Report: Debuchy tipped for Arsenal talks


Arsenal’s hunt for Bacary Sagna’s replacement could be coming to a head with French site Infosport+ claiming that Newcastle United’s Mathieu Debuchy is set for talks with Arsene Wenger.

The 28-year-old French international spent ten years on the books at Lille before moving to Tyneside in 2013 and is currently contracted to the St James’ Park outfit until 2018.

With a season and a half of Premier League experience under his belt and more than 20 caps for his country Debuchy certainly cuts a more tried and tested figure than Toulouse’s Serge Aurier, who at the age of 21 is – like Carl Jenkinson – still a little raw.

It’s thought that Mike Ashley will want around £12 million quid for Debuchy who has also been heavily linked with Ligue 1 big-spenders Monaco.

Arseblog News wouldn’t be surprised if this rumour has some substance to it so with that in mind we’ll go for a well-rounded 4 on the poo-ometer.



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raron aamsey

I would be quite disappointed if we signed him. I think we can do a lot better.


Also wouldn’t want a Sunderland player doing this to our RB:


You can find similar video of Sagna.

Bould's Eyeliner

The main problem for me is that the man is more hobbit than Wilshere – Sagna was partly so effective because of his aerial ability, that could quickly win the ball for Walcott on the right. I really don’t think Debuchy is the man to replace Sagna.

the only sam is nelson

more importantly the RB can re-take the number 2 jersey and Gibbs can take the number 3. Equilibrium restored.

Much as I loved Bac the 3 on his back triggered OCD and bad temper. Not as much as Gallas claiming the number 10 (surely the worst of all shirt number moments) but, still. The right back wears the 2, dammit.


The absolute worst of the worst, and don’t call me Shirley.


Victor Moses at the Emirates, 2012.

All defenders have a bad day at some point.

Master Bates

No we can’t . Unless you think we are capable of buying Lahm,Zabaletta or Coleman(just signed a new deal)

Atletico Islington

But aren’t we supposed to be going for top players this summer?A 28-year old Newcastle player, who hasn’t looked all that special since he’s been in the Premier League, isn’t a top player.

Master Bates

Name a top available top player at Right Back . name one better than Debuchy . And not it’s not Aurier ,potential wise he can be better than Debuchy

Atletico Islington

Is it just me though, or has he not looked all that great at Newcastle? I think he looks alright but not much more than that.


No he hasn’t, but bar a few options at the top clubs that are unrealistic for us(Zabaleta, Coleman just signed a new deal etc), there isn’t actually much choice when it comes to RB’s.
He is mr. average personified, but we don’t have much choice if you don’t want an untested and risky player like Aurier

Gunner From Another Mother

Is everyone simply ignoring the fact the he is keeping Bacary Sagna himself out of the French side right now…


Starting to accept that there won’t be any big signings this year.

Third Plebeian

Starting right-back for the French national team not good enough for you?

Maybe you need to sit down with your expectations and have a quiet word with them. “Hey, expectations,” you could say in a gentle tone, “where are we at today?” “Let’s talk.”


So is Sakho better than Koscienly?
Starters in national teams don’t always mean they are the best players in those positions, they just might work best in the manager’s plan.

Third Plebeian

Right, but you’re not an ‘average’ player if you’re there in the first place, regardless of how the manager uses you…and that’s especially true of France, a country that consistently produces top players. Debuchy is a top right-back. I simply don’t understand why people would say he’s “not a top player.”

Bould's Eyeliner

He might be the top player Arsenal needs, but not the top player Arsenal deserves.

Third Plebeian

I don’t understand this comment at all. What do we deserve? Well, players like Messi and Ronaldo, of course. I mean, I love this club and it deserves the best, right?

Meanwhile, outside of la-la-land, we live in reality. The “top player Arsenal needs” is what we SHOULD be getting in a universe made up of real things.


Nope. Not good enough for me. Maybe you should sit down and ponder when and why you started to accept mediocrity when our competitors are signing far better quality players

Bould's Eyeliner

It was just a Batman reference. All this transfer news is making me ill.


History does indicate that there is no way Arsene signs a world class player before the champions league qualifier is done… If at all.
Still think we only sign a right back and a goalkeeper… Diaby is back and wouldn’t want to kill Sanogo and Campbell by signing another striker now would we.
Come on Wenga… Splash the wonga. I really fancy a big slice of humble pie.


Considering you use the words “Wenga” and “wonga”, the only pie you deserve is filled with nails and bits of Phil Collins.


June 30, 2014 at 5:41 pm
Nope. Not good enough for me. Maybe you should sit down and ponder when and why you started to accept mediocrity when our competitors are signing far better quality players

So who are these better players, specifically right-backs? Zabaleta wasn’t lauded when arrived. Who else is there?

And after you’ve named the other “non-mediocre” players in your books, let us know how we’re supposed to get that, and how we can stretch the budget to get that player.

Transfers don’t exist in a vacuum. We’re not assembling a fantasy football team.


Third Plebeian

I watch quite a bit of both the Premier League and Ligue 1: Debuchy is a very good right-back, and more solid defensively than Aurier. For me, this move makes sense, because Debuchy is a much more direct replacement for Sagna, who offered great protection to the back four and a solid platform for Walcott. As was pointed out here recently (by Arseblog, I think?), traditionally, Wenger uses his left-backs as wing-backs / attack-minded full-backs, whereas he uses his right-backs more defensively.

In short:

Aurier would be a good replacement for Eboue.

Debuchy would be a good replacement for Sagna.


Spot on, which is why he generally uses a playmaker on the left wing, as the left back does the running up and down the field whilst the left winger tends to drift centrally. Whilst The right side of attack is generally the more direct in behind winger whilst the right back is more solid and not as adventurous.

Paul Terry is worse than John

I’m surprised that so many of the usually bright Arses on here are so in terms of their right-back radar. Debuchy is the first choice France RB ahead of Sagna, is nearly as good a defender and a little better going forward, and wouldn’t cost too much, I would think. In my eyes, Seamus Coleman is a hugely overhyped player and would be very overpriced. He is good going forwards and his combination play is decent but he is just not good enough defensively to play for Arsenal in my opinion, and he is a surprisingly poor crosser for… Read more »


Coleman’s goals overshadow his decent rather than great performances. He’s good for Everton, I don’t think he’s good enough for Arsenal; he’s an exciting highlights player, but just not that gifted a defender.

Desert Fox

I agree – although, it would be cool to have an Irishman playing for us once more!

Rocky Rocastle

Quite similar to Sagna actually. Some stats from the 2013-2014 season below. Sagna: Age 31, Appearances 35. Average defensive actions per game 7. (blocks, interceptions, clearances) Pass accuracy 85%. Chances created 21. Goals 1. Aerial duels 177, Won 67% or 119. Take on’s 16. Succeesfull 50% or 8. Tackles 79, succesfull 57% or 45. Debuchy: Age 28, Appearances 29. average defensive actions per game 8. (blocks, interceptions, clearences) Pass accuracy 73%. Chances created 23. Goals 1. Aerial duels 163, Won 68%, or 111. Take on’s 30, succesfull 53% or 16. Tackle’s 128, succesfull 55% or 71. Aurier: Age 21, Appearances… Read more »


I didn’t realise Debuchy was that good in the air, I thought that would have been the hardest thing about replacing Sagna.

Feel a bit better about this now.

Az Ahmed

Surely these stats show we should be going in for Aurier? The only difference is aerial duels won, but it is not a huge difference, and it is not something that cannot be improved upon. The most important thing I think is that Aurier is better going forward and he is only 21 so he has at least 10 years in him, Debuchy is already 28 so we would only get another 2 or 3 years out of him before deciding to sell him or give him away on a free


It appears that Debuchy is in, but it would be a shame to pass on Aurier. I know this won’t be in the AW script, but acquiring both and loaning Jenks would be ideal. Aurier would be a bit of an experiment because its by no means certain that he will remain in a full back position.


No thanks


Guess Arsene’s bay-watching is about to start yielding some profit


I actually really like him, I think he is under rated a bit. Would be a clever signing as it doesn’t rule Jenko out of fighting for top spot


“Would be a clever signing as it doesn’t rule Jenko out of fighting for top spot”

Does that just mean that Debuchy isn’t so good that he’s definitely above Jenkinson’s potential level? Surely it’d be a good thing to be signing a RB that *does* rule Jenkinson out of ‘fighting for top spot’ insofar as that would mean a better RB.


Perhaps it means that at 28, Debuchy represents a here and now signing, meaning that Jenkinson can still see a path to 1st choice right back at the club he loves if he continues to work hard and develop. I’m not a fan of the “but you will kill X…” line of logic but if we sign someone with a view to the mid-long term rather than short-mid term you might as well tell Jenkinson he’s backup regardless and not to bother. Whereas, if we signed Debuchy then it doesn’t preclude us deciding Jenkinson isn’t good enough in 3 years… Read more »


I don’t know. It sounds like breaking it to him gently that he’s not currently good enough. Yes, he can be given hope, but if he’s second choice while we (in principle) have Debuchy, then he’s not going to have the opportunity to reach his potential. It’s not really in his interest to be kept on the pretence that he might get his chance in a few years. Either he accepts a role as 2nd choice and can motivate himself within that context, or he demands to develop elsewhere. I don’t think the “my time will come” attitude is one… Read more »


Ultimately, we’re a football team that aspires to be as competitive as possible, which means that we put player quality ahead of sentiment. Jenks may be a nice guy and a decent player, but he’s clearly not good enough to be dictating our transfer policy.

Daft Aider

Pretty much what we need, think he would be an ideal Sagna replacement and he already has premiership experience which always helps


Tattoo wise, he will be a fantastic addition to the squad.


It’s, oh, so quiet shh,shh
It’s, oh, so still shh,shh

Msian Gooner

I’d much prefer the security of signing Debuchy than gambling with Aurier.

Aurier could become world class but he could also become Eboue. And I don’t think this is the summer to gamble with players in starting positions.


Wait is it poo-meter or poo-ometer (pronounced like odometer, but obviously poo instead of od)


It has to be poo-ometer pronounced as odou(r)-meter..

Not very good right, I guess I should keep away 🙁


At 28 we’d only get a good 3 years out of him, but in 3 years time Aurier would likely be even better


As will Jenkinson and Bellerin.

Bould's Eyeliner

If we’re actually going to sign Aurier, it would make no sense to do it in 3 years time.


Decent player. Functional. Not exceptional but very Gary Neville like. Just gets the job done. It will give Jenks and Bellerin time to grow and improve so not against it.


Makes a lot more sense then Aurier. I feel a lot of people have judged Aurier solely on the world cup and whilst he is an exciting prospect and looks good going forward, he isn’t as solid defensively as Debuchy.

Debuchy also has premier league experience so an adjustment period wouldn’t be needed which is crucial in making sure we have a solid defence from the start of the season.

I feel Wenger is going for Debuchy as an experienced right back to give Jenkinson and Berelin time to mature before taking on the role later in their careers.


What you’re forgetting is that Aurier has been performing brilliantly in the French league for the past season and a half. He was named best right back last season in France (and in Europe, by the BBC), and has been consistently placed by magazines like L’Equipe in the standard lists of wonderkids to watch for the past four or so years. So really, Aurier’s an immensely talented right back who has been threatening to explode for quite a while; he’s only intruded on our BPL consciousness recently when he played amazingly at the World Cup and set about manacling his… Read more »


I lived in France for the last 2 years and watched Ligue 1 weekly, Ive known about Aurier for a while, and simply am making the judgement that he has at times been found wanting defensively, I don’t at all question him going forward but I feel he has won these awards more so for going forward and impressing there then actual defending. I have no doubts he is a very good player but we all know Wenger doesn’t like to “kill” his players and so bringing in a player of similar age will not help the development of Jenkinson.


Apologies. I agree that he is lacking something defensively, and that there is a sizable chance that this will be shown up, at least initially, when faced with the higher standard of the BPL. However, is it fair to say that his defending is of such poor quality that Jenkinson is preferable? Aurier certainly offers more going forwards; he is, I believe, of higher quality in defence, too. It’s true that Aurier’s arrival might spell the end for Jenkinson’s prospects as a starting Arsenal player, but I can’t see that being a very bad thing. I doubt Jenkinson would ever,… Read more »


Well, Debuchy was in the team of the year of the PL by He’s no slouch

Andy Mack

Ahead of Zabaleta, the Chavski Spanish guy and Sanga…. Clearly it’s a poor ‘team of the year’.


No thank you. The guy is an absolute arse. Newcastle were getting beaten heavily off Liverpool last season (?) and on a yellow card, this coward went and got himself purposely sent off and left his team hanging. I wouldnt want him in my Saturday team let alone in a red shit.


I wouldn’t want him in a red shit either, to be fair.


If you let Debuchy pass through your internals it would no doubt be a very red shit indeed


heh, I read it back and didn’t even notice either… Watch these videos, the whole of the 2nd one if you have time…. Not only is he totally shit at defending but he’s just as bad as Shawcross and all the other shit-kicking wankers we slate on a weekly basis here for flying into tackles to hurt the opponent. A total coward. And for £10+ ?! I live in Newcastle and get to plenty of games at St. James’ and when he’s been fit, which hasn’t been very often of late, he’s been either average or worse. As… Read more »


We could do better I think, but he does pay ahead of Sagna in the French team.


You have to pay to be in the French team? Wow!!


It’s the only way they can get players to play with Evra.


Sissoko is in the France team ahead of Nasri… Sakho ahead of Koss…

Daft Aider

Na$ri is a complete and utter cult though


He’s also a cunt


Na$ti isn’t in the team due to his attitude and the disharmony in the squad when he’s around. A team doesn’t win by just having the best 11 players, it wins by having players who work well with each other, just look back 4 years ago to how France did in South Africa with people like Anelka around.

Hoosier Gunner

I don’t know what amount the club intends to spend on a RB, but all that I hoped for was to ably replace Sagna. if we can get the guy who replaced him for the French national team, I’m good with that.

Atletico Islington

Not really what I was hoping to hear. I’m happy that we’re looking at experienced players as I think Jenkinson will be ready to step up to the first team in the next year or two, but Debuchy seems like a considerable downgrade from Sagna.

Dr Baptiste

The player that is keeping Sagna out of the national team is a step down???

Atletico Islington

I’m going by his performances in the Premier League, which is where I’ve been watching him play for the past two seasons, and where he’ll be playing for us.

Lest we forget, Jo and Fred get regular call-ups for Brazil.


He got himself into team of the year by Wouldn’t that require pretty decent performances in the Premier League?

Dr Baptiste

By your logic, wouldn’t that mean that, bar Neymar, Jo and Fred were better than the available Brazilian strikers?


Hound, what kind of poo do you use on your meter? Is it a solid bran diet poo are a night out on the lash with curry after poo?

Daft Aider

er, thanks?


I can’t be the only one who likes Debuchy? The same Debuchy who’s keeping Bacary Sagna out the France team..

Daft Aider

Everyone seems to want Aurier, even though it seems we’ve never been in for him and having him play behind Theo would potentially mean us conceding goals every game


The same Sakho thats keeping Laurent Koscielny out of the France team…

Springbank 1965

The reason Sakho’s been playing over Koscielny is because Deschamps believes he complements Varane better than Kos.

Springbank 1965

Except on todays when he doesn’t.


Not today he’s not.


Well yes, but he’s keeping Sagna out of the France team on the whims of a loony git who’s playing Sakho(rubbish) and Varane(injured all season) ahead of Koscielny and Mangala…

I’m feeling fairly indifferent about this news. If he’s solid and keeps his head (been an issue for him in the past), then I’m fine if he’s not spectacular (Sagna wasn’t, but solidity, positioning and experience are more important when he also has to cover for Mertesacker on that side).

Dr Baptiste

The loony git that got his team to batter Honduras 3-0 and Switzerland 5-2 to secure qualification? Yes, quite the loon.


Ah yes, Honduras and Switzerland, those bastions of attacking excellence.


Although the attacking part of the French side is seems unquestionably excellent, I also have my doubts about the defensive selection, especially the Sakho – Kos, and Debuchy – Sagna part. Sakho was the weak link of the defense for the pudlians for much of the season while Kos was rock solid, and in my eyes, Sagna is also way superior to Debuchy.

Dr Baptiste

As they say, you can only beat those teams in front of you and France did that quite convincingly.


I think it depends on how much faith do we (or more precisely, does Wenger) have in Jenks. In my opinion, Jenks is not quite ready to be first choice RB, but if Wenger believes in his potential, then Debuchy might just be what we need. Experienced, quality(sh) RB with a few years in him – under which Jenks can deputise him, learn from him and be ready to take over when he surprasses him. If Wenger does not believe in Jenks, then we should get Aurier or Coleman (although the latter seems pretty unlikely with the new contract he… Read more »

The only Olivier is Giroud

I’m all for this… Aurier is exciting, but imagine having three “up and coming young prospects” in such a defensive position. Sign him up and look elsewhere for the creative kicks. Much rather take a punt on an exciting striker/midfielder than throwing caution to the wind with our defence.

Rad Carrot

Mmm, I wouldn’t mind him at RB. He’s an experienced PL player, perfect to mentor Jenks for a few years, and reasonably cheap too. I’m guessing his wages wouldn’t be massively high. Aurier might be putting in some good performances at the World Cup, but it’s an entirely different thing at club level, especially in the PL. It’s all well and good to perform with flair and gusto in a knockout tournament in Brazil, but the true test of any player is if they can replicate that form on some cold, windy, wet November Wednesday evening against the orcs at… Read more »

Gilberto Cazorla19

I’ve been seeing Wenger on a daily basis in the World Cup coverage, and there looks to be no intent of buying any players any time soon and he’s having too much fun playing beach soccer with ppl a quarter his age. Love love love. This is who we need…cheapest and most realistic to most expensive and least realistic. GK: Ochoa, Cesar, Begovic, and I can’t believe we didn’t take Pantillimon on a free. RB/CB: Aurier/ Debuchy/ Martin Indi/ Jerome Boateng CDM: Schniederlin/ Khediera/ Witsel/ (Sandro from Sp***) Winger: Loic Remy (for depth here and CF and his love of… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Well, to be fair to Le Boss, he’s there as a pundit so he can have a few breaks. Don’t forget that the transfer window isn’t even open until tomorrow. We won’t see any signings for at least a couple of weeks, if not until August, knowing how Arsenal works. Your list contains a lot of marquee signings, I think you might get disappointed if you’re after one from each position. I’m not sure that Remy is really a winger either, I’d have him more as a striker. As for the GK position, none of those players would consider for… Read more »


Then why can our rivals get transfers done before the window opens?

Andy Mack

1) we may have done some deals already but they’re unlikely to be announced until the new Puma kit deal comes into effect in july (Mid-july?) as they will not want new signings being seen in the old nike kit.
2) most transfers done so far have been at stupid money.

Desert Fox

That’s a good point re announcing new signings, @AndyMack – hadn’t even thought of that.

Realistically though, what is the likeliness of it being kept quiet by all parties concerned?


I feel this piece to be a bit of an exaggaration, but parts of it might be useful and realistic. As for the GK, Ochoa would be a very good choice indeed. I have been following him for quite a few years now and he is a very good keeper, able to put some pressure on Szcesny, avaliable on free, all boxes tick. Question is wheter he would be willing to warm the bench; in his age, I am not sure about that. Martins Indi might be another exciting prospect. Relatively unknown and probably quite cheap, young lad – but… Read more »


I’m a bit on the fence with this one. I’ve always liked the player, thought he was pretty decent for Newcastle last year, cannot say I’ve watched more of him though. However, he is 28 years old and maybe him and Aurier could both be bought? One for the immediate and the other to be developed into a starting role?

Da Oli G Show

Be nice to add both Debuchy and Aurier. Aurier has played all across the back line and also played some midfield, so he could offer us more depth in all those positions while getting used to England and the Premier League. Meanwhile Debuchy is already 28, he’d be on the downside when Aurier was moving into his prime years. Jenkinson can go out on loan and play full time for a season and get the experience he needs.

We won’t be buying both of them, of course, but it would be great if we did.


Can we do better, of course, but we could also do a lot worse. While right back is important, spending an insane amount on a guy who is just potential (Luke Shaw anyone?) is not a priority. Jenks can do a job there, but this will be good competition.

I think our focus (IE the most money spent) should be on CB and ST…

Gillespie Road

I still can’t believe United have spunked that much cash on an 18 year old. It’s insanity.

Rad Carrot

Agreed. 30mil for an 18 year old full back? That’s put an immense amount of pressure on him. If he doesn’t perform in a year or two, that’s his career ruined.


Lot of people think Debuchy is better than Sagna as he has replaced him in the French national side but in the game that Sagna started, i found him play way better than Debuchy, even his attacking was awesome with some brilliant crosses an through balls. I believe the only reason Sagna was not super attacking at arsenal was his responsibility to cover for the slower Merta and thus we should be looking at a responsible and solid defensive RB. Serge and Debuchy do not come across as the defensive types at all, preferring heroics in the final third. Why… Read more »


Let’s cut the poo, gents. Serge Aurier is the best option & it is as simple as that. Buying Debuchy means spending again in three years, a waste of time. Carl must either come good under pressure or be sold, why protect him from the sort of competition he needs to grow by hiding him behind a RB that he will not start over. As for defensive frailties of Aurier, i didn’t see any goals conceded due to his forays forward but i did see goals scored. This is Arsenal we score goals, you score two we score 3,4,5. Give… Read more »


I can’t believe some guy has made the assumption from watching the boss on telly that he will not make any signings! Madness were do these people come from? I’m pretty sure Wenger isn’t JUST over there for a bit of telly and a tan.

Harish P

I’d be very happy with this.

Donjo Mac

I’ll tell you all again, the deal is already in place for Callum Chambers of Southampton.


Er, that was my little exclusive for the arses if you don’t mind!

Donjo Mac

Been telling everyone on here for ages. I happen to know someone part of the deal – was told 3 weeks ago all done and dusted.
Whether that precludes us from signing a more experienced right back and, if so, what that would mean for Jenks I don’t know.

Daft Aider

I was genuinely upset that we didn’t have some NITK’s here and then you come and bring your special brand….


He’s right though. It was done a done deal a long time ago.

Black Hei

Jenks gonna be our new 4th CB? I don’t mind really, though his heading sucks he is good on the ground.


Hope you supposedly-ITKers are right. I really liked what I’ve seen from Chambers. I wonder, though, why Southampton is letting him go. Are they choosing Nathaniel Clyne over him?


Well this story does seem to carry some weight else would have been just fart.


yes, aurier is a gamble but when has wenger been afraid of that?

play it safe wins you nothing in the long run.

role the dice!


Debuchy isnt going to the AFCON CUP in Jan, and for that reason I’m in!


Although Aurier is good going forward I find him a bit tactically naive when defending.


He may not have been “World Class” for Newcastle, but he’s been playing for NEWCASTLE!
With better players around him he might become “World Class”.

Good Arse

I like that Hull right back….El Mohamedy…..thought he played well against us season just gone. He’d be peanuts (but not a monkey).


I would be happy with us signing Debuchy the main problem though is the price tag Ashley will set will differ greatly from what Arsene would be willing to pay. All this paper talk would be great if it wasn’t always bollock’s mad Mario, Sanchez, Khedira and Debuchy would just be an awesome bunch of signings.

Rocky Rocastle

Short term solution, if we get him cheap, then I dont mind signing him. Bonus that he got PL experience.

rog man

Just like last summer then and no world class signings, hey, JC.


We’re mugs if we pay over the odds for under the odds players. And I’ll bet we do.


Shit on a stick

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I remember saying a week or two ago that it would not be Aurier. I’m here to gloat like I promised I would. We will you guy learn to listen to me? I know more about arsenal than most of the morons in the newpapers and social media peddling false. I for one thinks this is a great move. Remember the DM du jour a few years ago that Gooners young and old had a serious man crush on? Yeap, I think his name was M’VILLA. Whatever became of him. After all these years and all the miracles Arsene has… Read more »

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Typing from my phone. Excuse my numerous grammatical errors above



Whatchhya gon’ do?

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Hmmm. Nothing!


Typical that we are our usual amateurish selves in the transfer market

Aw is commentating for French tv so excuse me for thinking he should be doing his main fucking job and building for next year not on a jolly and then panic buying when clubs reject the predictably derisory offers he will be making. Then it’s there wasn’t top top quality or you don’t always solve problems with signing players

Typical shit arsenal transfer summer

Andy Mack

And you know as fact exactly what AW and the Club officials are doing in the market at the moment as you have an ‘inside source’ !
Or are you just a loud mouth twat that’s guessing….

Chairman Meow

Hope this is another load of bollocks. would much prefer Aurier personally. However does kinda seem like a Wenger signing :/


We’ll probably baulk at the transfer fee and then dick around long enough for someone else to come and nab him.
Rinse repeat

Bouldy's Tupee

Debuchy would be a good signing to pave the way for Jenks and Bellerin’s development. Truthfully, I’d rather have Jenkinson at RB, giving him time to develop his game. A English RB well polished and future England international. Aurier’s defensive skills are dodgy. He’s more about of a wingback than a defender. Jenko got my vote since he owned floppin’ Robben in that Champions league game against Bayern.


Very Wenger signing. Doesn’t want to prevent the development of younger players (Jenkinson). Debuchy is solid bordering on very good, and Wenger can bring the best out of these sorts of players. Gives Jenks a couple more years to develop, while learning of an international quality RB.

Black Hei

Debuchy is preferred over Aurier probably due to the BFG. With his lack of pace, the BFG can get exposed to quick counters if the RB doesn’t track back sufficiently. I guess this is why Wenger opt for an experienced head instead.

Of course I might sound like an absolute idiot if Arsenal suddenly announce the signing of Aurier in 2 weeks. Same for that Henry Goal guy up top.


You are not making sense.

Aurier, Debucchy and Coleman all have sufficient pace to cover at RB.

Plus this whole Metersecker lacks pace issue is a media red herring.

Yes he is slow but so are many other Cbacks.

The more crucial issue is having Koscielny covering for him which works well for us. Thereby the third Cback (if when Vermalen leaves) needs to preferably have a blend of both height and pace to rotate through meterscielny.

Black Hei

I was talking more about approach, not pace.

A RB that attacks relentlessly will expose BFG to 1-vs-1 on counters unless the DM is up to scratch. There is only so much positioning one can do when faced with a fast dribbler who has space to run into.

That is my rationale, IF, Wenger consciously opted for Debuchy. For all we know it could be the price is too high or we face PSG in a hopeless bidding war, or maybe Aurier might have signed on already.