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Arsenal’s 2017/18 kit designs leaked – collar me unimpressed

The first ‘leaked’ pictures of Arsenal’s alleged new kits for the 2017/18 season have dropped marking the start of that joyous time of year when people who don’t usually care much for fashion suddenly get worked up about the design of t-shirts they probably won’t buy.

We’re those people, so here’s our analysis.

A red and white home kit (shocking) with a weird two-tone collar. So close and yet so far again Puma.

A turquoise number that fades to navy blue. Meh.

A black/grey monstrosity with toxic fuchsia trim and badge. [double vomit emoji]

Picture via @ArsenalFanTV

We can’t verify whether these are the new designs, but we’re sure they’ll cause much debate all the same.

FootyHeadlines appear to have mocked up the design in the above picture.

They also tell us the official colour of the home strip is ‘Chili Pepper’…whether there’s a Chilean wearing at the Emirates next season remains to be seen.

We’re sure there will be much discussion about them.

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Just please bring back the redcurrant and gold and keep it ther.

I know the love wasn’t universal but that was proper Royal Arsenal. It’ll singlehandedly win us the CL. Even if it didn’t that year.

Cliff Bastin

At least it’s not staring at the sun blindingly bright red.


dear god.. what the f**k is it with their love of turquoise. I feel like Homer’s brain when it got up and left – outta here.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I love the turquoise one, it is cool.


me too!


That black-grey kit can go to Spuds for all I care.Horrible third kit
And what is it with that weird double collar?
Puma really need to buckle up with their third kits for us.This year we have those horrible, florescent yellow patches as socks.
Looks like Puma is trying to outdo themselves each year


I love the fluorescent jersey. They’re the only ones i bought. Very un-Arsenal but quite “modern european-clubby”
That being said this is probably the best red and white design puma have given us yet. Dunno whether that is good or bad. Also please dont give us red socks. We look like we’re constantly playing Chelsea away.

Crash Fistfight

I’m torn on my feelings to your post. On the one hand I dislike the red socks, but on the other that fluorescent top is disgusting and ‘Chelsea-like’.


Seems many of us disagree with you about the third kit given it’s sold out pretty much everywhere.

Ted E.

Every year it’s shit. Every year it sells out.

Arsenal Pakistan!

The turquoise one looks like half city half chelsea. Disgusting. Really wish to see the maroon red home kit of old given another run


It looks like a child made it in school while having a sugar rush.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I love your comment but love the turquoise too.

Cliff Bastin

Actually it’s kinda genius isn’t it? That means we wear our home kit against them no matter what.

If the home Jersey had a red band at the bottom of the sleeve I wouldn’t be too unhappy with this.


Kit design is irrelevant, completely meaningless to the success of the team.

That being said, I hate that turquoise kit more than I hate my future mother-in-law. Get a grip Puma.

A Different George

Good luck on your marriage.

Paul K

This years kits are the nicest we’ve had in years. Wish we could just keep them.

Little Mozart

Surely the black and fuchsia kit must be for the goalie.

David Hillier's luggage

Goalies have generic Puma kits, the orange one in the snood to the left of the wise shot.

Andy Mack

Or maybe a special away kit for Arsenal Ladies…


First kit 7/10 nothing special but at least its red and white
Second kit 3/10 should be dark blue and yellow. Or either on it’s own.
Third kit 3/10 one with the female fans in mind I think.

David C

it takes a hard man to wear a soft colour.


Actually the home kit is way better than the WHITE and red of this season. At least.


Dunno about the redcurrant love. I admire it as a cake ingredient, or even as a solo fruit. But not on our shirts. We are The Arsenal and we play in red and white!


I love it.


Turqouise looks like a training kit. Has that loose fitting training kit look to it too, would be surprised if they drop yellow. Black/Grey/Pink looks like a goalie kit.

The home kit is nice, besides that bizarre collar… just make it white!


Personally its the player who makes the shirt irrespective of the colour or logo give 100% for the badge on the front you will remember the name on the back ✌?


As a generally rule maybe, but I’m inclined to believe that the dark grey / fuchsia kit may defy it.

Crash Fistfight

I actually quite like the home kit. The others are vile.

I’d like a yellow and blue away kit, please.

PS – no redcurrant. The Arsenal have been playing with white sleeves since the ’30s – we’re not Sparta Prague.


Wow, these are all pretty awful.


Bloody hell. So soon? It’s not even Pancake Day, and it’s already ‘leaky pics of kit’ time. Summer transfer speculation not arrived yet? How about speculation about the future of the manag…….ah…..

Belfast Gooner

I like it. Think the home kit is a nice take on the 05/06 home shirt. I got that shirt with ‘Henry 14’on the back on my one and only visit to Highbury. We beat Middlesborough and Thierry scored 4 in a 7-0 win. Brilliant day. Still have the shirt, so might have to wear it to the emirates next season.

Nasris wallet

I think you should go to every game with that shirt from now on. Stop being selfish!

Belfast Gooner

Living in Belfast, I get across to 4-5 games a season which I am happy with. If anyone wants to fund me to guarantee a 7-0 home win at every match, I am open to offers!

Heavenly Chapecoense

Would you pay back if Mustafi decides to go Munich mode ?

Nasris wallet

Speak to Arsene. I get the feeling he is desperate!


It would be nice in the near future if we actually kept a kit for more than one season, but I guess money rules (yes I know I don’t have to buy it but still).


Why can’t the fans get a chance to design or vote for our choice of kit for a change. Don’t think we’d do any worse that what’s been dished up the last few years.

David Hillier's luggage

Please don’t let fans vote for anything. Last time that happened we ended up with “The Wonder Of You” as the pre-match song.


That’s a pretty good idea. How about Mr Blogs runs a contest? (Also, Puma you haven’t delivered on that promise of snafu-free jackets for Boss.)

Can’t choose the lineup or the next signing, at least let us choose the design of the shirt. 🙂

Speaking of changes and fan requests… please please please can the stadium manager / whoever change that track Arsenal march out to? Lux Aeterna? People died to that piece of music in that film!!

Crash Fistfight

Requiem for a Dream, you mean? I’ve heard that film’s pretty depressing.


Amazing how Puma can get the Puma toy Gunnersaurus shirts perfect – red shirt, white sleeves, no fucking about – but can’t give it to us as adults.


I have found the home kits to all be alright (if a bit busy sometimes..) and I have generally liked the away kits (big fan of this years and the yellow and blue number we won the cup with). I have not really liked any of the third kits… which is fine because i know others do but i have never really been a fan of fluorescent kits. These ones … well I think the home kit will grow on my and dont really care about the two tone collar The black one looks like a goal keepers kit to… Read more »

Batman Bin Suparman

Wow, those are horrbile in my opinion. Home kit isn’t even that bad (they screwed it up with the collar) as blue one which looks like some 12 year old designed it and grey one with pink looks just terrible. We never had grey color on our jerseys until this season with 2nd kit. I dont even see link between Arsenal and grey. Nike did us great job every time and their kits looked brilliant. Hope we sign some less chavy sportswear after Puma contract is over.


Blue is not the colour. End of.

Tasmanian Jesus

I hate collars!
Reminds me of suits, old womens clothing and the 70s…
At least its a small collar..
Away shirt looks like some half bleach dyed trippy old thing.


Arsenal deserves the best and not just anything. So PUMA come out with the best of your best or you’ll be fired.


Gross. They all look like cheap training kits. The 15/16 and 16/17 Away are the only good shirts Puma has put out so far. Bring back Nike.

“Puma OUT!”


The home kit is decent, but I have no idea what Puma are thinking with the other two kits. Do they just have no idea what Arsenal’s colours are? We are red and white at home, yellow and blue away. Period!

As for that fuck-awful third kit, please just tell me that’s a practical joke to get Arsenal supporters all riled up.

Dan D

Personally quite like the home kit. It’s plain, simple and therefore, for me, how I think a football kit should be. And don’t have too much against the collar. Providing the back is red or Chilli that is.

The others are a fooking disgrace.


The Home Kit is fine, but where’s the Yellow and Blue Away Kit? We have to have Yellow and Blue as the second kit; it’s traditional!


Seems that Puma’s performance in designing kit matches the team’s performance playing in it.


Home kit is cool…. Stylish for sure. Don’t really understand why all of you guys are so against double collar… Other two kits – non existing. ..

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