Sunday, June 16, 2024

Arsenal launch new Puma home kit & training gear – pictures

Arsenal have a new home kit. It’s red and white. Here are some pictures of it.

Robert Pires *swoon* and Martin Keown launched it outside King’s Cross station. It can be pre-ordered via Arsenal Direct. 

Just for good measure, we’ve also included snaps of the new training gear.

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Mike Hunt

Why did they photoshop the nipples out of the promo shot?

Kampala gooner

May be one of them has a Nipple ring… U know

DB10\'s Air Miles

It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to seeing them too……..


Why was it your first instinct to look at their nipples?


Eww collar, rest looks good


If the grey in the training gear was white, that would have been a perfect kit for me


The training kit should take the place of the real kit ( the short-sleeve that is)


Football shirts should not have collars

santi\'s step-ladder

disagree. 2013/2014 away kit with collar was beautiful


To be fair though the French national side have collars and they look suave!


Collar looks shite… can’t wait to have a decent manufacturer again, like Adidas


Well at least it’s still red and white

Chris Balme

Is that an ‘L’ on the left sock to help the players put them on the correct foot? Maybe Coquelin’s had his socks on the wrong feet all this time.


Alot of top brand socks are embroidered with left and right


It’s because they’re fitted socks.


They have had L and R on them for years even pre puma


Even Giroud can’t make that collar look good. What a needless piece of material (the collar, not Giroud).


Radical and exciting. A red shirt with white sleeves. What genius at Puma came up with that new concept for Arsenal?

So exciting for the new season, I’m buzzing.


I like it, I really do, besides collar. I don’t really mind the collar but could’ve been done better.


Haha what I’m trying to say is that I’m not a fan of this concrete collar.


Traditionally we had blue and white hooped socks!


I like everything about that shirt including the collar. Honestly can’t see what’s so “ewww” about it. Change is good sometimes ask Ivan.


I always find the training gear nicer than the actual jersey


Alexis could do with a size bigger.


I like it man haha don’t care, collar and all!

Seb Vrod

Shirt looks good not their best not their worst…Am I the only person That likes a collar on a football shirt? ?


Great! Now we get to underperform in a different kit.


It’s just ok… Nothing more! Could have done without the collar. There’s a serious complacency in Puma’s input on our Jerseys especially when you look at what addidas has come out with for man utd this coming season. Their away kit is to die for!


I hate the double collar, but am thankful that Puma haven’t done much more to mess it up.

Is it just me who prefers the long sleeved kit over the short sleeved ones?


I’ve said before that we could wear red and white bin bags and I wouldn’t care as long as we play like the Arsenal of old! Would prefer a hooped sock though. Love a hooped sock.

Hugh Jarse

Luckily there’s an add for men over 40 to get ripped at the end. There’s no hiding for the average fan in those shirts!

dr Strange

So Welbeck is the new number 7. How much do we get from City for Sanchez?

Indian Gooner

Looks classy! Alexis and Ozil in the photo.. Is that any sort of a hint? :O

Indian Gooner

Except for that horrendous looking collar though!

David Hillier\'s luggage

Can’t wait for the video on Arsenal’s youtube page with that slightly portly ‘designer’ from Puma telling us that the kit was inspired by the club’s DNA (or some other wank), masking the fact they just changed the colour swatches on their basic template and added a horrid double collar last seen on some douchebag ‘bro’ wearing four Ralph Lauren polo shirts at the same time back in 2007.


I’ve given up on buying these. I’m not exactly a fat git but these are not flattering on oneself.


Yawn, I hate that there’s a new shirt every year now.



I might actually buy this one.

Goonerest Gooner

Just tuck the collar in like Wrighty used to do….


i actually really like it, yes even the collar! Dont see a problem at all except the price!


I don’t get all the hate for collared jerseys. I think they look smart. This one would too if it was just a white collar, not that half and half bullshit. But this is Puma, and there always has to be something annoying about their kits. Our 14/15 third jersey was one of my favorites of all time, but of course Puma had to throw nauseating lime green accents on what was otherwise a perfect kit.

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