Arsenal 2-1 Burnley – player ratings


Nice to win again, nice goals scored, nice to see Elneny debut, nice to get Coquelin back, it was all mostly quite nice.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Winning always feels good. But we haven’t been really convincing since the Southampton game.

But I guess winning with players who are not necessarily first team regulars or are coming back from injuries is a positive.


Bonus rating: winning in Arsenal red 10/10

Gunner From Another Mother

Second Bonus Rating: 10/10 for the huge cheers for Rosicky’s every touch during his first few minutes on the pitch.

That made me happy.


Elneny will need a month or two to adjust to the pace and physicality of the league but isn’t it lovely to have alexis back?

P.s I look forward to a world where joey barton isn’t a thing anymore

David C

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Barton today, but the dirtiest play of the game goes to that bloke that completely knee’d Ospina after he caught/saved the ball. That’s bush league behaviour…


But he was probably taught that little stunt from Barton.


Theo really shud find Elneny at the death, and give him a debut goal……….


Would have done both of their reputations some good.


Decent enough performance, we’ve got a good squad now the injuries are clearing, and a very strong first XI, hopefully confidence starting to return.
Really liked Elneny


Iwobi is such a revelation and an inspiration. He links well with the players who want to push forward like Sanchez. Very creative and confident for that age. I really rate him.

Gunner From Another Mother

Iwobi really looks at home playing #10 position with the first team. He slots right in surprisingly seamlessly. I’ll be honest, I’ve been wondering lately if he might be more useful on the flank to us than Walcott at the moment, and today he confirmed to me that he probably would be.

Le Jim

Elneny was impressive; strong and hungry for a goal. However, I’m hoping that he was just particularly eager on his debut. He will have to be a lot more disciplined if he has Ramsey next to him, as opposed to Coquelin.

Also great having sexi lexi back <3

Up the Arsenal

I like iwobi. He’s got pace, skill and strength. Also good to see Sanchez back and among the goals and Also good to see elneny have a good debut and see rosicky and the coq back. COYG


Elneny needs to hit the gym, at least we can work on his weaknesses over the summer now.

Abou Diaby Institute of Medical Science and Technology

How about that Iwobi though? He looks, I dunno, very elegant on the ball, very sure footed in the way he moves with it and receives it. I really like him

Egyptian Gunner

Your name is wonderful 😀

Cleanshaved Ramsey

Looked to me like Giroud has forgotten that he’s a striker. Too many cute flicks where he should’ve really taken a shot.


Might be true but his cute flick helped it onto Iwobi for the 2nd goal.


Agreed, but apart from that pre-pre assist, Giroud was quite wasteful with his chances. Seems quite knackered to me at the moment, given that he’s almost played non-stop for the last few months. Now that we have the squad depth back, we should give a breather to the HFB and a run out to Theo as a striker. Early on in the season Feo was a totally different player as a striker, running around a lot, getting the tackles in. Burnley away comes to mind as one of the best games where the attacking of the Gunners clicked very well.


For sure. This was one of Giroud’s worst games in recent times. He never looked like scoring. It was almost as if he was afraid to score. I would say that he gave the ball away at least 65% of the time. He’s a great player but he didn’t play well this game. If Walcott would’ve started, we would have had more goals. At least Walcott knows how to get into scoring positions, even if his finishing is sub-par at the moment.


Bonus bonus rating: 3/1 for chuba akpom’s hattrick today. (Utilising the corporal jenkinson rating system, naturally.)


Also, seeing Rosicky back on the pitch excited me almost as much as the first time I saw Ljungbergs calvin klein shoot. Hero.


I was actually very impressed with ElNeny. Sure it will take some time for him to adjust to English football but he was always involved and his energy levels were fantastic.

biafran arse

We need a striker or two in this team,Welbeck and Chuba please

Evang. Simon

Bonus rating: 100/100 for wenger for a job welldone during d injury crisis.


We looked a little like a team who hasn’t played together very often today – which is kind of understandable. Great to see so many players returning from the injury bench! Wenger is going to have his work cut out finding the best partnerships in different areas of the pitch. It’s obviously a good problem to have but getting it right (& quickly) is going to be key to the end-of season-push.

Happy to see El Neny looked so promising on his debut – he has a nice strike! Welcome aboard lad.


Only saw the highlights but Iwobi looks to be progressing very nicely indeed. Further to my rant elsewhere on this site: STOP PRESS – West Brom are releasing Gnabry (that’s if the Star is to be believed). If it’s true, brilliant news for the kid. A while back I predicted the mean-spirited fuckers might do it like this, waiting till the very last day of the window. Anything to stop us loaning him out to another Premier League club, where he might shine and show Pulis up, might even take points off West Brom and contribute to sending them down.… Read more »

Gooner Inside the Beltway

Elneny looks a player, just needs a little time to adjust to pace and regularly wankery (and I’m talking about you, Joey Barton) he will face in the English game. Iwobi is such a joy to watch, so positive and energetic, can’t wait to see more of him. Nice to see our Coq out on the pitch again and those 70 minutes will have done wonders to prepare him for rest of the campaign. The Ox seems to be slowly emerging as the player we all know he can be, and Wenger’s patience with him is a real virtue. Was… Read more »


Elneny took to his debut quite well I thought, and it looks like he knows how to strike the ball. He was seemingly always available and getting involved in the play in a Ramsey sort of way but stuck mostly to the middle 1/3 other than popping up once or twice outside and his run for Alexis and kept tidy, crisp passing. That was a pleasure to see from him. Chambers gets a point boost from me for the goal and linking play with Ox, but lost a little getting beat a bit too easy a few times defending. It… Read more »

Patrick Samuel

Tomas Rosicky – It’s so fucking great to have you back! Keep buzzin


How depressing to know that Barton is still around. I thought the jerk had retired.


Unfortunately it appears they’re going to have to pry the pitch from his cold, dead hands. I am shocked every time I see him that he hasn’t gotten anyone’s red mist up enough to just go through him enough to bring that retirement on.

‘That kind of player’ to be sure.

I thought it quite astute of the Burnley coach to recognize Barton’s history against the gunners and keep him off the starting lineup to limit the potential damage to both sides.

sixteen swans over ainola

Really good to have Rosicky back on the pitch. Loved some of the things he did.

Iwobi too. (Who knows how far he can go.)

And, only because it can’t be said often enough, “fuck off Barton, you fetid, puffed-up, wank-shaped twat”.


Obi Wan Iwobi


Really happy with the win and the way the team played! Disappointed in Giroud today. He had the ball in the box so many times, but did very little with it. He might need a rest or something.


Rosicky gets a 10 in my book for just being back out on the field. I was afraid we might not see him on the pitch again after another long term absence, but even though he didn’t do anything too spectacular just seeing him run around as the best part of the match for me. Coquelin certainly had some rust to his game as expected, but really showed what we miss when he’s not out there. GREAT to have him back. Solid debut for Elneny, I think was playing not to make mistakes (and he didn’t) with lots of safe… Read more »


Iwobi is excellent in the things that he does simple.
I have seen him play for the U21s and he has exceptional trickery and skills but he does not over do it…Looks like he went to the Santi and Tomas school rather than Ramsey and Ox one.


Oh Alexis, you are the man.


With so many players back how about a doff of the cap to Shad?

Gervinho's Forehead

How on earth can a professional gk not be able to kick beyond the halfway line? Doesn’t help release pressure as the ball always seem to return straight away!

Iwobi looked so positive and sharp, and Ox had a good game too- let’s hope he builds on this.

Was amazing finally seeing such a strong bench, and still have ozil and Ramsey. Will be critical for the run in.

Scrappy win but a win nonethless. Let’s build on this


Coquelin – great to see him back. That said, we were still a bit too loose in midfield and defensively. However instant unease when Arteta came in for Le Coq. A useful game for Le Coq to get back into the swing of things Elneny – Some people are over hyping him and frankly setting him up for a fall. He did decent. He will need to get use to the physicality as he was pushed off the ball a little too easily at times. Tried a couple of shots which was encouraging. Again, I think he was brought in… Read more »

Neil #2

Elneny: Wenger knows.


had Ospina come out to meet the goal and failed then he would’ve been bashed for coming out just exactly the way it happened in that Wes Brom game last season. It’s like damn if he does damn if it doesn’t but yet no word mentioned here on how he save Koscielny’s blushes in that Burnley chance in the first half.


That was fun. The real test is in a couple of days. Great to see some of the old guards back, and Elneny looks pretty decent for 23year old.


Nice win! Good to see Ossssppppiiiinnnnnnaaaaa in goal again with his calm self. Blogs i watched that cross a few times and i do not think even Cech would have gone to even punch that out (Thoughts of West ham anyone). He saved some shots was neat and could do nothing for that goal. He did well!

Coquelin is so immense…. i was so impressed with his bringing the ball under control and passing off to teammates intelligently…. just like Iwobi.

Elneny reminds me of a quicker Ramsey… lol!


Promising debut for elneny. didn’t seem daunted by the occasion but was eager to get stuck in. didn’t do anything spectacular, kept the passes short and simple. was caught unawares at times and some touches when receiving the ball were awkward. doesn’t have electric pace but long strides with his long legs enables him to catch up. it’s just his first game, but overall the signs are good.


I think Elneny-Ozil partnership would be fantastic.

qld reds

Coq, Elneny, the ox and iwobi to be bossing it in a few years.


Go fuck yourself/10 – the new lowest of lows in Arseblog lore 🙂


One thing needs to be addressed and that is the lackadaisical home crowd: 2/10 for a passive bunch of supporters occupying the seats at the Emirates. The only noise they made was to boo Joey Barton and to cheer the Little Mozart when he appeared on the pitch, and while these were both worthwhile efforts, they do not excuse the silence from these fans–a silence which the commentators on FOX Sports were only too glad to keep harping on. Come on. guys, the Burnley supporters, all one thousand of them, made more noise than the assembled Gooners.


Agree entirely. Great club. Great stadium. Best players we’ve had for a long time challenging for trophies but no atmosphere.



Again Ospina being criticized harshly. For me, he had a pretty good game and I completely disagree on those who make him responsible for the goal, at least the only one. If he goes out to try to punch the ball he wouldn’t had reached it… the center was too quick and the defense was caught misplaced. Apart from that it was a good performance and a deserved victory. Sorry for my poor english.