Man City 0-3 Arsenal: Player ratings


Here we go with our first player ratings of the new season, this time from the 3-0 win over Man City in the Community Shield.

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve changed the system slightly, you rate each player then click the ‘Cast Vote’ button down at the bottom, rather than voting for each player individually.

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Analyzed Giroud’s goal in great detail. Definitely no deflection. There’s one camera angle that makes it look like it because the shot and initial flight are hidden by a City defender’s leg. But you can tell from the swerve, trajectory and the spin on the ball that there was no deflection.

Gary Baldy

At least the keeper didn’t get a touch on the Giroud goal, either !


Yeah! Everything about it was perfect, I also liked that it wasn’t TOO loopy, just the perfect trajectory to go over the keeper while still looking incredibly elegant.

Midwest Gooner

I’m certain the shot was taken from the grassy knoll.


Wenger should get som credit, putting wilshere on, and pretty much man marking, Toure took him out of the game. Obviously great job by Jack to make good on the game plan


Sorry for the weird sentences, I was on mobile ordering at McDonalds

Mertesacker's Per

errm…you don’t have to extend community shield’s advertisement here




Then I’ll refrain from mentioning where I ate lunch today…

Sheffield Goon

Trophy number 2. I’m lovin’ it.


F.A. cup winners and community shield winners I’m loving it, its the real thing, for everything else …..MasterCard and now a word from our sponsors 🙂

Fireman Sam

No worries mate, McDonald’s can make you speak funny.

Don Cazorleone

Thought Debuchy and Chambers did fantastically today.
No hiccups as far as I saw.
A seamless transition.

damien joyce

the huge difference it makes when buying players who have either played here for a few seasons or are bred here, no settling in period needed, still think caulker would have been a great buy and can’t think of a DEF we cld get from EPL anyway, Agger is shit for me, way to similar to what we just sold. Winston Reid cld be short term answer, but for me if versatility is the buzz word then I’d go full tilt for Daley Blind


The three players I was most impressed with were Debuchy, Chambers, and Gibbs. No disrespect to Kos, who was solid-as-always, but those three managed to really stand out.

I think Debuchy and an improved Gibbs are going to give us an added impetus going forward. I have a feeling that this is going to be an exciting season!!!


Spot on mate – for me the really huge plus pre-season has been the sensational form of Chambers. Once again, Arsene DOES know.


Damn straight, and yet, room for improvement! I’m nervous about my own excitement … COYGs!!


I’m so excited to Calum Chambers blossomed in our red and white.

There is something special in that kid.
And he’s quite dreamy too.

Exciting times ahead

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Brendan Rodgers, exactly HOW MUCH did you pay for those three former-Southampton players of yours?

Liverpool this year are the Tottenham of last year… 80 million odd pounds… poof!

Fireman Sam

Yeah I was having same conversation with a mugsmasher mate of mine earlier. But Rodgers is a better manager than Spurs had so they might not suffer as much. And Spurs are just naturally a pile of turd even if they do spend 100m it’s just like buying a more expensive turd.


Nasri is a cunt


That’s what Koscielny was trying to convey to his rather opaque skull at the end of the game, while they were waiting for their due trophy and losers medal, but he was having none of it – to no great surprise.

Fireman Sam

Here here. (And that line is always going to get a lot of thumbs up on this blog – and rightly so – although marginally less than “john terry is a cunt”)


Bonus rating – Michael Owen is still a marble mouth cunt.

Don Cazorleone

Can’t believe nobody has started a petition yet to get him off the tele…

It was less than 5 minutes of hearing him before I remembered exactly why I hate BT sport and michael owen so very much.

well.. that and they don’t do that neat little line trick that sky sports do when they show an offside ruling


Just think how tiny the viewing figures will be for champions league next year, when its on that shit exclusively, no ITV? Thank god its in my virgin package, i could never pay separately for it.

Stewart Robson's therapist

In fairness to Michael Owen – I say that, but you should never be fair to Michael Owen – he did actually defend us when the commentator said “we should point out that City are missing players today”. He pointed out that Arsenal are too. Maybe redemption isn’t out of the question. Although how we can go from “won’t make the top four” to “title contenders” in his estimations is anyone’s guess.


Michael Owen would not consider us title contenders if we have eleven Peles playing for us. He’s a biased twat, pure and simple.


One of the most shockingly impressive things about Chambers game was his first time clearances/passes, never seen such quick vision and composure from a 19 year old CB or whatever position he is, to have a ball player at the back like that will add a whole new dimension to the team. Like with Lovren at Liverpool, Kompany at city it just gives you another option to find players further forward without going through the usual cb – dm – fb – etc etc… He picked out Sanchez for instance on several occasions, starting quick counters when most CBs or… Read more »


A lot of the fouls on Wilshere are nervy so the officials have to be ‘worked’ as matches progress. But I think Toure showed class in that respect. No offense to SB, Stoke is another matter entirely … 😛

Norske gooner

I agree….his bias is sickening

Arteta's hair

Rambo is fucking UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Also loved how modest he was when lifting the trophy. Definitely has his sight set on bigger things this season!

Rambos Hair

Thanks for the gel.

Clock End Mike

Prefer the old ratings system – better feedback, couldn’t click on stars at first today (now I’ve voted, it seems I can!), had to type in the score. Can see the point of sending in the votes all at one go, tho’.


Well done lads great win today, Nice to have the numbers back, Im sick of watching countdown

Oor Wullie

I’ve yet to see a headline that says we “thrashed” them. If the scoreline was reversed that’s exactly the word that would be used everywhere to satisfy fickle journalists’ idea of narrative.

Don Cazorleone

jesus, if it was reversed it would be the apocalypse and a summer of failed signings


Makes me laugh how BBC talk about their absentees.. “However, he was not helped by the absence of Vincent Kompany, Pablo Zabaleta, Fernandinho, Sergio Aguero, Martin Demichelis, Frank Lampard, Bacary Sagna and Alvaro Negredo for the game.” How ever did they cope without their back up right back, a striker who hasn’t scored for six months and a player signed only to get their squad in line with regulations about homegrown talent?! I’d wager that their team still cost significantly more than ours, particularly without Ozil. On a less cynical note, Calum Chambers is absolutely unreal, enjoyed his performance more… Read more »


tbh kompany played argentina same round france played germany so thats their choice for not opting to play sagna and kompany. man city should have asked them back near enough same time vermaelen koscielny, debuchy and giroud returned for pre season.


We had 6 missing

Our world cup holy trinity of Germans

Theo Walcott

On account of Vermalen’s departure, a Cback

AND lets not forget Abou Diaby. Even with rare appearances, he should count for at least fat Lamps.;)

What are they complaining about? Lack of depth? Poor British players making numbers on the bench for high prices?

Lame excuses.


A Norwegian news site reported the match with the title meaning something along the lines of ‘Chanceless Man City got Arsenal beating’, so apparently we Norwegians think that City got a bit of a pummeling.


Also, the text underneath the headline says ‘There was only one team on the pitch when the first trophy of the year was handed out at Wembley today’.

Dial Square Charity XI

The article goes on to state that “a TV pundit had compared Sanchez to Messi, and rightly so”. The Norwegians do like drawing comparisons to Messi though.


pretty jealous of ian wright for getting to hug rambo today.


Everyone gets a 10 as we put 3 past man city and did not concede!


here here

Fireman Sam

Yip, couple of close shaves but generally great defending. Feeling great tonight and really looking forward to this season.


Definitely thought Gibbs was top notch. His defending (mainly his proximity) was relentless. Chambers and Kos looked great together. Debuchy was a little suspect a couple times, let’s hope that gets sorted. Sanchez’s counter attacking won’t let teams press us so high. This is exciting

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Bonus rating. Crowd 10/10 for booing Nasri, leaving Clichy alone and doing the Poznan at 3-0.

Clichy got a small boo at the start which was a bit of a shame. As Nasri walked up the Wembley steps: ‘Nasri whats the score?!’ Great banter from the Gunners especially the Poznan.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

10/10 for arsenal fans doing the Poznan


Chambers was my man of the match also. The kid didn’t looked a bit fazed….future arsenal legend me thinks

Mikel Artekkers

All I could hear from the crowd on TV were Arsenal chants. Was anyone at the game/is this how it actually was? Good job to the team and fans regardless. I was very impressed with how cohesive the side was even with the new boys and Sanogo crowbarred into it.


Me and my mate were there today, atmosphere was awesome- singing non stop from start to finish.. Also heard this chant being repeated from when some guy made it up on arsenal fan tv- quality

He came to us from sunny spain- Sanchez! Sanchez!
He hates the mugs from down the lane- Sanchez! Sanchez!
He chose to come to london town and turned the fucking scousers down- Alexis Sanchez!


The first Arsenal game where I haven’t had a heart attack!I feel I can live past 45 now!

PS: BTW votes are still processing after reading the articles,the comments and writing the comment

Soqed Hozi

I can’t vote on my phone. I’m running Android kitkat.


Sagna thinking he’s made a wrong decision like the others to leave at the wrong time


Do we really have to keep having a go at Sagna? He left on good terms and saw out his contract. Move on.


Wilshire was such a foul magnet today. He’s got the moves and skill to blow by opponents, but not enough speed to avoid being hauled to the ground.

Great result overall! Giroud’s goal was something really special. I guess he feels Yaya breathing down his neck. Amazing what a little competition for places can do.


I particularly enjoyed the fact that one Yaya was infinitely more effective than the other.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Our Yaya couldn’t give flying fuck whether the team remember to buy him a birthday cake… he just cares about the trophies.

Mo baz

Impressive start. Good to give everyone a runout the. And it’s good to keep winning, especially against a big team.

We will continue to beat the rubbish teams this season as well I think. But will need to do better against the top 4. would like us to at least be even the time we play all the big teams. So we take 3 at least from the 2 games we play against City, Liverpool Chelsea and united


Good start today against one of them.


In those flip flops, Sanchez reminds me of Martini from one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

not a comedian

Alexis was my Motm..really set the tone for the game early on with his one point he was pressing high, then sprinted back to help Debuchy as City countered. This type of play will be invaluable and infectious this year. On top of his stellar defence, he was integral in the first 2 goals..the second of which saw him sprinting from the back, receiving a PERFECT Wilshere pass, then making his own perfect through ball to Sonogo who found “the Man” Ramsey for the nice goal. Chambers was awesome too..great reader of the situation..Dzeko schooled him on that one… Read more »

wake me up yaya sanogo

Was impressed with Szczesny coming off his line today seems Ospina’s arrival has got him on his toes. Debuchy looks a great replacement for Sagna quality defensively and going forward with some crunching challenges and great crosses. Gibbs looks like he’s improving all the time. koscielny still looks a little lacking fitness but Chambers looks like the stand out buy so far. His composure and reading of the game for a 19 year old are unreal looks like a future Arsenal and England captain for sure. Still have my doubts about Arteta and think we’re short a DM Wilshire done… Read more »


My god, how good has Gibbs been in the last 2 seasons? Much better Defensively than Baines and Shaw, while also good going forward. Such an asset at left back.

norske gooner

Soo important for us to lift another trophy…any trophy at this point…think alexis did create the tone and his speed kept city chasing…


blogs… why am i seeing ‘play the liverpool way’ ad on this page?

Mertesacker's Per

because you’re not using adblock/adblock+

Mertesacker's Per

Fair enough. For a moment there I forgot you and your team does a great job of maintainig this portal free of cost for all of us. Sorry about that.

*note to self: don’t promote adblockers on portals you trust and depend upon ad revenue.*

Stewart Robson's therapist

Chambers looks like he has all the qualities to play the defensive midfield role Wenger hinted at giving him last week, though it would be a lot to ask of a teenager who’s only just joined. On the other hand, nothing has fazed him so far. At the very least, a midfield pair of Chambers and Ramsey would keep all the lady Gooners happy, I’m sure.


My daughter was horrified to find out Ramsey just got married, but she’s got high hopes for Chambers – they’re even the same age! Now if she can just get herself an introduction to him, I could be living off my in-law’s wages by the end of the season.

Arsenal 4eva

Szczesny was quality today. Very confident in all he did, deserves an 8 at least for me. Great team performance and another trophy getting sick of arsenal winning everything!!!!!


For the reader ratings, can you not round it to 1 decimal place like your ratings? Looks clunky.


Oor Wullie
August 10, 2014
I’ve yet to see a headline that says we “thrashed” them. If the scoreline was reversed that’s exactly the word that would be used everywhere to satisfy fickle journalists’ idea of narrative.

Check the daily star website. 🙂


Q: How many hours has it been since Arsenal has won silverware?
A: A few

Q: Okay, then, before THAT how long has it been?
A: Just a few months, mate.

I love it. Two matches, two pieces of lovely silverware for the dining room (pitch).

Mentioned it to a Liverpool supporting friend and he wasn’t too happy with me. Poor misguided fella he is.




Must say Liverpool have been pretty good pre-season.

But their fans are like a religious cult.

They get a hall pass on account of their affiliates in the media even if they haven’t been competing in the CL for quite a while now.

Be interesting to see how they handle CL and PL (+cups) particularly without the biting Capybara this season


That’s slander. Rafael Nadal has never bitten anyone on a tennis court.

roger McDonagh

Could anyone please shut Roy Curtis up?? It nay come to murder( which I do not condone) but seriously, the biggest wind up merchant ever!!


Can we add a 10/10 for Ian Wright’s half time dig at Nasri and his bonkers missus? It gave me a good laugh


Just think how tiny the viewing figures will be for champions league next year, when its on that shit exclusively, no ITV? Thank god its in my virgin package, i could never pay separately for it.


he rosickyd, haha. Anyway all around brilliant performance from the lads. Many positives to be taken from this.


Fantastic result and plenty more to come!
Great team Mr Wenger. Very happy!

Zhuge Liang

I had no idea Giroud could do THAT. Wow.


The only noise to come from the citeh side of wembley were sighs and wimpers. Out played out scored out sung and out booed lmao.


The numpties in the media bleating on about City missing 8 key players. We were missing our 3 World Cup winning Germans. Also missing Theo Walcott. And a Cback in lieu of Vermaelen’s departure and Diaby who should at very least count for fat Lamps. That’s 6 there. Don’t see the media making too big a case of the fact that City had no English players and what they had were clearly second grade players bought at high price to make up numbers. Rodwell anyone? In contrast, the media derided Arsenal way is to bring in British players and school… Read more »


So no more media bleating on about our last trophy then. For those still bleating on about us needing a strapping atheletic type in DM the likes of MVila, Wanyama, Gustavo and recently Carvalho, clean sheet. Sure it was a make shift City squad but we were playing 4 wingbacks at one stage in defense. 1) Arteta is going no where. He is captain and more importantly, it would be extremely risky to replace him as someone most familiar to our main Cback pairing of Meterscielny this late into season. Besides, he hardly put a foot wrong. 2) Flamini and… Read more »


Good showing by both Chambers and Debuchy today. There is a reason why Sagna is being kept out of the French squad not that it matters to most media pundits. They will discount our chances of silverware because we have lost Vermaelen…not like we won’t reinforce. Love the extra dimension Alexis gives us. As mentioned we were without certain assets against big teams last season. Wenger did not have an asset next to Arteta or Flamini that could make a difference bc both Jack or Ramsey deployed were ask to attack further up field so as not to isolate Girud.… Read more »


A nice start for sure with lots of positives. We need a central defender and a defensive mid for sure. Is that Nasri still whinging….


Was anyone else getting warm and fuzzy flashbacks when seeing Debuchy side on?? Dead ringer for Freddie!!!


Although it was a half assed City, everyone were very impressive today. Ramsey stands out like a beacon and I hope he continues to do so. I am also very impressed with Yaya Sanogo’s improvement. He just needs to gain more experience and score more goals then he can be a very striker.


Giroud touching the ball all of like 3 times in the whole game and getting Man of the Match tells you just how low the caliber of “analysis” on BT sport is. Chambers was the obvious choice, maybe Ramsey if you want to be emotional about it…Giroud? Not in a million years. Surely the HFB is having a good laugh about that one.


One of the most shockingly impressive things about Chambers game was his first time clearances/passes, never seen such quick vision and composure from a 19 year old CB or whatever position he is, to have a ball player at the back like that will add a whole new dimension to the team. Like with Lovren at Liverpool, Kompany at city it just gives you another option to find players further forward without going through the usual cb – dm – fb – etc etc… He picked out Sanchez for instance on several occasions, starting quick counters when most CBs or… Read more »


Tits!! What a titty win


I’m really hoping Jack can step up this season. Especially if we don’t sign a proper DM. He gets slotted in there next to Arteta, and he always seems so casual on the ball. Must cut out the turnovers and pickup his defensive work rate.


What a win! COME ON!!