Saturday, March 25, 2023

Arsenal 4-1 Galatasaray: player ratings

A much needed performance and a very valuable win over the Turkish side this evening, capped by a Danny Welbeck hat-trick. Here’s how the players rated.

Remember: you can rate the players too, give them the stars then hit the big button down the bottom to cast your votes.

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Yoyo Sanogoals

Welbz has his first hattrick for Arsenal in 5 matches while Giroud has yet to get one. Just out of curiosity, thumbs up this comment if Welbz is your 1st choice striker, thumbs down if Giroud is your 1st choice striker.
Please help me out.

Sheffield Goon

Danny is now officially a Gooner..

What a signing.

damien joyce

I agree but do worry that Wenger said he wouldn’t have made this permanent signing had he not been galavanting on TDD (Transfer Deadline Day), does it mean that when Giroud is back, Welbeck will be shunted out wide? I hope not, he just looks perfectly made for our kind of attacking game.


You know if you write the abbreviation first and then explain it, you’ve essentially just wasted time instead of saving it as the point of abbreviations are.


He was initally available for a loan which we wanted, is how I understand it, but when he was available permanently we happily agreed.

Loop A Hole

It was rather like if Wenger had remained in London, this signing would not have happened as in if he had not made that trip, this signing would not have become possible. Think something happened on that trip that made it possible for us to sign Welbeck, not that Arsene didn’t want him.


It was as simple as the fact that Wenger woke up early and was informed that Welbeck was available which allowed Arsenal to spend an entire day working out the details. If he had been informed later, another team may have gotten in or the deal might have fallen through. Perhaps, I have no idea how these things go. I assume like most business deals on a tight deadline…

One hopes that from this point forward Wenger will set his alarm clock to 5 am on every TDD.


I don’t care how it happened, who made it happen etc,…… am glad it happened. Excellent performance yesterday. I actually have a good feeling the forward line is starting to gel nicely.


Wenger said he was only interested in the loan if it included an option to buy, check his interview.

Dave Gooner

Giroud wouldn’t have scored any of Wellbeck’s goals. He just wouldn’t.

Thumbing it down doesn’t make it any less true.


You are right, it is still true


difference is welbeck can keep flowing passing moves alivel with his pace nd dribbling whereas giroud loses possesion whenever he cant flick it to a nearby player.


He was initially available on loan so we wanted the option to buy but when we could buy outright we took that instead.


Although apart, both bring different qualities to the pitch. The game on the weekend was crying for Giroud.


Where is the Sanogo option? 😛


We don’t have mid thumb here…


Like Welbeck a lot, and if he can do this consistently then yes, but the two are quite different in style. The HFB contributes in other ways arguably better than Welbeck. TBH I’d just like to see the manager mix it up a bit and ensure neither end up running themselves into the ground. Between those two, Alexis and TW14 to return we’ve got options and ways to mix up a game should plan A not be doing the trick.


Which ways? He’s a very good striker no doubt, and I thought he’d be easy first choice while Welbeck developed his finishing. But if we’re actually seeing the blossoming of Welbeck’s finishing qualities and not just a hot streak, his all round game is massively superior to Giroud’s.

Bould's Eyeliner

Giroud is an excellent option off the bench because he’s an intelligent footballer. If he can make a physical impact 65 minutes in, he has seen an hour of where to do it. You can see that in the games where he comes off the bench he changes the pitch around their final third completely opening lots of space. Welbeck is definitely my first choice striker though, simply because he adds another option on the break that Giroud cannot make time and time again. Arsenal on the break, like the Arsenal of old always had 3-4 players on the run… Read more »


I’d argue the opposite is equally true.

Giroud is a great player to have on the pitch in a game where we need to grind the opposition down and tire them, because of his ability to hold up the ball and bring players into the game in tight spaces. — You also have to add in his defensive capabilities as well.

You could argue then that on 65 minutes, then they are starting to tire, and spaces are starting to open up, swapping him for Wellbeck would be the very last thing they’d want to see.


Giroud has got a lot more to worry about than just the injury

Neil #2

Giroud and Wellbeck offer Arsenal two very different and excellent options up front. As for Sanogo. He’ll come good. Mark my words.


I feel the same way. It’s easy to get carried away sure but it would be foolish to dismiss Giroud and Sanogo so easily.

Incredibly thrilled to see Welbeck blossom, though. He’s clearly having the time of his life out there, much like Alexis.


I think they can coexist again in a 4-4-2 format with Welbeck cutting in from the flank. Giroud will still have a big part to play this season when he gets back.

Welbeck was a beast tonight and will start up top of course!


Was waiting for someone to say this.
Yes 4-4-2 is a valid option versus weaker opponents. Rather than up top, welbeck should play off giroud. Imagine the flicks and dinks that he can fed from the HFB.


We certainly are a better team with a healthy Giroud available as an option to Welbeck vs certain types of teams that we face in the league, but in these more open matches Welbeck is clearly far better for our style of play than Giroud. It’s just a shame we’ll face many matches with packed in defenses and these types of games where the speed and abilities of Ozil, Sanchez, Chamberlin and Welbeck can be enjoyed will be few.


why not play then both. Ospina in goal for chelsea.

Dave Gooner

Ospina was great when he came on. He really looks the part, authoritative.

A great signing who will really make Chez earn his place and keep on his toes. We have an abundance of riches in that position.


No thumbs for you yo yo. That’s just a derisive comment taking a shot at a Gunner. I want no part of it.


welbeck should start against the teams that try to play an open game. Giroud should start against teams that park the bus. Giroud will help defend set pieces and he will also be a threat up front from them. It’s good to have different types of players.

Looking Ahead

With his style, Welback should start in all big games (City, Chelski, Bayern, Barcelona, etc) … while Giroud should be the first choice against the minnows (Sp*rs, N’Castle, Liverpool, etc)


I would say Giroud offers more in the air and strength in holding the ball up.

Its hard to determine who is stronger though, Welbeck brushed off Melo quite easily for his 2nd. While Giroud has a knack of holding the ball up pretty well while several defenders are all over him.

In terms of pace, interplay, movement, finishing and his overall game, Welbeck offers us a more complete and dynamic CF solution.

Welbeck will be keeping his place if he continues with these kinds of performances.

Az Ahmed

I am extremely pleased for Welbeck and what confidence can do for a player like him. It is clear he has the ability. The other big positive I take from this performance when we had Scz sent off. We parked the bus and showed we can do the gritty dirty stuff if we have to. I would love if it if we could do that against Chelski and try to nick a goal with one of our quicks.

Chrissy Mac


emir of emirates

TDB (That Danny Boy)

Özil is a goooooner

10/10: Watching our record 42.5 million pound signing deliver a stunning pass to our 32 million pound chilean superstar. Whether you’re pleased or not with the summer’s buisness it’s nice to see some world class players in the Arsenal shirt.

Joel Campbell's gurn.

Hear hear! Someone really needs to shut that cunting commentator up, too. “He doesn’t look like he wants to play”, no mate… he’s a professional and its the UCL. He’d rather be at home like most City fans were last night sticking dildo’s up their arses.

Fuckin’ knob.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Apparently you have to run around like a chesire cat-faced git to look like you want to play. That or be a kicky, mouthy, hair transplanty scouser cunt screaming at your own teammates.


Yep. He did start to look tired towards the end, and presumably that is why he was taken off.

Before then he looked like he was loving every minute of it, and everyone in the stadium (at the very least) could see that

Ozil is class on legs. Sadly A Townsend, (the sky pundit) is a fool and cannot see what is in front of his nose. We had to suffer over 10 minutes of his shite regarding Ozil whilst Ozil’s performance on the pitch told a different story; far more articulately than A.T ever could. Tosser.

Loved the celebration between Oil and Alexis after their goal.


Haha… These pundits are mesmerized by his calm & cool facade. It is like they don’t watch what he is doing with the ball as they are stuck watching his facial expressions.

He controlled the game last night.


Ozil is class on legs, and that A Townsend commentator on Sky is an ignorant c*nt, spouting shit about Ozil whilst the evidence on the pitch spoke otherwise. Loved Ozil and Alexiis celebrating together after their goal.


Sorry, having problems with my browser connection. Made my point no need to duplicate! But A Townsend is a tosser.

Mate Kiddleton

Yeah that pissed me off. Ozil plays this long splitting pass through a multitude of defenders to pick out Alexis’ perfectly timed run and the commentator is playing it down, “simple pass from Ozil”. Are you fucking kidding? Let’s see you try that, you’d fuck it up 11 times out of 10!

Jesse Akpabio

I love you like crazy, nice one

Kiddleton Fan

You’re comments are just as good as your looks, and vice versa 🙂

What an awesome match!!

German Gunner

Think we are a little over the top about Ozil’s performance tonight, he had a very ordinary game in a game we dominated, looked totally flat and disinterested at times. Think he will get found out again on Sunday, Sorry but saying he is playing brilliant won’t change the fact that he is a major disappointment for most Arsenal fans.

German Gunner

Hope he proves me wrong on Sunday, but deep down every one on here knows he will be shit against Chelski

Brian Mendoza

Sounds more like your own opinion rather than “most Arsenal fans” no?

German Gunner

talk to me Sunday evening

Brian Mendoza

Won’t change the fact that it’s your opinion, not “most Arsenal fans” as you claim. What day of the week it is won’t change that.

German Gunner

I’m afraid it is not only my opinion, but I will be more than happy if he turns out to the player he was 3 or 4 years ago and if he is MOTM on Sunday


No you won’t. You’ll just have to look for another player to attack then

North Bank Tom

Surely the combined 450+ downvotes you’ve received illustrate just how narrow-minded and ignorant your point of view is? Back to your cave, troll.

German Gunner

Careful now Tom, parents might find out your being bold on the net!


Thumbs down tells the whole story.


Speak for yourself, mate.

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash



Brilliant performance by Welbeck. Simply amazing. The rest of the team was also great, of course, and I hope we have a similar performance this weekend!

Also, I liked how calm Ospina seemed. Sure, we were leading 4-0 at the time, but he handled most situations well and didn’t get worked up at all.


I am no expert but thought the strategy to hoof for the lone striker when we should see the game out was a tad strange. But he had a good game!


True, but it’s probably better than throwing it out right away so it ends up in Flamini’s feet..

That being said, Flamini had a pretty good match.

Ginger Gunner

Yeah, I’d like to second that. Nice to see Flamini respond to Saturday’s error with a strong performance tonight. I thought he did an excellent job shutting down Gala’s few scoring opportunities. Yellow card was utter shite of a call, especially after Sanchez nearly had his foot taken off by Felipe Not-So Melo.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

David Ospina = calm, collected and confident

Wojciech Szczesny = confident

Joel Campbell's gurn.

Even though nothing came of it, my absolute favourite moment was those lovely two flicks by Welbeck in the midfield taking 3 or 4 players out of the equation. This man will be dangerous. I just read a comment on Sky Sports in which a guy said something like ‘Ferguson and Wenger. This guy will have the best education possible.’, and you have to agree.

So excited. The second goal was delicious, the third was subtle and the first wasn’t bad either.

Kos the boss

hmmm mikael silvestre


Oh shush!


Danny Welbeck thank you. Nothing better than watching an Arsenal striker banging in brilliant goals. Also a bonus rating for Tony Gale 0/10- Ozil was quality tonight yet the so called ‘expert’ couldn’t stop bagging him.

this aint FIFA bitches

Ozil was average but hey that’s just my opinion, obv my opinion will be wrong as Ozil can do no wrong.

Granted he made a great pass to set up Sanchez but I believe he was the worst starting Arsenal player tonight (maybe chambers).


You really need to pay closer attention to what Ozil does.

Dave Gooner

Yeah, and Chambers….

James Reihill

Really nice attacking performance. A glimpse of what we can do. Just need to do consistently. Also think Scz can learn from Ospina. Game is won so when Ospina gets ball he takes his time, let’s team get set. Scz seems to think he is responsible for starting a quick attack every time. Often leads to trouble. I like Scz just think a slight adaption would help him.

this aint FIFA bitches

Just hoofing the ball to the opposition defender actually is a pretty poor tactic to try & kill time.

El Fabuloso

Happy times are back… But nothing would give me more pleasure than trashing those chavs on Sunday…. It would make my year…
How delicious those 3 points would be just to spite mou and the press already licking his arse. Now I’ve #jinxed it…

Özil's left foot

Today Gentleman a star is born….Danny Welbeck!!


And 10/10 for Arsene for being with us for 18 years!


∞/10 for that.


How do you make an infinity sign with your keyboard?


Like this mate: ∞
Hope that helps.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

That combination of front players is what we’ve all been crying out for for years, and what we started dreaming of when we saw this team get put together. I know Gala were shite, but let the midfielders be midfielders and lets the wingers be wingers. Skill and vision on the inside feeding pace and power on the outside – perfect, and a throwback to classic Wenger style. A shoutout to Cazorla for his massive shift in the deep central role – he gelled the whole thing together and defended so hard. I really feel like having Welbeck and Alexis… Read more »


I think Welbeck’s rating is the highest I’ve ever seen on this site :p


Welbeck goes to 11.


Why not just make 10 better?

Gillespie Road

…But Welbeck goes to 11


Slow motion aside, in real time, that’s always a red I think.

Put the shoe on the other foot and we’d be shouting red and crying for consistency, especially if we were 4-zip down.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

The rule isn’t new – keepers know what they’re getting into. It didn’t cost us much at least.


I dunno, it’s clear he’s going a bit wide, and both Mert and Kos are running back. The rule is a red is for preventing a “clear” goal-scoring chance. Is it really “clear” that someone going wide with two defenders tracking back is in a position to score a goal? It seems a questionable decision for me. A red card isn’t a particular surprise there, but it does feel harsh when you look at the relative positions of all the players. Not even getting into the fact that the Gala player clearly takes a deliberate tumble rather than even trying… Read more »


Promote that man to referee


What? Wtf are you saying?


Agree hunnerd cement mate! And then there’s the age-old question of consistency… how Melo escapes when Shezza gets an straight (and instant, when you look at how sharpish the refs hit the pocket!) red is the real concern here. Week on week, all over Europe… the same huge swings in interpretation… They really need to act firm and fast to get this sorted.


Spot on, goonshow….. where is the consistancy?

Mach iii

Arseblog called it with Oxlade filling in Ramseys spot! Oxlade is really in some good form. What a speedy attack we had. Oxlade, Sanchez, Welbeck; even the player the commentator tried to bash – Ozil is speedy! The commentators seemingly astonished at how the Arsenal fans were applauding him. Yes Mr. Commentator, not everyone believes the bullshit that gets published on sites like Ozil is fucking class. World class team. World class back up. World class bench. World class Welbeck! I was happy with this transfer window, cause our defence is solid and we’ve got the most quality technical… Read more »

Nigerian Gunner

Oooooh Welbeck,the new King Henry…


Alexis: So good, you named him twice


That’s a line I like to use too!

Gunner Rob

Shame about Szczesney’s red card, what was more annoying was the ref not sending off Melo for a dangerous two footed tackle that could have ended Alexis’ season. The ref gets 0/10 for being an utter cunt.


Yeah, happy to see refs in the European games being a bit more lenient with some of the softer challenges this season (or shoulder-barges as we used to call them in my day), but that shouldn’t mean that the rules of the game shouldn’t still be enforced and you won’t see a more definite red for dangerous play than that ‘tackle’


So so pleased for Welbeck. This is what he can do when he plays up front and Wenger’s comments were instructive, mentioning how much more aggressive he looked today. I felt in the games against City and Spurs that while he played well, he rarely made dangerous runs and took dangerous positions and thats definitely something Wenger had a word with him about. His first career hattrick and hopefully the first of many. Also, Tony Gale is a right knob isn’t he? It was almost funny hearing him try and slate Ozil while watching his quality first hand. I don’t… Read more »


Prandelli seems to have gone crazy, so results may vary next time out. Our guys had a lot of time on the ball in good areas. Still, it was wonderful to see them go for the kill. Not so wonderful was the spell of switched-offedness that led to Szczesny’s error. No way should the ball have been anywhere near there, with all the chances we had to clear or keep it. Ospina gave the sort of performance that gives the whole team confidence in the #2. (Hey, Fab and Vito start in the EPL–we’re a nursery for starting keepers these… Read more »

Sir Mo' Goalz

I’m interested in Prandelli next go around. At home, the madness for the team to feed off of in Turkey. Besiktas was a rough one, can’t imagine much different there. While I don’t watch much Turkish football, Cesare generally plays conservative and focuses on getting up the wings. Going to be interested with the home atmosphere to see what he does with a play like Snejder in the middle, or maybe he starts in a wide position similar to what Wenger has struggled with while using Ozil, who knows

Arteta's hair

Mesut Özil setting up Alexis Sanchez to score to 3-0 in the Champions League for the Arsenal.

Just let that sink in.


Welbeck had a touch of Thierry about him in everything he did. All 3 finishes included. I love him. He’s my number 1 striker because he’s more the Arsenal striker we want to see. The one that gets behind and scores goals. Taking nothing away from Ollie though. Will be interesting to see these two fight it out later.

Mate Kiddleton

Some of Giroud’s best performances have come off the bench when he’s fresh. Competition is good, as is not having to start all 50 odd games a season.


the only thing that needs asking about the penalty was why was Koscielny so far out of position to let the forward in, and the answer is he went charging out the field with the ball, gave it to Alexis who lost it, and Kos had not got back by the time the ball was played into the place and man Kos should have been marking, but its easier to blame the latest scapegoat for Arsenal followers, Szczesny, what did people want him to do, not make a challenge, not try to get to the ball, it would have been… Read more »


It’s not Szczesny’s fault that the chance was created, it was his fault that he charged out and tripped the guy (sure, he dived after he got hit, but he did get hit), the goal wasn’t all his fault, having toi play for half an hour with 10 men WAS.


so you think szczesny should not have tried to get to the ball, what stayed on his line and let the guy have a free shot, I’m sure you’d be complaining about that too if he had done that. Szczesny the latest scapegoat for Arsenal followers. I wonder how long till Chambers is the target for the boo boys, the signs are already there, some are already starting to line him up.


It was a bad position to be in, either way would have given them a great opportunity but he chose the one that led to an red card on top of it, that is an error. People make errors every gamne, and every player makes them, that was one from Szczesny.

Calling errors as errors when I see them is NOT scapegoationg, scapegoating requres some kind of loss to actually become a sacrifice for everyone else’s sins.


Mate – watch Sporting’s keeper against the Chav’s… more than half a dozen rush-out close-downs that were heroic saves without a sniff of a pen anywhere. And that against strikers with a whole heap more quality than Gala. DR is absolutely correct – not every one-on-one keeper challenge has to create a pen! Shezza just needs to learn the art… maybe a 6-month loan at Sporting?


Bonus rating – referee red/10. There should have been a total of exactly one red card in that match, and there WAS a total of exactly one red card in that match. That’s about all he got right.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Seems like my stream of the American FOX Sports did me wonders. Pretty decent commentary but the HT and FT were too American for me. But I’d rather hear idiotic exclamations in every sentence during the review of the match than some cunt slagging off Ozil during an assist.

Fantastic match! The pace up front is just too much.

Truth Hurts

Good game and excellent attack strategies
Still worried about our defensive midfield.We will need a lot of defending strategies against Chelsea
Anyway hope the boys get enough rest before the game.
Ozil looked Knackered already.
Wish it were possible to keep all of them on mandatory 36 hour bed rest before the next training.


If I see Henry and Welbeck in the same sentence again…

The lad had a good game against a very poor Gala defense. Has our bar been so low we see a hat trick and the comparisons to one of the best strikers ever gets thrown out en masse?


I think it was more because of the nature of the goals – the second one in particular was quite Henry-esque, pushing aside the defenders and sliding the ball past the keeper.

Broadly, I agree with you that one good game does not an Henry make (Park scored that one very good goal in the League Cup, I seem to remember, and look how that turned out), but you can’t blame us for getting excited: not much so far this season for us to get excited about!


I can’t wait for Giroud to be back to see us play 4-4-2 with welbeck and Giroud play upfront together!
Happy day!
Now please kill off Chelsea!


Yes team was brilliant and Welbeck was the star.

But I hope Cazorla’s performance today gets the attention he deserves. For the first few games of the season, Santi was targeted as one of the culprits for our lacklustre performances – he wasn’t at his best and many were calling for Ox to take his place.

But for the last few games, Cazorla is showing how important he is in the squad. Against Villa, the attention was all on Ozil and Welbeck but clearly the change from Alexis to Cazorla was also instrumental in Ozil’s display that afternoon.

Man Manny

This Arsenal team is the most balanced since the invincibles… The pace in the team is frightening. When in full flow, they are a joy to watch. They were three players short of a complete team but with Welbeck’s arrival, two – a DM and a CB.
If our injured players come back and we are lucky on the injury front, Arsene signs at least one CB in January, then I can boldly say that this team will take many by surprise in the title race… mark my word.
We have the making of a great team.

Jay Mitchell

I was especially impressed by the Ox, whenever we play well he gets a little over shadowed by our worldies, but consistently he has shown his worth, have you ever noticed that if we play not so good with him in the team, he regularly shines as a diamond in the rough. Always gives 100% and always looks dangerous when on the ball in the opponents half.


Mesut Özil.
84 touches
92 % pass completion
5 key passed
1 assists
0 levitations

Obviously a bad performance!


I think Lord Bendtner was way better in that jersey than…oh well see ya..

Sir Mo' Goalz

You have to admit, we’ll never have a better player wear the 52 shirt. Actually, Tafari Moore has it now…

The Chef Who Poisoned the Spuds Lasagne



Red card for Melo!

Ozil was fine today! great passing at times.

Keeper battle is on perhaps. Ospina was terrific when called to action. Save that penalty and his rating would have been 10.


Great to see Ozil so involved in orchestrating things for the third match in a row. Really looks a different player from early in the season which can be a huge boost for us. Wenger really needs to keep him in the middle which means he either has to rotate with Wilshere, Ramsey and Ozil when Ramsey returns with the numbers we’ll have on the wings with Chamberlin earning playing time, Sanchez, Walcott and Carzola.


Welbeck, Sanchez, The Ox……Walcott and Gnabry are on their way back……Campbell……*Tears

We have pace..A fucking lot of Pace.

For such a short guy Santi gets around the pitch. Controlled the game from deep exquisitely and kept popping up.

Liked seeing some champagne football and some highlight reel combinations. Particularly one from Ozil and Gibbs towards the end of the first half…While the Great home support Olleyyyed

Cliff Bastin

What Flamini did for his yellow was basically against the rules but my god it was satisfying.


I’m thinking Giroud will be working a bit harder in rehab after that.


Besides the incredible Welbeck performance, I must also praise Santi Cazorla – he was immaculate in the middle of the pitch. He pulled a Xavi-in-his-heyday role right there. An increasingly underestimated player, especially after what he’s done in his first season for us.


No bonus rating ? I really look forward to them. My bonus rating is -inf/10 for Tony Gale’s commentary – B.S

Sir Mo' Goalz

A screw-yourself/10 for Felipe Melo’s challenge on Alexis. What.A.Cunt.

Wenger's Glasses

That moment late in the game when the crowd sang Santi song & then Santi turn into Super Santi, bursting forward & almost scored, that’s one of the most awesome thing ever!

RoyKeane's Beard

Great game from our lads.Fingers crossed for a positive result at the Chavs.Wish Wilshere would pick his moments better instead of dribbling into opponents with every ball he makes,kinda like what Ramsey learnt to do.


Surprised to see Gibbs’ performance going under the radar. What a game he had yesterday ! Most improved player in the squad in my opinion and looks fit n pacy !

Whenever we have a team playing three at the back , I’m strangely confident that we will the game.


hopefully moaninho saw that and decides to park his bus and pony in front of the goal. and when he decides to be greedy and nick a goal we catch them on the counter. COYG.


How about 0/10 for the pyromaniacal Galatasaray fans?


Oh the cronic disease of misery has well fixed in I see. I would recommend to the German Gooner (really?) and this Bitch only plays FIFA to hold hands with Payton and dance wildly through the financial spreadsheets as that’ll make you happy.
If Özil didn’t perform tonight that means the Ghost of Past Christmases completed all those key pases in the final third.
If he’s not exciting a lá Ronaldhino doesn’t mean his shit. Subtility >>>then trying to dribble everytime and loos the ball.
But teah follow the ideas of those mediocre ex footballers turn pundits.


This lineup is better but too bad Wenger will go back to his preference for Jack in The Chelshit game…I think he has to prioritize performance over anything else…


What the hell is up with Gale? Myself and my wife were just gobsmacked after every comment he made with another dig at Ozil. But his idiotic “punditry” couldn’t take away from what was an excellent performance.


Oooh Santi Cazo-o-o-rla

Oooh Santi Cazor-or-or-la

Love his song and love the man.

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