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Wigan 0-1 Arsenal: player ratings (Dulux colour chart special)

Arsenal’s 1-0 over Wigan moved them into third place, although it wasn’t a brilliant game. Still, we’ve got the colour charts out to rate the players

Wojciech Szczesny: 7.5/10 – Midnight cream

Bacary Sagna: 7/10 – Magnolia

Per Mertesacker: 7/10 – Magnolia

Thomas Vermaelen: 7/10 – Magnolia

Kieran Gibbs: 7/10 – Magnolia

Mikel Arteta: 7/10 – Magnolia

Jack Wilshere: 7/10 – Magnolia

Santi Cazorla: 6/10 – Magnolia

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: 7.5/10 – Jasmine lullaby

Lukas Podolski: 6/10 – Magnolia

Theo Walcott: 6/10 – Magnolia


Francis Coquelin: 6/10 – Magnolia

Aaron Ramsey: 6/10 – Magnolia

Laurent Koscielny: 6/10 – Magnolia

Feel free to discuss and post your own ratings, but normal comment policy applies. If you’re not familiar with it, please read.

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Off white

Runcorn Gooner

TW14 100,000 shades of grey.
Now do as your told or clear off

big balls

Watching Arsenal is like watching paint dry at the moment

Davey Jones

Yeah that Reading game was so bloody boring wasn’t it? You bloody goldfish


Don’t feed the troll.


Wow Dulux doesn’t really have a variety of paint colors do they?

damien joyce

John Bishop reckons they have 40!!!


Very creative .

Might as well rate your creativness

creativness : Magnolia




Brian Mendoza

Wouldn’t that be creativity?

Comment: Magnolia


What! This is the most unintelligent, uncreative player rating piece ever! I reckon its Jagermeister inspired 😐

Northern Gooner

What about lavendel green?


Wait, its Lavendar Brown not Green.

Yes. I will get my coat, and pointed hat and broom.


Personally I thought Walcott was considerably more Berkshire Beige than magnolia. But then it takes all sorts.


G… blogs are you dried out? Have you tried the colour chart where you use magnolia 12 times?


In generosity im going to assume this is a parody of a largely
uneventful game. Or that your favourite budgie has died


dang , never knew you guys actually reply to posts


Made this point on another blog, but how can any Gooner find winning 3 points away from home in a really hard fought game to make it 3 wins in a row in the league for the first time this season move up into 3rd ahead of Spuds and Chelski “bland” or “drab”. I was on the edge heart pounding for the whole 94 minutes


And I understand some people might find the performance sub- par, but bland or drab it was not


But you responded to a comment regarding it being an uneventful game by saying it was I thought it was eventful.


Tom, he meant the game of football itself was not very good, but the match itself as part of Arsenal Football Club is wonderful.


Yes, very likely. But he responded saying it was an uneventful game by saying it was bland. It wasnt. What part of that dont you get? Its in writing above.

Podolski's lonely right foot

at least Wigan were eggwhite…

Mr Young

Good Movie.


Thought Jack was worth a Firecracker Red.


I figure today he’ll be more black and blue with bruises

The Law

Geez ‘blogs. I was under the impression Dulux had a lot more colours…


Makes a nice change from “poo brown”


Next time it should be a Durex Condom edition


for that jack and coq need to play side by side

Rocket Diary

I think it was Magnolia special and not dulux color chart special.


Thought Jack warranted at least a King Crimson 😉

Eboue mkII

Santi wasn’t a 6/10 imo, one of his worst performances this season.

A credit where it’s due Verm had a better game than Mertesacker yesterday


Agree with you there. As much as I love the little maestro, when it comes to a battle like yesterday maybe a more physical aggressive player should play in the middle and Santi should be pushed out wide to occupy the likes of Stam yesterday who was getting forward every opportunity. Just a suggestion, what do others think?


We could put Rossi there and play Santi on the wing? Problem is we are then even less physical. Damn do we need some muscle.


Spot on TomJ. It’ll be a learning curve before we discover the strengths and weaknesses of this squad and how they interact together. (Keep in mind, mos of them are playing with each other for the first time this season, and this changes the dynamics dramatically, takes time). Furtheremor, we MIGHT be making new additions too, so it’s about Wenger and the players talking and feeding off eachers knowledge and creating a great squad. But I think you make a good point. Santi on the wings during the more physical games, perhaps Rosicky, Podolski or even Wilshere right behind the… Read more »


North london- red and white.


I wish Arsene would play a midfield diamond of Arteta; Wilshere, Rosicky; Cazorla


Per Mertesacker: slow drying paint


Mert’s colour was Steel Symphony.


Ahh magnolious…


It’s not our fault that Dulux don’t have much variety..
JW was Limegreen for me…but damn you Dulux…

petits handbag

I’m more of a wallpaper man

Mikel Artekkers

Hahaha, Szczesny – Midnight Cream. What have you been dreaming of blogs?


Wow lots of variety there. Seriously 3 points all that matters.



kickin' coconuts

Nothing wrong with Mongolia as a base colour, but i do hope Wenger is going to add a splash of colour to the team this January. Michu cherry anyone?

Oleg Luzhny

Would like to see Koscielny get a few games…not because the other two deserve to be dropped, but for the sake of freshness later on.

Alan Sunderland's Afro

Magnolia game, Ultramarine Blue, with gold leaf 3 points, thank you very much and a Merry Christmas.

Up the Gunners.


Off topic but had to laugh at RVP today. Firstly he got hauled to the ground, then Williams smashed a ball at his head and then when he went to confront him, he gets deliberately tripped up and falls over. Ha ha ha. What a wanker!


Haha that made my day..


That Williams ball was against humanity, but I liked it 🙂

Seeing SAF’s face afterwards made my night. I hope anyone wins the fucking title but United. And by anyone I don’t mean Spurs because they’re nobody.


Ashley Williams, Arsenal Hero. That tripup from that guy with the dodgy hair was certainly intentional too. Thing is Robin, it’s no more than you deserve; when you act like a complete ass, life tends to hit back at you after a while. Karma, baby.


How can you give the worst player the highest rating? I love Ox but every touch he had was a waste. But we insisted on playing down the right side every single attack. We couldn’t score because he wasted every possession.

H. P. Arsecraft

Sagna was really poor in the second half. 4/10 at most.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Slightly off topic, who else thinks Ashley Williams should get a statue? Bless the man.

Mikel Artekkers

How is attempting to clear the ball a yellow card offence? And isn’t grabbing another player and trying to pull him to the ground violent conduct ie. red card? Also I love how the skunk slipped and it looked like he was grabbing Williams’ crotch.

Goon Goon Goon

Into it. 4th from 10th aint bad in the slightest. Good rest for the lads over xmas and bang on before the new year. Feel bad for ripping Wenger. It’s just so frustrating being an arsenal fan. It’s not a crime to expect a lot of us after what we have won in the past but the far has changed. Face up though: we need to spend some dollar to challenge still though. Winger, striker and I’ll be happy. I’m resigned to losing Theo now. If he hasn’t signed by now with the other lads then I think he’s gone.… Read more »


SAF saying it was an attempted murder was hilarious. What a poor old sod!


Someone please explain to me why RVP is so hated by the likes of you. I mean if not for him we wouldnt even be in the champs league this season. So he went to united..the highest bidder wins as far as im concerned. At least he didnt go to spurs…That would merit death by decapitation..


Gotta say seeing RVP getting the head wobbled off him has just made my xmas 🙂
I dont even know why”as I am not normaly that kind of bloke” ….. it just brought me pleasure

Harsh getting booked for an attempted clearance and someone going for you gets nothing ….dilebrately looking for a row …thats beyond me.


PS Merry xmas to you all and well done Blogs for another year of first class entertainment


Walcott is most def not red and white


Finally hundreds of comments and no Ramsey bashings yet o_o
I think the new contract will help him.

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