielny. I said it. Bring on the abuse…….,,,,

If rvp did that to terry would you say it was a foul?


Oh to be a frog!


Have to agree with Frog. Mertesacker knew he had fucked up. You could see from his reaction after the goal.

My view is that Per wanted to let it run through to Szczesny, but realised a little too late that he wasn’t close enough. At this point he needed to have good posture and stay on his feet – but obviously that didn’t happen.


If anyone were to shoot Terry in the face it still wouldn’t be a foul, just an act of kindness towards the human race. I completely agree with you on Per though, it was a mistake but he recovered and I think this squad has finally got the kind of players who don’t cry over their mistakes all game long and end up making more errors. Maybe it’s experience, intelligence, age or a combination of all three but 5 minutes later the BFG seemed back to his usual self and had a decent game. Great win and how calm was… Read more »


Oh SZCZ, he can dribbble, he can round players…


HIGHLIGHTS OF THE GAME- per mertesacker is undoubtedly the guy we need at the back!!!6’6…oh it’s a nightmare for the opposition kos is looks like he just wants to play…it doesn’t matter where he plays.he did the job at RB am i the only one who saw vermaelen playing forward 4 or 5 times.really thought the team would come back after 1-0 when i saw his urging run towards the goal.also he puts in good balls for theo. santos is a a unique LB.he is extremley good on the ball.he also puts good pressure and slides pretty well.but he needs… Read more »

Oleg Luzhny

That’s one thing I like/observed about Gervinho, he doesn’t get down after a miss. Just keeps going, and you have to admire that. If that was Arshavin (as much I like him) his head would have dropped.


Another player about to be killed for his versatility? Please, let Kos play central defence and develop with Vermaelen. We went burst yesterday, all our reliable central defenders on the pitch and that aint good enough. Even they need some freshness. Djorou or Coq at right back for now and keep Per as a central defence back-up. Kos was tidy but looked nothing like the modern day right full back. Plus, he was not his domineering self…as he is gradually becoming centrally. And methink Ramsey’s getting overplayed…Benayoun looked far better when he came in yesterday. Plus, I love Andre. We… Read more »

[…] highlights and reaction – match report […]


per was abit slow but we looked deadly going forward. i think we need to rest our forwards for dortmund game i feel gervinho, theo and van persie can beat man city.

Merlin's Panini

I’m really liking this Arsenal side. Hard working, don’t stop pushing when we go behind.
I expected Norwich to create more than they did, but we just calved them open numerous times. Could’ve been 8-1 and that lot bossed United when they played them.
I think Gervinho, finishing aside, is looking a fantastic signing, but that’s something he can still improve, so signs are good.
With Chelsea looking like their players are past it and Sp*rs and Liverpool notoriously inconsistent I think we will be in the top 4 again, despite the shaky start this season.


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