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Koeman confirms Ryo pursuit

Ronald Koeman has confirmed that he is interested in bringing Ryo Miyaichi back to Feyenoord for a second loan spell.

The Japanese international was sent to De Kuip in February 2011 after his application for a British work permit was initially rejected but put the disappointment behind him to enjoy a very successful four months in the Eredivisie. A man of the match winner on his debut he even came to be known on the terraces and in the Dutch press as ‘Ryodinho’ thanks to his Brazilian-esque close control.

“It’s right we are also working on Ryo Miyaichi, but at the moment it’s not clear what the situation is,” Koeman is quoted as saying by NuSport.

“After that, we can make a step. It’s not that far yet.”

Injuries have taken their toll on the 20-year-old winger in the last two years with loan spells at Bolton and Wigan Athletic doing little to further his chances at the Emirates.

While the possible sale of Gervinho might offer Ryo a glimpse of first team action next season it’s probably important for him to get regular game time elsewhere to help him rebuild his confidence.

Ryo is currently on tour with the first team in Asia and while it would be unfair to suggest he was bought to further the club’s name in his homeland, there’s absolutely no way Ivan Gazidis and co. are going to send him back to London to discuss a loan move on the eve of a much heralded return to Japan.

Arseblog News consequently thinks there’ll likely be little to report on this for a couple of weeks, but can definitely see it happening further down the line.

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Ryo seems like a genuinely nice guy. Very impressed with his English aswell, great to see a player trying hard to learn the language unlike alot of other foreign players. Has the potential to play for the arsenal and I really really hope he makes it!


really, not much left to say…….


you right!

what’s your second language?


Koeman must be faster than I remember

Steph and Schwarz

haha, can’t believe this comment has snuck by unnoticed!


what comment?

Zimmer frame

He’s not faster, that’s why he was asked to confirm it.



Arsene's stylist

I just would like to go on the record as saying that Ronald Koeman is a fucking legend. His freekicks were out of this world.


Just a reminder of what he can do. Give him a season without injury he’ll change your opinion.


To Arshavins Dietician*

Arshavin's Dietician

Honestly can’t see Ryo making any sort of impact in Arsenals first team

RC Motors

I disagree. His blistering pace and skill can definitely make an impact for arsenal.


Assuming left of the forward 3 then;
Poldi, Santi, Rosicky, Oxlade, Gervinho
All ahead of him in the pecking order, not to mention Eisfeld & Gnabry.
U21s, maybe overage player in NxtGen, U18s, COC sub, before a loan Xmas time. Next year maybe.


wat a ridiculous statement. Ryo wasn’t even an option for us last season, which is why most of these guys are ‘ahead’ of him. he has got some premier league experience. definitely more mins in the league compared to eisfeld and gnabry. poldi doesn’t work well playing on the left wing. he’s a striker. rosicky doesnt play on the wing. chambo is being played on the right wing but wengers said many times that he’s developing into a central player. gervinho’s most probably off. santi can play on either wing or centrally. ryo’s the same kind of player. but more… Read more »

gooner odst

If anything, Ryo being present means Arsene can’t put Ramsey on the wing. A position I do not want to see Ramsey being permanently stationed over 90 minutes.

On the other hand having Ramsey cover that wing position when Ryo goes on his mazy runs is very reassuring based on last seasons close.


What you’re saying is drivel. – If Giroud is fit Poldi plays left, where he played 80% of the time last season. – Rosicky has played about 40% of his Arsenal career on the left. – Oxlade needs more games and I don’t see Wenger giving time to Ryo on the left ahead of The Ox, where btw he plays for England. – Gervinho isn’t part of the deadwood club so if he doesn’t leave then he’ll be picked/on the bench ahead of Ryo. – I don’t see Wenger playing Ryo in any other position until he’s nailed down one… Read more »


Note: Eisfeld and Gnabry weren’t ahead of him in the pecking order, otherwise they would have gone on loan and Ryo would have played with the reserves.

…and since when was Eisfeld a winger?

Have to disagree, everyone loves him because he’s an exotic player but he really doesn’t look to have what it takes to make it with us. The level is so high. He scored a good goal for Bolton I admit, but I would be very surprised indeed if he broke into the first team and cemented a regular place.


He actually got MOTM for Bolton during that game. IRC he also got into the BPL team of the month that month as well. If wasn’t for the injuries it would be very interesting to see where he would stand now. With luck, he can definitely make it into the 1st team and is potentially a match winner on his day.


It’s football, not sprint.


I disagree as well. He almost walked into the Feyenoord first team when he just came fresh from high-school football in Japan. Then, at Bolton, he was quality and a cause for excitement. He was very unlucky with injury at Wigan, and that put a real damper on his progress. He’s still very young and when he had a more prolonged spell, he always looked positive. Have him go to a premier league side that can offer him regular football and pray he doesn’t get injured, and I’m certain he’d be knocking quite loudly on the door of the first… Read more »


Let us remember, it’s not only because Ryo is “unlucky with injury”, but also because Kevin Mirallas is a daft unsportsmanlike cunt


Feyenoord. Not exactly tearing up the Eredivisie these days.


And there’s some issue with his “home-grown-ness” no? They’ll keep him in England if they want to keep him at all.


don’t think you checked your facts before posting this. They achieved a respectable 3rd place last season (same amount of points with number 2) and second spot the season before that.


Myachi is effing quality, I’ve watched him play a few times now while he’s been on loan. Not helped by injuries that’s for sure but there have been some real glimpses of class in between his time on the side lines.

Sean Costello

Koeman and Wenger are no mugs…I’m hoping Ryo gets some experience and can give us some options next year.

Merlin's Panini

I’m hoping we’ll keep him, or if he goes on loan that it’ll be to another Premier league side. Perhaps Crystal Palace would fit the bill? They’ve just lost a speedy forward so could perhaps do with one. I know Campbell has also been linked with them. I’ve no idea about Hull or Cardiff. Maybe he could do a job for one of them? I just hope we get to see more of him and that he can avoid injuries, because there’s definitely something there with him and he seems to be a determined yet very humble guy.

Mertesacker's Houseboy

He’s definitely quality no doubt but he needs to stay in England to further his chances of making it at Arsenal.

Merlin's Panini

Best thing for it this summer is spend the £70 million or whatever it is on developing a time machine and pulling a 23 year old Henry, a 26 year old Bergkamp, a 25 year old Tony Adams etc out of there for free. Those would be the best signings ever.


But the time machine cost £70m? Problem is, then they’ll all appoint Darren Dein as their agent to negotiate a contract, want £200k a week to sign and we’ll lose them to the Mancs and Chelsea. Sounds risky.

Merlin's Panini

Well, we just get rid of Darren Dein in the past by convincing ol’ Davey to where a condom. Simple. We just have to make sure Biff crashes into the manure truck and then everything will work out as planned.



Midfield Corporal

He looked good during his spell at Bolton I recall.

One question, I see he’s started having Ryo on the back of his shirt, like the brazillians have their nicknames, I wonder what the FA/premier leagues stance on this is? If Rooney decides he wants Wazza or Mertersacker wants The BFG on their backs I assume they would be powerless to stop it. I look forward to seeing thousands of Chelsea fans wearing No 5 – Cunt next season.

Merlin's Panini

He’s always had Ryo on the back of his shirt. But yeh, maybe Suarez should have Racist-Cannibal on the back of his shirt. Problem with Chelsea is they could all have C*nt on the back of their shirts!

Midfield Corporal

Stepane Kuntz- that has to be the most comical name a footballer ever had.

gooner odst

kevin hunt (is there a player with that name?) would have K.Hunt

Dr Baptiste

It’s no different to Hernandez having Chicharito on his shirt. I think that if it’s a name they’ve been known by throughout their careers (like how he’s little pea and his dad was pea) then it’s a problem (as long as it’s within reason but don’t quote me on that).


isn’t Ryo his actual first name and not a nickname


His nickname in Holland is ‘Ryodinho’.

But in Japan, his family name is placed first and his ‘given’ name comes second – unlike in the west where it’s the reverse.

So it’s Miyaichi Ryo. And he’s ours.


Koeman prefers Oussama Assaidi from Liverpool, as do most Feyenoord supports.

Although they like Ryo, he only made a real impact in three of his 12 games for Feyenoord.

Ryo Fan

Oh man, an article about Ryo. It’s my time to shine! 😀

I got nothing special…unlike Ryo who is special. He had me at the packing away of the cones after training. 🙂

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

He looks like the karate kid in the film the karate kid LOL


did he pick up a medal for wigans fa cup win? be class if he did


I would like to see this guy make it and live up to expectations unlike Carlos Vela


I think we should sign Keisuke Honda who can help Ryo settle in

Adam Richards

Sign a player who has never played in English football (or on English soil as far as I can remember) to help a guy settle in? Don’t get me wrong no quarms with signing Honda I guess. But may as well sign Yoko Ono if we want him to have peaceful transition into the UK!

It Is What It Is

No, no Yoko. She’d divide the team just when there seems to be a great team spirit.


Ryo does not look like a player that needs games to boost his confidence. Maybe a good pre-season with the first team will be enough to get him ready to be a first team squad member if Gervinho is sold. Might be better to ease him into the team sparingly as was did with Ox recently and Theo years back, than sending him out on loan again. At least it will help him get used to our way of playing instead of another team’s way.

Ryo 'the cones' Miyaichi

To me he seems like the sort of youngster who’d perform best in a generally well functioning team, with quicker thought and better through balls. I hope Wenger is considering him as a Gerv replacement, allowing us to splash the dosh elsewhere.


It’s all Mirallas’ fault that he didn’t play more last season. Needlessly wrecking a 19 year old.

Indonesian Gooner

We should have a successful asian player to increase popularity in the far east..hope he makes it. Remember Inamoto though? He was a joke.


I’d take Ryo over Gervinho every day of the week. He just needs to bulk up a touch like Kos did so as to be able to hold his own against more physical opponents. I really don’t see the point in him going on loan for another season.

Glasgow Gunner

I’d keep him with the squad. Full of tricks and confident beyond his years. I’m a fan and hope he makes it.

Silent Stan

Easy replacement for Andrey Arshavin of last season. Less wages too. No need to loan or sell.

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