Sunday, October 2, 2022

Arsenal 1-2 Southampton: player ratings

Despite going ahead through a cracking Alexis free kick, the Gunners went down 2-1 to Southampton to go out of the Capital One Cup in the third round. Here’s how the players rated.

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve changed the system slightly, you rate each player then click the ‘Cast Vote’ button down at the bottom, rather than voting for each player individually.

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Bellerin, Sanchez and Diaby getting 60 mins. Other than that- wank.


I was pretty impressed with Hayden, not a fan?


Oh yeah Hayden wasn’t bad…looking back I was probably a bit too critical. Back four and Ospina didn’t really do anything wrong. Rosicky had a shocker along with Campbell, but they’re not costing us 100k a week like a certain Mr Lukas Podolski…

Bould's Eyeliner

I believe Hayden and Coquelin were also noteworthy. Coquelin might have had a a little difficulty here and there but for the most part he showed a good resolve and also did quite well to hold onto the ball many times.

Bould's Eyeliner

oh yeah and Ospina showed that he will make a decent keeper as well, to provide some good competition for szcz

Bould's Eyeliner

And another afterthought, this was a Southampton team that gave pretty much everyone they played so far, quite a lot of trouble. Our defense made a fantastic showing tonight as a whole.


did someone see poldi sprinting… :S
defence did well hayden calum and hector are so skillful
rozza was bad
campbell and diaby average

Barry Bonds

I thought Ospina was pretty solid, bar the second goal. His kicking is much better than Szc and I like that he stands strong in one on ones (see his first save) unlike Szc who tends to just fall to the ground and hope he saves it. That being said, I think Szc may have saved Clyne’s shot since Szc is 5″ taller than Ospina and I think his reach would’ve made a difference.


No chance for any keeper on a goal like that, but definitely agree on Ospinas distribution compared to Woj…….I love Woj, that’s my Polish brethren, but I don’t think a lot of people realize how much his distribution is a negative towards us. From knowing when to go short/long & throw/punt, to the way he goes about it just has not improved over the years & might have actually regressed, even more so now that Sagna isn’t there to win those 50/50 headers Woj loves to lump up most of the time.


For Ospina this was his first competitive match since the last WC game in early July for him, like field players the keepers need a few matches to get sharp as well. All things considered thought he did very well especially with such a young defensive line in front of him against a solid squad like SH.

Özil's left foot

At least we never lost to mk dons after spending 150mil in the transfer window right?


Don’s still in it. Two more goals for Afobe!


This score will be surely forgotten if we slap some Sp*rs asses on Saturday.

Clock End Mike

Sad to see Rosicky looking so out of touch, I expected him to really make things happen tonight. Diaby was good, had more excuse that TR for being rusty but he did nothing wrong. I want to like Podolski, but he really is a waste of space 95% of the time, should have been substituted. Credit to the the young back four, they were excellent. Once again, the midfield just didn’t quite click. Passes just a bit astray, dwelling on the ball too long… I’m really lost for an explanation of why we’re looking so pedestrian so often this early… Read more »


Didn’t get to see the game but I am glad the youngsters did well at the back.


Can’t expect TR7 to be sharp either, blame Wenger for not playing him at all this season.


Agree 100%, hard to be sharp with so little action. Unlike Podolski at least he tried and his mistakes were not from lack of effort.


Actually Diaby has featured heavily for the U21s over the past few weeks while Rosicky has barely had a game. Moreover Rosicky is approaching 30* and Diaby is just hitting the peak of his game at 25* so we can’t expect them to both have the same energy levels.

*Quoted in football years

Giroud's Mistress

Hopefully Rosicky will still chip in with his customary goal against spuds at the weekend though…


At least Rosicky wasn’t hiding. Tried hard, it just wasn’t his night. Will be better next time. Class is permanent, remember?

Arsene Nose

I bet Szcz would have saved that shot.. He definately could have done better.. But sharpness would come with more game time.. At least Rosicky tried, can’t say the same for podolski


Another wonder-strike hit against us that a player will never even come close to replicating again in his career……..happens at least once a season.


Along with the inevitable… “they’ve never beaten them in 30 years”… oh.


Bonus rating: a jealous 0/10 to Southampton’s fans for booing Calum Chambers. Barely ever started for them and took the opportunity to go to a big club. Plus they got a good fee for him.


Agreed. They should spend more time booing the overrated egotistical trio who dumped them for those one-season wonders at Anfield.


That’s unfair…….You don’t know what went on or what was said at their club during the transfer. Other clubs supporters won’t really understand our feelings towards certain players, so we shouldn’t judge…….unless it’s the Spuds or the Chavs, those scum are all fair game!!!


I love podolski but we should keep him only as a dressing room entertainer. the only chance he had over the whole 90 mins he wasted it. why did Wenger not bring on akpom much earlier in place of podolski? the comments about ospina’s better ball distribution is true, but if he was a few inches taller he, perhaps might have done better on the 2nd goal. Sanchez is, perhaps too busy for my liking. he should dribble less and try to find his teammates with more accurate passes. all in all, it is good to have this distraction of… Read more »


Podolski’s off the ball movement is literally non-existant, he doesn’t know where to run. His game time should defo be limited now, he had a chance to show Arsene why he should give him a go and nothing, no effort whatsoever. You don’t want anyone else in the position he was when he missed his chance, he’s got a left foot and a half but that effort was pathetic. Fuck him


In his defence, our build up play wasn’t great, just nothing for him to work with.

In his criticism, I was watching him at one point, very little movement around the back 4, not much for midfielders to aim at.


Fair enough, really. For such a makeshift back line, the defending was pretty competent. It was some of the more experienced players that failed to step up, but there’s no need for the result to trigger mass hysteria. I prefer to focus on all that was good about Alexis and the defenders, with an honourable mention for Diaby, whose first half had us oldies once again sighing about what might have been.

Lil Billy Bedwetter Bill

It’s sad to see how Arsenal players no longer tend to run or just have that winning spirit that every player should. Sad to see also Alexis frustration, I do believe if the team continues to play like this, he’ll lose his shit and is going to switch clubs. He’s the only one that really goes for the win. Hope Arsene Wenger will fix this soon.


Poor showing for Campbell. He’s got his work cut out as we’ve got Akpom, Gnabry, and Afobe waiting in the wings. Likewise for Podolski: love the hi-jinks but just doesnt cut it anymore, it seems.


I just worry that performances like these from Podolski and Campbell along with few games in the near future will reduce the transfer fees we could get for them.


Wanted to give Podolski 0/10 but couldn’t.




Bellerin was one of our best players today! love his speed 🙂


Bollocks. His touch is poor and got caught on the ball a lot it seemed. My personal hate figure whilst I was at the game. Podolski was close though. Just doesn’t seem interested.


You weren’t watching the same game crispy. I stood 10 metres from Bellerin for 45 minutes and I was damn impressed. His speed, ability to work himself out of tight situations and telepathic connection with Chambers (who was also fantastic) were very encouraging. His attacking play needs some work but that will come. Podolski, on the other hand, looked sluggish and disinterested. The most telling aspect was he didn’t even call for the ball or make himself available. He just isn’t a team player and from the looks of it, never will be.


We we’re definitely watching the same game. Amazing how points of view can be so different although we completely agree on Podolski.

Had real high hopes and expectations for Bellerin based on his pre season games. Probably explains why I was disapointed with his game. Saying that, as a whole we we’re pretty dire.

Highlight for me was Diaby. He’s properly filled out and played well after such a long lay off. There is still a real player in there. Here’s hoping he gets fitter, stronger and contributes this season


The fact that you have a ‘personal hate figure’ tells the whole story.


Not really. Disappointed with poor performance, result and general evening out after a shit day at work.




Fuck you and your ‘personal hate figure’. Why even bother turning up to the game if that’s your attitude?


Hey chill, let’s do lunch.


Stop logging as me and generating all this hate with dodgy comments. You wait till I tell your mother.


In addition to the attacking options his speed gives us, he used it really well in recovery situations.

Would have liked his crossing to be better, but that’s for another day. (and it’s not like we had any CF target men either)

Man Manny

I’m just so happy Diaby played and played well. His strength will be needed in the very physical games like Stoke.
Apart from that, this was more of a bonus game for me. Something to whet my appetite for my beloved team. Looking forward to Saturday.
Apart from Rosicky, Pod and Campbell, everyone did okay if you ask me.
So glad Diaby played (Oh I’ve said that before). Hope he stays fit.
Roll on Saturday.


Is it me or has he been on the protein shakes.


Bendtner… LOL!!


Sick and tired of Rosicky.

Hugh Jarse

Rosicky is sick and tired of you


Rosickys performance, (or lack there of) surprised me. He literally ran the show for majority of Czech Republic match during the International break & is definitely not known for such an off-touch & unmotivated performance. Very strange behavior from Tomas today, just looked out of it completely.

Alright Mate

Was his passing off, or were his teammates not anticipating his passing? i love how he passes ‘for’ the player, not ‘to’ the player. Ozil has made similar comments praising his passing.

No doubt it was not his best performance, but on some cases his teammates weren’t reading him IMO.


Fair play on a few passes, but he just wasn’t the Rosicky we know at all. The lack of movement & drive, mis-hits, he was just off. I’m not looking into it or blaming him at all. I know he isn’t “past it” (like our DMs) bc his national team performances have been excellent recently. He’s one I still want at the club for the future if he doesn’t want to retire at Dortmund……some newer/younger fans really missed out on that pre-injury Rosicky, there’s a reason players like Marco Reus idolize him. One of my favorite players, so it was… Read more »


Campbell wasn’t too bad.He made quick decisions,burst into space.He should get more runs in games both for his form and gelling with the team’s sake.I felt Podolski,not him,shoulda come off for the Ox.


They did well but i doubt this is a game conclusions if any should be drawn from.


I think we lost this game in big part due to TR7 poor performance. I don’t understand why Podolski was not subbed early on! Arsenal is a big club and when you don’t perform you have to be subbed even if it’s Capital One cup.


Don’t care about the result. All I wanted to know about was… 1. Hayden. We’re gonna bloody need him now our 3rd CB is now our starting RB meaning we have no cover. Happy he did well. 2. Bellerin. See above. 3. Le Coq. Similar to above, but for DM. Though he didn’t play there, happy he did well. Needs a chance at DM as I think he can do a better job than Flim-Flam. 4. Sanchez up top. I still predict he will become our starting CF, with Welbeck as back up. 5. Campbell. Sounds like he had a… Read more »

Mate Kiddleton

Hayden and Bellerin. Strong performances against a full strength Southampton side. It’s extremely satisfying seeing our youth products step up. Suddenly I feel a lot better about our defensive crisis.


Hayden did look good. Was better than Chambers in the 2nd half from where I was sitting. Might be due to the Southampton fans getting on his case and booing every touch. Weirdly the Ox got a massive cheer when he came on.


Shame about Rosicky and Podolski. I was quite excited to see them in the team.


I was also disappointed with TR7 and Poldi but have a look at their situation. TR7 is on one year extended contract, so AW will play him only when everybody else is injured. Poldi on the other side was on the way out and the only reason he is still in Arsenal is because of Girouds injury. His transfer deal was cancelled at the last moment (similar to last year’s TGSTEL when AW failed to get Ba from Chelsea). So he knows he is out of Arsenal either in January or June. On top of that he is about 30… Read more »


Hayden looks a very promising defender, get him to work with Mertesecker on his positioning and he can become a really good defender with Chambers. Let’s hope Diaby can stay fit and get his match fitness up more, I think his physical presence could be needed in the Chelsea game in a few weeks. Podolski’s a good player but for a 100k per week really doesn’t warrant that, should be made available for transfer in January.


I was so pleased when I saw Poldi & Rosicky on the team sheet…but they were both AWFUL, especially Poldi disappointed me…he was walking about, not really doing anything On the positive side Isaac Hayden , Bellerin, Coquelin, & Diaby were all great….Hayden & Bellerin were exciting to watch Fantastic prospects for the future… it was just the strikers that let us down BADLY……I wish Chuba had come on at half time instead of Podolski…he in my opinion is a better striker than Benik and he scored 2 tonite for MKdons We have some good young talent, such a shame… Read more »


Anyone who slags off rosicky is not a true arsenal fan. Today may have been an off day but he is a leader in terms of the example he sets on the pitch. Things might not have gone for him but he still wanted the ball and tried to make things happen. He just needs more and deserves more game time, because he makes things happen and will always contribute defensively. I just love Tomas.

Wenger's Glasses

Nobody is slagging off Rosicky. He’s just having a bad game tonight. It happens.


Weird performance..

Podolski was fucking woeful but lazy awel.. Rosicky wasn’t much better but at least worked hard.

Campbell wasn’t effective but he was efficient with the ball and he worked hard also.

Wilshere was Wilshere.

Everybody else was very good.

Diabys performance was exceptional when you consider the length of time he has been out and the fact he played like that against Southamptons pressing. Arsenal fans across the world pray we can get a full season and seasons to come out of this guy.


As cup losses go this was fairly acceptable, a young defence against a full strength team who are playing well at the moment. Clyne’s goal was unstoppable, although some closing down might have helped. Some promising performances from Ospina, Hayden, Bellerin and Sanchez. Some awful performances from Poldi, Campbell and Rosicky. All three have made noises about lack of opportunities, but if that’s what they can offer they’re lucky to make the bench. Podolski in particular frustrated me, didn’t seem interested and really should have led by example as one of the senior members of that team. He’s got a… Read more »


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this our first defeat at the Emirates for almost a year?


Ugh. Couldn’t wait for that to be over! We were a one man team tonight and that man was Diaby! Alexis had a few clicks but tried too hard to take the glory. Bellerin was a liability, Coq was always out of position, Wilshere was back to his headless chicken routine, Chambers is not good enough for 3rd choice, I’m sick of Rosicky constantly dribbling sideways. What more could I say?


Yep you don’t have to. We don’t rly want you to say anything more.


To be honest, with the amount of injuries we’ve got and lack of defenders, this is probably one competition we can do without.


Said it for ages, players like Podolski are more interested in Twitter, his own ego, and modelling etc.. I wouldnt look to much into Rosicky’s performance, he will play better in our first team, and has not played much. For me, thumb me down if you like, but Podolski should be sold in January, and the money from the sale, put towards, a striker, or a DM. Preferably a DM if Giroud is back. Would have been nice to go through, seeing as we played a home game, but obviously it would have hurt more if it was the Fa… Read more »


sadly the Wilshere-Ramsey double pivot never works out as well as we’d like it to.


Özil in middle of Wingers*

The Woj Factor

I really have to question Podolski’s desire on the pitch. For the training photos he’s all smiles but when he plays he goes completely invisible. Always on the backfoot and never shows for the ball. I don’t think he’s comfortable on the wing at Arsenal, but whenever he’s been played upfront he’s been just as unnoticeable.

Great to see Diaby back. He may have lost some valuable playing years but he’s gained some hair. Fingers crossed that he can take the Arteta/Flamini role permanently sometime this season…

We need a striker and a DM

Can’t blame Poldi and Rosicky so much, sitting on the bench for long affects form and c’mon, we all know that.
They should get more game time. And I never thought it was a good Idea throwing in all the benchers into one game, we need to do some mixing with regulars. Either Mert or kosiceny should have played.


Brilliant, a fan who doesn’t even watch the press conference.


The way Sanchez ran for the ball going out for a goal kick… it was just amazing to see that sort of dedication. Any other player would have let it go but sanchez went for it and managed to get just ball just inches away from the line.


I like Podolski but I never understood why some fans think he deserves to start week in week out. I didn’t see the game today but his rating didn’t surprise me. Ok I was a little surprised because I felt he’d have a point to prove but I’ve seen plenty of games where he’s just disappeared, and there are more of those then ones where he’s made a difference. He’s a good player but he shouldn’t be getting games just because he’s on twitter and instagram a lot!


glad the youngsters apparently did well, was starting to worry about our academy. Hopefully they get more chances in the FA cup, etc.


The youngsters did REALLY well…it kind of made the night…the only sad thing is that now they are out of the cup they ‘may’ not get another chance to show how good they are this season.

Unlike and earlier poster, I thought Bellerin/Hayden/Chambers & Coq were ALL really good, great prospects for the future…it was not our defence that let us down…we should have scored at least another goal.


Poldi poldi poldi I love poldi I think we should fire our mascott and hire poldi instead or hire poldi as our second mascot…he seems to be taking his career at arsenal very lightly.. jus like he does on social media… even before the game he was all on instagram talking up the game.. and then did nothing! He’s got so much talent he could be the our vanpersie with that left foot of his if he just showed more interest and commitment… but now as much as I love poldi I will not be sad to see him go..… Read more »


The biggest win for us today is : NO INJURIES. Other than that, shame we are out but in truth, not an important tournament. FA cup, PL and CL take precedence. Coquelin had a good go and happy to see him still hungry which is more than I can say for Podolski who seems to have one foot out of the door. Bellerin again, added something for us going forward, kept it tidy at the back. hard to begrudge the fact that this is very much a hodgepodge mix of players with two very raw Centre halves who did OK.… Read more »


I had a dream 2 days ago. Welbeck scored a hatrick at Old Trafford to win us the league. I then searched Arsenal fixtures on google, it only went up to November, so i went on the Arsenal website to check, and Arsenal play United at Old Trafford. As they say dreams can come true. Here is my promise, if we are in with a chance of sealing the Premiere League title, when we visit Old trafford, if Welbeck gets more than one goal, (ie,2 or 3) i will jump the boardings at Old trafford, wearing nothing but an Arsenal… Read more »


Good game overall, podolski is wasting space and 110k worth of wage as far as am concerned. I remember eboue was a jokster and elevated spirits but I also remember he gave hundred percent when called upon. Podolski might be tired of playing at the top level, He should be sold on January to leave space for hungry players like Campbell(not one of his finest showing but wasn’t invisible), gnabry and akpom. Wenger should find a place for Coqlin in the team atreta is old and doesn’t provide the energy Coqlin can argue reading the game but that comes… Read more »


Arsenal play united at Old trafford, the second last game of the season*


Podolski 2.5 lol that was generous.

All he can do and has ever been able to do is shoot. I hope people stop clamouring for him to get in the team now. Lovely bloke and all but not good enough


He does whip in good cross. Seem to remember him do it for Giroud a couple of times. Disappointing but when given a run in the team (early last season) he contributed a lot. Lets not judge such a disjointed squad harshly.


Podolski was so shit. I expect he’ll be giving his fucking thumbs up photos bollocks and oh so amusing tweets soon enough and everyone will go ahhhhhhh…isn’t he nice. I say fuck off. Coq put in a shift, but bloody hell, we missed a proper left back going forward. Rosickys worst ever performance for Arsenal…but at least he looked like he cared. Can’t everyone see that we are a slower, ponderous side with Wilshere in the team?!? Is it a coincidence we ripped Villa a new hole with him benched? The fact he played tonight hopefully means he will be… Read more »


David Ospina should definitely have done better for their 2nd goal. It wasn’t as if the ball flew to the top corner.A bit of closing down from Wilshere would have help too.Today i just felt the senior players did let the young ones down!

Gooner Gary

I agree – it was very close to him and he should have saved it from that distance, at the very least got a hand on it. Its the kind of goal if your team scores it you give all the praise to the scorer (and it was a cracking strike) but I think a goalkeeper of Ospina’s quality will know he screwed up there. Pity really but I guess it gives him something to work on while he waits for his chance to play regularly. If Szczesny keeps his form and stays healthy I’d say the next time we… Read more »


Blogs, you aren’t just leaving Bendtner in the PR system just for the possibility of a running gag, are you? If so, I’m for it.

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