Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Arsenal 4-0 Coventry City: player ratings

So Arsenal are through the 5thj round of the FA Cup after a 4-0 win over Coventry City tonight.

How did the players rate? A bit like this. And remember, you can add your own ratings and comments below.

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Hank Scorpio

Nice win. Would have liked to see Podolski play 90 minutes & maybe another youngster or 2 on the bench.

Runcorn Gooner

Job Done.No injuries.NB is not going to cut the mustard.Move onto Southampton after getting a nice home draw in the next round

Andy Mack

I don’t disagree about NB but it is his 1st game back after injury.
His touch was really poor but he put in a fair shift for a change.


The problem with Nick at the moment seems to be: one great touch, one crap touch. Unfortunately these are happening less than a second apart right now.

Bould's Eyeliner

In my opinion that problem just comes from the fact that he just has no match consistency. It’s not really acceptable if he’s honestly going to challenge for Giroud’s spot, but that’s not really why he’s kept here is it…

Best of luck after the season nicky.


He did seem to be finding some form just before his injury. Shame, those injuries.


But ‘putting a fair shift in for a change’ is hardly enough. I dare say Afobe puts in a shift for the entire 90 minutes of every game that he plays. Akpom definitely does. But unless they’re reliable scorers – which Bendtner hasn’t been, not anywhere except maybe for Denmark, since he stopped playing alongside Lupoli in our academy – they shouldn’t be an Arsenal central striker. Apart from not getting the goals that’s he’s paid for, simply playing alongside a striker who fluffs 50 percent of his chances must be undermining for the players who are creating those chances.… Read more »

Andy Mack

If it was my choice I’d be giving Afobe some playing time….. but it isn’t.


One eye on Tuesday. I would expect him to start.


Ozil was dazzling today. Everyone who’s been on his back lately, get the hell off it! He’s been in the Prem for what, 5 months now? It takes time to adjust. Anyways, thought everyone was really good today and Jenko looked awesome going forward. We want to see Wembley!

Gunner From Another Mother

While Jenks definitely knows how to pick out a cross and is fairly reliable defensively, I just feel his build up play in the middle third is a bit underwhelming, and can really halt our momentum sometimes. He just looks so tentative on the ball when there isn’t an obvious choice for him to make.

Having said that, he is still a kid and I am sure he will get better with time. Just hope Wenger has a contingency plan incase we can’t tie down Sagna

Bould's Eyeliner

He also is another player who has lacked match consistency, and since mid-season last year nonetheless. He has combined the least with the rotation of wingers/midfielders that is happening right now, so it’s understandable that he might not have the best eye for the team’s movement in the middle.

Furthermore, when’s the last time we saw Jenko and Gnabry play together… I don’t recall if they’ve even had a proper game yet, and they’re both so young…

Gunner From Another Mother

Very true, all good points. And to be fair to him he has performed admirably in Sagna’s absence when given a solid run of games.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Seamus Coleman? Assuming that Sagna goes, I don’t want that to happen though.


More than anything else, Jenk’s nervy, unintelligent and unimaginative display shows how important Bac is to the team.. This is not to trash-talk a young player with few minutes under his belt but that Jenk is a long way from matching Bac’s stds.. Give Bac whatever he wants NOW !!!

Igor Stepanov's career

Don’t think Ozil was that great today, he was ok but he was playing against League One players.


But of course Mr Ozil can do no wrong

Mills (the other one)

Think it may useful for you to watch the match, Ozil was pretty darn good last night


Did you watch the game?


I have to agree. He really shaped up since the last match and today was absolutely fantastic. Quick on the ball, making darting runs, sprinting up the wing, cutting back, quick and precise passing and brilliant vision. Not all his passes may have been totally accurate, but it they were always made with the right intentions. There were no stupid errors or miscommunications with the rest of the team; he really fit in perfectly. This is the Ozil we have been excited by. Honestly I thought Ozil deserved an 8/10 rating this match, especially after his very neat assist and… Read more »



Zelalem = draxler
Draxler = ozil
Ozil = Something else.


What a player Zelalem is!! The future is bright!!

Gunner From Another Mother

He never really looks out of place, which is quite ridiculous for his age

Bould's Eyeliner

the new ‘cesc’ indeed…


Certainly. He knows how to pick a pass and each pass with a certain amount of velocity depending on whether its a goal assisting pass: in which case perfectly weighted and/or faint or a key pass: in which case firm and with accuracy with good velocity on the ball.

chochlate loyalty

cesc started the community shield at 16, and dominated fergies united.


Friendlies aside, pretty sure this was his first team debut, so saying “he never looks out of place” may be a bit premature…


How many 16 year olds are able to coast through a 20 minute cameo playing for the Arsenal and not look totally out of place or intimidated on the ball? right not many. Zelalem is not afraid and kept asking for the ball. that is a quality.

Dr Baptiste

So you’ve conveniently forgotten his games in preseason then, to prove your argument, when he looked like our best player at points


He very much catches the eye, but for me it’s not the passing(which is impressive), but his awareness of space and how he gives himself time on the ball. It’s something that all the top players have. He looks a special player for sure, but let’s give him the time he needs. Let’s not make him a saviour, just let him develop at his own pace. He’ll come good when he’s ready. He’s only a boy at this moment of time. He does look like he has packed on a little muscle since the last time I saw him play… Read more »


5 Germans on the field at the same time for Arsenal. Not even Die Nationalmannschaft can do that.


eehh. what?!


Most of their players are “imported”

Andy Mack

Like Polish Poldi!


Poldi – Poland
Özil – Kurdish
Zelalem – Ethiopia
Gnabry – Ivory Coast
Mertesacker – Valhalla


Poldi – Poland
Özil – Kurdish
Zelalem – Ethiopia
Gnabry – Ivory Coast
Mertesacker – Valhalla
Flamini – Mordor!


I am being nice to you (as I am Arsenal supporter) so I’ll just say what complete bullcrap that is. We Germans don’t import players. As in avery country, we filed playres born in Germany carryin the German nationality so cut your racist remarks and have some respect for other countries.


Krautgun means Cabbage gun show yourself some respect.


Gedion will be special, love the german academy now at the club! exiting times, draxler? we live in hope!


Really dissapointed with Bendtner today. This was his chance to show the club why he belongs here and he just couldn’t take it.
He did however just get back from an injury and hopefully the situation changes.
Solid win lads! On to Southampton!

AN other

He had so many crosses in the first half but his positining was awful. Giroud positioning was for his goal summed up what bredtner was missing.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

I thought he played decent, considering he’s just come back from injury. Happy to give him some more minutes before drawing conclusions. The last time he came on having been out for a while (against the chavs in the league cup if I’m not mistaken) he had an absolute stinker, but quickly improved in the subsequent games. I would have liked to see Park on the bench and come on for Poldi instead of Giroud though, (as much as Wenger got it spot on) simply because I am genuinely curious about what he can do! His Youtube vids and his… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

In case we need to do a stealth op and kill someone with the ball in the away corner then yeah Park’s our guy!

the man who would be bling

Harsh, man. The one really good chance he had was harder than it looked, since he was off balance, had a guy on his back and it was on his left foot. If he had missed 3 of those, I’d agree, but he didn’t get THAT many chances.


Come on hes just back from an injury…how often do you see someone play a blinder right after an injury, takes time to settle


Decent game from Bendtner given that he didn’t get much of a chance to touch the ball with the midfield keeping it to themselves until later in the game.


There is way too much hype around Zelalem. For me he’s an interesting young player, nothing more, nothing less. I counted all 5 touches he had,its good he’s getting time and I like to see that, but I don’t even think you can say the lad did well, he barely touched the ball.


You counted wrong.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It’s not just the touches you need to consider if you want to tell if a player is any good.


A bit unfair. You must realize that comments in praise of players are relative to their age and experience. When we say how good he was / is, we’re really saying, “his playing belies the expectations of his age.” Whatever about the touches tonight, he showed real poise both with and without the ball, basically building on what we saw on many occasions during pre-season. What I find most impressive about him is that he combines vision and quickness of thought, with outstanding possession qualities. He rarely gives up possession, finds the right pass, even when he’s under intense pressure.… Read more »


Err if you look closely at Cazorlas fourth goal he’s the one who initiated the move hence key pass. How many 16 year old have been able to turn up for the Arsenal at such a stage? right only the special ones aka fab, Jack.

So Zelalem is along those lines watch this space!


Firstly, what an unintelligent comment. Secondly, you can’t count either.


Get it on Gedion!

Fatboy Gooney

Lets be honest, this was Coventry we were playing, 4nil was a bit flattering considering how good we made them look in the 2nd half..


It always bothers me that the teams are backwards on this.

Fatboy Gooney

Mourinho sucks dick..

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Don’t be silly. Thet cunt would bite.

Swede Goon

I thought Bendtner did OK, he was not nearly as bad as some would say, the chance he missed I can picture Giroud missing too, not that bad a miss. I thought Ozil was OK, better in the 2nd half. Fabianski looked good, I think he was unlucky to lose his place last year (go ahead, click it), but thats the GK position; when you’re down, somebody else grabs the flag.


Gibbs man of the match for me. Not only did he bomb up and down left flank, but also managed to create some chances and get back in time to defend, although his flank was frequently attacked. But I was more impressed with his offensive work. Gone are the days when a cross would float into row z behind the goal. Decision making has improved. One thing he does need to further improve upon is dribbling and control in the final third. But as this is his first real full season as first team left back, I can wait for… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

In that regard, Monreal has been a brilliant January signing. Stable top class backup, with the ability to bring consistency whenever he wants. Excellent going forward with vision, and defensively pretty solid. He’s the exact role model and competition Gibbs needed, and for himself, it must definitely be an upgrade from not playing in Barca or Madrid in La Liga…


Arsenal to win 4 0 @ 15/2 happy days tenner on them

Rosicky's sprints...

COYG#9 years was a long wait hope the Roaches in the trophy cabinet find a new home…


Cazorla can’t stop scoring aswell. bodes well for a title run in doesn’t it and Ramsey the boy wonder yet to return. Add in Draxler goals and please hand us a title or 2!


Does Jenkinson’s shot, which was parried to Cazorla to score, count as an assist?


My friend, sat next to me, said that when Bendtner came off Wenger didn’t shake his hand or really acknowledge him. This true? Can’t wait to see more of Zelalem. Emirates was quiet tonight, loved hearing Giroud’s Hey Jude


I can see AW resting Wilshire for the Saints game and bringing the Welsh Jesus in. If he’s fit… Fingers crossed.


Good win, the defense was exposed at times but there was little or no marking in the middle due to the attack minded players there, ozil did way better than in recent games,even tracked back when it wasn’t his duty to, jenkinson needlessly overran the ball as usual but put in some nice crosses,saw zelalem at pre-season, he looks good. Great tempo in the first half, good goals from poldi, fun to watch, what I loved most about the game were the phone lights though. It looked like the stadium was lit with stars.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Awww, stars shining in the crowd, that’s the romance of the FA Cup right there.


After tonught’s game, I see atleast two trophies coming home this season. Zelalem, welcome aboard.


I really thought Jenkinson did a really good job, especially in the first half. He made a couple of good plays to get into position to cross the ball and the crosses themselves were pretty good. That back cross that Podolski blasted over at the end of the first half was nice. Özil was sparkling all over the pitch as well


Carl Jenkinson

Gooner Dave

I love the BFG, his defending is class and so calm. Also the way he went nuts at Jenkinson for a bad pass in the 2nd half

indian gooner

6 is harsh for jenks.Those crosses were superb.He was combining well with gnabry.


TGSTEL is back! And I’m happy cos we know we have a reliable backup for Giroud. I still believe in him. He’s off colour cos he jus got back from an injury that got us a goal. He’s a hardworker and I believe will come in handy when we need him. Zelalem is a good young player no doubt but pls let the hype not be so much as to put much pressure on him so as not to stall his development. He shouldn’t push too hard and get that “injury” that usually plagues our youngsters.


I think Jenks has come a long way and is no doubt one for the future, he put in an impressive display but sometimes he still looks like a chicken running around with his head cut off! (Ha-di-ha) That being said some great crosses and showed off his pace well on a number of occasions. Onward!


Agree.. Jenks lacked intelligence and composure too many times.. needs to learn to link-up and combine well instead of just pushing forward with the ball into dead-ends (from where a speculative cross is the most likely).. I do love his pushing forward and he has got excellent physique and acceleration – only thing is he needs to learn how to use them off-the-ball. But I do wonder if he will ever cut it – the guy will soon be 23 and been with us for close to 3 years now and still we haven’t seen too many improvements in his… Read more »

Nilabh Raj Pandey

Show the bench also on the ratings picture. Only those who were subbed on.


podolski ozil cazola

whilshire flamini

formation to start against southampton, anyone …


podolski ozil cazola
wiltshire flamini

Is yours gold?

You’ve had two attempts at spelling Cazorla and Wilshere properly and you’re still wrong

Dan D

Good all round display against limited opposition who worked their socks off and didn’t stop running for the 90 mins. Good to see Cazorla hitting a bit of form now and fantastic incisive pass from our 16 year old prodigy to start move for Giroud’s goal (forgive me if I got the actual goal wrong – new baby at home and brain a little knackered). Would like to add something re Bendtner; think it’s become fashionable to dig out Bendtner simply for the sake of it. He’s just come back from an injury after barely playing for the last year… Read more »


Great game lads, score is exactly how it should have been, fair play to the CC fans, holding up their phones’ lights while Wenger is on Wonga.com

Jack Jumblies

Gotta get Zelalem to hit the weights if he is going to withstand the onslaught of crunching tackles from less-talented Stokeballers.

If he can avoid long injury layoffs, the sky is the limit for the boy.


Was at the match yesteday, the bloke next to me was going ballistic at Gnabry’s positioning and I wouldn’t say it was without reason. I understand he’s young and this game highlighted his lack of experience. For a lot of the second half we were pushing forward but there wasn’t an outlet on the right, in fact Gnabry was often deeper than Jenks for some reason. Hope he learns from this experience.

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