Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal put in a decent shift at the Camp Nou, but they were again made to pay for their profligacy in the final third. Mustering 20 shots at goal is no mean feat against Barcelona, hitting the target with only three is nigh on criminal.

Oh well, it was always going to be a tall order to qualify after the first leg.

Here’s how the players rated…


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We MUST score from those chances! We had a good game today, but as always we missed tons of opportunities.

Ozil's brother

No bad feelings though. I’m only happy and relieved of the bad day that we’re going to be shipped heavily.

Of all our chances we blasted wide, if only we’d been able to whip 3 in it would have been adgood feeling by now.

But no matter how intense optimism blaze, reality still has a louder voice. Now we have only the league to focus on. Come on boys!!! We can win 9 on the trot


When you play two outside backs that are essentially wingers, you have to score goals, because you will most likely concede.
It seemed like we were lacking some of the most basic defensive instincts, like marking up.


I thought we played well, finishing was poor as usual though.


Speaking of players, this is an interesting read, especially the last paragraph.


Doesn’t explain why this year Arsenal are above the other big teams, but it is Leicester who is top of the table.


The article doesn’t really account for why Chelsea have done so well after the MOUth departed. Statistics won’t explain that a team deliberately sabotaged its manager.

Beezus Fuffoon

A tall order indeed, but not a bad effort from the lads. Particularly impressed with Elneny and Iwobi.

On to Goodison. 3 points and we’ll say no more about tonight. Up the Arsenal!

Man Manny

We lost but gave good account of ourselves. Of our 3 strikers, Welbeck is the only one I would retain for next season. Giroud should move on and Walcott (I suspect there’d be no takers because of his wages) moves back to the flanks.
Iwobi gladdened my heart. I hope he continues to progress and stay injury free also. He’ll do big things for this club.
Elneny will only get better – great signing.
The only difference between Cech and Ospina is height and experience. The boy is not bad.


Same team on Saturday, except Coq for Flam and Campbell for……I think we need to keep the Chilean on the court despite everything and also Iwobi. Still Campbell is my man!


Mohamed is our new messiah. Composed on the ball, doesn’t stop running and has quite a good long shot in him. Questions are still to be answered whether he can defend well enough to be the DM but he looks promising. Alexis Sanchez showed improvement today but for a supposably top player he has a really poor first touch. He’s not very good technically. After his great first season with us i think he’s being found out for the player he really is – very good but not world class.


I was going to write something long… I’ll settle for what?!?!?


Alexis is world class, but just badly out of form at the moment.

Dan D

We played well but the same failings exposed X there ugly head; poor defensively at times and poor in front of goal.

But the performance does give me some hope for the remainder of the season. Some.

the american

way to go Mo!

(finding the silver lining is hard here, but give it up for the lad)

Crash Fistfight

I see the pre-conceived narratives are coming out with the ratings here. The “Sanchez is in shit form” train is rolling at full-speed. How exactly has he got a lower rating than Coquelin? Coquelin was invisible in this game – Flamini was better when he was on the pitch – but everyone still thinks he can do no wrong. How’s about actually judging the game that just happened? Also, Bellerin was caught out positionally time after time, yet he’s got a better rating than Koscielny because the commentators told you he was at fault for the first goal (he was,… Read more »

Eviscerate Kroenke

Couldn’t agree with you more about the narrative. Flamini was not our best player tonight (who was?), but he was far from our worst. You wouldn’t know this by looking at both the Arseblog ratings and the readers. Unbelievably, I think statistically he has been our best midfielder this season (on the results of the games), although the way he plays he is not attractive to look at. Personally I prefer the results.


Pre-conceived narratives. Lazy thought process. Spot on. Arseblog can’t help trying to be sacarstic when it comes to rating Flamini. He does everyone a disservice. Not saying Flamini was good but he feeds into a trollish narrative. Certainly won’t say the same thing when say Coquelin gets a red card recently. Nor will he mention Coquelin anchoring now has leaked 9 goals in 5 games. Instead he will point to the one goal let in in the first half when Flamini was on. Or some simplistic minds will now call Elneny the new messiah and trumpet how much he ran… Read more »


You forget (and it says it in the name of the website) that this is a blog… Basically an opinion of one individual on the team, game, transfers etc. If you’ve read this blog for long enough you would know that this has never been an unbiased, review of everything Arsenal… To the contrary, what makes arseblog so Fuckin’ excellent is that Andrew Mangan gives his writes what he feels and doesn’t really give a shit about what other people think. Pretty refreshing if you ask me!!


Ugh… Some poor grammar there… I blame my fat fingers.


I’m a tad confuzzed Santori… agree with most of your points but has Coquelin iyo ‘stepped up’ or leaked 9 in 5?
A little schizo on that point…


Well, on the one hand, the first goal was as farcically Arsenal as you could ask for.

On the other hand, other than that, we did ok, and we actually showed some fight.

On the third hand (I’m a mutant), we created a bunch of chances.

And on the fourth (I’m Goro from Mortal Combat here guys), we missed almost all of them, except for that one splendid hit from El Nenny, who looks a good player, at least compared to how some of our other players are “playing.”

So four-handed shrug, I suppose.

Crash Fistfight

Give him time, and he too will lose the ability to shoot (it’s normally around 6 months, so he should try to score some this season, before it’s too late).


This comment is more funny than watching Arsenal for the last two months.


Still pissed that Campbell gets you to the knockout round and he can’t even get a sub appearance in either leg of that round. But put Walcott in again.

Fireman Sam

Walcott looks like he doesn’t want to be there. Really letting the team down.


I totally hear you. Campbell has earned starts.
But in my mind the match was basically done and dusted at that point, perfect time for Theo minutes, and hopefully Campbell is being rested up for the League.

Iwobi totally justified his selection on the day!


I groused when Walcott was brought in and my wife said, “I thought you liked Walcott.”

“No,” I said. “It’s our Grandson who likes Walcott. That’s my fault because I bought him a set of the T.J. books.”

Indian Gooner

I thought Elneny was brilliant today!
And what a finish that was.
He is starting to look like a really good buy for us.
God! Had we taken those chances, we could have maybe been in for a different night..

No big match temperament

I’m happy for Elneny, he’s been working hard and got a great goal against a great team! He seems an improvement on Ramsey, very tidy and a good long shot.

Walcott and Giroud didn’t add anything. Please can we sell them quickly. Welbeck can do both of their jobs better..


Ramsara does score goals when he’s fit …. Hope they can recover for Everton. I feel a Palace win coming on. Is there hope? Well done Arsene, you obviously have not lost the dressing room. Let’s grab 2nd or 3rd at the very least

Bob Flannigon

I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that Welbeck is really any better than the other two. Does anyone really think he’s the next Henry? Can you see him banging in 30 goals a season? I do like Welbeck and I think as part of a front three he could be effective but we absolutely must buy a top-quality forward, regardless of the cost or perceived [lack of] value for money.

Le Jim

Now that I think about the game, it’s not just the accuracy of our finishing, but the speed of it.

I can think of instances where Welbeck, Elneny, Sanchez, Walcott (more than once for some of them) could have had a much better chance of scoring had they shot faster/first time, as opposed to running into a defender or narrower angle.

I suppose that’ what poor confidence does to you though. Or we’re just shit 😉

Dan D

Apologies for my poor grammar – tired and pissed.


What will happen to us now?


We’ll be disappointed but look, what is important is how we respond in the next game.

Walcaught Sleeping

Inspiring words Arsene…


So much laughter.


Against the best team in the world and we could have still gone through if we could actually take our chances. Is it a confidence issue, or do they just not practice finishing in training?

someone's something

I feel like I could summarise our game in a sentence that would make Micheal Owen proud of me – if we don’t score on our chances we’re never going to win it.


We missed Ramsey on the right today.
Walcott is now 4th choice RW behind Ramsey, Joel, and Ox. He needs to be sold this summer.
Elneny has settled in faster than expected. Proving some certain people who claimed Flamini was a better player wrong. Very intelligent on the ball, Great decision making and of course an Engine to match.
Campbell should’ve come on instead of Theo. Won’t blame him if he leaves.


Miss Ramsey?
If there’s anyone we missed on the right, it’s Campbell.

And as for Ramsey, it isn’t Flamini that should be worried of Elneny, it’s Ramsey.
Elneny is basically a tidier, technically better version of Ramsey. Ramsey’s main strengths are his energy and shooting. Elneny already covers the energy, and there’s evidence he may cover the shooting too.

Of all the arsenal players that get overhyped on their ability, Ramsey is arguably the number 1 on the list.


Well, we’re solid with him on the right especially against big teams.
I think having another energetic player like him(which ramsey is) would’ve helped like against Bayern.
Yes he is a bit overrated, but he can be useful at times. Of course Santi is better as a cm.

Gudang Pelor

Now that we have El Neny as CM and Joel as RW, AW should play Ramsey as false nine, where he can roam, drop deeper to get the ball and help the midfield, but without the burden of defending. He’s a decent finisher, very good positioning instinct.


Ramsey is a more attacking player than Elneny and he seems to be more of a wide playmaker/no10 or an offensive CM in a 4-3-3. He could and will play together with Elneny as they did against spurs which seemed to work really well. Don’t get the hate on Ramsey. The team has Ozil who almost never scores allthough he is a no10 and only defends when he feels like it and still ramsey gets blame for not scoring and not working back allthough he is usually running the most in the team and gets to share Ozil’s defending duties… Read more »


Not expecting much at all from Arsenal on this game.
But at least they played better than other games.
I really see improvement on Alexis and hopefully he takes off for one last run this season. Other than that, we are NO match for Barcelona.


A decent game, most have been said regarding our offensive play earlier. What strikes me in this game and other games when we concede easy goals is the lack of defensive structure when we’re on the offensive. Again and again we’re punished by losing the ball on the offensive after emtied our own half of players. The worst part is that part of the game is easily learned, but not by Arsenal…


This in a nutshell.

Not particularly fussed about the loss today, it’s just the fact that in almost whatever game you watch, you see the same systematic issues with the team;
– Poor defensively off-the-ball; loss their defensive shape instantly as they’re too quick to go forward at any given opportunity
– No high-level pressing
– Wasteful in front of goal.

Same thing all day. No doubt some will claim Kroenke is the cause of that one.


You’re right Up North. It’s grim.

Thierry Ennui

Melneny. The Egyptian Ray Parlour

Malaysian Gunner

That’s it. Arsenal will never win the epl and cl as long as Wenger stays.
Btw,Barca are at least 5 years,imho,ahead of Arsenal and the leading epl teams.


5 years? Much more than that mate.

Dan Hunter

I’m tired… just tired…can’t even be bothered to get angry… just counting the days… one day, Wenger must go.


Well played, I thought. If the rest of the season wasn’t going so poorly this wouldn’t be a loss to feel too bad about. This was also the first time in a while the team looked as if they felt like they could win. If they play on Saturday, and during the rest of the EPL, as they did today they’ll have a good chance.

Man Manny

Many are saying this might be our last chance of winning the league in a long while; I don’t buy into that. If Arsene can improve the forward line, sign another CB and DM, we can go all the way next season. There are no guarntees that: 1. United will improve drastically ( I think they need more than one season to undo the damage of DM and LVG). 2. Pep will hit the ground running. 3. that Chelsea will drastically improve under Conte. 4. Leicester and Spurs will have a repeat of this season. If we refresh the squad… Read more »


So you’re saying if Arsene buys the 3 type of players we have been lacking for years now, that he has ignored in the face of overwhelming evidence and commentary from all area of the media and fans, the one thing he’s steadfastly refused to it, if he does it we can win? Right then. He didn’t do it the last few years, maybe he will this time? I wonder what basis we have to believe he will this time. I’d also add a first choice RW into that mix too. CB, DM, RW, and ST. You really think Wenger… Read more »

Man Manny

The basis we have to believe is that, for once, I believe the reaction of fans is getting to him more than at other times.
I also think that the embarrassment of coming in behind Leicester and Spurs – if they finish above us – will be difficult to swallow.
The Silent one’s hand might be forced if revenue drops or empty seats begin to appear in matches.
This is why I think the fans shouldn’t let Arsene off easily if we lose the league.
They hold the key.

Abou Diaby Institute of Medical Science and Technology

Gave everyone a 10 cuz i rly like arsenal

theyre my fav team <3


Decent performance from my beloved gunners. However we could clearly see today why they shipped out Alexis for Suarez. This was the change for the extra pound.
N.B: still love you my Sanchez but what a goal.
And N.B.B: can I have Lewandowski for my birthday? ( I.e: 31 of August)

Die Hard Guner

We can only dream of winning any tangible trophy under Wenger now! He has lost it completely,

Dave A.

Dont worry, we will win the emirates cup


Our lads played well today, well and courageously against The Best Team In The World. But Barcelona beats everyone and laughs at them. The Devil is a Barcelona fan.

Die Hard Gooner

Is every one serious thinking we could have won because we created so many chances? Barca were on 2nd gear the whole game because they didnt need to kick it up a notch. If they were pressured they could have done a lot more. They lifted it a little when we scored and they scored a screamer. We didnt even compete like juve did against Bayern. How can you not see that we are stading still for a decade? by this time juventus had been relegated came back and reached a champions league final, PSG have become a major force… Read more »


Arsenal us running out of time to prove that it is not satisfied being a second tier EPL team and a third tier CL team. Financially remunerative (to ownership, management and players) groundhog days are unacceptable to fans. It’s boring, it means we’re being played, it means we’re chumps. Bitter, burned, and still a fan!* * My patience will last beyond the season, but we are not playing beautiful ball, we are not getting results, and there is no non-corporate identity to this team. I love some of the individuals, I respect the manager, I know that injuries have required… Read more »

Third Plebeian

The phrase is “acquitted himself well.”

He's the soup

Qatar Airways beat Emirates Airlines, which is not surprising since Emirates Airlines couldn’t win the Emirates FA Cup nor the pre-season Emirates Cup.

Sorry, just feeling all bitter about corporatey things. Let’s try this again…

We played well and with heart. Created lots of chances. Missed said chances.

Giroud's Hair Wax

Don’t want to be overly cynical but I think we can see why Barca let Alexis go, just not up there with MSN. Elneny is looking a great buy when you consider the price and his ability, maybe replace Ramsey in the near future? Ospina did well again and is starting to change my opinion of him. Iwobi deserves a higher rating than Mesut imo considering relative status and experience.


“Pointing was decent”. Heh. Love it Blogs.


You’d think it’s funny, but I think Leicester City would’ve thorn Barca a new one over this tie. ‘Cause that’s the kind of team Barca hates to play against: tight deep block, quick and decisive on the counter. Arsenal, on the other hand, has nothing. Without the ball, backline retreats to 20 yards while forward line halfheartedly tries to press, and suddenly Buskets/Iniesta/Rakitić have all the time in the world to pick the right pass to their venomous forwards. Look, they’re really hard to play against even if you have congested midfield – but tonight we gave them a free… Read more »


decent enough shift put in by the lads, including all the subs as well, but they’re just a better side than we are. End of Hopefully wE won’t be too tired for Everton. Can we save the Wenger out Walcott is shit banter until after the season? It’s been said to death during this crap run we’ve been on and if results don’t change in these last 9 games, Wenger and Walcott will indeed probably be gone. The arguments are valid and some make excellent points, but enough has been said already. Both ain’t going anywhere before the end of… Read more »


Conceding goals is part of the game. Any world class side could concede freakish/no-chance goals. Watford’s second goal against us in FA cup is an example. But we can be a champion team only when take our chances and outscore the opponent even if they score like 3 goals. Henry and company used to do it. I don’t see us doing it anymore. Even if we get 25 chances in a game, the maximum we score is probably 3 goals. We could have at least scored 5 goals if we had taken our chances. I know I’m none to talk… Read more »


I would like to apologise to my fellow gooners for calling them a bunch of spoilt brats. I just got emotional from all that was going on especially the thought that the club was falling apart.


Ospina: Did brilliant, class gk Bellerin: looks scared, for someone with his pace must be able to cope better and attack more Gabriel: decent in defence but poor in passing especially higher up the pitch Kosielny: same as gabriel, we need better passing cbs Nacho: excellent as always Coq: simply cannot pass under pressure, need to be replaced with a better passing DM who can tackle like him Elneny: MOM, absolutely brilliant, was everywhere and didn’t put a foot wrong Özil: needs some good finishers ahead of him Alexis: need to find the real Alexis Iwobi: was brilliant, will be… Read more »


On paper, we were no match for the current Barcelona team. They unstoppable at the moment. I expected this to be a thrashing of the highest order. Going in with that mindset, I was fucking surprised. We held up, and we held up very well. In fact on many occasions we had better chances to score than Barcelonas 3 Gods. But I saw why they were Gods and why we aren’t. That’s because they SCORE. We literally have the worst conversion rate. It’s horrifying seeing them build a beautifully intricate play and just throw it. On the plus, Iwobi played… Read more »


Another nail in our coffin for this season. The team needs serious upturn in form and luck to remain in the top 4.


Theo just gives up sometimes, his ability on the ball is second to a Bambi on ice.

He went round Stegen and further away from the goal but still took a shot knowing very well there’s no chance. I know players should be getting shots away but Theo does not seem to mind if he hits the target or not. just get your shot away, rue that it didn’t go in by cursing repeatedly and repeat.

I don’t like this mentality.


My thumbs up to Alex Iwobi, the kid is showing great composure and promise.


Really miss Eduardo never really got to see Ian Wright or Kanpur really much of Dennis bergkamp but all I remember from Eduardo was just chance goal. Now imagine him and oil combining


Ozil sorry for the auto correct

Darren Kloomok

I think Iwobi acquitted himself. And I think Giroud should be charged with giving up the ball for the third goal. He tries hard; he looks good; but he’s not good enough.

And I think it’s time Walcott goes.


I meant kanu too sorry


Only the EPL left now and I want two things: 1.) Push sp*rs down. We shall not finish below scum 2.) Go for the jugular. Every. Darn. Game. Work on converting those chances. Every. Darn. Game. Get the mojo back and flowing. Wenger will not leave now, nor next season. Doing so might just bring down this house of cards – there needs to be a transition plan and making that happen starts on the last game of the season. I grow tired of the Wenger out mantra – Wenger leaving vs Wenger fired yields two different outcomes to the… Read more »

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