Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Arsenal set to sign kit deal with Puma

According to the Mirror, Arsenal are set to sign a massive kit deal with Puma.

It had long been suggested that when Arsenal’s association with Nike came to an end, Adidas would be the ones to step into the breach and make a return as the kit manufacturer, but the news has emerged that German brand have won the deal.

The Mirror report suggests the deal is in the region of £30m per season which, on top of the new sponsorship deal signed with Emirates, significantly boosts the club’s spending power.

Nike’s deal runs until 2014 and was one of the necessities when it came to building the new stadium.

It is also believed that Puma have made an advance payment, in the shape of a signing on fee, which could be part of the club’s ‘war chest’ this summer.

It certainly moves the club’s income into a new dimension, and with the need to bridge a 20+ point gap to the champions, fans will be hoping that the money is invested in the squad to make the team properly competitive again.

Transfer conspiracy theorists may note that former captain, Cesc Fabregas, is one of Puma’s most high profile clients and has been linked with a return to the club this summer.

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A very good deal (if true) and if the club keep up the secondary sponsor announcements I may have to change my mind about Fox and Co.

Interesting that the club went for money upfront again with this deal.


Theirry is a big Puma fan, saw him in Vegas dressed head to toe in the gear, I think. Also, Under Armour is big in the US. Not far behind Nike and they’ve only been around a few years. Maybe 1/3 to a half of US athletes were their clothes,more so int he youth ranks.


Henry is sponsored by Puma so maybe that’s why he was decked out. Also id say Nike is still far and away the biggest sportswear provider for every sport here in the States. Under Armour is popular though for outdoor thermal type gear and football players.


Puma also dresses Falcao, Hulk, Jovetic, Villa, Remy, Messi, Lewandowski, Gomez and all other stars on my wishlist for the summer.


actually Messi wears Adidas boots… but who cares?

Gilberto Silva

David Villa and Messi wear Adidas, whilst Goetze and Lewandowski are Nike sponsored, so dunno what you mean there…


Dortmund sponsored by Puma mate.



Good grief


They better make a really good kit.. not a fan of Puma to be honest, but if its a good kit, ill be happy to continue my annual kit purchases!

Saw a mockup kit yesterday on twitter of an old Arsenal kit..looked really good, hope it’s something like that!


Who cares about the kit, if we spend the money in the summer? They can make the ugliest shirt in the world, if we win a trophy I will wear it proudly.


yeah obviously, but thats not the point im making.. if im buying at least 3 £50+ shirts a year like I have been for the past.. well god knows how long, then id like to be wearing something that looks good too!

Arsene Wenger

Why has this guy been thumbed down? It’d be nice to have a kit which is easy on the eye, even if it is secondary to the actual money coming in.


Safe to say puma nicked arsenal away.


*niked. Fuck me now it’s not even the same.

Nate Brown

You’re right, it’s even better.

every mans arsenal

I’d buy this.. This guy is great with designs!


Red sleeves. Fail.


Google Arsenal 1886 kit and you’ll see that Lagvilava’s design is a tribute to that era’s kit.


Still reminds me of liverpool, we have evolved to become the red and white!


Puma is extremely fine. It’s only a cloth anyways. On the other hand, 170m is 170m. If it’s Puma who saw this sort of opportunity in us, then I’m fine with them. Anyone outbidding other companies to fund our project is classy enough for me.


Well, at least it’s not Under Armour (the fuck is that?!)…


Or warrior for the mugsmashers


Puma used to be spur kit sponsors. Puma has a cheetah as it’s logo. Spurs logo has a chicken there. That fucking cheetah ate that chicken that’s what!!! Hahaha cunts


Puma has a Puma in its logo….




Hahahaha my life just lost meaning. Am I that much of a twat? lol


spuds has a logo of a hairy cunt


Don’t be too harsh, I actually work for Under Armour. Although I agree our football gear is not up to par yet

Midfield Corporal

Why do footballers need under armour, surely a pair of shinnies is sufficient?

A N Other


mr flops

PUMA are a bit shit thou aren’t they? Like Gola?


Usain Bolt, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Italy, Borussia Dortmund, Die Antwoord some big names to go along with Arsenal. Think the most interesting bit is Puma see big potential with us out in Africa. They will help us grow in an developing and undertaped market, if we can get some pre-season games in next few season in Africa the income will be more then the £170 million. A well thought deal imo.

mr flops

Fair enough. Just I would prefer a pair of Nike or Adidas or even New Balance thats all.


Agreed, Nike and Adidas are a bit more classy but I’m guessing we’ll have to let our football show the class.

mr flops

Shit I forgot the average football fan has no idea about fashion. why not get umbro?

Der Springer

Look at it this way. Being associated with Arsenal is what will give Puma that class you are looking for.


I’m shocked you did not mention Cameroon. 😀

Steven pienaar

And bafana bafana! Viva


They also sponsor the kit for all the teams in the IPL T20 cricket league. So India is in with that. Then practically all track teams outside the US benefit from Puma. It’s a good brand association that’ll work for us especially in developing areas.


No they don’t. Every team in the IPL has their own kit supplier. Get your facts right.


As far as I know, the only team they sponsor is the Hyderabad franchise.

petits handbag

Has everyone else realised by now that you’re having a fashion conversation, who gives a fuck who makes our kit.
It’s all about the football people


It may be only about the football, I just didn’t want the incorrect facts to be put up.


Better that than errea? Is it? Don’t fucking care if they’re shit i would have us walk into the pitch in 3rd rate kits from a knitting firm in india i just like the sound of the huge funding that comes with it!


In fairness, none of us really give a shit what the team kit sponsor is so long as we have a competitive squad. 30 mil + the other 30 from the Emirates deal is 60 mil compared to the ten we got this season. That’s a world class player a season, or at least not having to sell a world class player a season


What we have not factored in is new premiership deal. I am not sure how much it’s worth for each club (depending on league position of course) but it could in the region of 30 million or so which means around 75-80 millions in additional income compared to current season. I hope, as blog said, we have balls to spend it wisely to sign much needed quality to make us competitive again. Once we start winning again, like early Wenger’s era, then it will be evolution instead of revolution and we hope success will breed further success. At least I… Read more »


Couldn’t agree more although what scares me is that if other clubs know we have money and they dig their heels in over player values..
I don’t suppose you change your stance on bidding and all that over night.
I just hope this is the end of the players leaving when they want to and the end of missing out on players like mata over stubborn refusal to meet sellers demand

Teri maa dhi

I think a lot of first rate kits come from India too.

Merlin's Panini

Gola! now you’re talking! Or how about going all out poor kid chic and having Hi-tec or Dunlop as our kit manufacturer.

gooner odst

I would have wanted to see what offer was being offered by the likes of Sergio Tacchini or Mckenzie as well as the ones you mentioned.

Rumour has it that Alex Song is being sponsored by Bench.

Midfield Corporal

I though Puma were old skool cool ? Personally I’m just glad it isn’t George at Asda given their part of the Wallmart group.


Puma have been on route to creating real presence within the football and lifestyle department for the past year or two. I have the feeling their marketing/commercial departments may have had some re-up recently, or the maybe the company itself has been given large investment. The deal is great for both parties. Puma’s biggest audience is Africa, and Arsenal are undoubtedly a popular team there, so a combination of two of the biggest names will definitely be profitable. As a brand they’re definitely the Guardian football weekly of football kit sponsors ha ha. Quite hip and alternative. Dortmund, Arsenal, Ivory… Read more »


This is very encouraging news! In the next 2+ years I can see Arsenal becoming a real power house again, not only in England but in Europe as well, with our spending power and developing youngsters.


Yeah, previous deals were for about 12M combined…new deals are for over 60M combined. Increase of about 50M, not bad. United should be around 90M, but after that, we’re next in both England and Europe.


34 million a year from puma 30M a year from Emirates 31m from new tv deal plus all the secondary deals we may be earning 100 million more than now with no extra costs. Let’s hope they spend it on players.


Mirror says 170 million over 5 years.


Might be generous to sya we’re getting 9M from the secondary deals…Uganada’s 19th largest bank only has 250M in total holdings, so profit of maybe 5M? of that, how much will they give to Arsenal, 500k?

But yeah, overall, close to 100M, and hopefully can get some good secondary deals and bump up everything up by another 30-40M in the next 2-3 years, but we’ll need to win some to do that.


Leftpinky, whilst I agree that 9m is alot for secondary deals.

£34m from Puma + £30m from emirates + £31m from new tv deal = 95m. So only another £5m from secondary deals.


Wow, Ivan Gazidis what the f*uck do you do?Patience,people,we’re getting there


…or Warrior, but still Puna is well eggy.

Cesc Fabregas

I am coming home.

Lord Eboue

Me Too

Thierry Henry

Le piss off.

Park Chu-Young

I don’t know where home (or goal) is 🙁

Arsene Wenger

Come to Daddy.


I always knew you had puma DNA. After all, you did go for that cougar, Daniella Semaan.

Master Bates

Are they still together ? because I know Cesc is a cheetah

Sorry 🙁

Gunsen gunner

I’ll lay the carpet out for you Senor Fabregas.We’ll treat you like royalty here,unlike the ungrateful muppets you’re playing for now.


Turns out it was Arsenal DNA

Arseblog hates Walcott

Does all these new commercial deals brings about the change in ticket prices?? I hope so… No excuses now of not being able to compete with those cunts.


By the Beard of Henry, sounds a little too good to be true. I’m glad the commercial team are going big!

Let’s hope the money gets into the kitty sooner rather than later.

Henry's beard

You called?




I dont want our shirts to look as if they are sponsored by ferrari. Umbro ftw.


Puma rocks! Just have to actually spend it now and not on our socialist wage structure

Arty's Art

It isn’t socialist. Its just not competitive.


Better that than errea? Is it? Don’t fucking care if they’re shit i would have us walk into the pitch in 3rd rate kits from a knitting firm in india i just like the sound of the huge funding that comes with it!


Where do you think all these nike, adidas etc apparels are made??? It’s India, China and Bangladesh.


Vietnam, once the yanks stopped trying to kil. The viet cong they reached a deal and are now using their slave labor


you’re from one of those countries i’m guessing. I didn’t mean no disrespect o’ anything just that i’ve seen movies and boy do those guys knit!

Gibbs & Jenkinson - Attorneys-at-Law

looks like that Indian lad from the youtube video was years ahead of his time!

Indian Lad

If you don’t mind me asking, what video are you talking about?


Oh YouTube, what an invention you are…

Poliver Girolski

I for one am glad the Nike deal is coming to end… have not been a fan of the recent shirt designs, I did like the 3rd kit from a season back ( the white one ) which I know a lot of other fans hated, but to each their own 🙂

It will be interesting to see what Puma comes up with design wise for our kits

Biafran arse

I hope we won’t spend it on walcot-giroud type of players,we need good players not top top players who re just average at home and in matches against lesser teams

Bendtner's Ego

Three stripes on everything is sooo boring.

Hope Puma comes up with something classy that doesn’t have a massive jaguar all over one side of the kit.


its a puma not a jaguar, hence the name

Matt Senior

Whoever’s brand is on it. It’s all sweatshop shit. Sorry but i don’t buy replica shirts because I’ve seen how they’re made

Touched Your Mother

Unless you are knitting your own clothing, the majority of clothes are produced in sweatshop…

Midfield Corporal

There’s a market there…fair trade knitted replica kits for the ethical Gooner. Might get a bit heavy in the rain though.


I assume you don’t eat meat then? I’ve seen how they kill the animals…


Fucking puma!

Eric Irish gunner

It’s for funds not a fucking fashion show


Hope the puma zip technology is better in their coats 😀

Arsene Wenger

So do I.


Puma is a huge step down from Nike as far as brand and quality….but I guess we can help them more than Nike needs us judging by how much they want to give us. I think if we had a legit superstar still Nike would offer more or match. Oh well, whatever helps us stay competitive.


I have liked the nike kits, even this one. But…. who gives a fuck about Nike.

Midfield Corporal

Nylon sports wear is nylon sports wear isn’t it, I don’t think it’s something you can be snobby about is it? It’s like saying your Matalan shell suit is better than my Primark one. 🙂


Were rich I tell you were rich!

every mans arsenal

apostrophes i tell you, apostrophes!


Capitalization I tell you, capitalization!


Also nice to see arsenal playing hardball with addidas nike and the likes. Bet they just thought the club would jump at the chance of being sponsored by either of them and that any mediocre deal presented to the club; we would just take it. Think again.

Puma came in…………SOLD!!! Come on


One has to ask why bigger brands such as Nike ad Adidas were not interested in matching Puma’s deal. And why the Daily Mirror would announce this before Arsenal.

New Haven Gooner

New kit deals are rarely announced by the club first. Information usually leaks and the papers will have their hands on it even before the ink dries.


£30m per year is a lot of money. The way I read this is that Puma are investing in Arsenal, not that we are being left for dead by the top brands.


Let’s take an example. Nike has 100 pounds to spend. They have spent 40 on club A, 30 on club B and 30 on club C. Arsenal want club A level money which Nike can give only to Manchester United. Similarly with let’s say Adidas and Chelsea. Puma may be a lesser company, so they will have 80 pounds to spend. And their first priority might be Arsenal. So, they will be willing to put 40 on Arsenal. Maybe this could be a reason?

New Haven Gooner

Guys, I don’t care if Victoria Secret came up to us and said 170 million. It’s 170 freaking million.


i would have Giroud in my team in lingerie from prada goddamn it. Just fucking score some. Hahaha


An official lingerie-kit. That’s the kind of trailblazing I want to see from my club.


My girlfriend’s gonna shit! She loves all this puma crap.


That sounds kinky. Does she shit while smearing herself in puma shit?

Poo-ma, indeed.


Arsenal are finally free. Now we need to make sure we get that UCL spot, sign a new striker, defensive midfielder, and a new number 2 if Fabianski decides not to renew his contract,
We don’t have to sell anyone this summer and can afford to get rid of the deadwood. Then we can resign Fabregas and then…. WE WILL RULE THE WORLD MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA….

Okay Blogs are you 100% sure this deal will happen? the Mirror is a decent source but still… I would be pissed if this wasn’t a true story.





If it’s good enough for robert pires, it’s good enough for me!


If I was cynical Id say season ticket renewals are not going very well so someone leaked a bullshit story.


Contextually a new kit sponsor would not motivate people to renew. For the skeptical viewpoint it would make much more sense for them to be touting a shiny new signing (e.g. an expensive flavour of the month striker) as a method of encouraging renewals.


I guess Adidas didn’t wanna pay 30m a year for a club that get tossed about by lower level clubs. And a manager satisfied 4th place on almost 160m wage-bill. wasting money

New Haven Gooner

Womp womp


Right, because Puma, who sponsor the kits of Italy, one of the most successful national teams in the world, only go for the duds.


Her undies must be puma.

God i love a girl in puma…….(said no one ever!)


Fine by me. As long as the Puma eats John Terry, A$ley Cole and Adebayor as part of the deal when they Sp*rs play the Chavs wednesday.


I think this shows Puma can make great kits, for some reason I love these

every mans arsenal

Here’s a good mock up of the real thing. Does anyone really care that fucking much?? As long as i have my kit with the traditional red and white im alright.


Something about that looks cheap but fuck it money is money

Arsene Wenger

I like Dortmund and I like their away kit a lot, so i bought it. Dortmund reminds me of Arsenal and is my (distant) second favourite.

Touched Your Mother

I like the money they are getting, however I hope that they don’t have that weird collar most puma shirts seem to have. I am skeptical about what the kit will look like, personally I am hoping for something similar to the 2010-2011 one.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Mohd Isa

A very good deal and hopefully Wenger will really go for the big fish instead of another up and coming Walcott/Chamberlain/Vela.All that is history.This coincides with rumours the rf may retire. We have heard this before but I believe father time and nature is finally catching up with him.He would like go out with a bang. This is where Wenger and the likes of Chelsea and MC can thwart him.He would like to be the god or lord of cl but unfortunately for him it’s chasm and not a bridge .Even with a 100 million or biilion euro spree won’t… Read more »


Puma, really?? I mean come on are you serious.

Can someone educate me on Puma as a brand cause i know little about it.

And thats why i feel a 30m deal sounds a bit dodgy imo.


Puma was founded by the guy who founded Adidas’brother becausehe wouldn’t let him be an equal partner on the company. To be fair I don’t carne what makes our kit aslong as It’s red with white sleeves


Nikeidas – If true cheers and iv done research and on second thought I hope its true.

All i care about is more money tbh so we can compete and get top players.

Lets do the math Emirates deal 30m + Puma deal 30m + Tv rights deal 35m Min.

So thats a extra 95m per year for the club Because of this Arsenal’s turnover should comfortably exceed £300m a year.

The arsenal board must be opening the whisky cabinet as we speak.


The Puma deal adding +30m yearly would mean that Nike isn’t paying us anything right now. People shouldn’t be surprised if we don’t spend 95m this summer.

Yankee Gooner

Rumor is the shorts will be real nut huggers to commemorate the last time Puma was a major brand in the global west.

Just kidding, I’m happy with whatever company pays the most.


To be fair this deal makes sense and if Puma put as much effort into our kits as they did with Dortmund I’d be really impressed.

A N Other

I nearly bought a home shirt in club shop in Brent Cross. Shop assistant told me that home kit wouldn’t change for coming season.

How wrong was he?

Anyway, bought a nice jacket for half price.


It wont. We’re still with Nike for 13/14.

A N Other


Will treat myself to Wilshere 10 next time around or may be Cazrola?


First, India on Track, now this. I’m excited.



Iv been doing some thinking and based on just the mirror talking about it and nobody else i personally think its not true.

I mean remember all the remour and talk about Adidas only a few months ago and it all came to nothing.


Welcome Puma and your contributions! Is Puma not big in Europe? I’m here in Canada, and I wore Puma clothes and shoes when I was a kid 30 years ago….you can’t have an interest is football over here and not here of Puma. Their shoes and cleats are widely available, kids to adults.


oh, and wasn’t it calculated that our spending budget for the the summer should’ve been 70 mil before this deal was even announced?


Will see if it comes true.

Bear in mind, Nike’s advertising pushes Utd and Adidas has Chelsea so makes sense to pick a different company that will use the squad more visibly in ads. Should make us more attractive to sponsors. Bad point is we will rely on puma competing for space against Nike etc. still, if true, I think it’s a good deal


You know who else is sponsored by Puma? Falcao. You heard it here first folks. You heard it here first.


Just so everyone is clear, these companies compete to put a logo on the club shirt and and sell a bunch. As long as the shirt doesn’t give players’ hives, the hell do we care who makes it? This is really odd complaining going on. The fact is, this was the last hurdle of the Journey to Ashburton Grove. The ‘shackle’ deals have been replaced with new very lucrative deals, we are gathering a real army of commercial partners, and Wenger and the boys have been quite open about flaunting the money available unlike before. 8 trophyless seasons has made… Read more »

Return of the Egg

I hope the chav players kits give them hives on every orifice….something about John Terry in perpetual agony cheers me right up.


I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to start a blog post with ‘According to the Mirror…’ and call it ‘news’. It’s a bit like starting it with ‘My mate Gary sells biscuits to Jack Wilshire’s mum and he says she said…’

That being said, Puma do make nice kits so I hope it’s true.

Da mon

We from Nigeria are happy with the news.and i hope it use this time.

Midfield Corporal

Well said!

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