Wilshere pumped for final push


Having beaten Aston Villa and subsequently manoeuvred within two points of third place in the Premier League, Jack Wilshere believes that Arsenal have everything to play for in the final months of the season.

Gearing up for Sunday’s North London derby at White Hart Lane, the midfielder stressed that not only were he and his teammates ready to take the fight to Spurs but that the Gunners haven’t yet written off their chances against Bayern Munich despite losing the first leg 3-1.

“Our season is definitely not over,” the England international told The Sun.

“We’ve got a big chance against Tottenham. We’ve got another big game at Bayern.

“It will be tough but if we show no fear, anything can happen.”

“We take the pressure. I think the manager takes it as well. He stands up for us the whole time. But we as players have to take the pressure on and relieve the pressure like we did (on Saturday).”

Talking of being up for a fight, Arsene Wenger has lavished further praise on ambidextrous Santi Cazorla after the Spaniard’s tenth and eleventh Premier League strikes sealed the win against Villa.

“He fights until the last second of the game and gives absolutely everything,” the boss is quoted as saying in the Mirror.

“You tell him to play left, yes, central, yes, right, yes.

“He doesn’t say, ‘I can only play in the middle’. He has a fantastic, humble attitude to help the team and he plays where he’s needed, that is fantastic.

“He’s so short and with a low centre of gravity – a bit like Jack. So his change of direction is very good. You don’t know if he is right-footed or left-footed. I don’t really know myself.”

Now level with Theo Walcott as Arsenal’s joint-top scorer in the league Arseblog News can’t help but be impressed by Cazorla’s impact this season. With 26 starts to his name (more than anyone else) he’s obviously one of the first name on the team sheet and while fatigue threatened to blunt his incisiveness he appears to be back with a bang just as we need him. Let’s hope he can bag another couple of goals at the Lane on Sunday.

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Love you Jack. Love your Passion. Love your Drive. Love your commitment. Love your Courage. You personify a true Arsenal legend in the making!


The white Pirlo!


you mean red and white my friend.

A N Other

I think he will be better than Pirlo.


to be honest, i think he still needs some work on his ‘cescesque’ long ball. there were moments against Villa where Cazorla dropped back and fired some beautiful cross field long balls.

That’s one weapon we need to get back..


Playing the spuds on my ps3 because I wanna beat them, oh look at that, it’s 5-2, looks like I have thrashed them.. Pure poetry…. COYG!!


please don’t leave us jack! dont everr ever ever….

please.. please be with us FOOOREVERRRRR!


Better put myself in the oven, I got work to do on sunday.

Mikel Artekkers

Hopefully the lasagna will be 100% horsemeat rather than donkey.


“He doesn’t say, ‘I can only play in the middle’.”

Hmm, who could Arsene be referencing there?




\(©_©)/ Haha. There u go…


almunia liked to play wide right a lot.


He was bent as hell


We’re heading to 3points lane relatively full of santis weekend gifts. Should be an interesting game of 11 humans against 10 humans and 1 ( cant quite make him out sorry)

Lady Eowyn

We’ve got over a week to rest and prepare for the Spurs game. They’ve only got six games. This can only mean one thing. Massive 5-2 win! They’ll be tired and mentally shattered from their awful loss to West Ham.

Lady Eowyn

“They’ve got six games”?!?

Of course I meant they’ve got six days. I’m clearly insane and need help with my head as it’s all mushy and stuff


Nothing ever comes good of counting your chicks before they hatch………..unless you’re talking bout tottenham playing westham! You just know they’re gonna lose. Haha, come on you chamakh, stick acouple in!

Ugandan Gooner

U fuckin legend Jack, i love u i swear. U have no fuckin idea hw much stick i get down here for standing up for u as the most skilled English player since Gazza….and more importantly u play for the Arsenal!!!!!


Hello, can you please read the comment policy – http://news.arseblog.com/index.php/comment-policy/ – with regard to use of real English (‘you’ not ‘u’).



get ur coat blogs!


Ugandan Gooner swears he’s Irish……………………..


No need to be a dick blogger . Hes just excited is all !


I said it to my mates and i will say it here too.. Jack is the “steven gerrard” england thought they had already.. He is the best english midfielder hands down.. Oh ii cant wait till sunday.. U just know wilshere will be a giant in that game.. Take it to spuds.. Please by Bergkamp let rosicky see game time at the lane.. Wilshere and rosicky to dominate sp#ds all over.. That monkey boy to be in our pocket. COYG!!! From here on up..
*and who do the chavs play this weeknd.. We could end up 2nd



Fergie the Gooner

You’ve got to love Santi! Just when it looked like he might be having a bit of a dip, he pulls two match winning performances out of the bag and levels as our top scorer for the season. Let’s hope it’s a hat trick of match winners by the end of the weeked!


I was reading a very interesting post on another Arsenal website (sorry!) yesterday. The poster echoed the same mixed feelings which I have had recently. Although I am a die-hard Gooner who passionately wants us to win every game and any trophy available, I now find myself full of self-loathing because deep down I know that the only way we can get out of this massive slump that we are in is by losing even more games and therefore failing to finish in the top four. If we beat the Scum on Sunday and then go on to secure fourth… Read more »


Wow. Unbelievable attitude.

Gooner Reg

You obviously aren’t a ‘die-hard’ gunner. How would you expect to get in a top quality manager and top quality players without any european foot ball next season? It could be a very slippery slope.

Thierry Henry

Utterly idiotic and sheepish. Wenger will get us out of ‘this’. While I’m commenting, I’d like to point out that ‘this’ refers to our bad season. A bad season in which we have smashed loads of clubs (Newcastle, Sp*ds etc.), have bought, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud and Nacho (Fantastic Signings!), are probably going to finish fourth and will most likely manage to keep this team together, maybe strengthen in the summer and will only get better and better (as this is basically a new team). A ‘bad’ season. Please re-call all the 12th place finishes before you sack Wenger for finishing… Read more »

Lady Eowyn

Going for the record of thumbs down votes?

Dave Gooner

Another way to look at it Fatgooner, is to compare us to that other north London ‘club’ for a moment: we are apparently having a diahorrea shitstorm of a season (and I agree, its not what any of us want). Meantime at Shite Hart Lane, the sounds of corks popping, as champagne glasses being raised all around to the greatest football team ever (they think) Our worst season in decades, their best (ever!) . They are precisely one point ahead with what 11 to play? Thus, its a question of expectations I guess. But also of perspective. The worst thing… Read more »


Great comment. Take a bow:)


I agree with that, its all about perspective. The media have made us out to be THE underachievers of the league, when really we are the complete opposite. With the restrictions we have had since our move to the Emirates, it has been a great achievement for us to enjoy Champions League football, and occasional challenge for the league while reaching the latter stages of the cup competitions on quite a regular basis. All the work has been overlooked however, we are perceived as going backwards by the sheer equation of 0 Trophies in 8 Years = NO SUCCESS. Arsenal… Read more »


“Meantime at Shite Hart Lane, the sounds of corks popping, as champagne glasses being raised all around to the greatest football team ever (they think)”

That sounds awfully familiar, where have I heard that before?
Ah yes. Everywhere last season, right up until St Totteringham’s Day.


Oops! Didnt mean that thumb up!

Dr Baptiste

If we drop out of the CL then we are in real danger of doing a Liverpool. Any fan who thinks getting 5th or lower would be a good thing doesn’t have a clue. Usually I laugh at your attitude FG but with this idea, you’re sorely mistaken that it would be a good thing.

gooner odst

Fatgooner certainly makes a point. But to be honest with you surely we don’t have to that much backwards, to the point of willing the team to lose.

For example if we had won the League Cup this season and the season ended the next day, I wouldn’t consider it amazing or the good enough because of the obvious frailties shown so far (defense, attack and personnel).

We can win games/trophys while always improving as we go along.


That’s like saying the way to lose weight FatGooner is to add another 200 pounds until you’re too fat to get to the fridge .

Dr Baptiste

He’d create some sort of winch system, with ropes and pulleys. Like using a horizontal well


Slightly off-topic but Arsene has said “Man-City are not out of reach” or something to that effect hinting that top-two is achievable. Now I’m no Arsene basher but why does he have to JINX it? It is all well to feed to the troops but he shouldn’t be making such statements to the press. The last time he said something similar was after our win in Anfield this season when he said “We can have a shot at the title” and look how that panned out. I have a feeling he may have jinxed the top-four by saying this. Hope… Read more »


Luckily there is no such thing as a ‘jinx’

He’s trying to get the players and the fans pumped, because if they are we can (and most probably will) beat anyone.

Midfield Corporal

If you aim for 2nd you are more likely to finish in the top 4 than if you aim for 4th I suppose.


More to the point, there’s no danger of some shenanigans elsewhere dropping you out of the CL if you finish above 4th.
Now who did that happen to? I remember laughing myself silly for over a week about that…….


Totally agree , better to have realistic goals.


My facebook middle has been wilshere since I first saw him play for us. The whole of last year ppl were asking what’s a wilshere. No ones asked that to me this year. Good thing right?


*middle name

Dr Baptiste

My facebook middle name has always been Robert as it’s my middle name….


My facebook name has only my first name as the last name.
N I personally don’t have a middle name.
N I love adding hot girls on facebook.
N wilshere’s apparently not very popular with the ladies. Which makes me wonder. He’s actually very handsome. But may be doesn’t quite posses the sexy charisma that becks oozes???

Dr Baptiste

He’s not your A typical handsome lad, so that may be something to do with it. As in he’s a little short and is fairly stocky (not Rooney standard but will still lead to lack of female attention), while Becks has always been the good looking one in football.
His dog impression also probably does nothing for him except endear him to fans further.


Let’s pump Sp*rs and then see where we are….


I believe why we struggle so much to win most of our matches is because we don’t take our chances. That is one area that Arsene needs to look at critically come next season – we need a poacher.


why are we being linked with Amorebieta? I thought wenger was going to bring in top top top quality.


Always amazes me that people refer to us as doing a Liverpool if we drop out of the top four. The reason we could drop out is due to under investment in certain area of real need. ie this season. Another striker, defensive midfielder. Possibly goal keeper, we all have our own ideas on where to strengthen. Read gingers for limpar. The guy uses quotes long forgotten by many gooners re spending promises that have been made in the past. So I really can’t see that dropping out the top four as FG says or staying in the top four… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Whether Wenger spends money or not is by-the-by. Not getting into the CL affects everything from the possibility of investment and the standard/level of players we can get in, to the commercial side and us as a brand. Yes we will still be a big team, but not being in the biggest european tournament will affect us. The group stages in CL pay like £30m while in the Europa League it pays around £7m. When we have to (at the moment) sell players to just break even, that potential drop of £23m would be disastrous (definitely in the long term… Read more »


Do we known the total dividend paid to share holders every year? How much Kroenke siphons off?


There are no dividends. The board do,take a wage though.

Dr Baptiste

As far as I can tell (with information available to the public up to their year end of November 2012): Peter HillWood – £65,000 Ken Friar – £298,000 w/ £250,000 bonus Chips Keswick – £25,000 Ivan Gazidis – £1.36million w/ £684,000 bonus Stan Kroenke – £25,000 Arsene Wenger – £7.8million These figures are from their official accounts. They fiddle them but I doubt it as the cost could be astronomical if their caught by HMRC. Arsenal have never paid dividends and the shareholders fund stood at £297,548,000 as a group and £155,089,000 as a company. *all wages figures are before… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

My grammar was awful in that comment…..
“They COULD fiddle them” & “If THEY’RE caught by HMRC”.
I do apologise to everyone for the mistakes.


Thanks everyone for the info.

Is that all Kroenke takes out every year? £25000?


Too right Voldermort.
For me “doing a Liverpool” means spunking a fuckton of cash on players, putting a revolving door on the manager’s office and still being irredeemably shit…..


At the moment pete you are right.